Sarah’s Flowers : The Ultimate Bridal Flower Shop

They say marriages are made in heaven, and so it is, when all your floral arrangements look nothing less than heavenly! At Sarah’s Flowers, we put in our best foot, or rather hands, forward to make your wedding day even more special for you, with custom hand-made bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets and posies, corsages, buttonholes and much more. Let’s start with a little introduction to our various sections, which would, no doubt, pique your interest, now that you know that you can actually choose how you want flowers arranged for you on your wedding day.

Centre Stage : The Bride!

Since you did go all out on the dress, the shoes and the jewellery, there is that one last finishing touch that you need to give to the already beautiful bride for the Princess Effect. We have a wide range of artificial and silk flowers and an equally large collection of arrangements that are made keeping in mind the importance the occasion holds for the bride, while she steps into a new and a very beautiful phase called “Married Life”.  Our store includes posies and bouquets right from the bridal shower to the actual wedding, and what’s more? You can choose exactly how you want them! Not only do we have brides bouquets, but we also have alice bands and hair pins of varied shapes and sizes. We ensure maximum satisfaction for our clients by letting them opt for the kind of flowers, ribbons and other accessories, and since the flowers are long lasting, they make for a lovely memory along with the wedding  album.

The Man in Question : The Groom

He may have wooed the lovely  lady, but he still needs to look the perfect gentleman, since it is, after all, his wedding as well. And though, as popular belief states, there aren’t many options for men, we like to believe otherwise. It isn’t just about a simple flower on the pocket, but how to make the day special for the groom as well. And so, we present our wide variety of buttonholes, not just for the groom, but for the guests as well! And again, there is the option of custom made buttonholes to suit the groom and the guests best.

Sisters and Friends and Nieces : The Bridesmaids

Though they’re not the ones at the altar right now, they need to look amazing too. And with their lovely choice of attire, they  get to carry, wear flowers and pretty pins in their hair, which are specially crafted to give them a look that matches that of the bride. We offer a range of products from brooches, corsages, and alice bands to flower and gem studded combs and pearl pins to accessorize their lovely outfits. And guess what? We also have a collection for those who may be too young to even try on heels, starting with round posies, pomanders, and wands, and the best part is, there is always the option of mixing and matching the flowers and jewels available, which are again, plenty in number.

Counting Blessings : The Guests

Along with helping the bride and groom feel special, we also have plenty of accessories for the guests. There is a variety of brooches and corsages that you may like the guests to wear before, during and after the ceremony, as it adds to the closeness shared by all the guests and families present.

The Venue : Dressing it up too!

When it comes to a wedding, it’s not only the people involved who need to be worried about – there’s also the matter of the venue for the great event. It really counts when the location of the wedding is beautified according to one’s tastes, since it’s a once in a lifetime event, and makes for great memories. And since we have been chosen for two years in a row for the Best Wedding Florist Award, we know exactly how to bring about the fairy tale change in an otherwise normal looking place. We use hand-crafted top tables and table pails to adorn the tables along with wedding table party bubbles and table crystals, and a multitude of vase arrangements for the rest of the room, along with flower accessories and ribbons of different colours and sizes to embellish the beauty of the surroundings. The tables are given extra charm with some of our prettiest favour boxes and teddy bears that add to the cuteness factor. And if you find these to be a little too much, there’s always the option of choosing a simpler and more novel approach of using lottery card holders, of which we have a collection as well. If you wish to place placards to reserve places for some special people, we can help you with some of our very elegant looking card holders. The cake is also not left behind, as we offer some very pretty cake sprays, in a number of colours and flower designs. Our clients are at liberty to choose from a vast collection of such arrangements, and we would be more than happy to indulge them.

From Just a Wedding to a Colourful One!

What’s a wedding without a party? With party poppers and cannons, and a colourful assortment of table confetti, we make sure that a wedding is exactly how it is supposed to be – pretty, colourful and fun!