Is blue the new black in men’s formalwear?


If you only own a single suit, the chances are it’s probably black in colour. You’ve chosen sensibly. Black is sober, stylish, timeless and completely appropriate for all manner of occasions.

However, the status of black as the ‘go-to’ colour of choice for the male suit is being challenged. Blue is mounting a strong charge as colour makes a revival. Last year, the Independent reported a surge in sales of blue men’s suits among high-street retailers. Two of the UK’s big department store chains revealed a consumer preference for blue: at John Lewis, blue shirts outsold black ones by nearly four to one, and a blue suit was sold every four minutes. At Marks & Spencer, two blue suits were sold for every one in black.

There’s nothing new about blue suits – though the trend of wearing a blue tuxedo, or dinner suit, is relatively recent and is growing in popularity. This article by the Daily Mail reviewed the many celebrities photographed on the red carpet wearing navy blue – from Kevin Spacey to Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Reynolds.

Unsurprisingly, there might be a particularly well-known style icon behind the recent influence. Daniel Craig wore a midnight-blue tuxedo in the Bond movie Skyfall – it was the image on the film’s promotional poster and, as such, it swiftly gained huge recognition and visibility. However, the website The Suits of James Bond explained that the midnight blue dinner suit is far from fashion of the day for 007. Indeed, it states that Bond has a ‘long history of wearing midnight blue dinner suits’, – starting with the very first film, Dr. No.

If a blue dinner suit is worthy of belonging to Bond, it’s good enough for anyone. The Dobell formalwear range includes a ‘selection of timeless Bond tuxedos’ and true enough, there it is – the midnight blue textured tuxedo.

Blue has the edge over black in the fashion stakes and it’s easy to understand why. While a classic black suit will never lose appeal, a blue suit is brighter, versatile and more fun. There are shades of blue – from navy, which is perfect for a formal occasion, to petrol blue, indigo blue, cool blue, electric blue, and many variations in between. Because of this, there’s a new wave of grooms wearing blue to weddings, as men step away from black, which can be a little sombre on the happiest day of their life.

The ‘rules’ – for what they’re worth – are more relaxed with a blue suit. A white shirt obviously works very well but a contrasting blue, a lighter shade for example, or a pink shirt really brings the suit to life. For shoes, there’s more flexibility. Wearing anything but black shoes with a black suit still divides opinion but a blue shirt embraces both black and brown – as well as tan.

So, if you’re yet to buy your first suit, why not go for blue over black? And if the solitary suit in your wardrobe is good old reliable black, add a blue one as soon as possible!

A Real Man’s Guide To Wedding Day Nerves

Grooms ivory calla lily buttonhole

It’s the morning of your wedding day. How do you feel, nervous? Of course that’s how you feel. It’s only natural, it’s perfectly normal, and yet that won’t stop many of the guests you’ll mingle with over the course of the next few hours asking you that very same question, over and over again.

You’ll smile and pleasantly say, ‘Fine, I’m fine,’ and for the most part you will be. But there will still be a few worries rumbling away, deep in your soul. And while the bride – your betrothed – will be frothing over whether she looks fat in her dress (she won’t), whether you’ll turn up (of course you will, you’re punching well above your weight) and whether her best friend will upstage her with her own outfit (she’ll try), you, the groom, have a unique set of concerns. This is what they are – this is the real man’s guide to wedding day nerves…

The vows
There’s only one part of the wedding ceremony vows that worry you. It’s not saying ‘I do’ – that’s easy, that’s only two words – and it’s not repeating your own name – that’s easy, that’s your own name, you can manage that. It’s that bit when the priest asks if ‘any person present knows of any lawful impediment to this marriage, he or she should declare it now’. Beads of sweat form on your brow; there’s a girl sitting at the back of the church – you kissed her 15 years ago. What if she’s been holding a torch for you, all this time, waiting for this moment? And she stands up to tell all and sundry about your torrid little affair? It happens. It happened in The Graduate. Mind you, that was a film. In 1967. Grow up, man.

