Cruising with Silk Flowers

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Having a destination wedding is beautiful and will create memories that last a lifetime. One up and coming trend is to have your destination wedding on a cruise ship – a wedding weekend and holiday all in one, what could be better?

Planning a wedding far from where you live can be a challenge, especially when it comes to ordering live flowers. If you are planning a cruise ship wedding, the best way to incorporate floral arrangements into your big day is to purchase artificial flowers.

Silk flowers provide the same style and design as fresh-picked flowers, but without the hassle of maintenance.  First and foremost, there is no stress that comes with artificial flowers that there is with taking care of living flowers. Artificial flowers do not need to be watered, and are not as fragile as live flowers. This means there’s no fear of accidently knocking off a few petals or breaking any stems.


The life span of living flowers is short, and if you don’t plan on having your wedding ceremony the first or second day of the cruise, there is no guarantee how those flowers will look the day of your wedding. There are florists on-board cruise ships, however their selection is limited, and the price range can be much much higher than floral arrangements purchased on land. Plus you may not be able to take your living flowers off the ship.

Artificial flowers are easy to pack and ship. That means they will be bundled up and ready for your wedding. There is no risk of petals drying up or falling off or stems breaking in transit. What you see when you order is what you will get – no chance of brown flowers or arrangements that are too unappealing to use.

To save headache and wedding day stress, the best decision for your cruise ship wedding floral arrangement is to go with artificial silk flowers. Guests will marvel at how you were able to get such great arrangements all set up and in one piece for your wedding. They’ll never even know that they’re not real.  The best part is, you can even take them with you after the wedding (still intact and looking as great as they did on your wedding day)!

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Guest blog by Emily Rochotte

Putting a modern spin on a Downton Abbey themed wedding

Downton Abby cast and crew

When Downton Abbey’s final episode airs this Christmas, it will bring the curtain down on one of British television’s biggest success stories. The Julian Fellowes-penned period drama, which details the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants, has been a huge hit on both sides of the Atlantic, sparking a loyal legion of fans.

The show’s six series cover the tumultuous period of 1912 to 1927, with world events such as the sinking of the Titanic, First World War and Spanish Flu forming the social backdrop to the events. Yet the drama in and out of the fictional Yorkshire country house has sparked a renewed interest in the lifestyle of the period. Website kate & toms reckons Downton Abbey has inspired a trend of couples looking to tie the knot at large estates while embracing vintage style.

So, if you’re a fan of the show and want to add a splash of vintage glamour to your big day, how do you go about it?

Venue: First things first, you need to get the venue right. As the kate & toms article rightly states, the ‘Downton effect’ has seen a spike in interest in the use of grand homes as a backdrop to a wedding. Many of these have built-in chapels for the ceremony and grand rooms to cater for your meal and reception, making them ideal to handle the whole day. Of course, for the ‘full Downton’ experience you could just go ahead and book Highclere Castle, the real life Berkshire home that doubles for the Crawley’s estate on screen. It costs about £20,000 to hire for the day.

Downton Abbey house

Style: Die-hard fans will remember the wedding of Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley and you could use that on-screen event for inspiration to faithfully replicate some of the details for your big day. From the expensively created silver-lace-tabard-on-silk dress to the Bentley & Skinner diamond tiara to the morning suits with grey gloves and top hats – there’s much to match. The flowers were a simple bouquet of long-stemmed white Calla lillies while a black horse-drawn carriage would ensure you arrive in the right style too.

Accessories: If you want to truly recreate the ‘Downton look’ then that means a lot of attention to detail. Plan well ahead and scour the pages of for high quality vintage items to kit out your venue. You’ll have great fun shopping for the right items too.

Music: The soundtrack to your day is an important – and underrated – part of creating the right atmosphere. Why not hire a band to play some of the music used in the show or, at least, from the same period? This could be a subtle way of adding some of the style to your day without having to go for the full experience.

Filming: Many professional companies can now capture your big day on camera – offering a much more professional outcome than the home movies of yesteryear. Why not get them to edit together a package in the same style as the ITV drama? Although, hopefully, life will go a lot more smoothly for you than it does for the Crawleys.

Fun: Perhaps you’d rather your love for Downton was just a small, fun part of the day? Many couples choose to hire photo booths for their wedding day to keep the guests entertained and this could be your chance to take inspiration from the Crawleys. Hire Downton-inspired costumes and encourage your friends and family to embrace the occasion with some memorable pictures using clothing and props. You could also name tables after elements of the show or incorporate the theme in your stag or hen parties.

Much depends on how much of a Downton flavour you want on your wedding day. You can embrace the clothing, venue, music or luxury accessories associated with the aristocratic lifestyle on the show, or you can have them all. You can have a fun Downton-themed photo booth or a period drama-style film of the day too.
Your wedding day should be special to you. Incorporate themes and mimic styles to enhance your experience – and Downton Abbey offers rich inspiration for this – but don’t lose sight of the fact that it is your day.

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Car For Your Big Day

A woman has to make a lot of decisions for her wedding. Some decisions she makes by herself, and others with her husband-to-be. If you are about to get married, generally the first things you think about are: The wedding dress, rings, invitations, venue, and your entourage.
However, one of the biggest things to make an impact on your wedding day is the car that you are going to arrive in. This is usually one of the wedding decisions a couple will make together.
Here are some tips on how to help you find the perfect wedding car.

Size matters

When choosing your wedding car, size does matter. Why? Because it all depends on your wedding gown. If you are wearing a simple gown, you can choose just about any type of car you imagine. You could even ride a bicycle if you really wanted! However, if you choose a big gown with a train, you will have to think about the space within the car, as you don’t want to be cramped up, uncomfortable and arrive at your venue creased and disheveled.
Another reason size matters is because you have to consider the number of people travelling in the wedding car. For some weddings, it’s only the bride uses the car. For others, both sets of parents of the bride may ride with her going to the wedding venue. Remember also, that after the wedding, the groom will travel alongside his new wife.

Go with the theme of your wedding

You may want a retro car or a classic one, but make sure that it fits the theme of your wedding. The car will make a huge impact during your wedding day and you will have several pictures taken with it, so don’t want it looking out of place.
There are plenty of ideas that you can choose from such as vintage cars, classic cars, retro, minivans, and even tractors or trailers. The choice is entirely yours!

Color of the car

In addition to choosing the type of car you want, you also have to consider what color will be best. Again, you can choose according to the theme of your wedding. Some popular colors include white, black, or red. There is also a big increase in popularity of more unusual and unique colours, such as yellow, blue, or bright pink!

Make the decision together

When choosing the perfect wedding car, you have to make the decision together with your partner. You have to agree on the wedding car, as it will be special day for both of you. If you can’t decide on something, you may want to ask help from your wedding organizer to seek out the perfect car for you both.
Choosing a wedding car does not have to be a difficult experience. It may even be a fun bonding experience with your future husband. You can test out your dream cars. You might have a chauffeur, though if you don’t and have opted to drive yourself instead, be sure you know the road laws in whatever area you’re getting married. With the perfect wedding car and the perfect partner, you will have a wedding day that you will cherish for years and years to come. Happy hunting!

