Pin and Wrist Silk Wedding Flower Corsages

Weddings are very important days in the lives of the grooms and brides. It is supposed to be fun and memorable not just as a result of the activities set to take place, but also the décor and glam of those in attendance and the wedding venue. Flower girls and bridesmaids can take their looks to the next level by wearing corsages. There are two types of corsages, namely: pin and wrist wedding corsages. Whereas the pin wedding corsages are pinned onto one’s clothing, the wrist corsages are worn on the wrist. Wrist corsages can be tied to the wrist be using either ribbon in a matching colour or ivory pearl band.

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Wedding corsages come in all sorts of styles, colour blocks, assortments and even designs. A corsage is chosen to match or contrast the outfit of the flower girls, bridesmaids, or even the wedding venue itself for a glamorous, elegant and authentic look. The pink and ivory foam rose is a wedding corsage that is pinned to clothing. Its chic colours are perfect for brightly coloured outfits for a girly yet cool touch. The Cymbidium orchid pin on wedding corset is available in an apple green hue for a refreshing touch. It goes well with outfits in any other hue of green or block colours for a beautiful contrast.The artificial burgundy orchid and ivory rose crystal wedding corsage is worn on the wrists and can be used to accentuate plain outfits in light colour hues for a touch of class. A good example of the silk wrist corsages includes the dark purple silk Anemone and lilac rose that goes well with any hue of purple for a uniform yet attractive look. Other great wedding corsages for flower girls and bridesmaids to opt for comprise of the artificial cerise Isabel rose wedding flower, artificial cerise and silk orchid wrist corsage, artificial ivory and blue rose designed for guests, artificial pink bud rose wedding buttonhole corsage and pearls as well as the double ivory Diamante buttonhole corsage that is pinned on clothes, among many others.

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The wedding corsages are made of various materials like silk for durability and uniformity with wedding outfits that are usually made from silk mainly due to this kind of fabric’s glittering qualities. The corsages are handmade to give them their great fine details. Moreover, they can be custom made to suit the needs of a given client and match their chosen wedding theme and colours for an attractive and elegant look. The wide range of pin and wrist wedding corsages will sure meet the needs, style and preferences of all clients planning their weddings.

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