The suit
You want to look good – you know your brand new wife is going to look utterly gorgeous, a vision in white, and that she’ll be showered in compliments. The least you can do is look half-decent beside her, not some kind of scruffy shambles of a groom in a loose-fitting suit, jacket hanging down towards your knees and trouser hem bunched around your shoes. No – if you stick to the principles of wearing a classic suit in style and colour (navy blue and grey, examples here from Dobell, are sound bets), which fits perfectly, you can’t go far wrong. Relax.

groom with cufflinks on

The guests
Oh, joy – your parents divorced a decade ago and have barely been in the same room since. They can’t stand the sight of each other. However, they’ll be reunited at opposite ends of the ‘top table’ throughout the wedding breakfast and you’ll be fretting over the simmering tension for hours. Fingers crossed they’ll remain civil and courteous for half a day, and keep those fixed smiles in place. Then again, the alcohol will be flowing and it’s an emotional occasion – just hope things don’t escalate to the point where that incident during the family holiday to the Isle of Wight in the late 1990s is brought up (again)…

The best man
Your best friend of all time. Or your brother, the guy you’ve grown up with. Brilliant, brilliant blokes – but you don’t trust either of them in front of a microphone and a room full of increasingly tipsy guests. Yes, the best man’s speech can be a minefield. What’s he going to say? He has a duty to be funny, but there are boundaries, after all – he won’t go into the specific details of your lads’ holiday to Magaluf, or the unfortunate ‘accident’ in primary school, will he? He won’t make inappropriate jokes about your in-laws, will he? Are you sure? Might be best to go through his speech with him beforehand and veto anything that could cause offence or embarrassment. Make sure the wedding toasts are simple too – none of these dreadful examples here.

The booze
A dilemma – it’s going to be a great day, and you want to celebrate it properly. Not only that, but after all the nerves the least you deserve is a couple of drinks to relax. Glasses of champagne will be raised, wine consumed during the three-course dinner, beers thrust into your hand later in the evening. That’s a worry in itself – staying just the right side of drunk and not embarrassing yourself (this article says doing something stupid in front of people is one of the top ten wedding day fears for grooms, as is falling over). No-one wants to see those moves on the dancefloor, and you don’t want the evening to flash by in a blur. Pace yourself and make it a night to remember.

Sarah’s Flowers : The Ultimate Bridal Flower Shop

They say marriages are made in heaven, and so it is, when all your floral arrangements look nothing less than heavenly! At Sarah’s Flowers, we put in our best foot, or rather hands, forward to make your wedding day even more special for you, with custom hand-made bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets and posies, corsages, buttonholes and much more. Let’s start with a little introduction to our various sections, which would, no doubt, pique your interest, now that you know that you can actually choose how you want flowers arranged for you on your wedding day.

Centre Stage : The Bride!

Since you did go all out on the dress, the shoes and the jewellery, there is that one last finishing touch that you need to give to the already beautiful bride for the Princess Effect. We have a wide range of artificial and silk flowers and an equally large collection of arrangements that are made keeping in mind the importance the occasion holds for the bride, while she steps into a new and a very beautiful phase called “Married Life”.  Our store includes posies and bouquets right from the bridal shower to the actual wedding, and what’s more? You can choose exactly how you want them! Not only do we have brides bouquets, but we also have alice bands and hair pins of varied shapes and sizes. We ensure maximum satisfaction for our clients by letting them opt for the kind of flowers, ribbons and other accessories, and since the flowers are long lasting, they make for a lovely memory along with the wedding  album.

The Man in Question : The Groom

He may have wooed the lovely  lady, but he still needs to look the perfect gentleman, since it is, after all, his wedding as well. And though, as popular belief states, there aren’t many options for men, we like to believe otherwise. It isn’t just about a simple flower on the pocket, but how to make the day special for the groom as well. And so, we present our wide variety of buttonholes, not just for the groom, but for the guests as well! And again, there is the option of custom made buttonholes to suit the groom and the guests best.

