Snog Marry Avoid? Wedding special

BBC Three’s hugely popular Snog Marry Avoid? are looking at filming a Wedding special.

Jenny Frost presents the world’s first makeunder show, which sees POD – Personal Overhaul Device – transform OTT girls and boys into natural beauties. Before and after each makeunder, the public will vote as to whether they would rather snog, marry or avoid POD’s willing victims.

The programme has a cult following, with people who have appeared on Snog Marry Avoid? have had interest from magazines and TV shows.
Clips from the show have had thousands of hits on Youtube etc.

Snog Marry Avoid? are currently looking for people who are getting married in the next 3 months (todays date 11/09/0/9)

If you are interested or require any more information please contact Kerry on the e-mail address below…

Kerry.plant @