DIY Wedding Tips to Truly Save Your £££s!

Before you think we’ve gone a little bit flat pack furniture on you, we‘re clearly only talking about DIY at your wedding! If time is on your side, why not get creative and get involved in some homemade ideas for you wedding. There are so many small or larger projects you can undertake at home, which will not only save you money but also be hugely fun! Rope in the Bridesmaids, family, anyone and get together and have a crafting weekend, just keep the wine minimum!
Here are our top tips for some DIY tricks:

• Recycling!

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I’m sure more of you do this as we speak, but recycling various household items can create brilliant looks at your wedding. Old jam jars can look great with small bunches of flowers in them, or with lace stuck around and a candle put inside can look really cute on our tables. Old wine bottles can be saved up and used as centre pieces and Old jars can be used to present retro sweets on your sweet table. Get saving!

• Confetti!

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Bored of the old rose petals? Well how about punching out your own confetti from sheet of favourite love songs, books or even newspaper for a vintage theme. You can buy heart shaped hole punches for a cheap price – and overall they give a really nice, natural effect.

• Scrabble!

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Collecting old scrabble pieces make for a great way to make name places for your tables. Just remember to write a list of exactly what letters you need and use Etsy or Ebay as sourcing for missing or additional letters.

• Felt fun!

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Collecting or buying odd mis-matched pieces of felt can be used to make great wedding favours. Simply sew together and fill with lavender to make cute scented favours for your guests. Felt makes for great bunting too!

• Get Baking!

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Getting into the kitchen and baking away is a great way to contribute to your wedding. Biscuits as wedding favours, cupcakes for the guests, or homemade boiled sweets for the sweet table – come with your own flavours especially for the bride and groom to make it really stand out!

There are so many ways to add a certain diy/ homemade touch to your wedding and sometimes the small intricate details can really make a wedding seem more personal.

If you fancy getting involved in some DIY – remember to plan in advance! It can take up to eight months to get everything fully finished when doing it yourself, and remember: practise makes perfect! Especially if baking! Enjoy!

Autumn Wedding Ideas…

One of the nicest things with the changeover in seasons is watching nature change around you – the leaves go from green to brown, trees discard their leaves until they are bare and the grass gets a layer of icy white frost, and for many of us moving into A/W our clothing changes, the jumpers are on and the central heating is set to high. But one of the harder things about the changeover in seasons is planning your wedding.

We know the time it takes to come up with you dream wedding and with most dresses, themes and accessories based around the more sunnier/drier seasons its inevitable that you may draw up a blank when planning your Autumn/Winter wedding. We’re here to help, we’ve been in group discussions at HQ talking about all things wintry and wedding and here are some autumnal ideas:

Adding a little wintry welcome to your invites or programmes. Adding cedar twigs, or even discoloured dried leaves to either your invites or programmes all fastened by some natural raffia, help give your guests a real comforting feeling.

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Pumpkins are so much fun for weddings and we’re not talking about ghoulish designed ones! Simply carving initials into dried, smaller pumpkins make amazing name places or even decorations with the Bride and Grooms initials.

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Brilliant for those of us who are on a budget, why not go all out with nature and use pine cones to hang up around your reception and even church area. If you are unsure of colours, remember a quick spritz with a spray can will work wonders

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What better wedding favour than something your guests can use there and then. Supplying shawls with a hand written tag telling your guests to “Cuddle up” or “keep warm” is perfect for when it starts to get a little chilly

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Instead of the more traditional champagne/wine on arrival, how about trying a warming mug of hot choccie – boozy for the adults and with oodles of cream for the kids!

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And instead of rose petals sprinkling the way of the Bride and Groom, try drying, autumnal coloured leaves instead. Simple, cheap and it gives an air of being outside when in!

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How are you planning on making your wedding Autumn/Winter resistant?

The Wedding Favour that does you a favour…

There are just so many things to think of when planning a wedding, so much planning, thinking, idea generating and that’s not to mention, budgeting and unless you’re as rich as J-Lo a wedding planner is not always an option – I don’t know about you, but blimy, I’m exhausted just thinking about it, but one way you can save yourself some serious stress levels is by doing a bit of DIY, and not of the ‘putting together a wardrobe’ kind.

It is becoming more and more popular for the couple in question to be getting well and truly stuck into the wedding planning and doing things themselves. From creating decorations to handmade invites, it has never been more acceptable than to give your wedding a more of a handmade touch and a great place to start is the wedding favour.

Traditionally given as a sign of gratitude, the wedding favour is a great place to start at attempting to make your wedding more homemade. Now for the ideas: some people go down more traditional gifts: printed wrapper sweets or a mini bottle of bubbles but the beauty of doing it yourself is you can push the boundaries of your ideas – here at Sarah’s Flowers HQ we quite often have a quick-fire round of ideas, and here are some for you:

How about filling a small matchbox with a mix of flower seeds from all the places that the Bride and Groom have visited. All you need is some plain matchboxes and get them printed with the names of places – simple but very effective…

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Everyone loves Popcorn right!? Well how about getting some Popcorn containers with the couples name and fill with yummy sweet or salted popcorn…

Wedding Favour Blog

Individual Rosemary plants. These plants are really easy to grow to get you started and all you need is to start some little shoots, repot them, label and leave for the guests. Why Rosemary? Well it is a sign of fidelity – perfect for a wedding right?

Wedding Favour Blog

Collect some flat pebbles or stones and decorate them with people’s names and use as name cards, then turn them over and put an individual message on each one for your guests to keep…

Wedding Favour Blog

How about a musical favour? Try recording some the couple’s favourite songs and putting them onto a cd, label them up and gift them. This is really simple but oh so personable…

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Grab some old jam jars – wash them out, grab some glass paint marker pens, decorate the jars: include your guest’s names and fill with some handpicked flowers. Your guest can then take them home and re-use the jars at a later date…

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The list is endless when it comes to creating your own wedding favours and they really do not have to cost the world – the key is in the planning and the earlier the better, leading you more time to concentrate on getting excited!

At HQ we have a great range of reduced items in our sale section which can be used in making wedding favours, such as small craft pegs or our red aluminium craft wire.

Tell us what you had at your wedding and your favour ideas?