Should you buy your wedding dress on the high street?

bridesmaid tying wedding dress up

More and more high street retailers and online stores are dipping their toes in the bridal market, either simply selling stunning dresses perfect for wedding guests and even bridesmaids, or creating actual wedding ranges with gowns for the bride to wear at a fraction of the cost of a bridal shop.2016 is definitely the year for brands expanding their ranges with everyone, from ASOS and Missguided, to Needle and Thread and Ted Baker, putting out ranges for brides to pick and choose from. There has, of course, always been budget high street ranges. BHS and Monsoon are good examples of this, but they weren’t always the on-trend designs brides are looking for.

Should you buy your wedding dress on the high street? Here are some pros and cons to help you decide:

Price – it’s safe to say a dress bought from a high street store is going to be much cheaper than one you’ve selected from the racks in a bridal wear shop. Most are retailing from around the £70-250 mark, which for many brides-to-be means they can spend more on the food or the photographer.

On trend designs – if you want your wedding dress to reflect the latest trends (Bardot dresses are very popular at the moment, for example) then the high street might be the best place to shop. As well as dresses, jumpsuits are also proving popular for brides, who are looking for a more casual look on their big day. Enormous skirts and figure hugging bodices aren’t for everyone!

Ready to wear – dresses from high street retailers are created to fit regular UK sizes. However, it’s a good idea to order a couple of sizes and see what fits best before you commit.

Fit – while we’ve noted these dresses are usually made in UK sizes and are ready to wear, you may need to get them altered to fit perfectly on your big day – for example, the length of the skirt or fit around the chest are common alterations required on dresses. This could cost more than the price of the dress itself!

Watch out for knock offs – if you decide to deviate from the high street and perhaps start browsing the realms of eBay, be careful! There are some companies based abroad that attempt to replicate those stunning designs you see on Pinterest, without much success. Save yourself the heartache – and the cash – and only buy directly from a reputable brand.
When it comes to buying your wedding dress, the high street is definitely a great option if you are trying to create your big day on a smaller budget or really want to wear an on trend style – take a look at what they have to offer before committing to a bridal wear shop.

bride in wedding dress

You might be surprised at what you find!

How to Style Jeans for a Spring Wedding

Wear jeans at your wedding

Your wedding, your rules..

You might consider jeans to be too casual to wear to a wedding – but there are many people who would respectfully disagree. Obviously, if you’re the bride or groom, the best man, one of the ushers or bridesmaids, or a close family member there’s no way you should rock up to the ceremony in denim.

But that’s not to say jeans should be completely ruled out. For evening guests at a spring or summer time wedding, or for a more relaxed occasion, they can be part of a perfect outfit – worn by gents or ladies. Providing a few golden rules are followed, it’s possible to pull the jeans look off at a wedding – and look uber stylish in the process.

Make them smart
Not all jeans are the same, of course. Don’t even think about turning up in loose fitting jeans, or those with rips through the knees, or stone-washed types. They’ve got to look smart enough to carry the rest of the outfit – be that a crisp white shirt and waistcoat for men or denim jacket over a dress for women. Superdry jeans are among the classier versions available and certainly won’t look out of place.

Choose the right colour

It’s safe to say those blue jeans are a big no-no when it comes to a formal event such as a wedding, but you can definitely get away with a dyed pair or even white (although again, this is a bit risky considering the occasion).

Go for a fun, bright colour such as purple or green, which you can pair with a smart top and blazer for comfort and style. Alternatively, black jeans with a pretty blouse and heels is another look you could perhaps adopt.

Avoid anything baggy

Those boyfriend jeans just aren’t going to cut it for such a special day, so it’s best you opt for either skinnies or cropped jean styles that fit your figure and could pass as trousers.

Wear a feminine top

A peplum top or an elegant embellished blouse is the perfect addition to your jeans and can help ensure your look for this spring wedding is stylish and smart. Avoid anything blouse wise that you would wear to work or at the weekend. It needs to be something special that’s going to look good in photos if you’re close to the bride or groom.

Make up for it with your accessories

Weddings are fun affairs so make up for your casual legwear with some strong jewellery and accessories. A statement necklace or a cute hat or fascinator are perfect additions to your outfit and can make anything with jeans appear more formal.

A bold clutch bag can also help enhance a look, opt for an oversized style that will draw attention away from your jeans. Dressing your outfit up with fancy accessories will always ensure the attention is taken away from the jeans you’re wearing.

Try to wear heels

It’s safe to say that if you want to wear jeans to a wedding, you’re probably not a huge fan of heels but it’s a good idea to do your best to include a pair in your outfit. Higher heeled shoes add a certain elegance and smart vibe to any outfit, so throwing on a cute pair for the wedding you’re attending will ensure you don’t look too casual.
Although we’re much more casual these days when it comes to our outfit choices – as offices enjoy a relaxed vibe and clubs let you in wearing trainers – weddings are still an occasion where dressing up is the best idea.

Looking for the Perfect Engagement Ring?

engagement ring

Here are some things to consider

If you and your partner are ready for the next step in your relationship and you’ve sneakily spoken to your partner’s parents about what you intend to do, it’s time to locate that perfect engagement ring. If you’re not sure where to even start with such a mammoth task, then here are some things to consider:

Remember, they have to wear it forever more

This means avoiding buying a ring that will go out of fashion over time (yellow diamonds won’t be popular forever and don’t go with everything) and choosing something you know they’ll love. Take all your personal preferences out of your decision – it’s not you who will be wearing it!

