Saying ‘I Do’ again…

In a world filled with nothing but hearing about the latest celebrity couples to split, or mammoth divorce settlements, most of us will read about divorce in the papers or even hear it from friends and family, and even when the tabloids are talking about weddings you can bet your bottom dollar that they mention divorce in the next breath! Here at HQ we’ve banned the word divorce, and instead coming up with ways to celebrate weddings and well, marriage!

Yeah sure flowers are nice, and I certainly wouldn’t say no to a nice piece of jewellery or holiday away, but let’s face it, a couple staying together through the thick and thin really deserves a little something extra to celebrate, a celebration that even diamonds can’t fill… how about Renewing your wedding vows! We’re not talking Heidi and Seal style and we do not condone the wacky outfits but whether you’re looking to celebrate a specific wedding anniversary, want to have a bigger do surrounded by more of your friends, or just an excuse to get arranging a party – either way we’re sold on this brilliant idea.

One of the greatest things about renewing your vows is the chance to be more relaxed and flexible with your plans: gone are nerves, gone are the ‘everything must be perfect’ thoughts, and instead it is all about just you and your husband/wife. One of the nicest things about renewing your vows is the chance to get creative with your vows – now before you start adding in all those ‘private’ jokes take a look at some of the below points which might help:

• Firstly talk about your current life together now. All those highlights like buying a house or decorating, going on your travels, birth of your children. How did your partner make you feel and how did it make those experiences better for you and what did you learn from your spouse?

• Take a gander at your original vows – have you kept to what you said? Which ones are you still working at? You can go a little funnier on this one!

• Take a look into the crystal ball and think of your amazing future together: hopes, dreams, things that you might change or things you might do.

• Also remember to thank those around you too: the in laws, brothers, sisters, friends, pets, babysitters……

All in all we think that holding a ceremony to celebrate just ‘being together’ brings everyone else together. Let me hear a big ‘Awwww’

Oooh and whilst we’re at it, why not pick one of our corsages to give to your guests as a permanent memento – try the wrist corsages for the ladies and guest buttonholes for the men and remember we can do custom orders to match your themes!

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