Nina Yates Testimonial

Hi there Jason and Sarah,
As promised, here are a few photos from my wedding day with your beautiful flowers.
Everybody commented on them and couldn’t believe that they were not real! My mother-in-law
sniffed my bridal posy when I was having photos taken and had to be told by my mum that they were silk!!
All my friends wanted me to throw my bridal posy but I refused (should have had a smaller one made up!!)
and it is now sitting on top of my wardrobe so I see it everyday – as I am planning on selling my dress
the posy is the perfect thing to keep.  That was the idea for my bridesmaids as well.
Thank you all so much for the effort put in to making the posy’s and button holes, the service
was fantastic and I have recommended you to my friends getting married this year and next.
I think the photos I have attached show just how lovely the flowers all look.
Thank you again
wish I could do the day all over again!

0 thoughts on “Nina Yates Testimonial

  1. rachel jones says:

    Hiya your flowers look stunning. im even more excited about seeing my flowers now