Opt for something timeless and if you really can’t find anything that ticks all the boxes a jeweller such as 77diamonds offers you the opportunity to create your own ring, choosing everything from the metal used to the shape of the diamond.

Remember the 4 Cs

The four Cs are important to consider when picking out your ring; they stand for cut, colour, clarity and carat in terms of the stone you choose. They are especially important when choosing an engagement ring that has to last. The higher quality stone you choose the longer the ring will stay wearable and look good. Here’s a great guide on what to look out for.

Be prepared to stretch your budget

After snooping in their jewellery collection at what they already like you might discover that the budget you set aside might not stretch to pay for something that matches their tastes. Obviously don’t go overboard but simply expect to always pay a little more than you anticipated – you don’t get coupon deals for this sort of thing!

Think about your partner’s lifestyle

Are they active? Can they wear jewellery at work? This will impact on how they wear their engagement ring and your decision on what to purchase for them. If she works with food, ensure she has a ring that is easy to clean or if she works in a profession where she has to care for people, elevated diamonds and prongs should probably be avoided to remove any chance of injury. Jewelry wise offers some great insight into what to consider when it comes to your partner’s lifestyle.

Find out their ring size

There’s nothing more disappointing than being presented with an engagement ring that doesn’t fit correctly, whether it’s too big or too small (the latter is the most crushing). Sure, it’s relatively easy to have a ring re-sized but that means heading to where you purchased it and then handing it over to be adjusted for a potentially lengthy period of time when you just want to show it off to the world.

Use jewellery they already own to work out what size they require and press their ring into a piece of blu tac to take to the jewellers with you. However, if they don’t take their jewellery off try out these sneaky ways of discovering their ring size:

  • If one of their friends is also recently engaged ask them to share their engagement ring round when the group is together and report back to you if it fit.
  • Tie a knot round her finger with a piece of string, either carefully while she’s asleep or find some way of jokily doing it and use this to workout her ring size.
  • Attend a festival market or craft fair and try rings on together and take note of which ones fit.

Finding the perfect engagement ring needn’t be stressful, keep these things in mind and you should be able to present a beautiful ring they will treasure forever.

How to get in the best shape of your life before ‘The Big Day’

The 8-week countdown

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. On top of the wedding planning hysteria, every bride will want to look and feel her absolute best. Many brides however find it difficult to control their weight as the big day fast approaches. To help you stay on track we look at five changes that you can make at the eight-week mark, at which point we believe you can make real positive changes. We may not be able to guarantee a drop of three dress sizes, but this is the time during which you can shift those stubborn pounds, achieve the pre-wedding glow and get a spring back in your step.

Work with a personal trainer

Many brides choose to work with a Bridal wedding fitness before their wedding day. With a clear vision, and a tight timeframe, this is the perfect time to get motivated and work with a professional who will help you to achieve your ideal weight. If you lack the knowledge or willpower when working out, a personal trainer can help you to get results safely and far more quickly. It also acts as a major stress reliever to schedule a one-hour session away from wedding planning to focus on you, and only you!

Don’t skip meals

The most dangerous thing you can do ahead of your wedding is to skip meals. We understand that life as a bride to be is often manic and overwhelming but missing meals and eating irregularly will cause your weight to fluctuate. Skipping mealtimes often results in binge eating and filling up on the wrong food types when the hunger does finally catch up with you.  Eat for energy and strength, and you won’t go wrong.

chef in hotel kitchen prepare vegetable food with fire

Get your beauty sleep

It is inevitable that you are going to have some sleepless nights before your wedding, but it is important that these are anomalies and not the norm! If you are struggling to get enough sleep, try and address this directly. You don’t want to feel and look exhausted during your wedding. Develop a pre-bedtime routine that will help you switch off. Try having a hot bath, reading a book or having a cup of hot milk. Don’t do any wedding planning late at night, and just in case you do reel off an endless list of to-do’s during the night, keep a pen and notepad by your bed so you can jot these down and deal with them in the morning.

Ditch the sugar

Sugar is a huge contributor to weight gain and many brides rely on their sugar rush for energy during the eight-week countdown. Cutting sugar out of your diet will help you to lose excess weight, improve the appearance of your skin and it will normalise your energy levels. Eating sugar late at night can also disrupt your sleeping patterns.

Make a meal out of it

We advise our brides-to-be to ditch the takeaways for simple home cooking in preparation of the wedding day. The advantages of this are endless. It helps our budgeting brides to save money, it helps them to control the foods that they are eating, and cooking is a free activity, which helps to distract the mind and can often be therapeutic. It will help you to consider all the foods that you are eating eight weeks before the big day, much more carefully, and avoid mindless munching!

Closeup of fresh farm raised strawberries

Is blue the new black in men’s formalwear?

If you only own a single suit, the chances are it’s probably black in colour. You’ve chosen sensibly. Black is sober, stylish, timeless and completely appropriate for all manner of occasions.

