Wedding Flowers That Colours the Day’s Memory


For any wedding, it’s important to realise that there are a number of things that people will look at right away.  The first is, of course, the bride’s dress.  Everyone wants to be able to comment about how lovely she was, the nice shade her dress was, and so forth.  Right after that, the flowers are usually the hottest topic of conversation, largely because they are what is going to keep your attention throughout the big day as the wedding guest.

Certainly, one of the classic colour trends for 2014 for silk and artificial wedding flowers continues to be ivory and teal.  Definitely, ivory continues to symbolize innocence, which should be somewhat how people should launch into any long term relationship; innocent about the adventures that await and the twists and turns that they are going to encounter along the way.  Blended with teal, there is that suggestion of being open-minded to allow for clarity of thought and clear communication.

ivory rose with winter snow flakes from sarahsflowers

Yellow and anything pastel goes a long way towards bringing that splash of colour that anyone might be craving in getting their wedding colours together.  Yellow, being symbolic of friendship, is always a good colour to integrate into your wedding, especially with artificial wedding flowers, as it can be a symbol of the feelings you share with your partner.  Blending yellow with purple, which is generally symbolic of royalty, is a great pairing, as yellow and purple are complementary colours and set each other off well.

Brides Ivory Rose & Pearl Spray Wedding Bouquet with Purple & Yellow Feathers

Regardless of the colour blend you choose for your silk wedding flowers, it’s important to consider what sort of look you are going for; classic looks continue to dominate weddings, largely because they are incredibly intimate and romantic.  As a result, almost any colour you select will work well, but don’t be afraid to be bold – you will have a look you and your guests won’t forget for your wedding. Here at Sarah’s Flowers HQ we offer a wide range of silk wedding flowers and satin ribbon colours to choose from.