Fancy being on the TV :-)

Living TV are making an exciting new series called ‘Four Weddings’
They are looking for brides-to-be that are getting married between April and June of this year that might be interested in taking part.

In each episode four brides will attend each others’ wedding, experiencing everything that the special day has to offer judging the VENUE, FOOD, DRESS, WEDDING FLOWERS & OVERALL PRESENTATION. The four brides then have to decide who has the best wedding, with the victorious bride winning an amazing five star luxury honeymoon for her and her partner.
(this doesn’t need to be taken immediately, so it doesn’t matter if you already have a honeymoon booked)

If this sounds like something you would be interested in please email details to: kerry.plant @ or call: 020 7157 3809 for further information about the show.
Don`t forget to mention you heard this from Sarah’s flowers.

Thanks Jason

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  1. samantha pearse says:

    im getting married on 30th may 09, its the first and last time to.i cant wait to become mrs parker,its a stressfull time but it will be worth it.