Aston Martin D5 Wedding Car

5 Retro Bridal Shower Party ideas for 2015

If your bride-to-be friend is more rockabilly than 21st Century girl then we’ve got some great ideas for the perfect, retro bridal shower:

1. Bridal bingo

No bridal shower would be the same without some fun party games to get all the guests interacting with one another and enjoying an exciting atmosphere. So why not put on a retro version of a Vernons bingo game, complete with hand turned ball machine, grid cards and dabbers? Replace the numbers with miscellaneous wedding related items such as locations for the honeymoon or cake flavours and call those out for guests to find on their cards. Read the full game rules here.

Another fun game is to play ‘Match the famous celebrity couple’, include partners such as Elvis and Priscilla, Romeo and Juliet and throw in a wild card such as Marilyn Monroe, who can be matched up with Joe DiMaggio, Arthur Miller, John F Kennedy. Cheeky! The person who matches up the most couples the quickest wins, of course.

2. Dish out the goodies

Party favours are something we’ve been handing out to guests since we were six years old and wearing party hats (which you should consider handing out as well) but people will never tire of going home with something.

Pick up some cupcake boxes so guests can stock up on leftover party food before they go home and fill a goodie bag with some fun retro style items such as plastic hair rollers, confetti, small bottles of cloudy lemonade, fun polka dot straws and fun note cards. Guests can write some words of encouragement on for the happy couple to hand out at the wedding.

3. Pyrex galore  

Food is a necessity at a bridal shower (even if the bride herself has gone on a crazy water and cayenne pepper diet) and you can go wild with retro dishes and desserts to treat guests with.
Make sure you dish everything up in vintage bowls and glass Pyrex and whip up some neat triangle sandwiches, cute cupcakes and a bowl of fruit punch (with a little alcohol of course) in a vintage glass bowl. You could go even further and use Spam to fill the sandwiches or create a giant trifle, a staple dessert in any 50s household.

4. Vintage, darling

Think fur stoles draped on the backs of chairs or used as table runners, glass Coke bottles for floral decorations and chequered tablecloths in red and white in a nod towards 1950s diner decor. Play some fun retro music in the background featuring Frankie Vali, The Drifters and some Elvis.
Streamers from the ceiling and foil balloons will also help create that vintage party theme and why not include a fun homemade piñata (in the shape of a wedding bell or an engagement ring) filled with sweets, confetti, tissues for the wedding, champagne bubbles and costume engagement rings – for the single people at the party.

Bridal Shower Pinata 2

5. Dress code

On the invitations encourage guests to turn up in their best retro get up. Send out instructions with the invitations on how to create finger waves and victory rolls for hair, dress styles that they could wear and fun retro gift ideas for the bride. You could also create a competition and have them create the best retro dish, which will save you having to do all the cooking too…
With all these ideas in place, you should have a retro bridal shower the bride-to-be will cherish as much as her vintage Pyrex collection.

Halloween Themed Weddings

Halloween themed wedding blog

Just because you’re getting married in the Autumn doesn’t mean you can’t use beautiful flowers in your wedding. If you are planning a Halloween-themed bash, you can still take full advantage of traditional wedding bouquets and buttonholes, or choose artificial arrangements with a little more winter flair. We’ve got some tips to help you get your flowers just right, whether you are going for a creepy or classy Halloween wedding.

  1. You can never go wrong with pumpkin accents. Nothing says Halloween like a pumpkin. With a silk flower arrangement that incorporates pumpkins, your bridesmaids, groom, and groomsmen will all fit perfectly into your Halloween theme. Little pumpkins as accents to the other flowers in your arrangement is the best way to keep the theme going, without going overboard.

Even you are planning a creepy Halloween wedding, you still may want some fresh-looking flowers to breathe a little life into your big day. You can go creepy and scary with other elements, but still symbolize the beginning of your new life with beautiful fake flowers.


Halloween bouquet pumpkin picture

  1. Silk blooms won’t wilt in the cold weather. One of the biggest struggles of planning a fall wedding, and especially a Halloween wedding, is finding the right flowers and especially finding fresh flowers. If you opt for silk flowers, over fresh flowers, you won’t have to worry about the flowers wilting or dying before you walk down the aisle.

Instead, they will stay looking just as fresh as the day you purchased them, even years after the wedding, making a wonderful wedding day keepsake. This is the best way to ensure that you get a pristine looking buttonhole or bouquet, instead of risking getting old, wilting, and drooping real flowers.

  1. Orange, green, white, and tan are perfect fAutumnal colors. Worried that the wedding bouquet won’t match your colours? Our Autumn bouquets and buttonholes are a beautiful mix of natural and neutral colours, so you get the best colors of Autumn, without disrupting your colour story. Even if your Halloween wedding is intended to be creepy, these flowers will look beautiful against your blacks and oranges.

They will also be the perfect accent to a more subtle Halloween-theme, pulling in both the color of nature and the colours of Halloween. They look real, providing you all of the colour you want, without the hassle of real flowers.

Five Amazing Alternative Wedding Venues

alternative wedding venues, ice church

A traditional church ceremony followed by a three-course wedding breakfast and party at your local town hall or stately home is a great way to celebrate your big day, but why not push the boat out and try something a little alternative?

We’re not talking about jumping out of a plane and saying your vows on the way down, or hopping on a plane to somewhere completely exotic, but a different venue can create an incredible atmosphere and a wedding that your guests talk about for years to come.

It’s inspiration time and, like the folks at Bride Online, we have come up with some amazing ideas for your special day, find our top five list of the most amazing alternative wedding venues below…

5. Wolgan Valley resort

Breathtaking scenery in a stunning location set this potential wedding venue apart from all the others. Nestled in a secluded valley, within the Blue Mountains Reserve the Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa is a tranquil and moving location, situated just a three-mile drive from Sydney.

There are 4000 acres of property to take advantage of and you can choose from a variety of romantic locations for your ceremony. Just imagine the stunning wedding photos of you and your new partner with the incredible mountains as the backdrop followed by a beautiful gala dinner under the stars with everyone you know and love.

Hotel room with couple

4. Boomerang Farm

Boomerang Farm is a privately owned wedding venue, set in a beautiful tropical forest location, so you can customise the location and have pretty much any theme you desire throughout your ceremony and reception. Many people choose for their ceremony to take place in the Rainforest Chapel and then hold the reception in the venue’s historic barn, which features spacious ceilings, farmhouse dining tables and a dance floor.

