Is Lilac A Forgotten Wedding Day Colour?

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Lilac is a cool and warm colour which can be a pale tone of violet or a light shade of purple but whichever shade you go for it always makes a lovely wedding colour, either as the main colour or as a more subtle accent shade.

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Lilac a long with its cousin purple have a great deal of symbolism associated with each other. It’s a very feminine colour with a warm maternal feel to it. Like lavender, lilac can add a hint of nostalgia. It goes very well with the colours black and dark green. For a lovely lilac mix combine a few of the different shades of lilac along with some greens, plums, and mauve.

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Lilac is a gorgeous pastel shade which is sometimes over shadowed by the more powerful purple, and it seems that more and more brides are tending to shy away from light pastel colours for bold bright flamboyant colours.

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Here are at Sarah’s Flowers HQ we have a lovely range of artificial wedding flowers available in lilac from silk freesia, foam roses, lavender sprays, lisianthus, alliums stems and veronica to name a few.

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If you are using the lilac range of colours to add a more subtle colour tone to your wedding flowers then why not try adding our lilac feathers or small satin roses or lilac pearl strands to your bouquet. Or for just a hint of lilac colour then why not use a lilac ribbon, we stock a few different types to choose from, including luxury satin, sheer organza or grosgrain.

Wedding Mood Boards With Sarah’s Flowers and Pinterest

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Silk wedding flowers can be a beautiful and viable alternative to real flowers for many reasons. Number one, you get to keep artificial flowers which will remind you of your wedding for years to come. We here at, we understand your need for uniqueness and beauty. Silk has long been the fabric of sensuality and timeless quality garments and symbolic creations, some of which are even religious in significance.

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Artificial wedding flowers add a certain level of sophistication and create a mood which only handmade wedding flowers from award winning wedding florist Sarah’s Flowers can do. Its majesty and elegance can be easily seen and comprehended on the photo sharing website Pinterest, which is a great place to visit to see our mood pages with relation to silk wedding bouquets and their timeless elegance and graceful quiet aesthetic.

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Creating mood boards on Pinterest is a great medium to express how what we do can maximize and optimize your bouquet for your wedding, and having the timeless and ever graceful qualities of artificial flowers for your bouquet, makes for a wonderful wedding posy.
Why not add any of our pictures to your own Pinterest boards by just clicking on the Pinterest Pin button thats on every page of

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With a quality and freshness which is exactly like that of real flowers, we create a feeling that you keep forever, which you wish you could do with real flowers. They won’t cause allergies, nor will they fade and brown. Almost better than a wedding dress, you will be able to hand the bouquet down for generations and generations without fear of reprisal due to sizing or style. A timeless and gorgeous accessory for your big day!

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Wedding Flowers That Colours the Day’s Memory


For any wedding, it’s important to realise that there are a number of things that people will look at right away.  The first is, of course, the bride’s dress.  Everyone wants to be able to comment about how lovely she was, the nice shade her dress was, and so forth.  Right after that, the flowers are usually the hottest topic of conversation, largely because they are what is going to keep your attention throughout the big day as the wedding guest.

Certainly, one of the classic colour trends for 2014 for silk and artificial wedding flowers continues to be ivory and teal.  Definitely, ivory continues to symbolize innocence, which should be somewhat how people should launch into any long term relationship; innocent about the adventures that await and the twists and turns that they are going to encounter along the way.  Blended with teal, there is that suggestion of being open-minded to allow for clarity of thought and clear communication.

ivory rose with winter snow flakes from sarahsflowers

Yellow and anything pastel goes a long way towards bringing that splash of colour that anyone might be craving in getting their wedding colours together.  Yellow, being symbolic of friendship, is always a good colour to integrate into your wedding, especially with artificial wedding flowers, as it can be a symbol of the feelings you share with your partner.  Blending yellow with purple, which is generally symbolic of royalty, is a great pairing, as yellow and purple are complementary colours and set each other off well.

Brides Ivory Rose & Pearl Spray Wedding Bouquet with Purple & Yellow Feathers

Regardless of the colour blend you choose for your silk wedding flowers, it’s important to consider what sort of look you are going for; classic looks continue to dominate weddings, largely because they are incredibly intimate and romantic.  As a result, almost any colour you select will work well, but don’t be afraid to be bold – you will have a look you and your guests won’t forget for your wedding. Here at Sarah’s Flowers HQ we offer a wide range of silk wedding flowers and satin ribbon colours to choose from.

Top Wedding Trends For 2014

Wedding Day Cupcakes

Pink Wedding Dress
Is 2014 going to be the year of the pretty in pink bride, are pink wedding gowns going to be big. Early signs seems to indicate that yes. Complemented by pink diamonds which are always a girls best friend and go brilliantly together, and if you can`t afford the real thing (and who can these days) high quality custom jewellery that looks simply stunning is available for a fraction of the price.

Bride wearing a pink wedding dress

Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses
Following on from 2013 the wedding trend of having mismatched dresses and colours for the bridesmaids is continuing to be popular and certainly adds a nice splash of colour to the wedding photographs.

