A Wedding Bouquet as a Lasting Memory

Ivory rose and orange sunflower bridal bouquet

Nothing adds a pop of colour to your wedding day quite like your bouquet. Bridal and bridesmaid bouquets are gorgeous focal pieces that are also a memento of your big day. For most brides, floral wedding bouquets are a must-have but, unfortunately, they don’t last long. You spend all this money on a piece that is so beautiful you wish you could keep it forever, but within a few days or even hours on a very hot day, this work of art has wilted, shriveled up, and turned brown. That beautiful symbol of your wedding day, gone forever.

Brides Cerise Gerbera, Ivory Rose, Veronica & Purple Freesia Wedding Bouquet

Your bridal bouquet should be a keepsake from your wedding the same way your guestbook, jewellery, or other items will remind you of your wedding day for years to come. You can dry or press your wedding flowers to save them, but the only way to guarantee your bouquet looks the same as at your wedding and every anniversary is to opt for silk flowers.

Grooms Green Silk Hydrangea Wedding Buttonhole with wooden Groom Embellishment

Artificial flowers are the best way to keep your bouquet as beautiful and pristine after your wedding as it was the day you got married. The best part is, no one will know they weren’t picked from the ground that morning! Silk flowers are a long-lasting alternative for wedding day décor, and the best part is, they can be incorporated into every floral facet of your wedding—from matching bridesmaids posies, buttonholes, corsages and cake toppers, the possibilities are endless! Any gorgeous arrangement you choose can be passed on to future generations, making it the perfect way to incorporate your parents’ wedding memories into your own without having to wear your mum’s wedding dress.

Purple silk wedding flowers

If you want the money you spend on your bouquet to be a lasting investment and not just rot away and be thrown away shortly after your wedding, you can’t go wrong with a stunning, silk bouquet.

And for that extra little touch, why not add one of our silver year charms to remind you of the special day even more.

2016 silver year charm tag

Guest blog by Emily Rochotte

What To Wear For Your Best Friend’s Wedding

Picture of a bridesmaid

Okay, we’re just going to address the elephant in the room. It’s your best friend’s wedding. But you aren’t a bridesmaid.There’s probably a good reason for this. Maybe she only wanted two and had to have her sister and her husband-to-be’s sister? Or she isn’t having bridesmaids at all? Perhaps she’s still mad about that time you were honest about how she looked in her prom dress, all those years ago? These are all good reasons. But they are beside the point, it’s your best friend’s big day and regardless of what you might be feeling about a perceived slight, you need to be there, looking great and celebrating with her. So here’s a quick run through on what to wear:

Rock a trouser suit

Oh yeah, get androgynous for the occasion. Some fitted cigarette trousers plus a sharp blazer and shirt combo will ensure you look super smooth in all the photos.
Be sure to go for bright colours though, so you don’t look like you’re off to a job interview or a fashionable funeral. Finish it off with a slicked back, wet look hairstyle – here’s some inspiration – and smoky eyes.

Swan in with a swing dress

One of the most simple dress styles works for every occasion, even weddings.
A pastel swing dress, jazzed up with some extra glittery jewellery (and heels will look great in the wedding photos). Wear your hair loose and curled, if you can, and keep make up fresh and natural. Take some inspiration from the range of party dresses from Blue Vanilla – we love their Felicia dress designs.

Mesmerise in a maxi

Maxi dresses are great wedding wear, just be careful with the material and make sure it doesn’t look too ‘bridal’. Take your Mum along when you try it on. She’s been to hundreds of weddings, probably, so is clued up on what is risky and what’s good to go. Keep the maxi dress itself simple, try to avoid lots of lace and embellishments and instead dress it up with some bright accessories.

Look sensational in a shirt and skirt

Pick up a fitted shirt in a fun print and team this with a skater skirt and heels for a comfortable but stylish wedding day ensemble. Use jewellery to dress up your look and a large clutch to hold all your bits and bobs in. Top off with a blow-dried mane and a bold floral crown for that slightly hipster/ethereal/bohemian look, without going over the top.

A wedding dress

Just kidding! Maybe.