However, the status of black as the ‘go-to’ colour of choice for the male suit is being challenged. Blue is mounting a strong charge as colour makes a revival. Last year, the Independent reported a surge in sales of blue men’s suits among high-street retailers. Two of the UK’s big department store chains revealed a consumer preference for blue: at John Lewis, blue shirts outsold black ones by nearly four to one, and a blue suit was sold every four minutes. At Marks & Spencer, two blue suits were sold for every one in black.

There’s nothing new about blue suits – though the trend of wearing a blue tuxedo, or dinner suit, is relatively recent and is growing in popularity. This article by the Daily Mail reviewed the many celebrities photographed on the red carpet wearing navy blue – from Kevin Spacey to Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Reynolds.

Unsurprisingly, there might be a particularly well-known style icon behind the recent influence. Daniel Craig wore a midnight-blue tuxedo in the Bond movie Skyfall – it was the image on the film’s promotional poster and, as such, it swiftly gained huge recognition and visibility. However, the website The Suits of James Bond explained that the midnight blue dinner suit is far from fashion of the day for 007. Indeed, it states that Bond has a ‘long history of wearing midnight blue dinner suits’, – starting with the very first film, Dr. No.

If a blue dinner suit is worthy of belonging to Bond, it’s good enough for anyone. The Dobell formalwear range includes a ‘selection of timeless Bond tuxedos’ and true enough, there it is – the midnight blue textured tuxedo.

Blue has the edge over black in the fashion stakes and it’s easy to understand why. While a classic black suit will never lose appeal, a blue suit is brighter, versatile and more fun. There are shades of blue – from navy, which is perfect for a formal occasion, to petrol blue, indigo blue, cool blue, electric blue, and many variations in between. Because of this, there’s a new wave of grooms wearing blue to weddings, as men step away from black, which can be a little sombre on the happiest day of their life.

The ‘rules’ – for what they’re worth – are more relaxed with a blue suit. A white shirt obviously works very well but a contrasting blue, a lighter shade for example, or a pink shirt really brings the suit to life. For shoes, there’s more flexibility. Wearing anything but black shoes with a black suit still divides opinion but a blue shirt embraces both black and brown – as well as tan.

So, if you’re yet to buy your first suit, why not go for blue over black? And if the solitary suit in your wardrobe is good old reliable black, add a blue one as soon as possible!

Wedding Flowers That Colours the Day’s Memory


For any wedding, it’s important to realise that there are a number of things that people will look at right away.  The first is, of course, the bride’s dress.  Everyone wants to be able to comment about how lovely she was, the nice shade her dress was, and so forth.  Right after that, the flowers are usually the hottest topic of conversation, largely because they are what is going to keep your attention throughout the big day as the wedding guest.

Certainly, one of the classic colour trends for 2014 for silk and artificial wedding flowers continues to be ivory and teal.  Definitely, ivory continues to symbolize innocence, which should be somewhat how people should launch into any long term relationship; innocent about the adventures that await and the twists and turns that they are going to encounter along the way.  Blended with teal, there is that suggestion of being open-minded to allow for clarity of thought and clear communication.

ivory rose with winter snow flakes from sarahsflowers

Yellow and anything pastel goes a long way towards bringing that splash of colour that anyone might be craving in getting their wedding colours together.  Yellow, being symbolic of friendship, is always a good colour to integrate into your wedding, especially with artificial wedding flowers, as it can be a symbol of the feelings you share with your partner.  Blending yellow with purple, which is generally symbolic of royalty, is a great pairing, as yellow and purple are complementary colours and set each other off well.

Brides Ivory Rose & Pearl Spray Wedding Bouquet with Purple & Yellow Feathers

Regardless of the colour blend you choose for your silk wedding flowers, it’s important to consider what sort of look you are going for; classic looks continue to dominate weddings, largely because they are incredibly intimate and romantic.  As a result, almost any colour you select will work well, but don’t be afraid to be bold – you will have a look you and your guests won’t forget for your wedding. Here at Sarah’s Flowers HQ we offer a wide range of silk wedding flowers and satin ribbon colours to choose from.

Dressing The Bridesmaids To Please..

For those of you ladies who have ever been asked to be a bridesmaid, you will recognise that eternal fear of possibly being given a dress that most resembles an oversized toilet roll holder, and keeping your fingers crossed that they don’t choose a theme that resembles bo-peep. These days the rules for dressing bridesmaids has changed: No longer are you expected to all wear the same dress, same style or even the same colour. Versatility has become the latest trend in dressing your bridesmaids.

 photo Bridesmaidspic1_zps00d5897b.jpg

Bridesmaid dressing these days, is more geared up to each and every bridesmaid’s individual figure shapes, and even takes the time to consider skin tones, ages and personalities. Here at HQ we love the ideal of making your maids completely happy in their outfits – let’s face it their happy, smiley faces will look brilliant in the photos! So what can you do to keep your bridesmaids happy? Here are our top tips!

