Flowers and plants that say ‘I love you’

The language of flowers can be complex. It’s not enough to simply buy a bouquet of red roses and expect the recipient to instantly swoon at your feet. If you’re thinking of showing your emotions and expressing feelings of love, then don’t always go for the obvious choice.

Go back in time

The sentimental Victorians created a whole lexicon of love through flowers, and you only have to look at some medieval paintings to understand the powerful symbology behind the placement of certain flowers in paintings. If you get the language of flowers wrong, you could be insulting your beloved, and that’s never romantic.

Lily of the Valley from Spalding Bulb is a perfect flower for expressing love. With its sweet smell and delicate white flowers, this beautiful and subtle plant makes a perfect romantic present. The plant flourishes in May, but any good florist should be able to source lily of the valley, throughout the year.

Tulips say ‘I Love You’

Another less obvious choice is a tulip. With their wonderful colour range, from moody black to bright yellow, you should be able to make an arrangement that will compliment your love’s temperament. The Victorians used these flowers when they uttered the words of love for the first time, what they did during late summer is left to the imagination as tulips traditionally only flower in the spring months.

It’s not just humans who use flowers for love

According to an article in The Daily Mail dolphins express their love with presentations of seaweed. The gift of seaweed is an important part of dolphin courtship, and apparently male dolphins spend hours looking for the best strands of this underwater plant before presenting it to their chosen female. The males of the species aren’t renowned for their fidelity, so if you think that this might be an ideal plant for your partner, think again.

Picture of two dolphins

Camellias express love

If you’re looking to declare your passion, and want to do so with an unusual flower, then Camellias are a great way of expressing your feelings. A pink camellia will tell your loved one that you are longing for them, and a red camellia tells the recipient that they are ‘a flame in your heart.’

Remember to get the right flowers for an anniversary

It’s just as important to keep your lover happy as to woo her or him. White lilies will tell your partner that you love your relationship, and the humble daisy; given on a 11th wedding anniversary, denotes loyal love. If your relationship endures until a 60th anniversary, then give your spouse some orchids to signify love, beauty and charm.

Flowers are always a popular way of expressing love

In 2013 amorous Brits spent a total of £1 billion on Valentine’s gifts and gestures.
An article in the Huffington Post suggests that the popularity of flower giving at this time is still on the rise, with 2,745,000 floral gifts being bought across the UK in 2013. Roses are still more popular as romantic presents than any other plants.