Bonus round. What not to wear:

  • A plunging neckline
  • A bodycon dress or skirt
  • A bandage dress
  • A white dress
  • Anything that shows your belly button
  • Anything that shows your bra straps
  • Anything that shows your underwear
  • A hoodie
  • Head to toe black
  • Pinstripes

And for the love of God, do not wear that white and gold dress.

Wait, we mean blue and black.

Pin and Wrist Silk Wedding Flower Corsages

Cerise Pink Rose and Hydrangea Wedding Wrist Corsage

Weddings are very important days in the lives of the grooms and brides. It is supposed to be fun and memorable not just as a result of the activities set to take place, but also the décor and glam of those in attendance and the wedding venue. Flower girls and bridesmaids can take their looks to the next level by wearing corsages. There are two types of corsages, namely: pin and wrist wedding corsages. Whereas the pin wedding corsages are pinned onto one’s clothing, the wrist corsages are worn on the wrist. Wrist corsages can be tied to the wrist be using either ribbon in a matching colour or ivory pearl band.

wrrist corsage blog picture

Wedding corsages come in all sorts of styles, colour blocks, assortments and even designs. A corsage is chosen to match or contrast the outfit of the flower girls, bridesmaids, or even the wedding venue itself for a glamorous, elegant and authentic look. The pink and ivory foam rose is a wedding corsage that is pinned to clothing. Its chic colours are perfect for brightly coloured outfits for a girly yet cool touch. The Cymbidium orchid pin on wedding corset is available in an apple green hue for a refreshing touch. It goes well with outfits in any other hue of green or block colours for a beautiful contrast.The artificial burgundy orchid and ivory rose crystal wedding corsage is worn on the wrists and can be used to accentuate plain outfits in light colour hues for a touch of class. A good example of the silk wrist corsages includes the dark purple silk Anemone and lilac rose that goes well with any hue of purple for a uniform yet attractive look. Other great wedding corsages for flower girls and bridesmaids to opt for comprise of the artificial cerise Isabel rose wedding flower, artificial cerise and silk orchid wrist corsage, artificial ivory and blue rose designed for guests, artificial pink bud rose wedding buttonhole corsage and pearls as well as the double ivory Diamante buttonhole corsage that is pinned on clothes, among many others.

Pin Corsage Blog Picture

The wedding corsages are made of various materials like silk for durability and uniformity with wedding outfits that are usually made from silk mainly due to this kind of fabric’s glittering qualities. The corsages are handmade to give them their great fine details. Moreover, they can be custom made to suit the needs of a given client and match their chosen wedding theme and colours for an attractive and elegant look. The wide range of pin and wrist wedding corsages will sure meet the needs, style and preferences of all clients planning their weddings.

For more pin and wrist corsage wedding inspiration why not try a site like Pinterest

Pinterest Wrist Corsage Picture

Dressing The Bridesmaids To Please..

For those of you ladies who have ever been asked to be a bridesmaid, you will recognise that eternal fear of possibly being given a dress that most resembles an oversized toilet roll holder, and keeping your fingers crossed that they don’t choose a theme that resembles bo-peep. These days the rules for dressing bridesmaids has changed: No longer are you expected to all wear the same dress, same style or even the same colour. Versatility has become the latest trend in dressing your bridesmaids.

 photo Bridesmaidspic1_zps00d5897b.jpg

Bridesmaid dressing these days, is more geared up to each and every bridesmaid’s individual figure shapes, and even takes the time to consider skin tones, ages and personalities. Here at HQ we love the ideal of making your maids completely happy in their outfits – let’s face it their happy, smiley faces will look brilliant in the photos! So what can you do to keep your bridesmaids happy? Here are our top tips!