Sisters and Friends and Nieces : The Bridesmaids

Though they’re not the ones at the altar right now, they need to look amazing too. And with their lovely choice of attire, they  get to carry, wear flowers and pretty pins in their hair, which are specially crafted to give them a look that matches that of the bride. We offer a range of products from brooches, corsages, and alice bands to flower and gem studded combs and pearl pins to accessorize their lovely outfits. And guess what? We also have a collection for those who may be too young to even try on heels, starting with round posies, pomanders, and wands, and the best part is, there is always the option of mixing and matching the flowers and jewels available, which are again, plenty in number.

Counting Blessings : The Guests

Along with helping the bride and groom feel special, we also have plenty of accessories for the guests. There is a variety of brooches and corsages that you may like the guests to wear before, during and after the ceremony, as it adds to the closeness shared by all the guests and families present.

The Venue : Dressing it up too!

When it comes to a wedding, it’s not only the people involved who need to be worried about – there’s also the matter of the venue for the great event. It really counts when the location of the wedding is beautified according to one’s tastes, since it’s a once in a lifetime event, and makes for great memories. And since we have been chosen for two years in a row for the Best Wedding Florist Award, we know exactly how to bring about the fairy tale change in an otherwise normal looking place. We use hand-crafted top tables and table pails to adorn the tables along with wedding table party bubbles and table crystals, and a multitude of vase arrangements for the rest of the room, along with flower accessories and ribbons of different colours and sizes to embellish the beauty of the surroundings. The tables are given extra charm with some of our prettiest favour boxes and teddy bears that add to the cuteness factor. And if you find these to be a little too much, there’s always the option of choosing a simpler and more novel approach of using lottery card holders, of which we have a collection as well. If you wish to place placards to reserve places for some special people, we can help you with some of our very elegant looking card holders. The cake is also not left behind, as we offer some very pretty cake sprays, in a number of colours and flower designs. Our clients are at liberty to choose from a vast collection of such arrangements, and we would be more than happy to indulge them.

From Just a Wedding to a Colourful One!

What’s a wedding without a party? With party poppers and cannons, and a colourful assortment of table confetti, we make sure that a wedding is exactly how it is supposed to be – pretty, colourful and fun!

Thou Shalt Get Wedding Insurance…

Don’t get me wrong, buying wedding insurance will not be the most thrilling wedding purchase, but what it lacks in excitement it sure as hell makes up for it, should anything go wrong and we think no couple should be without it.

 photo Insurance_blog_pic1_zps2892e3ef.jpg

Never thought of getting wedding insurance? Well think of it this way, never again will you invests so much time and money, into just one day of your life, so making sure you are covered for any unforeseen circumstances is an absolute must! So what could go wrong?

We all hope our big day will run like clockwork but even the most carefully planned weddings can be disrupted due to the amount of different areas there are to a wedding from the venue to the photographer, the wedding dress to choosing your cake. Having an insurance policy can protect against a supplier going into liquidation, redundancy or cancellation due to illness or bereavement.

Choose the right level of cover based on the total cost of your wedding. It will undoubtedly be the best money you spend – for not only the cover but most of all, for your peace of mind. E&L offer great wedding insurance – for both UK and overseas weddings and with packages starting from as little as £20 and cover you for up to two years prior to the event there really is no excuse! There are many other companies out there who  can also offer insurance but remember to do your research, and be prepared to read the small print, but it really does come in handy!

It’ not just about the Bride,

Sometimes when it comes to all things weddings, a lot of the focus can fall on the Bride, with no mention of the other important party – the groom. For the ladies there’s the dress, the Bridesmaids, the hair, the makeup, but lately the Grooms are well and truly coming into their own and being more of a show off than the women!

