It’ not just about the Bride,

Sometimes when it comes to all things weddings, a lot of the focus can fall on the Bride, with no mention of the other important party – the groom. For the ladies there’s the dress, the Bridesmaids, the hair, the makeup, but lately the Grooms are well and truly coming into their own and being more of a show off than the women!

Yes, we know they don’t wear THE dress, but they do have various different options when it comes to showing off in the clothing dept. Firstly the suits, the lists are endless nowadays when it comes to colour usage and details. Instead of the more formal dark colours that have been used through the years, comes the latest fashion to wear light more airy tones like the soft almost jersey-like greys, the more flashy gun metal dark greys which can shimmer and shine and a lighter more vintage feel of tan or even tweed – pretty much anything goes these days . ‘Tails’ were more formally worn and  considered the  ‘norm’  at weddings for men but along with the times, the rules have become a lot less slack and lot more less formal. Whether you choose to get your suit from the High Street or handmade in Saville Row – make sure the suit is well fitting and to your taste only – the same rules that apply to the Bride, fit the Groom too. But sticking to your budget is also really important, that’s why the below can help you change your look without breaking the bank.

 photo Groom_PIC1_zps3ebb6aa3.jpg

As well as the fabrics and colours of suits changing, a lot of men choose their footwear to speak volumes. Think flashy, clashing colours, details on the leather. Gone are the more long, pointed shoes that are shined up to the max so you can see your face in them, instead how about a two-tone shoe with some punched out applique detail.  Brogues are proving really popular lately, with a lot of men choosing to play the casual card right down to their feet. Tanned or brown brogues can look great with a more rustic themed wedding, with a real play on textures or tweed fabrics used.

 photo Groom_PIC2_zpse0aa8e22.jpg

If going for an equally playful shoe, how about a zany sock to go with it. Socks, believe it or not, are proving extremely popular with Grooms. Sock choice is the Grooms chance to fully show his true colours by opting for something that reflects him as a person or even matching up to his group of ushers / best men. Think a sock won’t get shown? You’re wrong. Sock photos are the go-to choice for Grooms. With a quick picture showing the flash of the sock for not only the Groom but with all its men makes for a fun and quirky addition to your wedding photos.

 photo Groom_PIC3_zpse3529d69.jpg

Accessories can go a long way too, with a quick addition of a ‘Groom’ badge or a ‘prefect’ style badge can work really nicely on all the Ushers. Other accessories could include a statement belt, some personalised cufflinks. Before you go donning the comedy specs or Elvis wigs, Remember though your photo will be taken, so make sure the accessories suit your style of the wedding and you – and remember to check with your Bride that the looks are ‘ok’ Other than that, make sure that your Groom shines in style on the big day.