  • Mixing the fabric shades is a great way to not only create a really pretty line-up, but can match different skin tones and even hair colours. The same goes for picking dresses for flower girls – some girls don’t want to look too grown up or wear as restricting fabric as the older bridesmaids. Pinterest (www.pinterest.com)  is a great way for finding ideas on what shades to pick as your bridesmaids collective.

 photo Bridesmaidspic2_zps86aad496.jpg

  • Not one style will suit every shape of bridesmaid. Neckline can make such a difference to some dresses and look completely different on every girl. A sweetheart neckline is a great neckline for all size busts and can be completely flattering, however for the more endowed try adding straps for more support. The same goes for length. Some girls might not want to show their legs and therefore crave the longer length, but for the more petite girl a short, tea length dress can look great against other longer dresses.
  • More and more modern weddings are taking place early evening, this can open up a completely different look for your bridesmaids – darker more evening type shades of dress are popular, and a more party style of gown can complete the look nicely.
  • Budget friendly bridesmaid dress shopping is key – instead of opting for the more expensive option of having them made or bespoke ordered, try popping along with your maids for a day of girly shopping at your local high street. Debenhams and House of Fraser have great occasion wear sections that can save you some serious money on your tight budget!

How did you dress your bridesmaids?

Our Silk Wedding Flowers…

It’s all very good us sitting here telling how fab our flowers are but in reality when it comes to making the big decision of picking your wedding flowers words are a little meaningless. We take great pride in making sure the type of flowers we pick to go in our bouquets not only look good but have real meaning to them and it takes real work to make sure those flowers give you something a little more, adding a new level to not only your flowers but your wedding as a whole.

So, what flowers are on our books then? Well, the list is endless with us, but some are more popular than others, some have more meaning than others, and some are just show stoppers, but the even better thing with Sarah’s Flowers is that you can get any of our flowers all year round, none of this waiting to pick a flower in season. Our flowers are here for you, all year round.

Here are our favourite flower picks

 photo Ourweddingflowersblogpic1_600_zps90e10ace.jpg

1- £45.95 Bridesmaids Bouquet in White, Ivory and Pink Flowers


2- £50.60 Bridesmaids Bouquet Cream and Cerise Roses and Lavender


3- £104.50 Artificial Shower Bouquet with Mixed Roses & Lilies

The Rose:

Everyone’s classic wedding flower, the rose can do no wrong. It is worldly known that the rose means love and is often given to friends and loved ones as a sign of our feelings. An orange or coral coloured rose represents pure desire and passion, and a yellow rose means true friendship and obviously, a classic red is true, unadulterated love.
The rose is the most versatile flower as all its stages of flowering are equally as pretty, and roses will match well with nearly every other bloom. Most roses can be dyed to any shade and here at HQ we can make sure we create just the right shade of rose to suit your colour scheme or theme.

 photo Ourweddingflowersblogpic2_600_zpsb6ee3f64.jpg

1- 39.75 Pink Hydrangea & Ivory Rose Bridesmaids Wedding Posy Bouquet


2- 3.75 Hydrangea Wedding Buttonhole with Cornflower Bow


3- 69.58 Bridal Bouquet with Vintage Peony’s and Roses

The Hydrangea:

A personal favourite of ours, the Hydrangea is a well-rounded flower – the large flowers have lots of tiny blooms that give it the form of a mop head in appearance.  In real life the flower of a hydrangea can sometimes be determined by the type of soil it’s planted in, however instead of leaving it to luck, when you order from us you can take your pick of colour – we currently have six for you to choose from.
So what does the hydrangea mean? It symbolizes heartfelt emotions so pretty much perfect for your big day.

 photo Ourweddingflowersblogpic3_600_zps87904304.jpg

1- 39.95 Bridesmaids Bouquet in Mixed Silk Anemone with Beads


2-  £84.10 Grouped Flower Bridal Bouquet in Mixed Colours and Foliages


3- £40.70 Bridesmaids Bouquet in Silk Cerise Pink Anemone and Purple Handle

The Anemone:

We love the meaning of the Anemone – ‘unfading love’ how romantic does that sound? The anemone looks so delicate – with its thin, almost see-through light petals that in real-life are quite often too delicate to use as part of your wedding but with ours, they are silk, lasting you as long as you want them too – always looking fresh. The anemone catches people’s eyes and can make a good focal point for all bouquets as well as buttonholes.

 photo Ourweddingflowerspic4_600_zps67fa41be.jpg

1- 81.00 Brides Pink Mixed Bouquet with Cherry Blossom


2- 42.95 Wedding Cake Arrangement in Mixed Flowers


3- £51.15 Burgundy Roses, Pink Weeping Cherry Blossom Posy

The Cherry Blossom:

Part tree, part flower,  the Cherry Blossom is not your usual bouquet or wedding flower but can add a nice finishing touch to the top of, or inter woven through the bouquet. Know to Japan, the cherry blossom has come into its known, and there are well over 150 varieties. Giving a nice oriental feel to a wedding or bouquet, the woody stems with tiny rose coloured blooms that don’t quite look like anything else.

