Getting married for the 3rd time or more and fancy being on TV?

Open Mike Productions are working on a new primetime series for Channel 4 provisionally entitled

‘Happiness Hunter’, presented by broadcaster and comedian Jon Richardson from Channel 4’s

topical quiz show ‘8 out of 10 Cats’.

The show is looking at what it means to be happy in modern day Britain, and will see Jon travelling

around the country with his best friend Matt, meeting genuine people and learning from their life


One of the three episodes explores how our ideas and perceptions are changing with regards to

long-term relationships and marriage. For this episode we are looking for someone who is getting

married for the third (or more) time, and would be happy to speak to Jon about their faith in

finding ‘the one’ and not giving up on love.

Jon has always been quite cynical about long-term relationships and marriage. However, he is

being forced to review his long-held beliefs and fears as he is now in a serious relationship. In the

programme Jon will be meeting lots of people, and having lots of experiences to help him reassess,

and hopefully, come to the conclusion that long-term relationships and marriage can be

wonderfully positive, and bring much happiness to a couple.

Jon would like to meet a couple where one (or both) of the parties are getting married for the

third or more time, and speak to them about their quest to find their soul mate, and their

resilience and faith in finding ‘the one’. We would like their conversations with Jon to be focused

on the present partners, not previous relationships, and all questions will be agreed in advance of

any filming.

Picture of Jon from 8 out of 10 cats

The filming dates are roughly 7th June – 31st but these dates have some flexibility in them.

It would be great to speak to any brides or grooms interested in sharing their feelings with Jon.

Please feel free to contact me directly and I’ll be happy to give you more information on the show.


Tel:- 0207 434 4004