Yes, we know they don’t wear THE dress, but they do have various different options when it comes to showing off in the clothing dept. Firstly the suits, the lists are endless nowadays when it comes to colour usage and details. Instead of the more formal dark colours that have been used through the years, comes the latest fashion to wear light more airy tones like the soft almost jersey-like greys, the more flashy gun metal dark greys which can shimmer and shine and a lighter more vintage feel of tan or even tweed – pretty much anything goes these days . ‘Tails’ were more formally worn and  considered the  ‘norm’  at weddings for men but along with the times, the rules have become a lot less slack and lot more less formal. Whether you choose to get your suit from the High Street or handmade in Saville Row – make sure the suit is well fitting and to your taste only – the same rules that apply to the Bride, fit the Groom too. But sticking to your budget is also really important, that’s why the below can help you change your look without breaking the bank.

 photo Groom_PIC1_zps3ebb6aa3.jpg

As well as the fabrics and colours of suits changing, a lot of men choose their footwear to speak volumes. Think flashy, clashing colours, details on the leather. Gone are the more long, pointed shoes that are shined up to the max so you can see your face in them, instead how about a two-tone shoe with some punched out applique detail.  Brogues are proving really popular lately, with a lot of men choosing to play the casual card right down to their feet. Tanned or brown brogues can look great with a more rustic themed wedding, with a real play on textures or tweed fabrics used.

 photo Groom_PIC2_zpse0aa8e22.jpg

If going for an equally playful shoe, how about a zany sock to go with it. Socks, believe it or not, are proving extremely popular with Grooms. Sock choice is the Grooms chance to fully show his true colours by opting for something that reflects him as a person or even matching up to his group of ushers / best men. Think a sock won’t get shown? You’re wrong. Sock photos are the go-to choice for Grooms. With a quick picture showing the flash of the sock for not only the Groom but with all its men makes for a fun and quirky addition to your wedding photos.

 photo Groom_PIC3_zpse3529d69.jpg

Accessories can go a long way too, with a quick addition of a ‘Groom’ badge or a ‘prefect’ style badge can work really nicely on all the Ushers. Other accessories could include a statement belt, some personalised cufflinks. Before you go donning the comedy specs or Elvis wigs, Remember though your photo will be taken, so make sure the accessories suit your style of the wedding and you – and remember to check with your Bride that the looks are ‘ok’ Other than that, make sure that your Groom shines in style on the big day.

Fancy Being On The Telly?

Have you ever fancied being on the telly, well if you are getting married in 2013 and have been dreaming about a big wedding day for years, then here’s your chance to make it all come true.
The hit BBC3 series “Don`t Tell The Bride” is back later this year and is looking for fun and vivacious couples to take part, the only downside girls is you have to let the groom plan the whole day!
If you think this sounds right up your street then you can apply via email to…

or by phone on 020 7449 3295

Do you trust your man enough?

The Peony has its wedding day….

It’s official Brides and Bridegrooms, the humble peony is on fine form this year, oh yes, 2013 is the year of the peony.  I know some of you may be looking at me blankly and wondering what the hell I’m talking about but seriously, the sometimes dismissed peony has been the most requested fresh flower for two years, but the classic peony is only in season for two months out of the year – makes for a problematic choice right? Well, no. Sarah’s Flowers has your solution 365 days a year!

Y’see we have endless selections of peonies, in every colour, every style, and in every combination – we have literally solved every peony-related problem!  At Sarah’s Flowers we love the peony; it’s a flower that is both simple but effective and eye-catching. With its soft features, there is something very romantic about the flower – classically simple, all that is needed is the right colour, and the right bouquet – this is where we come in.