All our flowers are chosen with you in mind, we like to think our flowers will help tell your story.

When Wedding Flowers and Forever Crossed Paths

When you see a certain flower, you immediately wish that it lasts forever. Well, it’s not just a wish anymore. Sarah’s Flowers presents to you some of the most amazing artificial flowers, which, along with lasting for as long as you want them to, come in the most exquisite colours and shapes.

Of course, it remains a fact, that a magic that a real flower weaves cannot be beaten by anything else, but with changing times, it is important that one explores the realm of artificial and silk flowers as well. Where real flowers don’t last, and wilt in a few days, artificial ones are bound to last a very long time. It is commonly agreed that real flowers are the best for any occasions, it’s time to give the artificial ones a chance too. Let’s take a look at some aspects where artificial flowers would definitely be rated above real ones.

The Issue called Time

“Fair pledges of a fruitful tree, Why do ye fall so fast?”

These were the words of Robert Herrick as he described flowers, and their life and death. But, though nobody likes it, he did talk about them dying. With real flowers comes the problem of them wilting after a few days, and it is sometimes difficult to find the same ones again. Also, many flowers bloom only in a certain season, and they may not be available when you need them. There are also the changes in weather that flowers usually succumb to, and wilt. This is especially a problem when it comes to weddings, as everyone would like to see the flower decorations at their best, and to find and keep flowers that may not last long is a problem not so easily solved. This is where artificial and silk flowers come into the picture and make it a beautiful one. These silk beauties don’t depend on weather conditions, and whether it is sunny or rainy outside, there’s only one way these flowers will look – beautiful. At Sarah’s Flowers, we specialize in flowers of all shapes, colours and sizes. The major advantage with our faux flower bridesmaids posies is that, along with the lovely wedding pictures, you will always have a souvenir to remember all the old times. And though the times become old, our flowers will remain as new as ever.

Pollen and the Sneeze Attack

With real flowers comes real pollen, and more than real sneeze attacks. Many people fall ill in the spring due to the high amounts of pollen in the air, and hence, flowers, though beautiful, have caused a major scene. And how do we solve this problem? Well, of course, with artificial flowers! Since these flowers have no pollen at all, you can always enjoy dinner with beautiful flowers on the table and without a single sneeze!

Not So Heavy on the Pocket

Well, you did buy those lovely roses for your table, but you do know that you’ll have to keep replacing them, right? Not if they’re artificial! Not only do faux flowers take away the responsibility of replacement from your already long list, they are also available in a variety of shapes and designs. Along with being able to choose from a huge collection of every kind of flower available, you’ll also find that they are much cheaper than their real counterparts.



Easy Management

Real flowers need a lot of care and concern, and sometimes, it just becomes too difficult to handle the strong smell, which would perhaps be alright for a short while, but it becomes nauseating after a while. Also, when you need a certain kind of flowers for two weeks later, and the flower store nearby has a limited stock that lasts only till the evening, it becomes really difficult to answer the question of how and when you’ll be able to get them again. However, with artificial flowers, this question has been answered. If you need flowers for an occasion and the stocks don’t look like they’ll last long, you can always pre-order them, and keep them till the planned event. And since they aren’t real, the problem of the smell is also solved. Also, if you’re planning to take flowers for somebody who lives a couple of cities, or even countries away, you can always pack them in your bag, and they will stay as good as new.

Sarah’s Flowers : The Ultimate Bridal Flower Shop

They say marriages are made in heaven, and so it is, when all your floral arrangements look nothing less than heavenly! At Sarah’s Flowers, we put in our best foot, or rather hands, forward to make your wedding day even more special for you, with custom hand-made bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets and posies, corsages, buttonholes and much more. Let’s start with a little introduction to our various sections, which would, no doubt, pique your interest, now that you know that you can actually choose how you want flowers arranged for you on your wedding day.

