When Wedding Flowers and Forever Crossed Paths

When you see a certain flower, you immediately wish that it lasts forever. Well, it’s not just a wish anymore. Sarah’s Flowers presents to you some of the most amazing artificial flowers, which, along with lasting for as long as you want them to, come in the most exquisite colours and shapes.

Of course, it remains a fact, that a magic that a real flower weaves cannot be beaten by anything else, but with changing times, it is important that one explores the realm of artificial and silk flowers as well. Where real flowers don’t last, and wilt in a few days, artificial ones are bound to last a very long time. It is commonly agreed that real flowers are the best for any occasions, it’s time to give the artificial ones a chance too. Let’s take a look at some aspects where artificial flowers would definitely be rated above real ones.

The Issue called Time

“Fair pledges of a fruitful tree, Why do ye fall so fast?”

These were the words of Robert Herrick as he described flowers, and their life and death. But, though nobody likes it, he did talk about them dying. With real flowers comes the problem of them wilting after a few days, and it is sometimes difficult to find the same ones again. Also, many flowers bloom only in a certain season, and they may not be available when you need them. There are also the changes in weather that flowers usually succumb to, and wilt. This is especially a problem when it comes to weddings, as everyone would like to see the flower decorations at their best, and to find and keep flowers that may not last long is a problem not so easily solved. This is where artificial and silk flowers come into the picture and make it a beautiful one. These silk beauties don’t depend on weather conditions, and whether it is sunny or rainy outside, there’s only one way these flowers will look – beautiful. At Sarah’s Flowers, we specialize in flowers of all shapes, colours and sizes. The major advantage with our faux flower bridesmaids posies is that, along with the lovely wedding pictures, you will always have a souvenir to remember all the old times. And though the times become old, our flowers will remain as new as ever.

Pollen and the Sneeze Attack

With real flowers comes real pollen, and more than real sneeze attacks. Many people fall ill in the spring due to the high amounts of pollen in the air, and hence, flowers, though beautiful, have caused a major scene. And how do we solve this problem? Well, of course, with artificial flowers! Since these flowers have no pollen at all, you can always enjoy dinner with beautiful flowers on the table and without a single sneeze!

Not So Heavy on the Pocket

Well, you did buy those lovely roses for your table, but you do know that you’ll have to keep replacing them, right? Not if they’re artificial! Not only do faux flowers take away the responsibility of replacement from your already long list, they are also available in a variety of shapes and designs. Along with being able to choose from a huge collection of every kind of flower available, you’ll also find that they are much cheaper than their real counterparts.



Easy Management

Real flowers need a lot of care and concern, and sometimes, it just becomes too difficult to handle the strong smell, which would perhaps be alright for a short while, but it becomes nauseating after a while. Also, when you need a certain kind of flowers for two weeks later, and the flower store nearby has a limited stock that lasts only till the evening, it becomes really difficult to answer the question of how and when you’ll be able to get them again. However, with artificial flowers, this question has been answered. If you need flowers for an occasion and the stocks don’t look like they’ll last long, you can always pre-order them, and keep them till the planned event. And since they aren’t real, the problem of the smell is also solved. Also, if you’re planning to take flowers for somebody who lives a couple of cities, or even countries away, you can always pack them in your bag, and they will stay as good as new.