3. Mandurah cruises

Imagine a golden sunset as you and your wedding party coasts across the rippling water of the Mandurah waterway on your very own private cruise. Everything is taken care of, including decoration and food, and you also get your own wedding coordinator and a red carpet gangway. Very posh! The whole wedding day takes place on the boat but you can also arrange a cocktail party the night before the wedding and a breakfast the next morning while you open gifts and say goodbye to your friends.

2. Red Hill Vineyard

A gorgeous ceremony set in a stunning vineyard location, basking in the rolling hills of the Mornington Peninsula, will create the most sophisticated wedding. With a tailor-made reception, featuring estate-grown wines and a personalised service, this is the wedding venue dreams are made of.

1. Sydney Harbour Wedding Climb

If you and your fiancé are adventurous types then why not take your guests up to the summit of Sydney Harbour Bridge? They’ll have to climb up there of course, using stairs and catwalks never previously opened to the public. There are two packages available, bride and groom plus four guests or bride and groom plus 10 guests.
Once you reach the top you will enjoy absolutely breathtaking views of Sydney that only a very few will ever get the chance to experience and have your ceremony take place on the specially built platform called the Sundeck.
The climb takes four hours and a guide will also give you the history of the bridge as you go. The Wedding Climb includes preparation, a guided experience and finally the ceremony. It is a truly unique experience for everyone. You might not be able to wear a fancy gown for the ceremony, but you can soon change into one and hold a big party later on with the rest of your friends and family.


So whether you’re after a laid-back, tropical affair or an ambitious ceremony involving a certain level of fitness there are plenty of alternative venues out there for you to choose from.

Alternative Wedding Ideas, Tips and Tricks

Halloween Pumpkin picture

Your wedding day is one of the best and most exciting days of your life and it should be as unique as you are. If you’re looking to get away from the traditional white wedding, there are numerous tips and ideas you can follow. Couples looking to make their wedding totally unique may want to consider an autumn wedding.

Halloween is a particularly good day to hold an alternative themed wedding. You’ll get to experiment with all kinds of wacky, alternative ideas. Your guests could even turn up in high tech Morph Costumes.

Staying away from predictable Halloween themes

Mention the word ‘Halloween’ and you might automatically think sweet favours for the guests, a black dress and pumpkin decorations. However, you really don’t need to opt for something predictable. A unique alternative Halloween wedding can be sophisticated if you want it to be.

Pumpkins can still be used, but instead focus on white pumpkins. Pinterest has some excellent inspirational pictures of white pumpkin wedding ideas you might want to check out. They could look particularly beautiful lining the aisle. Or for a really romantic theme, place real lanterns down the aisle. The dim lighting will add a spooky yet romantic theme.

Black veils – providing a vampire bride theme

It is often the little details that will make the biggest difference to your wedding. While traditional veils are white, there are beautiful black veils available that will fit in perfectly with your Halloween theme. Opt for a birdcage black veil complete with Chenille dots. This offers a striking look and really fits in with the spooky theme.

Embrace your darker side

If you really want to stand out on your big day, a dark dress is highly recommended. Black is an obvious choice, but deep reds, purple and brown can also work well. Go for something big and bold. There are plenty of alternative wedding gowns available and the key is to choose a dramatic, ball gown style dress.

Get inspiration online

The internet is packed full of alternative wedding ideas. If you get stuck, looking at Halloween themed wedding photos can give you plenty of inspiration. Huffington Post has a particularly great gallery showing beautiful, elegant Halloween wedding ideas.

Tips for making your wedding unique

Whether you opt for a Halloween theme or not, there are plenty of ways you can make your wedding unique. If you want to switch things up a bit, focus on the time of the ceremony. Hold the ceremony in the evening before you have dinner. This does work particularly well for Halloween weddings as the later you have the ceremony, the spookier the atmosphere will be. It also gives you plenty of chance to mingle with the guests before the ceremony.

If you are opting for a Christmas wedding, an excellent idea is to have every guest bring a bauble or Christmas tree decoration. Then every year after the wedding you will not only have a reminder of the big day, but you’ll have save money on decorations! Overall alternative weddings tend to be the most memorable. The main thing to remember is to make the wedding as personal to you and your partner.

Inspiration For Wedding Themes

Bride and Groom sitting in th epark drinking champagne with a sarahs flowers wedding bouquet

Congratulations – you’re getting married! Planning your wedding will be one of the most memorable, stressful, confusing, nerve-wracking, and enjoyable things that you will ever do. There is so much to think about when planning your special day, where do you begin?

All memorable weddings have a theme, whether it’s full-on or subtle touches; often defined by colour (your favourite), era (do you love the glamour of the 1920s or the madness of the 80s?) or your chosen venue, the theme sets the overall feel of your day. Choosing your theme is a good starting point as flowers, favours, music, and decorations can be chosen to fit in with whatever theme you choose. Websites such as are good for looking for decorations, from vintage, shabby chic, and rustic to disco or even Vegas themes, as well as favours, accessories, and everything in between!

Wedding themes are usually the first thing (dress aside) a bride thinks about. Do you want full-on fairytale-like Prince William and Kate Middleton, vintage like Kate Moss and Jamie Hince or pure indulgence a la David and Victoria Beckham?

Struggling to pin down your theme? Bridal Musings has some tips to help you out, probably the most important being that your theme should be about you as a couple. Don’t get hung up on what’s currently on-trend or considered stylish – does it reflect you? The great thing about wedding themes is that there are no rules, they are personal and unique to the bride and groom, and their lifestyle. Your wedding should have little nods to your personalities throughout – it’s your chance to show the world what you’re about so don’t hold back. Want something a little off-the-wall? Wedding Ideas has some great suggestions for couples wanting something that will set them apart from the crowd – circus theme anyone?

Here are some ideas on what to consider when thinking about your wedding theme:

  • Your interests and hobbies – what do you enjoy doing as a couple? If you both love literature why not incorporate parts of your favourite books?
  • How you met or how you got engaged. If your partner proposed in the woods, how about an enchanting woodland theme?
  • Your style. Are you retro, contemporary, eclectic…
  • Things that are special to you – does a particular animal, flower or song have a special meaning?
  • Your venue – your theme and venue should complement each other. If you’ve chosen a countryside barn wedding, an English tea party-inspired theme would be perfect
  • Your budget – themes can be adapted to suit most budgets, but don’t choose something that’s going to be too hard for you to achieve

The most important thing to remember when choosing your theme and planning your wedding, is to have fun with it. Keep the big picture in mind. It’s your big day, a celebration of your love for each other, a celebration of the rest of your lives together – enjoy!

love peony mood board silk peony from sarahs flowers picture

Is Lilac A Forgotten Wedding Day Colour?

Lilac Wedding Table Display Blog Picture

Lilac is a cool and warm colour which can be a pale tone of violet or a light shade of purple but whichever shade you go for it always makes a lovely wedding colour, either as the main colour or as a more subtle accent shade.