Centre Stage : The Bride!

Since you did go all out on the dress, the shoes and the jewellery, there is that one last finishing touch that you need to give to the already beautiful bride for the Princess Effect. We have a wide range of artificial and silk flowers and an equally large collection of arrangements that are made keeping in mind the importance the occasion holds for the bride, while she steps into a new and a very beautiful phase called “Married Life”.  Our store includes posies and bouquets right from the bridal shower to the actual wedding, and what’s more? You can choose exactly how you want them! Not only do we have brides bouquets, but we also have alice bands and hair pins of varied shapes and sizes. We ensure maximum satisfaction for our clients by letting them opt for the kind of flowers, ribbons and other accessories, and since the flowers are long lasting, they make for a lovely memory along with the wedding  album.

The Man in Question : The Groom

He may have wooed the lovely  lady, but he still needs to look the perfect gentleman, since it is, after all, his wedding as well. And though, as popular belief states, there aren’t many options for men, we like to believe otherwise. It isn’t just about a simple flower on the pocket, but how to make the day special for the groom as well. And so, we present our wide variety of buttonholes, not just for the groom, but for the guests as well! And again, there is the option of custom made buttonholes to suit the groom and the guests best.

Sisters and Friends and Nieces : The Bridesmaids

Though they’re not the ones at the altar right now, they need to look amazing too. And with their lovely choice of attire, they  get to carry, wear flowers and pretty pins in their hair, which are specially crafted to give them a look that matches that of the bride. We offer a range of products from brooches, corsages, and alice bands to flower and gem studded combs and pearl pins to accessorize their lovely outfits. And guess what? We also have a collection for those who may be too young to even try on heels, starting with round posies, pomanders, and wands, and the best part is, there is always the option of mixing and matching the flowers and jewels available, which are again, plenty in number.

Counting Blessings : The Guests

Along with helping the bride and groom feel special, we also have plenty of accessories for the guests. There is a variety of brooches and corsages that you may like the guests to wear before, during and after the ceremony, as it adds to the closeness shared by all the guests and families present.

The Venue : Dressing it up too!

When it comes to a wedding, it’s not only the people involved who need to be worried about – there’s also the matter of the venue for the great event. It really counts when the location of the wedding is beautified according to one’s tastes, since it’s a once in a lifetime event, and makes for great memories. And since we have been chosen for two years in a row for the Best Wedding Florist Award, we know exactly how to bring about the fairy tale change in an otherwise normal looking place. We use hand-crafted top tables and table pails to adorn the tables along with wedding table party bubbles and table crystals, and a multitude of vase arrangements for the rest of the room, along with flower accessories and ribbons of different colours and sizes to embellish the beauty of the surroundings. The tables are given extra charm with some of our prettiest favour boxes and teddy bears that add to the cuteness factor. And if you find these to be a little too much, there’s always the option of choosing a simpler and more novel approach of using lottery card holders, of which we have a collection as well. If you wish to place placards to reserve places for some special people, we can help you with some of our very elegant looking card holders. The cake is also not left behind, as we offer some very pretty cake sprays, in a number of colours and flower designs. Our clients are at liberty to choose from a vast collection of such arrangements, and we would be more than happy to indulge them.

From Just a Wedding to a Colourful One!

What’s a wedding without a party? With party poppers and cannons, and a colourful assortment of table confetti, we make sure that a wedding is exactly how it is supposed to be – pretty, colourful and fun!

Welcome to the Wedding Day Calla Lily

Lilies are synonymous with weddings – the way they look almost pure in colour and texture, smooth and silky they are just perfect for weddings. Here at Sarah’s Flowers HQ we’ve been putting our heads together and coming up with some heavenly calla lily themed bouquets.

