Saving the date…

There is nothing more incredible than the moment when you first set the date after getting engaged. It’s a mixture of happiness, surprise, anticipation and excitement but along with that comes the mountains of questions that you may not have the answer for, but first things first is letting your friends and family know when your big day is!

Save the Date cards are imperative! Not only do you want to spread the great news that the date has been set, but most importantly you don’t want to miss out on any important friends or family  being able to attend – Save the Date card can sometimes be more important than the actual wedding invites!

There are some fab, fun and personalised ways to let your loved ones know when your special date is, and it doesn’t always have to be expensive! Here are our picks of our favourites:

    Nearly all of the cards on this rather gorgeous website are of the personalised text nature. We love the whimsical nature of these cards: with any type of card from cute animals, to the more light and vintage feel.  With prices ranging from 0.80pence per card going up to £200 for 500 Save the Date Cards, all in all I think there are some amazing choices here! photo pic1_600_zps20388209.jpg
    1- 500x Beer mat Save The Date Cards £200
    2- Vintage Heart Save The Date £0.80 per card
    3- Balloon Save The Date £2.95 per card


    For more simple and direct options for your Save The Date, try this website. Easy to pick and easily affordable. The choice here is endless. You can even go for Save The Date Magnets which I think is a brilliant idea – that way no-one can forget! photo pic2_600_zps8deafa98.jpg

    1- Bunting Save The Date card £12.50 for 10
    2- White calendar and magnet Save the Date card £33.00 for 20
    3- Knot Save the Date card £12.50 for 10.


    Here at Sarah’s Flowers we like supporting the smaller companies, and at Folksy you really are getting more of a handmade card. All made by British crafters, the choice for personalised cards is endless with multiple designs. photo pic3_600_zps11e4f844.jpg

    1- Blimey Save The Date cards £62.50 for 50
    2- Laser cut Save The Date cards £3.00 per card
    3- Modern Save the Date card £1.80 per card.


    This website is a great place to create photo Save The Date cards. With both modern and more traditional styles there is the chance to put your face on the card! Also with this website there are lots of different priced options in terms of card and printing finishes. photo pic4_600_zps22855aa6.jpg

    1- Urban Chic Save The Date card £1.14 each
    2- Modern Lace Save the Date card £1.14 per card
    3- Love block Save the Date card £0.99pence per card.


Have fun choosing your perfect way to save the date!