  • Mixing the fabric shades is a great way to not only create a really pretty line-up, but can match different skin tones and even hair colours. The same goes for picking dresses for flower girls – some girls don’t want to look too grown up or wear as restricting fabric as the older bridesmaids. Pinterest (  is a great way for finding ideas on what shades to pick as your bridesmaids collective.

 photo Bridesmaidspic2_zps86aad496.jpg

  • Not one style will suit every shape of bridesmaid. Neckline can make such a difference to some dresses and look completely different on every girl. A sweetheart neckline is a great neckline for all size busts and can be completely flattering, however for the more endowed try adding straps for more support. The same goes for length. Some girls might not want to show their legs and therefore crave the longer length, but for the more petite girl a short, tea length dress can look great against other longer dresses.
  • More and more modern weddings are taking place early evening, this can open up a completely different look for your bridesmaids – darker more evening type shades of dress are popular, and a more party style of gown can complete the look nicely.
  • Budget friendly bridesmaid dress shopping is key – instead of opting for the more expensive option of having them made or bespoke ordered, try popping along with your maids for a day of girly shopping at your local high street. Debenhams and House of Fraser have great occasion wear sections that can save you some serious money on your tight budget!

How did you dress your bridesmaids?

Veil-ing or Not is the Question?

From personal experience, as a bride, working out what you are going to wear on your head for your big day is super difficult. Historically, wearing a wedding veil was the ‘done’ thing, the veil itself had a meaning, and was used to cover the brides face as she walked down the aisle to protect her from evil spirits but in more modern times the need for something like this or with this type of symbolisation is not necessary.

 Veils, even though are still used and popular with many brides, they can often be hugely expensive and when the veil itself loses its meaning, would you really want to spend that much money on a potentially ‘pointless’ piece? Perhaps think of trying a veil but a much shorter one that only comes to your shoulders? Keeping the detailing plain would save you money.

 photo veil_zps47b34fdc.jpg

 Tiaras were often seen as the number one choice for a brides hair accessory but like the veil, the popularity has fallen. Tiaras are often associated with royalty, fancy dress boxes and even beauty pageants – however with some more understated dresses and tiara can add a much needed bit of ‘bling’ or sparkle to the dress. And lets face it, your wedding day is the one day where you can get away with wearing pretty much whatever you want!

 photo tiara_zpsef83345c.jpg

 The birdcage veil is a nice way to still keep with a veil tradition but still be alternative and modern. The birdcage veils aren’t just for a 1920s themed wedding, you can get away with wearing one with any look and they still stay timeless. Because of their versatility these type of headwear is proving a lot more popular to create a romantic look. These look great with a traditional updo or side bun with lots of volume.

 photo birdcage_zps8adc40c2.jpg

 There are so many different variations when it comes to hair accessories and choices, Headbands make for a nice simple choice and can be worn with either the hair up or down – try wrapping your themed ribbon around the band or alternatively try using pearly or crystals.

 photo headband_zpsbc3e3677.jpg

Hair combs vary is shapes and sizes but look best when teamed with an up-do. Hair combs can be used alongside a veil with a simple plain comb as well as a decorative comb.

 photo haircomb_zpsdadcc425.jpg

Hair pins are a lot more understated that anything else and are worn at the back of the head – interspersed into a bun, chignon or plait.

 photo hairpins_zpse11c008e.jpg

 Wedding headwear is so important but remember to try some different styles with your dress, play with styles you wouldn’t normally go for – have some fun with it.

Spring Bridesmaids Wedding Bolds…

Following our last post and theme of everything bold, now is the time for those Bridesmaids dresses to get in on the action. Now is most definitely not the time to shy away: the colour schemes are bold and vivacious. Bridesmaids aren’t normally the ones that are to be looked at, but with this Spring seasons colour schemes it’s the Bridesmaids that are causing the head turning:


Purples are used a lot in weddings but normally the more fail safe lavender options, or the even dusky almost cream purples. This Spring/Summer the purple tone has to be jewel like. Bright and punchy this purple themed bridesmaids dress doesn’t have to overpower. Keep the floral bouquets plain – think plain creams, finish the look with minimal jewellery or accessories.

Purple bridesmaids dress colours blog

1- Chiffon sleeveless v-neck dress £129
2- Severene Short Dress £150 Coast
3- Grape Sweetheart Bandeau dress £79


Green is an obvious choice when it comes to fresh new Spring weddings, but instead for opting safe mint tones, try going for metallic greens and grassy, earthy tones.  Greens looks especially good when teamed with other jewel like colours, even purple. Try matching your green to the type of dress – contemporary shapes look better in lighter, fresher greens, whilst classic shapes suit the stronger tones.

Green bridesmaids dress colours blog

1- Goddess Maxi dress £180 Coast
2- Satin sweetheart neckline short dress £89 Magic dress
3- Anna Jade Satin dress £24 BHS


This year, choose a punchy blue. One that is almost regal. The intensity of this blue really will make the bridesmaids sparkle – this is one for the more fearless. Try teaming a contrasting colour on the bouquet for a real eye catching twist with fuscia pink.

Blue bridesmaids dress colours blog

1- Chiffon on shoulder £88 Magic dress
2- Hobbs Invitation Tegan Maxi Dress £179
3- Stefana Tapework dress £160 Phase Eight

We all love these bright and beautiful colours schemes for bridesmaids, what colour will yours be wearing?

All the colours of the rainbow…

Here at HQ, we are constantly following what’s new at trade shows, wedding events and online to see what is hot to trot in the flower world. Themes come and go as quick as you like and we have to be at the forefront of these ideas, to make sure we are making your wedding, ‘the’ wedding of the year in your life, our flowers have to be the best.

