Indulge your creative side: 5 alternative wedding craft ideas

So you’re planning a wedding and you want give your guests something a little more unique, in terms of favours and decor.

You probably believe that unique wedding crafts take up too much time and money – but these things don’t need to be costly. Unique keepsakes can be crafted at home, and they’re much more affordable than traditional choices. Plus, the most treasured elements of a wedding are often those with a personal touch.
Here are our top ideas for wedding favours and decorative items your guests will treasure and enjoy on that big day.

  1. Glitter champagne flutes

Champagne flutes are the perfect collectable – and there’s no better time to celebrate. Simply apply a thin layer of glue, sprinkle glitter in the desired colours – perhaps silver or gold – then apply a sealant to hold the design.
For a personalised touch, use decal or transfer paper to add names, dates or messages to the flutes. These are great as bridesmaids gifts and presents for parents, as a small commemoration of your big day.

  1. Wood burned kitchenware

This gift idea combines traditional homeware with a personalised, ultra-modern design. These one-of-a-kind utensils are certain to impress and are great if you and your family are foodies or have ties to the restaurant industry. All you’ll need are some plain bamboo kitchen utensils and a wood burning kit.

Pencil your designs on the wood – think geometric patterns, or personalised messages, if you prefer. Next, heat up the wood burner and screw in the rounded tip. Burn your design with a steady hand, applying more pressure for a darker design. Once cooled, tie together with a ribbon to present an eye-catching and practical thank you gift.

  1. Embroidered ring bearing cushion

A personalised ring bearing cushion is a great wedding craft to try out in the run up to your wedding. You can have total control over the colour, the message and it gives you something to remind you of your special day. If you’re not big on embroidery, try applique – simply download and print your lettering template, then sew the black designs onto a cream jute fabric, for a rustic feel.

  1. Engraved DIY cutting boards

Simple, useful designs are often the best. Every kitchen needs a chopping board – but since it’s not the go-to wedding favour, your idea is likely to be unique. A personalised name, date and message will ensure the board is as memorable, as it is useful.
For this craft, you’ll need your wood burner again – this time to double up as an engraving tool. For a deeper and longer-lasting ridge, use a hand-held home engraving tool.

For the adventurous, you can even make your own custom cutting boards from some spare wood.

  1. Create a flower wall

All you’ll need for this craft is lots of paper – in colours that match your scheme – and a large piece of board that can be propped against the wall. Fill this with paper flowers to create a striking photo wall that guests will love to pose in front of. Follow this tutorial to make your flowers – it’s a lot easier than you may think!
These quirky and useful wedding crafts are a fail-safe option, with personalised items taking their rightful place as favourites for 2018.

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