Peony, Orchid and Trachelium Bridal Bouquet
Peony, Orchid and Trachelium Bridal Bouquet

This round bouquet is bursting to the seams with cream peonies that are layered and light green peony leaves, to finish the bouquet off with pink orchids and ivory trachelium – a perfect serene looking bouquet. Priced at £56

 Purple Orchids & White Rose Wedding Bouquet in Artificial Flowers
Purple Orchids & White Rose Wedding Bouquet in Artificial Flowers

This is a great example of a coloured peony and not being afraid of packing the flower choices into just one bouquet. Featuring white roses, purple peonies, purple orchids, and purple trachelium and if that wasn’t enough there is pretty green foliage to make this bouquet really pack a punch. Priced at £62.50

 Grooms Artificial Vintage Cream Peony Buttonhole with Pearls
Grooms Artificial Vintage Cream Peony Buttonhole with Pearls

I love this exquisite coloured handmade peony buttonhole. This vintage cream peony is just beautiful and would be perfect for a vintage themed wedding. We like to think the colour makes this particular peony look so delicate. Don’t forget we can create the same peony in a bouquet if you wish, just pop us a custom order requirement form through. Priced at £5.25

 Ivory Peony Bridesmaids Bouquet
Ivory Peony Bridesmaids Bouquet

This Bridesmaids bouquet is all about peony because quite simply, it is only peonies in the bouquet. Delicate ivory in colour with a sheer ivory organza bow and really pretty pearl detail, a total snip priced at only £28.00

It’s about time the peony had its day that’s for sure, and doesn’t it look pretty! Would you choose a peony for your wedding day?

A lasting memento for your special day…

Sometimes when it comes to your wedding you spend so long planning the thing that when it comes to the actual day it can just whiz past leaving you feeling sad that the day you’ve spent so long planning and looking forward too is finally over, but there are plenty of things you can to make your day last longer.

Just think of all the photos that were done professionally and throughout the whole of wedding party – there is something just great and fun about when you sit there with your new husband or wife and look through those photo’s – the ones you were looking forward too and the ones you never knew were taken. Next up, is the Brides wedding dress – any bride will tell you about those days that they open their wardrobe and there it is, their dress, that special magical dress.  A tier of the cake is an old fashioned, classic way of holding onto your day, then there is the wedding favour. Not only for the guest but also for the bride and groom – the wedding favour used to be something quite traditional, but over the years the favour has become a lot more fun and more personal, and lastly the best way to hold onto the spirit of your day is the flowers – that’s why our buttonholes for the Groom’s party and for your guests, are a great way to go.

Our buttonholes are made to last – made to last not only throughout your wedding day but also for years to come so you and your guests can look back and remember the fun. Not as many people choose to go for artificial flowers for buttonholes but we know that through our years of experience that fresh flowers often don’t make it until the end of the day and evening: wilting, drooping and worst of all falling apart. Going for the artificial option lets your mind rest easy by never drooping and always looking fresh. Here are some of our favourite buttonholes

Grooms Ivory Peony with Ivory Lace Detailed Beads and Pearls
Grooms Ivory Peony with Ivory Lace Detailed Beads and Pearls
Priced at £13.80 per buttonhole

Grooms Pink Buttonhole with Gypsophila and Pearls
Grooms Pink Buttonhole with Gypsophila and Pearls
price at £4.95 per buttonhole

Grooms Purple Silk Peony Buttonhole with Purple and Lilac Bow
Grooms Purple Silk Peony Buttonhole with Purple and Lilac Bow
Priced at £4.50 per buttonhole

Guest Buttonhole in a Ivory Soft Touch Rose with a Ivory Bow
Guest Buttonhole in a Ivory Soft Touch Rose with a Ivory Bow
Priced at £4.50 per buttonhole

Small Cala Lily Wedding Buttonhole Ivory Grosgrain Bow
Small Cala Lily Wedding Buttonhole Ivory Grosgrain Bow
Priced at £3.15 per buttonhole

As you can see, our buttonholes are there to make your life a little easier and purse friendly – they really are something to keep hold of and remember your special day with – as well as more than fitting into your budget!

Remember that we can create a custom designed buttonhole to match your wedding theme and colours and at the moment we are offering an amazing 10% off any new order with our January sale all you have to do is enter the code SF1013 at the checkout, we want your wedding to be your dream wedding.