We work our hardest here at HQ to make sure that we come up with the best colour schemes – with colours that melt into each other, and flowers that look so realistic you would never know they weren’t real.  As well as creating the more traditional cream coloured lilies, our manufacturers have expertly dyed our lilies in more vibrant shades of tangerine, pink and purples. The great thing about our artificial wedding bouquets are the great value prices we offer, meaning you don`t need to pay a premium price to get premium quality wedding flowers  (there really is something for every couple and budget) and longevity (our bouquets will last you for years and years)

Here are some of our favourite Calla Lily combinations:

Tropical Bouquet with Calla, Gerbera and Orchids £47.50

 photo BridesmaidsTropicalBouquetwithCallaGerberaandOrchids_zpsf77da8e6.jpg

This sunny bouquet speaks volumes – with its gentle but vibrant combination of Gerbera’s and orchids the Call Lilies are part of our soft touch range of flowers – these flowers are as about real as well, the real thing! Mixed in with some thick ficsus leaves and ribboned handle this bouquet is a little ray of sunshine.

Rustic bouquet with orchids, roses and calla lilies

 photo RusticBridesBouquetwithOrchidsRosesandCamelia_zps50d0c93b.jpg

This bouquet again has the soft touch lilies but the colour scheme is very different from the above. With a gentle tonal colour scheme, the flowers have a real earthy rustic feel about them – with more classic colours such as ivory.

Purple peony, calla lilies and orchids

 photo BridesPurplePeonyCallaLiliesampOrchidsinaRoundBouquet_zpsa406e6a9.jpg

This bouquet is a sumptuous selection of purples – with a jewelled purple peonies, roses and soft touch purple calla lilies all underlined with small rose leaves, silk orchids with buds gently cascading down the handle.

Bright Yellow Calla Lily Wedding Bridesmaids Posy

 photo BrightYellowCallaLilyWeddingBouquetforaBridesmaid_zps508b5ad9.jpg

Its bold, its bright, its a stand out bouquet hand made from soft touch natural yellow calla lilies and an ideal way to add a sunshire colour into your wedding day and flowers, this posy also makes a wonderful beach wedding bouquet.

Have you thought about having calla lilies at your wedding?

Congratulations – you’re engaged! Planning List

It is that time of year, weddings ahoy and it is the ideal time to be popping the question! However once you’re engaged it can quite often seem like a complete whirlwind:  so much to plan, so much to arrange, to view, to try on and attempt to organise!  I don’t know about you but here at Sarah’s Flowers HQ, we don’t know how you all do it!  So we have put together a simple quick click guide to help begin your planning:

12 Months to go:

• Set your realistic budget with your fiancé and family
• Fix a date for your wedding – set a time and date to visit your priest if you need!
• Start to visit reception venues – these book out really quickly so being a fast mover helps!

11 Months to go:

• Send out Save the Date cards
• Book a photographer
• Look at caterers (if needed) and bands or discos
• Make appointments to try on the all-important wedding dresses!

10 Months to go:

• Choose your best man, ushers, bridesmaids etc
• Decide on your dress – allow a least 4 months for made to measure!
• Choose and order your bridesmaids outfits
• Start looking at honeymoon brochures – booking early is a good idea if wanting to go in high season

9 Months to go:

• Find a florist and discuss your flower requirements: including bridesmaids bouquets and any arrangements for church and reception.
• Confirm your menu and drink choices if using a outside caterer

8 Months to go:

• If getting married in a church, start to discuss with your minister about readings and music
• Order invitations and envelopes (allow for one invitation per married couple or family) Remember to order place cards, menus and seating plan if needed!

7 Months to go:

• Book transport to and from the wedding if needed
• Order a wedding cake
• Choose and order wedding favours

6 Months to go:

• Get the groom and ushers outfits sorted and ordered
• Choose presents for the main attendees
• Pick your wedding rings
• Confirm your order of service and have the guest booklets printed

5 Months to go:

• If you’re changing your name, allow for plenty of time to have your passport renewed – you’ll need to ask the officiating ministers or registrar to sign the application form for you.
• Go honeymoon shopping
• Book a hairdresser – have a discussion about you styles
• Book a make-up artist and trial appointments
4months to go:

• Find out if you need visas for your honeymoon
• Discuss hen and stag plans with your friends

3 Months to go:

• Make an appointment with a make-up expert to try out different looks for your big day.
• Book a wedding rehearsal with all those who are involved.
• Attend a reading of your wedding banns

2 Months to go:

• Send out invitations six weeks before the day and keep a list of acceptances and refusals
• Check with your fiancé that he has sorted the outfits, rings etc out
• Try on your whole wedding outfit – least if you forget anything, you have time to buy!
• Book any beauty treatments

1 Month to go:

• Confirm numbers for your caterers and venue and finalise seating plan
• Discuss special requests with your band or DJ
• Order any honeymoon currency
• Have your final cut and colour
• Have your hen and stag do! Time to party!