Lilac & Ivory Artificial Rose Bridesmaids Posy with Eucalyptus & Light Catching Crystals Blog Picture

Lilac a long with its cousin purple have a great deal of symbolism associated with each other. It’s a very feminine colour with a warm maternal feel to it. Like lavender, lilac can add a hint of nostalgia. It goes very well with the colours black and dark green. For a lovely lilac mix combine a few of the different shades of lilac along with some greens, plums, and mauve.

Lilac buttonholes and corsages Blog Picture

Lilac is a gorgeous pastel shade which is sometimes over shadowed by the more powerful purple, and it seems that more and more brides are tending to shy away from light pastel colours for bold bright flamboyant colours.

Sarahs Flowers Lilac Pinterest Board

Here are at Sarah’s Flowers HQ we have a lovely range of artificial wedding flowers available in lilac from silk freesia, foam roses, lavender sprays, lisianthus, alliums stems and veronica to name a few.

Picture of a lilac mood board

If you are using the lilac range of colours to add a more subtle colour tone to your wedding flowers then why not try adding our lilac feathers or small satin roses or lilac pearl strands to your bouquet. Or for just a hint of lilac colour then why not use a lilac ribbon, we stock a few different types to choose from, including luxury satin, sheer organza or grosgrain.

Wedding Mood Boards With Sarah’s Flowers and Pinterest

Pinterest logo

Silk wedding flowers can be a beautiful and viable alternative to real flowers for many reasons. Number one, you get to keep artificial flowers which will remind you of your wedding for years to come. We here at, we understand your need for uniqueness and beauty. Silk has long been the fabric of sensuality and timeless quality garments and symbolic creations, some of which are even religious in significance.

Pinterest pin board

Artificial wedding flowers add a certain level of sophistication and create a mood which only handmade wedding flowers from award winning wedding florist Sarah’s Flowers can do. Its majesty and elegance can be easily seen and comprehended on the photo sharing website Pinterest, which is a great place to visit to see our mood pages with relation to silk wedding bouquets and their timeless elegance and graceful quiet aesthetic.

Sarahs flowers pinterest boards

Creating mood boards on Pinterest is a great medium to express how what we do can maximize and optimize your bouquet for your wedding, and having the timeless and ever graceful qualities of artificial flowers for your bouquet, makes for a wonderful wedding posy.
Why not add any of our pictures to your own Pinterest boards by just clicking on the Pinterest Pin button thats on every page of

Pinterest example button picture on

With a quality and freshness which is exactly like that of real flowers, we create a feeling that you keep forever, which you wish you could do with real flowers. They won’t cause allergies, nor will they fade and brown. Almost better than a wedding dress, you will be able to hand the bouquet down for generations and generations without fear of reprisal due to sizing or style. A timeless and gorgeous accessory for your big day!

Sarah's flowers pinterest bouquet page

2014 – The Wedding Themes and Trends To Have…

2014 it is nearly upon us, Christmas will be here and over, and before you know it the wedding season will be back around (hoorah) and we will all be set with new wedding themes for a new year. Decided what look your wedding  can take is a mightily hard thing to d: there are endless options out there, all with varying subjects and capabilities and cost!  So as one wedding year closes and a new one opens – here’s what’s in store for 2014 for your wedding themes;

Being dramatic and statement

2014 themes pic1


Swapping pastels for bold is a big step to make – brides and grooms who choose bold colours rather than sugary sweet colours like to do things in style, a dramatic theme is just for you! think unusual venues such as old churches, theatres, disused buildings that can be done up that show you statement features like high ceilings, striking windows, an open fire,  slightly worn look and something in big bold  colours. A gothic themed wedding is proving very popular, along with the more brightly themed, exotic looking weddings – both at opposite ends, but both as statement.

Being symbolic

2014 themes pic2


Doing something that is symbolic in your wedding can be a great added to touch to make your wedding just a little bit different. Some people light candles or pouring of sand is always an option – both are visually stunning for all the guests also. During a symbolic sand ceremony the bride and groom take it in turns to pour coloured sand into a keepsake glass vase in front of their loved ones to symbolise the joining of two people, two families joining together and the unity of everything coming together. This nice, simple ceremony can take place anywhere as long as you have permission from your venue – this can work great with a beach themed wedding.

Another nice, easy symbolic thing to do at a wedding is to get your guests to write a message of love on a Chinese lantern, then in turn all letting them float off into the night.

Being quirky

2014 themes pic3


Quirky weddings are big big news even at the latter end of 2013. Whether it be novelty additions, or clever  and stylish – you can add little quirky details or really go wild with a completely unusual theme to reflect your personal style: whether it be vintage, 1920’s or rock n roll. Some people even theme their weddings on books and films, such as Alice in Wonderland.

Choosing a quirky venue is an easy way to make your wedding a little bit different and certainly memorable – think football pitches, a zoo, Hard rock café in London, various farms! Or if a different venue isn’t your thing, how about an open-top bus to transport your guests. Or if something so big isn’t your thing, how about opting for a vibrant, quirky bridal shoe, a different headdress, or personalised signs to direct people around your wedding – there are many different options to make your wedding a little more quirky.

Going green

2014 themes pic4


And no, we don’t mean the colour! Green weddings are the latest trend, and it doesn’t have to be for ethical or political reasons either. A natural wedding theme, with its warm and friendly rustic country look can be eco-friendly as well uber stylish, whether you get married outdoors in a ose garden or bluebell field, or in a barn for the colder months – the backdrop of this style of wedding can look absolutely beautiful.

Using Organic materials in your wedding is a great way to make your wedding completely organic! Using material for bridal outfits and table linens, and organic, locally sourced food is a really nice addition and normally make for some really tasty food. Finally, cover the ground with delicate rose petals for the ultimate finishing touch to an organic themed wedding.

Getting Wedding Flowers over the Christmas Holidays

Getting Wedding Flowers over the Christmas Holidays

We all love how flowers look. A flower can come in almost any kind of colour or variety but the effect of a flower is still the same. It brings life into whatever the flower is intended to decorate. That is why it is so common to get flowers for a wedding because the flowers will be used to decorate tables, the altar, and they will even be held by the bride. Sometimes people like to get married in the winter because they enjoy a winter theme or it’s an ideal time for them.

The problem is that over the holidays many florist shops are closed, which makes getting flowers for a winter wedding either expensive or impossible. That’s because the flowers are out of season in the winter and will need to be imported. For someone who wants to have summer flowers in the winter, there is another solution beside getting imported flowers. You can always use silk wedding flowers.

Artificial wedding flowers have a number of advantages over the real thing. First of all, they are available year round. That means someone who wants to have a Christmas wedding this year won’t be out of luck just because it’s winter. These flowers look like the real thing and are available any time of the year and not just in the summertime. Finally they are longer lasting. Regular flowers can wilt if they are left outside for too long. Imported flowers will not look fresh either because they had to be brought in from somewhere else in the world. Artificial flowers could care less about how long they have to wait or what the temperature is. They will continue to look their very best for as long as they are needed.