Its Back, The beautiful but spiky thistle…

We know that the humble thistle isn’t what people would normally consider a ‘typical’ wedding flower but this slighty spiky flower is proving to be a little more popular than you imagine!

Our Sarah’s Flowers thistle has been unfortunately out of stock for the majority of the Summer season but these guys are now back in stock and are ready for you to purchase! We all know that a wedding is full of sensual colours and romantic textures – and they all result in feelings of love, something the thistle is not very well known for. With its sharp prickles that can appear over the stem and flat part of the leaves, a lot of people don’t see past it’s prickly nature, when in fact the thistle have the most beautiful flower head and colour schemes. Now before you all go out and scratching your hands by collecting some thistles for your own bouquet, how about you have a gander at the way we do thistles!

Thistle wedding blog
Ivory Rose, Thistle, Heather & Navy Blue Bow Wedding Posy

This brides bouquet of Ivory roses, heather and thistles is a great introduction to the thistle family. Teaming the soft and delicate foam roses with the harder purple toned thistles, they create a deep looking bouquet that really showcase just what the thistle can do. Teamed with a navy ribbon throughout the bouquet and on the handle, Oh and did I mention that it costs only £42.38

This bouquet would look amazing with matching purple tones thistle buttonholes.

Thistle wedding blog

Purple Thistle & White Heather Crystal Buttonhole

This buttonhole with white heather and delicate crystals – this would also make for great memento for your guests too.

Thistle wedding blog

Thistle, Heather & Ivory Rose Scottish Style Wedding Bouquet

Going for the true Scottish style, this bouquet is just perfect. Along with the white heather and ivory organza, there is the addition of the thistle and mixed foliage of thistle leaves and green rose leaves. This bouquet would look just amazing for the more traditional Scottish wedding, or even for a natural feel wedding.

And don’t forget if you wish to include our soft thistle into any of your bouquet ideas then just get in touch. We offer a fully bespoke bouquet service to give you exactly what you want in your bouquet – no paying extra for flowers in season or for type of flower, we can help you get the bouquet of your dreams – go on we don`t bite, so why not get in contact with us.

Back in time with Sarah’s Flowers…

It’s July and Sarah’s Flowers get really excited around this time of year and not just because it’s Summer and the elusive English sun may peek its head out, it is all about the Wedding season for us! After months and months of planning, many couples out there will be tying the proverbial knot surrounded by all their family and friends, with elegant dresses and sumptuous décor galore! This is where our team at Sarah’s Flowers really excel – giving you and your own theme it’s certain something.

Over the years the trends for various themes of weddings have been diverse – Some people choose a traditional ivory wedding theme, some people go for glitz and glamour with gold and some even choose black and white, and as of late I’m sure you have noticed some go for the ‘bigger the better ‘ Thanks for that ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’, but as of late there has been a theme that many couples are going for, or should I say ‘going back to’ and that is Vintage. 

When I say Vintage I don’t just mean wearing an old family heirloom wedding dress, these people are going all out, from the table decorations, to wedding favours to invites, the list is endless. People are keen to go back to the generation where wedding days were all about the love and not the materialistic things, people wanted memories to hold onto, be surrounded by their family members and share the special moments in a simple, decadent way and most of all they wanted to have a wedding like their great grandmothers and fathers, of days gone by and when life was simpler.

Vintage blog picture 1

The team at Sarah’s Flowers love a good vintage themed wedding and think flowers, really help give this ‘back to the traditional’ type feel: think lashings of lace with our Large Ivory vintage lace roll  used for the reception tables and even as drapes around the church. Strips of lace can be weaved into the hair style of the bridesmaids; you can never have too much! Combining this with Sparkling pearls and choosing ivory instead of white, our Ivory pearl and rose wedding bouquet  is the perfect choice for the blushing bride and teamed with our Bridesmaids Isabel Ivory Flower Wand  simple yet classy – the wands are even super easy for the younger bridesmaids to hold onto. And for the all-important men, our Ivory rose and pearl buttonhole  help make the men into Gentlemen.