2013 is seriously hotting up. Not quite in temperature just yet, but the trends for flowers this 2013 are getting hot hot hot! We have been looking in great detail at one recurring theme seen over the catwalks and at countless wedding shows and that is of pure colour. It doesn’t matter when you’re getting married: forget the month, forget the proposed weather, this year the flowers are literally going to do the talking. It is going to be all about the Rainbow colours: bright, bold and statement, these are the type of flowers that you can’t and don’t want to leave out.

This trend is about being as big as you can get: the arrangements have to be grand, they have to grab the eye and hold the attention – finishing touches are made bigger and more opulent, flowers are stored in contemporary containers to make the guests look twice, and lastly the flowers themselves  have to be big blooms, everything in supersized, these are definitely no wall flowers. Here’s what flowers you should be choosing for your rainbow trend themes:


Multi-layered, they look different at every glance and mostly they make a bouquet look extra large and lush – just what you want in this trend.

Pink Roses and Blue Hydrangeas Bridesmaids Bouquet
Pink Roses and Blue Hydrangeas Bridesmaids Bouquet

The sparkling blue of the hydrangeas never loses its appeal against the more feminine soft pink roses – this bouquet is a statement, but the tones of the hydrangeas change with different lights adding an extra, interesting dimension to this bouquet.

Sunflowers, Roses and Hydrangeas Bridesmaids Bouquet
Sunflowers, Roses and Hydrangeas Bridesmaids Bouquet

This bouquet just reminds me of the sun, I just have to smile when I look at it. This Bridesmaids bouquet is as classic in shape as it is statement in style. Once again the Hydrangeas are loud and proud in the peridot green whilst the rest of the flowers are more tonal and blending. This too can be made into a Bride’s bouquet.


Tulips are simple but stunningly beautiful and when teamed in the right colours and layered right, these beautiful flowers really do standout.

Brides Mixed Handtied Wedding Bouquet in Silk Flowers
Brides Mixed Handtied Wedding Bouquet in Silk Flowers

We like to think this Brides bouquet is everything you could want.  It ticks all the boxes: it’s bright, it’s bold, it’s a statement bouquet and mostly, it features the larger than life tulip.

Bridesmaids Bouquet in White, Ivory and Pink Flowers
Bridesmaids Bouquet in White, Ivory and Pink Flowers Priced at £41.70

This may not seem like your typical bright and bold bouquet to include in this theme, but sometimes a softer colour can still stand out. The key in this bouquet lands with the colour choices and depth that the tulip gives the bouquet. Not too sweet and soft after all.


One of our favourite flower choices, this is a delicate looking bloom yet creates a real stir by the sheer size of it. A must-have in any bouquet.

Vintage Lilac Anemones and White Rose Posy Bouquet
Vintage Lilac Anemones and White Rose Posy Bouquet Priced at £15.40

This smaller sized bouquet doesn’t pack less than a punch than its other rivals, the anemone manages to grab your eye with its wide lilac petals, the flower is opened up so it draws you in.

Sarahs Flowers Silk Cerise Anemone Ladies Wedding Corsage

Sarahs Flowers Silk Cerise Anemone Ladies Wedding Corsage Priced at £7.15

This Wedding corsage shows you how to transport the theme over to the more simple corsages or even buttonholes. Two silk anemones in the brightest cerise hue is dramatic without being too much. The perfect choice to bring together a theme.

And there you have it, how to do the Rainbow Theme at Sarah’s Flowers – what do you think? What bright combinations do you think work?

When the mood strikes…

Decisions, decisions – when planning a wedding it seems all you’re doing is decision-making and sometimes it can be a little, how do we say, confusing. To organise a wedding it takes the most of organised people to get it just right, and by right we mean to achieve the wedding of your dreams, within budget and not wanting to pull your hair out at the end of it with stress. So how do you organise it all?

Some of you get lost in folders, pads of paper and magazines but sometimes, even after all of this you feel just a little… everywhere. Here at Sarah’s Flowers we have perfected the way to get our ideas and visions out with a mood board. Now some of you may or may not have heard of one of these before, but a moodboard is just simply a way for you to communicate what is going on in your mind – all these ideas that are bubbling away, when you walk past a shop and see a flower you like, or when you flick through a magazine and see the perfect centre piece it is just a place where those ideas can go for save keeping.

Sarah's flowers moodboard wedding blog

So how do you do it? First things first is to find your focal point and for most of us when it comes to a wedding, it has to be the colour scheme, but feel free to choose absolutely anything that you want to base your wedding around: maybe even bunting, or even going along a mis-matched theme.

Now with those starting blocks, treat it like a painting by numbers, build it up with different examples of colour flowers that take your fancy, rip out some designs from a wedding magazine for the elusive dress, and even scribble on some motivating words to get the ideas flowing! Think of your moodboard as your wedding on paper, and feel free to play with all your ideas. Try not to glue or attach your ideas permanently but fix with bluetack instead, this way you can move them around and see what looks good with other ideas – don’t be afraid to change things up, here is your chance to play with different colours and ideas you would never normally pay attention too! Get your partner to join in, get him/her to see what schemes and collections make him/her smile.

Sarah's flowers moodboard wedding blog
Sarah's flowers moodboard wedding blog

By the end of your moodboard, you can get a much clearer idea of what your big day is going to be like, no surprises – it’s almost like seeing your dreams come true. The even better thing with a moodboard is  that it doesn’t  have to cost a single thing –get the camera out, snap away, rip out magazine ideas and grab samples of fabrics, either way just let your creative side come out and enjoy.

