Equifax research highlights how is easy it is for the cost of the big day to escalate


London, August 2017 – At the height of the wedding season, new research from Equifax, the credit information provider, has revealed that the heart might be ruling the head when it comes to organising the big day. Over a quarter (29%) of Brits who got married in the last ten years admitted they did not set a budget for their big day and 16% felt that they spent too much on their wedding. Worryingly, 12% said they don’t know exactly how much they spent. Equifax is suggesting that couples should keep track of the spending for their big day in order to avoid a nasty surprise at the end of the honeymoon.

The latest research shows just how easy it can be for couples to spend more than they can actually afford and risk getting into debt. Whilst half of respondents (51%) who know how much the day cost spent less than £5,000 on their wedding, nearly a quarter (23%) admitted to spending between £5,000 and £10,000. 16% splashed out £10,000 to £15,000 and just 1% spent over £25,000. Although 16% thought they spent too much on the wedding, most (71%) think they spent the right amount.

When it comes to funding their nuptials, 62% of Brits said they saved up to pay for the big day; 44% had financial assistance from relatives. However, over a third (38%) used their disposable income, with 14% paying for the special day on credit and 4% using a bank loan.

Lisa Hardstaff, credit information expert at Equifax comments, “It’s encouraging to see that the majority of couples save up for their wedding celebrations, which means they are more likely to have a grasp on how much they are spending.

“The worry is that with nearly a third (29%) not budgeting, and some of those could be using credit cards and bank loans to cover their expenses, there’s a risk of the costs escalating. Everyone wants to have a special day, but it won’t feel very special if newlyweds are worried about mounting interest on their wedding expenditure.

“We suggest that couples set a wedding budget and stick to it, as that’s the best way to ensure they can have a celebration they can afford and start married life in the best financial position.”