Vintage picture 2

Sarah’s Flowers know how to do a vintage themed wedding that’s for sure, and one of the most vintage things about a Sarah’s Flowers wedding is you get to keep every single flower for life, meaning the artificial flowers will stay with you for years to come and possibly carry on the vintage theme by passing them down the generations!

Are you having a theme at your wedding?
What are your thoughts about wedding themes and what are your favourites?

New Artificial Grooms Wedding Day Buttoholes

We have been working on a very important part of the wedding day this week that sometimes can get overlooked and that’s the Grooms buttohole or “boutonniere” as it can sometimes also be referred too.

We have designed a range of new artificial floral decorations to be worn by the groom or even the best man as well which very much suit currant colours and trends within the wedding industry and add a smart finishing touch to the Grooms outfit.

Why not view our Grooms silk buttonholes and let us know what style your groom will be wearing on your wedding day.

Grooms Buttonholes

Our Work on BBC Eastenders

Wow its always exciting to see our handmade wedding flowers featured in the bridal and lifestyle magazines but its even more exiting to see your products used on a big TV program like Eastenders, which is what happened to us on last nights Eastenders.
The production team approached us back in June about having a wedding car arrangement some buttonholes and corsages made for them to use in an upcoming show.

Although the episode was not going to be aired until the 7th September they needed the flowers within the next few days for shooting so we got to work and had their flowers in the post the very next day.

Both the buttonholes and corsage were featured during the whole show but the car arrangement we supplied only got a fleeting view of the limelight with about 1 second of screen time, the car ribbon and the throwing confetti used were both also suppled by us.

The episode aired on BBC1 on Tuesday, September 7th and featured around the wedding of Janine Butcher, (played by Charlie Brooks) to Ryan (played by Neil McDermott).

Both Ryan Malloy (played by Neil McDermott) and Ricky Butcher (played by Sid Owen) wore our ivory rose and fiscus buttonhole with ivory satin ribbon bow.

Pat Evans (played by Pam St Clement) wore our Ivory rose and Pearl corsage.

360° Rotating Pictures

This is an idea we have had for a while now but the technical problems to get it to work took a while for us to overcome.
Because we are an internet based company and don`t as yet have a shop or showroom to view our wedding flowers, we want to give our customers the best opportunity to view the flowers and accessories that we can, and taking this one step further thought it would be a wonderful idea if people viewing the website could look at an image then using the mouse rotate the picture to look all the way around it.
It takes around 30 minutes to get from taking the first picture to viewing the finished 360° rotation picture on the website and uses a program called Adobe flash to run which most PC’s will have anyway.
As it is a time consuming project and everything is done in house at Sarah’s flowers i will try my best to get as many products done as i can but it will be an ongoing project for us as we now have over 3000 products on the website.
We hope you enjoy the new way to view our wedding flowers here at Sarah’s Flowers
Below are a couple of examples to get you started just click on the link and then select “Watch the 360°” link in the product listing.

Mocha & Ivory Diamante Rose Bouquet

Red & Ivory Crystal Wedding Bouquet

Long Stemmed Rose & Beargrass Bouquet

Kind regards Jason

Sarah Wilkinson Testimonial

Hi Jason and Sarah (sarah’s flowers)

Just wanted to say thank you again for the beautiful flowers you made for me.
We got married on 12 May 2009 at St Paul’s Chapel, Lindos, Rhodes.
The flowers were perfect and travelled really well.
No-one could believe that they were not real.
The petals on the gerbaras moved in the breeze, which made them look authentic.
I found your advert in Y&YW magazine and it was one of my best wedding finds. I truly love my flowers and whats more I get to keep them forever!
I use the Y&YW forums and have mentioned your fantastic work on there quite a few times now.
I have had lots of people ask me where I got my flowers from and I have sent them all to your website.
As promised a few of photos for you.

Many thanks
Sarah Wilkinson