White Artificial Rose Handtied Wedding Brides Bouquet
Round Hand Tied Posies

At Sarah’s flowers you’ll be spoilt for choice with our extensive collection of hand-made wedding flowers with attention paid to even the smallest detail. Need help selecting a bouquet?, so much choice, where to start, by now you might have an idea of the type and colour of flowers you would like. But now you need to pick a style.The bride is the most imported person of course so this  is the best place to start. Then the groom who can have a matching single or double buttonhole, by taking out features of your bouquet and forming the perfect matching buttonhole. The whole wedding party can then be based around this one bridal bouquet. Below are examples of styles with an explanation of each one.


Apple Green Orchid Bridesmaids Wedding Posy
Shower Bouquets

Round hand tied wedding posies:
Are by far the most popular wedding bouquet choices, with a domed shaped appearance on top and a round shape on the outside. The outside of the hand-tied bouquet is normally a perfect circle but if you are after a  more natural shape then this does not have to be the case. The bouquet can be structured where the flowers are in a pattern or unstructured mixing different flowers together and even at different levels.  Underneath the bouquet will be foliage so you can’t see straight though the bouquet and to hide the workings of the bouquet which should never be seen, and all wires should be covered with florists green tape so they seamlessly blend in with the bouquet. The posy bouquet will have a handle which is easy to hold and carry with one hand. Bouquet handles can vary from one to another in thickness which is normally decided by the flowers used in the bouquet and individual stem thickness.


Hand Tied Shower Bouquets

Shower bouquets:
Are made with a bridal holder, which will have a strong white plastic handle at 90 degrees so the bride can hold the flowers in the correct position and the flower stems are then arranged into the oasis ball in the centre of the holder, at Sarah’s flowers we use hot glue to make sure each and every stem is securely held in place.The shape of this style of shower bouquet is a cascading teardrop. Slightly domed in the middle to the main focal point , then flowing down to a point at the bottom of the bouquet.  The shower bouquet is the most traditional shape for a bride, this style is the largest of the bouquets. More and more modern brides are shying away in favour of the round hand tied bouquet, but brides wanting a fairy tale wedding should make this bouquet their first port of call.


Falling Bouquets

Hand tied shower bouquets:
Are not made in a oasis bridal holder but the handle is formed by the stems of the wedding flowers themselves, they are  made in a similar way  to a round posy bouquet but with an extension at the bottom  to form the tear drop shape. These hand-tied shower bouquets normally come in as a lower cost option as they don’t take as long to make or use as many flowers as the shower bouquets that are made using the bridal holder.


Over Arm Bouquets

Falling bouquet:
This style of bouquet starts off life as a hand-tied round posy which then has a flowing flower (such as orchids) wired into the posy and hanging down rather than a forced tear drop shape, the bouquet is held upright with flowers flowing down towards your hands. This bouquet is a nice twist on the round posy design and a great cost saving option over the Bridal holder shower and hand tied shower options.

Over arm bouquet:
Also know, as sheaf arrangements this is a very popular choice more of a natural bouquet with flowers left on longer stems. (lilies work very well)
These overarm bouquets have a slightly longer handle so they can be cradled in your arm, this style of bouquet dates back to the 1900’s and popular flowers to use as well as the calla lilies are orchids.

As well as the different styles of bouquets to choose from, here at Sarah’s Flowers we have a huge range of different embellishments which you can have added to any of the bouquet styles as well.
All of the below are items which can be added or any combination of items, some items work very well together such as the diamante pin in the centre of the roses and crystal sprays between the roses, extra items carry a small charge, please email us for details.

Brooch bouquets have a very vintage feel, you can add as little as one all you could have a mass covering the whole bouquet.

Beads can be incorporated in single wired beads spread though the bouquet or as a beaded feature nesting on top of a bouquet or wrapping the stem.

Diamantes can be added to most of our roses these are attached to the centre of the rose, diamantes can be added to every single rose or have a fixed amount spread across the bouquet

Crystal sprays, these are great for adding extra depth and sparkle as they stand out from the bouquet and are placed in between the flowers used.

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