The Big Budget Wedding Day
Splashing the cash, are big budget wedding making a comeback for 2014, are ten plus bridesmaids making a comeback, lavish reception venues and open bars?

Over Sized Hair Flowers
Watch out for hair bands with large oversized flower blooms on them and also big silk flower crowns using full blown roses, hudrangeas and peonies in soft pastel colours.

Hugely popular for 2013 and highly likely to continue the trend for 2014, the tiered cupcake display in place of the more traditional wedding cake once again looks like it will be the choice of the trendy bride.


Sweet Table
Everybody enjoys sweets, adults and children alike and having a sweet cart at your wedding reception adds a wow factor, creates a buzz and draws your eye to the colourful section of sweet treats you remember from your childhood.
chocolate fountains are still as popular as ever and add that extra dimension to your sweet table.


Photo and Slowmo Booths

Photo booths are nothing new for weddings having been very popular for a few years now. We’ve seen them evolve from vintage photo booths with the traditional four picture photo strips, into booths that allow you print a variety of different sized prints to state of the art booths that project guests photos onto TV screens over the dance floor. And new for 2014 we have the slow-motion video booth. Using a special infrared camera to create wonderfully funny video clips to show live and also to put on disc for the bride and groom to keep.

8 Ways to Make your Wedding Day Unique…

Any wedding is going to be the best day of your life, but these days there is an urge to make this already ‘big day’ a little bit more bigger and better by making it slightly more unique, and despite what you might think, being unique doesn’t have to cost the earth. These 8 ways to make your day more unique will help you create a wedding that is just ‘so you’

Create your own dress style

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Not every bride has to wear a full-length, full skirted gown. Think out of the box and try to really reflect on you and your own personal style. There are so many options out there: think tea length, dresses with sleeves, slim skirted dresses that expose a kitsch heel or even a coloured wedding dress – the list endless.

Make your blooms different

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White Rose Bridal Bouquet With Crystal Diamante Brooches

Brooch bouquets are a fab way to make your bouquet look just a little more different and stylish. You could even think of including personal trinkets or family heirlooms too. We do some fab brooch bouquets at more than affordable prices .

Unique favours

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Give your favours a personal touch by making them unique to you as a couple. Try creating a personalised cd of your favourite songs as a couple – it’s a great keepsake for guests to remember your day.

Special venue

 photo point4_zps5370ae34.jpg

When choosing a venue try to think of locations that are special to you both. It could be somewhere your parents got married, or where you were proposed too.

It’s all about the family

 photo point5_zpsedf69cc2.jpg

Weddings are a great time to get the family well n truly involved. Whether it’s a formal role like Usher or Bridesmaid, or whether you assign a job for each member to do. People feel happy to help when it comes to weddings are like to feel important.

Stationery love

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Designing your wedding stationery is where you can well n truly customise your wedding to make it more ‘you’ when designing your invites think about including things that you both like to do together – for instance if you like travelling try including a map of all the places you’ve loved going to together.

Props ahoy

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If you both have a shared hobby why not include a prop of it for some fun photos!

Verse is sweet

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Personalise your wedding ceremony with special readings and poems. Bespoke writing can really make the wedding feel more personal and special – it can even be framed after the wedding.
These are all really simple ways to make your wedding so very personal to you both and also create lasting memories for everyone else.

Why not tell us what made your day so unique?

Welcome to the Wedding Day Calla Lily

Lilies are synonymous with weddings – the way they look almost pure in colour and texture, smooth and silky they are just perfect for weddings. Here at Sarah’s Flowers HQ we’ve been putting our heads together and coming up with some heavenly calla lily themed bouquets.

We work our hardest here at HQ to make sure that we come up with the best colour schemes – with colours that melt into each other, and flowers that look so realistic you would never know they weren’t real.  As well as creating the more traditional cream coloured lilies, our manufacturers have expertly dyed our lilies in more vibrant shades of tangerine, pink and purples. The great thing about our artificial wedding bouquets are the great value prices we offer, meaning you don`t need to pay a premium price to get premium quality wedding flowers  (there really is something for every couple and budget) and longevity (our bouquets will last you for years and years)

Here are some of our favourite Calla Lily combinations:

Tropical Bouquet with Calla, Gerbera and Orchids £47.50

 photo BridesmaidsTropicalBouquetwithCallaGerberaandOrchids_zpsf77da8e6.jpg

This sunny bouquet speaks volumes – with its gentle but vibrant combination of Gerbera’s and orchids the Call Lilies are part of our soft touch range of flowers – these flowers are as about real as well, the real thing! Mixed in with some thick ficsus leaves and ribboned handle this bouquet is a little ray of sunshine.

Rustic bouquet with orchids, roses and calla lilies

 photo RusticBridesBouquetwithOrchidsRosesandCamelia_zps50d0c93b.jpg

This bouquet again has the soft touch lilies but the colour scheme is very different from the above. With a gentle tonal colour scheme, the flowers have a real earthy rustic feel about them – with more classic colours such as ivory.

