Wedding abroad with Sarahs flowers

Who can blame the modern bride for wanting more on her wedding day, and weddings abroad are on the increase. Beautiful breathtaking destinations, more control over weather, surrounded by friends and family on a gorgeous sunny beach and with some great package deals it can be a fraction of the cost of getting married in the UK.

More and more Brides these days are looking for keepsakes from their wedding day, and what better keepsake than your very own wedding bouquet. Imagine taking your wedding flowers on holiday with you. Choosing them from the comfort of your own home, browsing from hundreds of different bouquets on line, having flowers out of season. Ordering in advance and storing them till your departure to your wedding day / honey moon and then being able to bring them home with you to keep forever.

Well lots of Sarah’s Flowers brides do just this, take the stress from ordering your flowers with the foreign wedding package which will only have a limited choice of flowers and wedding bouquets and keeping your fingers crossed you even like them when you get them on the day itself. Our silk wedding flowers are very robust and easy to carry and very light weight so can easily be packed in your suitcase or hand luggage, and getting your bridesmaids to carry their own posies helps leave more space in your own luggage for those essential holiday wedding items.

Feeling Hot Hot Hot
Temperatures aboard can be much warmer then back home, its the most popular reason for getting married to almost guarantee a lovely hot sunny wedding day, but this extreme heat can have a departmental effect on fresh wedding flowers which can wilt in the heat and can end up looking very shabby and unloved after only an hour or two. Save your wedding flowers from wilting in the heat and opt for silk wedding flowers. Artificial bouquets and buttonholes will stay in perfect condition for the whole of your wedding day and beyond.

Time to Party
Many brides will have another gathering once home for all the family and friends who was unable to join them abroad on their big day, having silk flowers means you can use your bouquet again and show them off all over again.

Tis the Season
By using artificial wedding flowers you don`t have to worry about seasonality, so if you love sunflowers but are getting in March then you need not worry because we have them in stock all year round.

Pass the Tissues
With silk wedding flowers you need worry about pollen allergies or hayfever; although you may not have any flower allergies, some of your guests might have one and by using artificial flowers you can prevent the sneezing and rashes.

Renewing Vows
Did you have your wedding in the UK but wished you had gone away to Las Vegas or to some idyllic Spanish island then how about renewing your wedding vows there instead.

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