Sarah's flowers moodboard wedding blog

A great easy to use website for putting together mood boards is Polyvore, it is an American site but more and more British companies are joining all the time and you can certainly find lots of Sarah’s Flowers wedding flowers on there to add to your board.

Have any of you done a wedding moodboard?

When the temperatures drop…Keeping the bride warm

Weddings in Winter can always be a little bit of a minefield. Weather obviously always plays havoc with most plans and there are so many things to bear in mind when planning or deciding on having a wedding in the Winter – not only do all the colour schemes have to change (orange and yellow look a little odd when everything’s so grey around) Photos are harder to take as no-one wants to be clambering around in the mud or the freezing cold let alone posing for them, the reception area has to be picked careful – no outdoor soiree and the wedding favours are more than likely going to be a rug than anything else but the one thing that worries us here at HQ is keeping the bride warm enough!

Sure enough your wedding dress is often the most important thing on a brides mind but as the temperatures drop the dress choices go down – there is no humane way of wearing a completely strapless gown in -1 degree weather that’s for sure! The last thing you need to be worrying about is freezing yourself and lets face it, no photo will look good if you’re pulling a clinched ‘cold’ face, be a savvy bride and have a look at our picks for best Bridal cover-ups and how to team them with our delicious bouquets

Sarahs flowers wedding blog

This J by Jasper Conran at Debenhams Jewelled stole has a real antique, vintage feel to it and is super delicate with its fluffy texture and is priced at £48.74  Team this with our stunning ‘Pink and Cream Chloe Roses and Crystal’ bouquet for a stunning, feminine look.
Cream jewelled maribou stole
Pink & Cream Chloe Roses and Crystals in a Brides Bouquet

Sarahs flowers wedding blog

This Debut at Debenhams Ivory cape has a higher collar in order to keep out those Wintry gusts, in traditional Ivory, priced at only £31.50. Make for a delicate and earthy feel when teamed with our Purple, Lilac and Ivory flower bouquet. The Lilac and ivory colour scheme is fresh without being summery and with the green fiscus foliage helps keep it natural and earthy.
Ivory faux fur cape
Brides Artificial Bouquet in Purple, Lilac and Ivory Flowers

Sarahs flowers wedding blog

We here at HQ, adore this intricate and very Festive looking Lace Cornelli embroidered trim jacket from John Lewis. Priced at £105 it’s a little more expensive but it will keep you warm whilst still looking amazing. Team with our Burgundy, Ivory and Pink bouquet to go all out and festive. All you need now is a light dusting of snow!
Chesca Lace Cornelli Embroidered Trim Jacket, Ivory
Brides Artificial Wedding Bouquet in Burgundy & Ivory

Sarahs flowers wedding blog

A scalloped hem cape from Phase Eight is a joy to look at – with beautiful embellishment is littered with beads and sequins. Priced at £99 This is so pretty there is no doubt you would want to wear this again and again! We’ve teamed this with our extra special Beaded bouquet that teams ivory roses with loops of small pearls and beaded butterflies.
Phase Eight Scallop Hem Cape, Cream
Petite Bridal Beaded Bouquet in Ivory Roses and Butterflies

Need a Wedding Bouquet Without Using Flowers…

We had a customer who needed help as she had a dilemma, being pressured into having a bouquet but the bride is not very keen on flowers. She’s not a girly girl even thou she would be wearing a traditional wedding dress, she felt that flowers where not for her. We have a large range of flower bouquets with matching items, but a wedding bouquet without any flowers are more unusual.
Luckily we had just the job , these are the choices we were  able to offer our bride to be…

Option 1 for our bride to be, would be a feather bouquet, a bouquet made in just using coloured feathers.

Sarahs flowers wedding blog
Black & Red Feather & Pearl Wedding Posy

This bouquet is very bright and vibrant and shows the great colours that are available using feathers if this colour scheme is not your taste the feathers can be changed to match your colour choice.
The feathers are available  in white, light blue, light pink, red, black, yellow, lilac, purple, claret, light green, shocking pink, orange, ivory, and turquoise. The bouquet also has drop pearls in it but these can be changed to crystals, loops of pearls, beads or any mix of these. The handle colour can also be changed to match your colour theme, with matching bows or pinned in to place with a diamante.

Deciding which bouquet you would like would help us design a buttonhole and any other matching items you would need giving us ideas of the style and theme you like.

Option 2, Another bouquet to look at is again made using feathers but with an added handmade pearl design to give it a real vintage style with ivory beads and pearls.
The feathers give the bouquet a floating and slight movement where the beads draw your eye in to the middle of the bouquet to admire the detail. This bouquet has a very classic and vintage look.

Sarahs flowers wedding blog
Ivory Feather and Pearl Handmade Bridal Bouquet

Option 3, The next bouquet is elegant and absolutely stunning, this bouquet is hand made with stylish beads, pearls and brooches.
 This bouquet has so much detail and different patterns in it, it makes it a real eye pleaser. The  bouquet is a petite posy,  but if you have a detailed dress it’s nice not to hide it behind a large bouquet, this bouquet may not be the largest brides bouquet but has great tones of personality and style.

