Save the date: Creating the perfect invites for your perfect day

So you’ve picked the all-important date for your wedding day. Congratulations! Now it’s time to spread the word to your family and friends. It’s important to remember that when it comes to save the dates, you only want to send it to people who are coming all day. Keep those evening invites at home until a few months before the wedding – remember, friends change! 

There are all sorts of trends to follow, photos, magnets – even small keyrings, and there will constantly be styles to suit you. It’s usually recommended to send your save the dates out 12 months in advance, so people can prioritise it and avoid booking any holidays on that date. 

The Knot encourages people to keep save the dates bright and pretty, and some people even make them edible. It labels some of the top trends as photo strips, cookies and postcards.

Once you decide which style is for you, it’s important to get planning. If you’re deciding on a photographer, it’s worth looking into doing photos for your save the dates. Not only is it a fun way of getting used to your photographer, seeing their styles and collecting some lovely pictures of you and your fiancé, but it’s an affordable route. Lots of places offer affordable photo printing which is the perfect personal touch, for your save the dates. 

There are all sorts of styles to pick from, whether you’d prefer a polaroid style snap or a postcard, print your photos and distribute them to your closest family and friends. Even if you decide to do keyrings or magnets, look into printing everything locally for an affordable cost. Trust us, your budget will definitely be needed elsewhere! 

Alternatively, you can look into bespoke services for your invites, or even send email invites if you want to save even more money and reduce waste. There are plenty of options for your save the dates, so ensure you research what it is you want to prioritise. 

While they can be easy to make, there are lots of mistakes that could be made – and it’s essential to avoid them. Martha Stewart Weddings urges people to avoid making simple mistakes that could ruin your save the date. Make sure you don’t give too many details, save the dates should be simple – your names and the date is all that is needed. Keep the venue, time and information cards for the actual invite. 

Consider the actual number of invites you need, it’s important to remember that if you have 120 guests, you won’t need 120 invites. Families and couples will be included in that count, it’ll usually work out to around 40% of the total number – so don’t spend more than you need.

Your save the date is the first part of your wedding planning, so enjoy it, and try and keep one for yourself if you can as a memento of your planning and the day itself