It may seem a lot to do, but with a year to do it in make sure you give yourself enough time to do it in and remember to take the time to enjoy doing it all!

DIY Wedding Tips to Truly Save Your £££s!

Before you think we’ve gone a little bit flat pack furniture on you, we‘re clearly only talking about DIY at your wedding! If time is on your side, why not get creative and get involved in some homemade ideas for you wedding. There are so many small or larger projects you can undertake at home, which will not only save you money but also be hugely fun! Rope in the Bridesmaids, family, anyone and get together and have a crafting weekend, just keep the wine minimum!
Here are our top tips for some DIY tricks:

• Recycling!

 photo DIY_pic2_zpsb8721a45.jpg

I’m sure more of you do this as we speak, but recycling various household items can create brilliant looks at your wedding. Old jam jars can look great with small bunches of flowers in them, or with lace stuck around and a candle put inside can look really cute on our tables. Old wine bottles can be saved up and used as centre pieces and Old jars can be used to present retro sweets on your sweet table. Get saving!

• Confetti!

 photo DIY_pic3_zpsee47f9c6.jpg

Bored of the old rose petals? Well how about punching out your own confetti from sheet of favourite love songs, books or even newspaper for a vintage theme. You can buy heart shaped hole punches for a cheap price – and overall they give a really nice, natural effect.

• Scrabble!

 photo DIY_Pic1_zps7a9dc79f.jpg

Collecting old scrabble pieces make for a great way to make name places for your tables. Just remember to write a list of exactly what letters you need and use Etsy or Ebay as sourcing for missing or additional letters.

• Felt fun!

 photo DIY_pic4_zpse5e6086d.jpg

Collecting or buying odd mis-matched pieces of felt can be used to make great wedding favours. Simply sew together and fill with lavender to make cute scented favours for your guests. Felt makes for great bunting too!

• Get Baking!

 photo DIY_pic5_zps172c4706.jpg

Getting into the kitchen and baking away is a great way to contribute to your wedding. Biscuits as wedding favours, cupcakes for the guests, or homemade boiled sweets for the sweet table – come with your own flavours especially for the bride and groom to make it really stand out!

There are so many ways to add a certain diy/ homemade touch to your wedding and sometimes the small intricate details can really make a wedding seem more personal.

If you fancy getting involved in some DIY – remember to plan in advance! It can take up to eight months to get everything fully finished when doing it yourself, and remember: practise makes perfect! Especially if baking! Enjoy!

Wedding Blooms for the Flowergirls…

For us girls, do you remember playing dress up for pretend weddings? Using net curtain as a veil, putting your mother’s shoes on and pretending to walk up the aisle that was the space between the two sofas? It is every young girls dream to be part of a wedding – they get to be involved in everything, have their hair done and wear a really pretty dress. Whether you’re asking a daughter, young niece, sister or friends daughter you’re bound to be making their very young dreams come true but the question is, what sort of flowers do you give them?

Flower Pomanders

We love how the flower pomanders look when carried by a young bridesmaid. Unlike Posies, it doesn’t have to be held at any particular height and you don’t have to worry about the angle at which the pomander is held for it to look good. All the lovely little girl has to do is slip the ribbon round her wrist! And remember to get the ribbon to match your colour scheme to really tie in.

 photo Flowergirl_pic1_zpsa627d836.jpg

1 – Powder pink rose Bridesmaid wedding pomander

2- Pink orchid and cream rose wedding pomander

3 – Light orange silk gerberas wedding pomander

Flower Baskets

A sweet and inexpensive idea for the little-uns is to buy a cheap, perhaps old looking small basket with longer handles,that you can fill with either petals or smaller flowers. This looks so cute when it is being carried up the aisle and the handle can be decorated with ribbons in the same colour as the flower girls sashes.
And if the little one tired of carrying the basket, it’ll make a great decorative item in the wedding venue!