Like natural flowers you can get bridal bouquets and bridesmaids bouquets. Every kind of flower is available which allows wedding planners to have the maximum number of choices for wedding. Because they can be made in a consistent fashion, you will often get more uniformity with artificial flowers. That means no missing pedals or stems that aren’t cut to the same length. This helps with jobs like making table centrepieces and even flowers around the altar too.

There is so much that has to be done in order to prepare for a wedding. The bride has to pick out dresses and bridesmaid dresses. Photographers have to be hired and food has to be ordered. A reception hall usually has to be booked, and invitations have to be sent out. With so much going on already the last thing a wedding planner should have to worry about hearing is that a particular choice of flower is out of season.

By using artificial wedding flowers people can have a Christmas themed wedding that will look absolutely great. These flowers look so much like the real thing that people will have trouble telling that they are made from silk. The only thing that gives it away is the fact that the flowers are out of season.

Keeping Your Wedding Day Guests Warm…

Winter wedding season is well and truly here – waking up this morning to minus degree weather is certainly a wakeup call from the recent milder weather and for those brides and grooms planning their winter wedding one thing is surely going to be on your mind: keeping your guests warm and cosy. Winter weddings aren’t just different in terms of the weather, oh no, we’re talking food and drink choices change, floral decorations change and Colour schemes are different. Here’s how to plan your winter wedding accordingly:

• Time to wrap up! Possibly think about having winter blankets, scarfs and shawls readily available for your guests. Storing them in a cute old wicker basket, delicately rolled up can make them into a nice focal point when dotted around your wedding venue. Add a nice kitsch sign ‘don’t forget to help yourself to an extra layer to keep out the cold’ – if budget is an issue, why not make these our wedding favours!
Alternatively adding onto your invite for people to dress warm is another nice way of keeping your guests well prepared, should the temperatures drop!


• Welcome drinks! We all know the normal welcome drink is for a nice glass of something sparkling, but the last thing your guests will want to do is to stand out in the cold with a glass of something even colder. How about offering a warm glass of mulled wine – with its welcoming, warming nature this is sure fire hit to get people in the mood whilst keeping them warm!
Offering warm apple juice or Ribena is a great non-alcoholic version as well as a great drink idea for children, or opt for some hot chocolate with some added cream on top!


• Warming food! Let’s face it, come the colder period, we are all dreaming of warming comfort food rather than small, fresh salads. Comfort food may sound too substantial, but in fact it can be slightly cheaper and the key is to make sure your guests are full and warm – serving things such as stews, soups and hearty puddings can indeed make everyone feel happy and full. Service breadsticks with soups, fresh warm bread at the tables with different spreads. How about cottage pie for main – with fresh vegetables, and opting for a classic pudding like sticky toffee pudding is always going to be a winner!


• Chill out! Creating a room where your guests can go and chill out and relax is a great idea. Create a cosy environment that is away from the noise so people can regroup and chat. Add in a log fire, candles lit, comfy sofas and some more blankets and you’ve managed to create just the right environment for the older generation who like to have a chat and young mums also.


• Hot chocolate! A great idea instead of a sweetie table is to have a hot chocolate table where guests can make their own drinks – sprinkles, marshmallows, cream, chocolate flakes – the list is endless. Include some flavoured coffee too with different syrups.


All in all, think about how you’d like to be welcomed at a winter wedding, from the moment you arrive until the time you leave – use these thought to make sure your winter wedding is everything you want it to be!

Our Silk Wedding Flowers…

It’s all very good us sitting here telling how fab our flowers are but in reality when it comes to making the big decision of picking your wedding flowers words are a little meaningless. We take great pride in making sure the type of flowers we pick to go in our bouquets not only look good but have real meaning to them and it takes real work to make sure those flowers give you something a little more, adding a new level to not only your flowers but your wedding as a whole.

So, what flowers are on our books then? Well, the list is endless with us, but some are more popular than others, some have more meaning than others, and some are just show stoppers, but the even better thing with Sarah’s Flowers is that you can get any of our flowers all year round, none of this waiting to pick a flower in season. Our flowers are here for you, all year round.

Here are our favourite flower picks

 photo Ourweddingflowersblogpic1_600_zps90e10ace.jpg

1- £45.95 Bridesmaids Bouquet in White, Ivory and Pink Flowers


2- £50.60 Bridesmaids Bouquet Cream and Cerise Roses and Lavender


3- £104.50 Artificial Shower Bouquet with Mixed Roses & Lilies

The Rose:

Everyone’s classic wedding flower, the rose can do no wrong. It is worldly known that the rose means love and is often given to friends and loved ones as a sign of our feelings. An orange or coral coloured rose represents pure desire and passion, and a yellow rose means true friendship and obviously, a classic red is true, unadulterated love.
The rose is the most versatile flower as all its stages of flowering are equally as pretty, and roses will match well with nearly every other bloom. Most roses can be dyed to any shade and here at HQ we can make sure we create just the right shade of rose to suit your colour scheme or theme.

 photo Ourweddingflowersblogpic2_600_zpsb6ee3f64.jpg

1- 39.75 Pink Hydrangea & Ivory Rose Bridesmaids Wedding Posy Bouquet


2- 3.75 Hydrangea Wedding Buttonhole with Cornflower Bow


3- 69.58 Bridal Bouquet with Vintage Peony’s and Roses

The Hydrangea:

A personal favourite of ours, the Hydrangea is a well-rounded flower – the large flowers have lots of tiny blooms that give it the form of a mop head in appearance.  In real life the flower of a hydrangea can sometimes be determined by the type of soil it’s planted in, however instead of leaving it to luck, when you order from us you can take your pick of colour – we currently have six for you to choose from.
So what does the hydrangea mean? It symbolizes heartfelt emotions so pretty much perfect for your big day.

 photo Ourweddingflowersblogpic3_600_zps87904304.jpg

1- 39.95 Bridesmaids Bouquet in Mixed Silk Anemone with Beads


2-  £84.10 Grouped Flower Bridal Bouquet in Mixed Colours and Foliages


3- £40.70 Bridesmaids Bouquet in Silk Cerise Pink Anemone and Purple Handle

The Anemone:

We love the meaning of the Anemone – ‘unfading love’ how romantic does that sound? The anemone looks so delicate – with its thin, almost see-through light petals that in real-life are quite often too delicate to use as part of your wedding but with ours, they are silk, lasting you as long as you want them too – always looking fresh. The anemone catches people’s eyes and can make a good focal point for all bouquets as well as buttonholes.

 photo Ourweddingflowerspic4_600_zps67fa41be.jpg

1- 81.00 Brides Pink Mixed Bouquet with Cherry Blossom


2- 42.95 Wedding Cake Arrangement in Mixed Flowers


3- £51.15 Burgundy Roses, Pink Weeping Cherry Blossom Posy

The Cherry Blossom:

Part tree, part flower,  the Cherry Blossom is not your usual bouquet or wedding flower but can add a nice finishing touch to the top of, or inter woven through the bouquet. Know to Japan, the cherry blossom has come into its known, and there are well over 150 varieties. Giving a nice oriental feel to a wedding or bouquet, the woody stems with tiny rose coloured blooms that don’t quite look like anything else.