Purple peony, calla lilies and orchids

 photo BridesPurplePeonyCallaLiliesampOrchidsinaRoundBouquet_zpsa406e6a9.jpg

This bouquet is a sumptuous selection of purples – with a jewelled purple peonies, roses and soft touch purple calla lilies all underlined with small rose leaves, silk orchids with buds gently cascading down the handle.

Bright Yellow Calla Lily Wedding Bridesmaids Posy

 photo BrightYellowCallaLilyWeddingBouquetforaBridesmaid_zps508b5ad9.jpg

Its bold, its bright, its a stand out bouquet hand made from soft touch natural yellow calla lilies and an ideal way to add a sunshire colour into your wedding day and flowers, this posy also makes a wonderful beach wedding bouquet.

Have you thought about having calla lilies at your wedding?

Getting The Right Wedding Flowers For Your Season…

We all know how hard it is and expensive it is to get the right flowers for your wedding all because of the seasons. Just like with what clothing you see on the catwalks and in the shops they are all season specific and with flowers there is no change, but what flowers ARE on offer in your wedding season?


Sweet peas are truly gorgeous is the summer season. Not only are the decadent, fragile almost to look at but their scent is amazing and is just so summery and light! They come in so many different colours: pastels, brights and neutrals, making great table decorations as well looking pretty in bouquets.

Peonies are a real favourite for most brides – they are truly versatile but can make for a really impressive centrepiece.

Freesia‘s are very cute with their funnel shaped flowers – with their clean white colour they can look really impressive when paired with a bright tulip

 photo Seasons_123_zpsba9e43aa.jpg


Dahlia’s are truly impressive and can make for an amazing bouquet- stunning in fact! Perfect to add a certain bright touch for a more neutral autumn wedding

Gerbera’s are a really pretty flower to have being part of the daisy family; these definitely suit a more relaxed wedding theme.

Poppies make for a really different type of bloom for a wedding – a more of a statement for brides

 photo Seasons_456_zps350aa71e.jpg


Hyacinth’s can add a real touch of regal glamour to your winter wedding – with jewelled colour and a beautiful scent.

Pussy Willow is a real winter treat – with texture and beauty, the pussy willow can really create the perfect winter wonderland.

Berried Ivy is just Christmas and winter all over. The colouring is right and so is the look. Pretty,

 photo Seasons_789_zps0b899304.jpg


Lily of the valley symbolises return of happiness and with its tiny pretty white flowers is a firm favourite for most brides.

Ranunculus always takes our breath away – with multiple layers of petals this flower is actually part of the buttercup family and is simply stunning to look at.

Gypsophila a nice, light airy flower that looks both gentle and fragile, yet packs a punch with its multiple small white flowers

 photo Seasons_101112_zps11096736.jpg

Remember, here at HQ we take special custom made orders – talk to us about your dream flower and we will see what we can do!

Wedding Cake Trends For 2013

We are all about a nice bit of cake here at HQ, and if it’s not a spot of tea and cake come 3pm, we are all about the wedding cakes. Trends do come and go and believe it or not there is such a thing as a cake trend (who knew!) The cutting of the cake is considered to be one of the high points in every wedding reception and therefore a lot of couples chose to have the cake as a main focal point – here are the top trends for the wedding cake world in 2013


Multi-tiered trends

 photo Cake_pic1_zps4c8378dd.jpg


Most couples are going back to the more traditional trend of multi-tiered cakes – with more classic taller tiers instead of the recently popular shorter tiers. Fruit cake is well and truly outdated with couples opting for more vibrant sponge flavours.


Taller cakes are often seen as more extravagant cakes, especially when they are fully displayed on the day – normally these are minimum order 4 tiers, however this number of tiers can work out expensive. To save some extra money, try opting for a dummy top tier to increase the height but save you money.

Vintage looks

 photo Cake_pic2_zpsd88e8b0a.png


Vintage and classic styles are still hot news for 2013 and don’t seem to be giving up. Pastel and ivory shades are the most popular, and with such a neutral shade it makes for the perfect base for floral decorations. Lace details are a massive trend on the vintage theme – it’s soft and feminine. You can even personalise your cake by requesting the lace detailing from your wedding gown to be replicated on the surface.


If you choose to use colour make sure it is soft or even try ivory on ivory. Hand painted flowers are another big vintage trend, along with delicate line work. When it comes to ribbon, stay away from contrasting colours and try to match shades within the wedding.

‘Different’ designs

 photo Cake_pic3_zpsc636e38a.jpg


This one is for the more adventurous couple. Going for more obscure shape on your wedding day will definitely cause your wedding guests to stop and stare! Firstly you need to be sure about what you exactly want and possibly be prepared to pay a considerable amount. With the average wedding cake costing £700 a different shapes cake could cost somewhere along the lines of £1700.


This design of cake means you get to go a little wild with your own colours choices – do what you will with a completely bespoke cake made just for you.


There are so many different styles and flavours for cakes out there, make sure you find something that really does suit you as a couple, your style of wedding and your budget.

What type of cake are you having?