Santa’s Best Present – A Wedding!

It’s every child’s dream to get the best present ever for Christmas, and the happiness and satisfaction bound by this is priceless. But why should a present be limited to only children? It must certainly be a wish for the big kid in us all, and what better could they get than a wedding for Christmas? With the gown matching the colour of the snow outside, it must definitely be a surreal moment for those who are lucky to get married in winter. Here are a few amazing ideas on how you can have a wedding to remember if you plan it in winter.

1. Being Blessed by the Snow
Ever had the snow shaker with a couple standing inside? It’s a sure thing that somewhere, in a little corner in your mind, you might have wished that it was you standing there, with the snow sprinkling on you when you were saying, “I do”. It definitely would look like a Cinderella wedding, and we at Sarah’s flowers have the perfect bridal bouquets and maids posies for you to go along with the dress and the surrounding area. We have ivory and pearl bouquets for the bride or white roses and feathers for the bridesmaids, and you may also want to try out our vast collection of winter themed flower and bead decorations for the venue. There is also the option of presenting your guests with brooches and buttonholes to wear for the ceremony, and if this doesn’t convince you, we also have cake sprays that will make a winter wedding look like the best thing to happen to womankind!

2. The Queen Feel
Getting married is obviously one of the best occasions in one’s life, and the first place on the to-do list is usually taken by the great task of the bride looking and feeling special. When it comes to that, wearing a headdress does the job really well, but it’s a tough task in summers because of the heat and the sweat, both of which don’t go well with the “look and feel good” thing that we just talked about. Whereas in winter, it’s perfectly possible to carry the headdress and pull off the queen feel with élan. You can always style your hair in such a way that you can pin up a lot of flowers, and with our range of beads and crystals to go along with the flowers, we can make you look like the best bride ever.

3. Holiday Themed Decorations

Worried about how to decorate the venue without overdoing it, but still making it look different than other weddings? Well, worry not, because if you’re getting married around Christmas, then you can always choose to have holiday themed decor.

4. Table Decorations and Gift Boxes
A major part of the effort during weddings goes into deciding how to decorate the tables where the guests are to be seated. At a winter wedding, one can always go the extra mile and, instead of using simple flower table tops, use accessories like feathers and little birch branches dotted with pearls and crystals. It will not only make the place look like paradise, but will make the guests feel special too.

So, since he’s popped the question, and the happiest moment of your life is here, make it count, and plan your wedding in winter. Not only will you be able to do a lot more than looking pretty and walking down the aisle, but you’ll be able to put together the wedding a lbum of the century by capturing the snowflakes as they fall.