All our flowers are chosen with you in mind, we like to think our flowers will help tell your story.

Renewing Your Wedding Vows

There are all kinds of major events that will occur during your lifetime, but few leave as indelible a mark on the memory as your wedding day. Years can pass, but if you close your eyes and think back, you can see all the colours of the day, hear the joyous laughter of your family and friends, and even catch a faint whiff of the wedding flowers that were a big part of all that color. The average wedding day usually ends with a wish that it will be the beginning of a lifetime spent together. While that wish never fades, it can get a little lost in the busy schedule that life tends to deliver. That is why many couples decide to stop and smell the roses and set about renewing their wedding vows in order to keep that wish fresh.

Wedding renewals tend to be a lot less flashy as the original big day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recapture some of that original magic. One of the nicest ways to do that is by ordering silk wedding flowers for the event. While there are many souvenirs saved from the original wedding day, the flowers are the one thing that tends to not stand up to the test of time. Yes, it’s possible to perhaps save a single flower from the wedding posy and preserve it, but saving them all is often very expensive and not very practical.

What you are able to save, though, are the photographs taken on your wedding day, all of which can be used as a template of sorts for the renewal of your wedding vows. While some couple like to have a whole new ceremony in a different setting from the original, most still like to include something special from the first time around. If you are in that category, then you really need to consider going with a silk wedding bouquet this time around.

The good folks at Sarah’s Flowers can create a beautiful silk bouquet that is made to look exactly like the one you had on your original wedding day. What that means is that you will be left with a permanent souvenir of that day, but also one that will also remind you of your renewal ceremony. It truly is the best of both worlds wrapped up in a neat little bow that is bursting with vibrant color. If you’d sooner have something completely new, though, Sarah’s Flowers can help you out there, too.

Weddings are a special day that is shared with family and friends, even if it is a renewal ceremony. Wouldn’t it be nice for all the guests in attendance to have a special reminder of that day, too? Why not think about using artificial flowers as the centerpiece of your tabletops? You might even consider silk flowers for the other members of the wedding party. The beauty of it all is that Sarah’s Flowers can help you create something beautiful that suits whatever you want for your big day. Sure, you may not be able to smell these flowers, but you will have them to look at for as long as you wish.

8 Ways to Make your Wedding Day Unique…

Any wedding is going to be the best day of your life, but these days there is an urge to make this already ‘big day’ a little bit more bigger and better by making it slightly more unique, and despite what you might think, being unique doesn’t have to cost the earth. These 8 ways to make your day more unique will help you create a wedding that is just ‘so you’

Create your own dress style

 photo point1_zps91fa279a.jpg

Not every bride has to wear a full-length, full skirted gown. Think out of the box and try to really reflect on you and your own personal style. There are so many options out there: think tea length, dresses with sleeves, slim skirted dresses that expose a kitsch heel or even a coloured wedding dress – the list endless.

Make your blooms different

 photo point2_zps1e9a3530.jpg
White Rose Bridal Bouquet With Crystal Diamante Brooches

Brooch bouquets are a fab way to make your bouquet look just a little more different and stylish. You could even think of including personal trinkets or family heirlooms too. We do some fab brooch bouquets at more than affordable prices .

Unique favours

 photo point3_zps6dbe043b.jpg

Give your favours a personal touch by making them unique to you as a couple. Try creating a personalised cd of your favourite songs as a couple – it’s a great keepsake for guests to remember your day.

Special venue

 photo point4_zps5370ae34.jpg

When choosing a venue try to think of locations that are special to you both. It could be somewhere your parents got married, or where you were proposed too.

It’s all about the family

 photo point5_zpsedf69cc2.jpg

Weddings are a great time to get the family well n truly involved. Whether it’s a formal role like Usher or Bridesmaid, or whether you assign a job for each member to do. People feel happy to help when it comes to weddings are like to feel important.

Stationery love

 photo point6_zpsc2582c64.jpg

Designing your wedding stationery is where you can well n truly customise your wedding to make it more ‘you’ when designing your invites think about including things that you both like to do together – for instance if you like travelling try including a map of all the places you’ve loved going to together.

Props ahoy

 photo point7_zpse4686cc6.jpg

If you both have a shared hobby why not include a prop of it for some fun photos!

Verse is sweet

 photo point8_zpsbfc4ecd0.jpg

Personalise your wedding ceremony with special readings and poems. Bespoke writing can really make the wedding feel more personal and special – it can even be framed after the wedding.
These are all really simple ways to make your wedding so very personal to you both and also create lasting memories for everyone else.

Why not tell us what made your day so unique?

Wedding Days are Coming and Feeling Festive…

It’s getting more harder to ignore the fact that, dare we say it, Christmas is very much around the corner. We’ve finally reached Autumn Equinox 2013 (22nd September) yesterday and the evenings will slowly be getting darker, the leaves will be gently falling off the tress and temperatures dropping, but the change in season doesn’t mean a slow down for us at Sarah Flowers HQ, oh no, in fact, it just means another excuse to get our creative sides on.

More and more people are opting for combining Christmas with their special day and planning more festive weddings – not only is it a great excuse to get all your loved ones together but everything is a little more prettier when sprinkled in the glitter of Christmas. However picking your flowers for the December period is hard, with many of the more favourite flowers classed as out of season, you can sometimes be left disappointed or short of cash when you are charged for the more rarer flowers. Our faux flowers are a great substitute to the more difficult time of year because we do every flower, all year round and don’t charge you any extra!

We have been coming up with some great, more festive floral treats to get you excited for your Winter Weddings;

Ivory Rose Bridesmaid Christmas Wedding Bouquet – £37.50

 photo IvoryRoseBridemaidsBouquetforChristmasTheme_zpsf3fcb32f.jpg

This gorgeous Bridesmaid bouquet is perfect for the more festive period. With the gorgeous festive green spruce foliage, some cherry red berries, snowy ivory roses all finished with gentle loops of pearl branches.

Frosted fruit wedding buttonhole £6.95


 photo ChristmasFrostedFruitButtonholewithaRoseandGinghamBow_zpsa58cfeca.jpg

Let the groom and the male party get in on the festive action with this really cute frosted fruit buttonhole. What makes this buttonhole so different from the more traditional festive florals is the inclusion of the frosted fruits of apple, pear and berries – all looking like Jack Frost has touched them. The gingham ribbon looks nicely festive and wintry to finish it all off.