Sarahs flowers wedding blog
Vintage Inspired Bridal Bouquet with Brooches and Beads

Option 4, The last bouquet choice is a bead, pearl and lace posy with a very vintage feel to it. The bouquet is a mixture of,  ivory lace , ivory organza ribbon, with loops of solid pearls, branches of beads, loops of pearls and 9mm ivory organza bows with some having ivory beads on the end of the trails.

Sarahs flowers wedding blog
Vintage Inspired Ivory Wedding Bridal Bouquet

Also because all our items are handmade we can create brand new items from your ideas, like picture you have seen in magazine or the Internet, we could also mix two or more items together to form a brand new bespoke bouquet just for you.

Sarah x

Sparkle, Sparkle and Wedding Flowers…

Along with getting in touch with our more wintry side, the HQ at Sarah’s Flowers have been getting all sparkly!

Maybe we’ve been over-doing it by watching too much Strictly (addictive viewing right?) or maybe it’s because Christmas is getting closer, but all in all, we have been hooked on all things spangly and have beem on the look out for all things sparkly to adorn the female wedding party. Granted there are copious shops along the high street that can help bejewel the wedding congregation but there is nothing nice about being generic on your wedding day. We like to think of each wedding and each bride to be individual and special and therefore deserving of jewellery to match this feeling, and this is exactly the vibe we get from the following site: Rose and Aster* created and run by the rather fabulous Sarah (great name!) Spence and launched in 2010 Sarah took a dream and made it into reality by setting up her gorgeous jewellery shop online and all run from her log cabin showroom in the Chilterns. Along with jewellery that you’ll want to wear on an everyday basis, Sarah’s range of affordable but luxurious bridal jewellery is second to none.

With everyone’s belts being tightened, we know that people are looking towards more affordable options when planning their wedding, and despite the jewellery looking nice on the day, not everyone has a massive budget. This where Rose and Aster fit into the market! All of us at Sarah’s Flowers have been eyeing up nearly everything on the site and here are our favourites:

Sarahs flowers blog*
Art Deco crystal and pearl drop earrings

These two tier earrings look like they have been passed down from generation to generation. With stunning dramatic crystal placed at the top of the earrings all leading down to the very pretty drop of the pearls. These will create a real statement for the bride and would look amazing either with the hair pulled up or left cascading down.

Sarahs flowers blog *
Crystal Ivy inspired necklace

We just love the look of this vintage-esque necklace that sits higher up on the neckline. With a classic and timeless feel this necklace will create a striking look when paired with a strapless gown.

Sarahs flowers blog
Crystal and flower pearl bracelet

This bracelet is a brilliant option for Brides and bridesmaids alike. Simple and extremely delicate this one row of ivory glass pearls with flower crystal will not only look stunning on all your bridesmaids but it will also make an affordable gift that will be worn again and again.

Sarahs flowers blog
Vintage style crystal lotus flower hair clip

This is perfect for those ‘up-dos’ instead of favouring hiding the clips this crystal lotus flower clip looks exceptional for your big day. Heavily covered in crystals yet still looking delicate – a hard combination to pull off.

Overall we are big fans of Rose and Aster here at Sarah’s Flowers: affordable luxury for us all.

Go check out the website at: or follow her twitter: @roseandaster

*please note: all photo’s courtesy of Rose and Aster’s website*

Autumn Wedding Ideas…

One of the nicest things with the changeover in seasons is watching nature change around you – the leaves go from green to brown, trees discard their leaves until they are bare and the grass gets a layer of icy white frost, and for many of us moving into A/W our clothing changes, the jumpers are on and the central heating is set to high. But one of the harder things about the changeover in seasons is planning your wedding.

We know the time it takes to come up with you dream wedding and with most dresses, themes and accessories based around the more sunnier/drier seasons its inevitable that you may draw up a blank when planning your Autumn/Winter wedding. We’re here to help, we’ve been in group discussions at HQ talking about all things wintry and wedding and here are some autumnal ideas:

Adding a little wintry welcome to your invites or programmes. Adding cedar twigs, or even discoloured dried leaves to either your invites or programmes all fastened by some natural raffia, help give your guests a real comforting feeling.

Sarah's Flowers Wedding Blog

Pumpkins are so much fun for weddings and we’re not talking about ghoulish designed ones! Simply carving initials into dried, smaller pumpkins make amazing name places or even decorations with the Bride and Grooms initials.

Sarah's Flowers Wedding Blog

Brilliant for those of us who are on a budget, why not go all out with nature and use pine cones to hang up around your reception and even church area. If you are unsure of colours, remember a quick spritz with a spray can will work wonders

Sarah's Flowers Wedding Blog

What better wedding favour than something your guests can use there and then. Supplying shawls with a hand written tag telling your guests to “Cuddle up” or “keep warm” is perfect for when it starts to get a little chilly

Sarah's Flowers Wedding Blog

Instead of the more traditional champagne/wine on arrival, how about trying a warming mug of hot choccie – boozy for the adults and with oodles of cream for the kids!

Sarah's Flowers Wedding Blog

And instead of rose petals sprinkling the way of the Bride and Groom, try drying, autumnal coloured leaves instead. Simple, cheap and it gives an air of being outside when in!

