Making the summer arrive…

So come on then, which one of you lot has hidden it? It’s July now and I am pretty sure the sun should be the only thing that is filling our days and nights, instead here at Sarah’s Flowers HQ it has been nothing but wet, wet, wet , no not the band but the rain, and with it showing no signs of stopping, and I don’t know about you lot but we are sick of it! That’s why we have been filling our days with bright, sun-filled flowers!

I’m not just talking flowers as yellow and bright as the sun I’m talking about every colour, every shade of flower known to man all tied together to form some of the most happiest looking flowers ever, and it seems most of you lot agree, judging by the way our bright and beautiful flowers have been shooting of the shelves! There is something rather daring about choosing such a bright hue for your wedding, but opting for vivid tangerines, sunset yellows, hot pinks and clashing reds make your flowers a real focal point at your wedding.

Here at Sarah’s Flowers HQ we love the idea of a bright bouquet: it’s young and fresh and most of all it has that ‘just picked’ feel about it, and it’s great because pretty much ‘anything’ goes. Take our Mixed Colourful Bridal Bouquet of Sunflowers,Anemonies,orchids and roses (MIXF7)  This bouquet is subtly bright – with clashing oranges and reds, but there is still the gradual breakdown of ivory to add a certain classic touch, or if you fancy going more tropical and a little more spicy try our Limited edition tropical Silk brides bouquet (AB2726)  this bouquet will leave you and your guest wanting some of that Summer feel – it’s the type of bouquet that warrants a pina colada or two at the reception!

For the bride and the bridesmaid, how about choosing our Colourful bouquet anemonies, orchids and roses (BRI97)  all in a heavenly and romantic, earthy cerise tone, adding a gentle touch of crystals and gentle cerise silk ribbons on both, these are what we like to think of as our English Summer flowers and we even have the ‘brights’ sorted for the men’s buttonholes, with our Grooms cerise Anemone buttonhole (GRO2116)  which when teamed with a charcoal or grey suit will literally pop.

When going for brights in the flowers, how about trying to go traditional and rustic everywhere else – keeping it simple with some more earthy and natural tones: greens, copper, browns and tans. Try using sheer organza ribbons, using hessian table runners and natural wooden bark tea light holders, all making the bright flowers get the attention they deserve.

Now if you lot would kindly return the sun, we have some much needed sunbathing to do here at HQ…