Christmas wedding shower bridal bouquet with cones – £93.50

 photo ChristmasBouquetwithIvoryRosesRedBudRosesampCones_zps4c6d4477.jpg

This has to be our favourite of the Festive bunch. As well as similar factors of the above flowers, we’ve decided to up the Winter feeling by adding in some pine cones for more effect. This seasonal tear-drop bouquet is made with ivory foam roses, red budded roses, pine cones and lush green ivy and fiscus leaves – it is what Winter is all about, all in one bouquet. We can also specially make your Bridesmaid bouquets and buttonholes to match with our fully custom bespoke system.

These Festive flowers have got us feeling really excited for the Christmas season and we’d love to see what flowers you chose for your Winters big day? Feel free to send us pictures of your Winter bouquets to  contact us and we may well feature yours on our blog.

Boo!! Getting Married On October 31st

“Love is a flower which turns into fruit at marriage.” -Finnish Proverb

Love is always in the air everywhere and the loving air slowly transcends into a marriage. The wedding bells, the ring ceremony, the decorations, the bouquets, all lead you into a magical world! Every couple wants to have a unique wedding which would be remembered by everyone, near and dear, friends and relatives, alike.

It is a fad now to have themed weddings and enjoy the marriage atmosphere in a fun and frolic way. One such theme would definitely be a Halloween theme wedding, which would be unique and fun too, for the bride and bridegroom as well as the guests.

A lot of superstitious people think that getting married on October 31st is unlucky as it is Halloween day; especially the bride who feels that not wearing a white dress would be inauspicious. And some fear that guests with kids wouldn’t turn up for the wedding giving up trick /treating.

But there are people who are fun loving friends who get excited thinking of a themed wedding and would eagerly await the wedding day. They buy costumes as they would for Halloween if they get to know that it is a costume wedding. They imagine the bride in a red kitty dress and the bridegroom in a black cat tux and look forward to the fun they would have.

The colors for the Halloween theme would obviously be black and orange, with flowers of different shapes and sizes adorning the place. For such themed weddings and the themed flowers, Sarah Flowers is the right place, where custom made decorations and flowers are available at affordable prices and fabulous colors. Now they even have a wedding bouquet with pumpkins in it, to add fun to your October 31st wedding!

Santa’s Best Present – A Wedding!

It’s every child’s dream to get the best present ever for Christmas, and the happiness and satisfaction bound by this is priceless. But why should a present be limited to only children? It must certainly be a wish for the big kid in us all, and what better could they get than a wedding for Christmas? With the gown matching the colour of the snow outside, it must definitely be a surreal moment for those who are lucky to get married in winter. Here are a few amazing ideas on how you can have a wedding to remember if you plan it in winter.

1. Being Blessed by the Snow
Ever had the snow shaker with a couple standing inside? It’s a sure thing that somewhere, in a little corner in your mind, you might have wished that it was you standing there, with the snow sprinkling on you when you were saying, “I do”. It definitely would look like a Cinderella wedding, and we at Sarah’s flowers have the perfect bridal bouquets and maids posies for you to go along with the dress and the surrounding area. We have ivory and pearl bouquets for the bride or white roses and feathers for the bridesmaids, and you may also want to try out our vast collection of winter themed flower and bead decorations for the venue. There is also the option of presenting your guests with brooches and buttonholes to wear for the ceremony, and if this doesn’t convince you, we also have cake sprays that will make a winter wedding look like the best thing to happen to womankind!

2. The Queen Feel
Getting married is obviously one of the best occasions in one’s life, and the first place on the to-do list is usually taken by the great task of the bride looking and feeling special. When it comes to that, wearing a headdress does the job really well, but it’s a tough task in summers because of the heat and the sweat, both of which don’t go well with the “look and feel good” thing that we just talked about. Whereas in winter, it’s perfectly possible to carry the headdress and pull off the queen feel with élan. You can always style your hair in such a way that you can pin up a lot of flowers, and with our range of beads and crystals to go along with the flowers, we can make you look like the best bride ever.

3. Holiday Themed Decorations

Worried about how to decorate the venue without overdoing it, but still making it look different than other weddings? Well, worry not, because if you’re getting married around Christmas, then you can always choose to have holiday themed decor.

4. Table Decorations and Gift Boxes
A major part of the effort during weddings goes into deciding how to decorate the tables where the guests are to be seated. At a winter wedding, one can always go the extra mile and, instead of using simple flower table tops, use accessories like feathers and little birch branches dotted with pearls and crystals. It will not only make the place look like paradise, but will make the guests feel special too.

So, since he’s popped the question, and the happiest moment of your life is here, make it count, and plan your wedding in winter. Not only will you be able to do a lot more than looking pretty and walking down the aisle, but you’ll be able to put together the wedding a lbum of the century by capturing the snowflakes as they fall.

Welcome to the Wedding Day Calla Lily

Lilies are synonymous with weddings – the way they look almost pure in colour and texture, smooth and silky they are just perfect for weddings. Here at Sarah’s Flowers HQ we’ve been putting our heads together and coming up with some heavenly calla lily themed bouquets.

We work our hardest here at HQ to make sure that we come up with the best colour schemes – with colours that melt into each other, and flowers that look so realistic you would never know they weren’t real.  As well as creating the more traditional cream coloured lilies, our manufacturers have expertly dyed our lilies in more vibrant shades of tangerine, pink and purples. The great thing about our artificial wedding bouquets are the great value prices we offer, meaning you don`t need to pay a premium price to get premium quality wedding flowers  (there really is something for every couple and budget) and longevity (our bouquets will last you for years and years)

Here are some of our favourite Calla Lily combinations:

Tropical Bouquet with Calla, Gerbera and Orchids £47.50

 photo BridesmaidsTropicalBouquetwithCallaGerberaandOrchids_zpsf77da8e6.jpg

This sunny bouquet speaks volumes – with its gentle but vibrant combination of Gerbera’s and orchids the Call Lilies are part of our soft touch range of flowers – these flowers are as about real as well, the real thing! Mixed in with some thick ficsus leaves and ribboned handle this bouquet is a little ray of sunshine.

Rustic bouquet with orchids, roses and calla lilies

 photo RusticBridesBouquetwithOrchidsRosesandCamelia_zps50d0c93b.jpg

This bouquet again has the soft touch lilies but the colour scheme is very different from the above. With a gentle tonal colour scheme, the flowers have a real earthy rustic feel about them – with more classic colours such as ivory.

Purple peony, calla lilies and orchids

 photo BridesPurplePeonyCallaLiliesampOrchidsinaRoundBouquet_zpsa406e6a9.jpg

This bouquet is a sumptuous selection of purples – with a jewelled purple peonies, roses and soft touch purple calla lilies all underlined with small rose leaves, silk orchids with buds gently cascading down the handle.

Bright Yellow Calla Lily Wedding Bridesmaids Posy

 photo BrightYellowCallaLilyWeddingBouquetforaBridesmaid_zps508b5ad9.jpg

Its bold, its bright, its a stand out bouquet hand made from soft touch natural yellow calla lilies and an ideal way to add a sunshire colour into your wedding day and flowers, this posy also makes a wonderful beach wedding bouquet.