Sarah's Flowers Wedding Blog

How are you planning on making your wedding Autumn/Winter resistant?

Brooch-ing the subject…

It may be the Olympics and you’re all glued to the TV waiting for our very own Team GB to bring the medals home, well here at Sarah’s Flowers we have our very own medals on offer for you and no, we’re not asking you to run a marathon or swim 200metres butterfly!

We’re really proud to announce the launch of our new Limited Edition Brooch bouquet. We spent many months, days and hours dreaming up a collection that matched our inspiration: we really wanted to create a lasting bouquet that would be even longer lasting than our artificial flowers and manage to create a keepsake that you can keep and cherish for years to come. The brooch bouquet was born – It is quite literally your chosen flowers with the addition of exquisite gemmed brooches.

We spent so long hand crafting these bouquets, thinking of different ideas and colour combinations, all with sparkling and enamelled vintage and vintage style brooches each one is individual and shows off some delicate use of jewelled colours: purples, vibrant oranges, clear blues, and playful pinks. Here at HQ we like to look at the longevity of weddings, because let’s face it that’s what’s all about, and we think these unique brooches are something that will grow into a lasting memory of your special day.  

We are pleased to show off the first three additions to this range – all delectably different but classy.

First up is the Multi Coloured Bridal Brooch Rose Bouquet  (MUL3440)

Stunning Multi Coloured Bridal Brooch Rose Bouquet

This zingy addition features our gorgeous cerise open Isabel roses, light blue Chloe roses with some classic cream roses as our floral additions, adding in three stunning vintage brooches with an array of multi coloured gems. This is a nice vibrant and girly bouquet with some sugary sweet tones blasted away with the vibrancy of the gems.

Secondly is the more traditional White Rose Bridal Bouquet with Crystal Diamante Brooches (WHIY440)

White Rose Bridal Bouquet With Crystal Diamante Brooches

Our traditional and classic option, this delectable pure white rose’s bouquet, all hand tied into a round posy bouquet with a vast selection of both clear and coloured gemmed brooches. The key with this brooched bouquet is the way the light catches the gems against the stark bright white roses. Underneath the bouquet are some lovely bright earthy green Musa leaves, the handle is delectably wrapped in white satin ribbon and a white vintage lace bow.

Lastly is my fave, I know I’m not supposed to have any but the Amethyst Brooch Bridal Bouquet in Reds, Pinks and Ivory really is just beautiful (AME2440)

Amethyst Brooch Bridal Bouquet In Reds, Pinks and Ivory

Bright, breezy and happy, this bouquet really speaks volumes about its bride. I can imagine this bouquet teamed with a vintage-themed, traditional wedding, surrounded by a lot of home-made decorations with an earthy, natural feel. The cerise open Isabel roses grab your attention, whilst the dusky lilac gerbera’s add a certain softer feel and adds more depth. Added to the bouquet is a gorgeous amethyst brooch and here is a little treat for you, this bouquet has a special finish for you, the magnificent handle is covered in a handmade loop of ivory pearls and crystals.

All bouquets are special, something different and to be remembered, all of us here are so proud of this collection we reckon it’s worth gold!

Go over to to keep an eye on this range.

Letting the shoes do the talking…

It used to be the venue, it used to be the dress, but now it seems your feet are doing the talking! The girls here at Sarah’s Flowers HQ are all about the shoes lately! Normally traditionally shoes never really got a look in with the full lengths of wedding dresses, but lately there is a real trend for going it short, getting the legs out and showing off the shoes! Not only are the long line dresses going out, but we seem to be saying a fond farewell to the rather dull plain cream flat shoes often worn by the Bride to be: instead the heels are getting higher, the colours are getting brighter and there is more bling than you can shake a stick at! I don’t know about you but we can’t think of anything more brilliant that choosing to pimp out your shoes: less pressure to fit in your dress, less palaver over choosing the exact right one, instead shoes, (glorious shoes) will always fit and boy oh boy, they will look amazing.

Never one to miss out on a bit of shoe staring, here at HQ we have fallen head over our heels in love with the Wedding Range from Dune Shoes. A firm High Street favourite visited by many, imagine HQ’s surprise when we took a glimpse of their wedding range – whit woo indeed! With every style imaginable, the shoes really are something special. From mid height heels to skyscraper platforms, bejewelled or brightly coloured there is something to suit every single type of bride that you want to be. And if that isn’t enough to make you stop and stare, we were blown away with the prices. Compared to some specialist wedding shops, Dune prices are incredible and with regular sales you might even be able to save some much needed money to put towards that all important honeymoon!

Here are our top picks from the lovely Dune and take a look at how we would team them with our flowers – perfect combo we think!

Dune wedding shoes + Sarah's flowers

Shoe: Dune DORK spot flower shoe £85.00
Flower: Large velvet red rose diamante bouquet £43.50 (LAR07)

Dune wedding shoes + Sarah's flowers

Shoe: Dune Deeva D shoe £44.00
Flower: Diamante Ivory rose and crystal bridal bouquet £51.75 (CRYS669)

Dune wedding shoes + Sarah's flowers

Shoe: Dune Hooch Diamante 2 part heel £110.00
Flower: Ivory Silk Casablanca lily and cream rose bouquet £46.00

What do you all think – are ‘look at me’ shoes the way forward?

*All shoe pictures from Dune*