Have you thought about having calla lilies at your wedding?

Adding A Twist To Your Wedding Envelopes

Wedding stationery has be far, evolved a lot over the years. Back years ago invites were a thing rarely seen with invites being given through word of mouth, or even hand written. Now Wedding stationery is a massive part of the overall look of your type of wedding and can say a lot. We’ve been keeping our beady eyes out for some inventive stationery ideas and have come across these eye-catching ideas for your envelopes.

Let’s face it, the envelope for your wedding invite is literally only there to cover it and send it: it’s practical and that’s about it. Designed by Sara at Nice Packaging Design (link: these make a really nice finishing touch to your wedding invites: cute, kitsch and fun.

 photo Stickers_123_zpsf7a795fc.jpg

Costing no more than a £5 for minimum of 40 stickers, they are hardly breaking the bank too – the smaller details really do make such a difference. Not only does Sara design these gorgeous stickers, she does a multitude of other Thank you cards, tags for your favours and other cute and handmade style stationery.

 photo Stickers_45_zpsbbee9dc7.jpg

We think they finish off your wedding invites off nicely.

What do you think? Would you use these on your wedding stationery?

Getting The Right Wedding Flowers For Your Season…

We all know how hard it is and expensive it is to get the right flowers for your wedding all because of the seasons. Just like with what clothing you see on the catwalks and in the shops they are all season specific and with flowers there is no change, but what flowers ARE on offer in your wedding season?


Sweet peas are truly gorgeous is the summer season. Not only are the decadent, fragile almost to look at but their scent is amazing and is just so summery and light! They come in so many different colours: pastels, brights and neutrals, making great table decorations as well looking pretty in bouquets.

Peonies are a real favourite for most brides – they are truly versatile but can make for a really impressive centrepiece.

Freesia‘s are very cute with their funnel shaped flowers – with their clean white colour they can look really impressive when paired with a bright tulip

 photo Seasons_123_zpsba9e43aa.jpg


Dahlia’s are truly impressive and can make for an amazing bouquet- stunning in fact! Perfect to add a certain bright touch for a more neutral autumn wedding

Gerbera’s are a really pretty flower to have being part of the daisy family; these definitely suit a more relaxed wedding theme.

Poppies make for a really different type of bloom for a wedding – a more of a statement for brides

 photo Seasons_456_zps350aa71e.jpg


Hyacinth’s can add a real touch of regal glamour to your winter wedding – with jewelled colour and a beautiful scent.

Pussy Willow is a real winter treat – with texture and beauty, the pussy willow can really create the perfect winter wonderland.

Berried Ivy is just Christmas and winter all over. The colouring is right and so is the look. Pretty,

 photo Seasons_789_zps0b899304.jpg


Lily of the valley symbolises return of happiness and with its tiny pretty white flowers is a firm favourite for most brides.

Ranunculus always takes our breath away – with multiple layers of petals this flower is actually part of the buttercup family and is simply stunning to look at.

Gypsophila a nice, light airy flower that looks both gentle and fragile, yet packs a punch with its multiple small white flowers

 photo Seasons_101112_zps11096736.jpg

Remember, here at HQ we take special custom made orders – talk to us about your dream flower and we will see what we can do!

Wedding decisions, decisions…

Making a decision at the best of times can sometimes be all kinds of difficult, but when it comes to choosing the type and colour of flowers for your wedding, decision making can be altogether at a stale-mate.

Don’t get me wrong, choosing everything for your wedding is a hard job – believe it or not there is sometimes too much choice! We have been in the wedding flower business for over 9 years now and with this time brings experience we know how hard those decisions are and want to take away as much stress as possible. That’s why our ‘Sample’ page is just for you.

This page is created especially for those people who haven’t quite made their minds up yet or need a little helping hand. Showcasing some new, up and coming flowers, you can arrange for a sample of any of these flowers to be sent to you to see how well they incorporate into your wedding ideas and themes – making sure you get just the right choice for your wedding.

 photo Decisions_pic1_zps91483c26.jpg

As well as making sure the colour is just perfect for your wedding, our samples make for a great excuse to get creative and create the bouquet of your dreams. Select what flowers you want for your bouquet and we can create your own vision. We don’t like to just see you ‘make do’ that’s why we can use any of the sample flowers and incorporate them into your true dream bouquet or table decorations.


 photo customer_orders_zps548e54ab.jpg

Still don’t see any flowers that take your fancy or have a particular idea about what you want? Well why don’t you contact us with your flower wishes and we will see what we can do!

DIY Wedding Tips to Truly Save Your £££s!

Before you think we’ve gone a little bit flat pack furniture on you, we‘re clearly only talking about DIY at your wedding! If time is on your side, why not get creative and get involved in some homemade ideas for you wedding. There are so many small or larger projects you can undertake at home, which will not only save you money but also be hugely fun! Rope in the Bridesmaids, family, anyone and get together and have a crafting weekend, just keep the wine minimum!
Here are our top tips for some DIY tricks:

• Recycling!

 photo DIY_pic2_zpsb8721a45.jpg

I’m sure more of you do this as we speak, but recycling various household items can create brilliant looks at your wedding. Old jam jars can look great with small bunches of flowers in them, or with lace stuck around and a candle put inside can look really cute on our tables. Old wine bottles can be saved up and used as centre pieces and Old jars can be used to present retro sweets on your sweet table. Get saving!

• Confetti!

 photo DIY_pic3_zpsee47f9c6.jpg

Bored of the old rose petals? Well how about punching out your own confetti from sheet of favourite love songs, books or even newspaper for a vintage theme. You can buy heart shaped hole punches for a cheap price – and overall they give a really nice, natural effect.

• Scrabble!

 photo DIY_Pic1_zps7a9dc79f.jpg

Collecting old scrabble pieces make for a great way to make name places for your tables. Just remember to write a list of exactly what letters you need and use Etsy or Ebay as sourcing for missing or additional letters.

• Felt fun!

 photo DIY_pic4_zpse5e6086d.jpg

Collecting or buying odd mis-matched pieces of felt can be used to make great wedding favours. Simply sew together and fill with lavender to make cute scented favours for your guests. Felt makes for great bunting too!

• Get Baking!

 photo DIY_pic5_zps172c4706.jpg

Getting into the kitchen and baking away is a great way to contribute to your wedding. Biscuits as wedding favours, cupcakes for the guests, or homemade boiled sweets for the sweet table – come with your own flavours especially for the bride and groom to make it really stand out!

There are so many ways to add a certain diy/ homemade touch to your wedding and sometimes the small intricate details can really make a wedding seem more personal.

If you fancy getting involved in some DIY – remember to plan in advance! It can take up to eight months to get everything fully finished when doing it yourself, and remember: practise makes perfect! Especially if baking! Enjoy!