Round Posies

A small flower posy is the more traditional bouquet for the flower girl and it looks so cute if it becomes a smaller echo of the Brides bouquet. Variety is key here, you can have pretty much anything you like in this smaller bouquet, but keep the size small so they aren’t too heavy for the smaller girls.

 photo Flowergirl_pic2_zps0e7d07b6.jpg

1 – Ivory roses and burgundy satin small roses posy

2Mixed colour bright posie

3 – Ivory and cerise pink posie


A favourite of Sarah’s Flowers, these Wands are perfect for your little flower girls – easy to carry, are lightweight, cute and really fun for the flowergirls to carry and play with! And if that wasn’t enough these are super cheap!

 photo Flowergirl_pic3_zpsb9f1e51d.jpg

1 – Ivory Silk gerbera Wand

2Rose anemone Wand

3Lily flower girl wand

Flowergirls are a really wonderful addition to your wedding and we think that by choosing any one of the above will make every little girls dreams come true!

Spring Bridesmaids Wedding Bolds…

Following our last post and theme of everything bold, now is the time for those Bridesmaids dresses to get in on the action. Now is most definitely not the time to shy away: the colour schemes are bold and vivacious. Bridesmaids aren’t normally the ones that are to be looked at, but with this Spring seasons colour schemes it’s the Bridesmaids that are causing the head turning:


Purples are used a lot in weddings but normally the more fail safe lavender options, or the even dusky almost cream purples. This Spring/Summer the purple tone has to be jewel like. Bright and punchy this purple themed bridesmaids dress doesn’t have to overpower. Keep the floral bouquets plain – think plain creams, finish the look with minimal jewellery or accessories.

Purple bridesmaids dress colours blog

1- Chiffon sleeveless v-neck dress £129 http://www.simplebridesmaiddresses.co.uk
2- Severene Short Dress £150 Coast http://www.coast-stores.com
3- Grape Sweetheart Bandeau dress £79 http://www.simplebridesmaiddresses.co.uk


Green is an obvious choice when it comes to fresh new Spring weddings, but instead for opting safe mint tones, try going for metallic greens and grassy, earthy tones.  Greens looks especially good when teamed with other jewel like colours, even purple. Try matching your green to the type of dress – contemporary shapes look better in lighter, fresher greens, whilst classic shapes suit the stronger tones.

Green bridesmaids dress colours blog

1- Goddess Maxi dress £180 Coast http://www.coast-stores.com
2- Satin sweetheart neckline short dress £89 Magic dress http://www.magicdress.co.uk
3- Anna Jade Satin dress £24 BHS http://www.bhs.co.uk


This year, choose a punchy blue. One that is almost regal. The intensity of this blue really will make the bridesmaids sparkle – this is one for the more fearless. Try teaming a contrasting colour on the bouquet for a real eye catching twist with fuscia pink.

Blue bridesmaids dress colours blog

1- Chiffon on shoulder £88 Magic dress http://www.magicdress.co.uk
2- Hobbs Invitation Tegan Maxi Dress £179 http://www.johnlewis.com
3- Stefana Tapework dress £160 Phase Eight http://www.debenhams.com

We all love these bright and beautiful colours schemes for bridesmaids, what colour will yours be wearing?

The Peony has its wedding day….

It’s official Brides and Bridegrooms, the humble peony is on fine form this year, oh yes, 2013 is the year of the peony.  I know some of you may be looking at me blankly and wondering what the hell I’m talking about but seriously, the sometimes dismissed peony has been the most requested fresh flower for two years, but the classic peony is only in season for two months out of the year – makes for a problematic choice right? Well, no. Sarah’s Flowers has your solution 365 days a year!

Y’see we have endless selections of peonies, in every colour, every style, and in every combination – we have literally solved every peony-related problem!  At Sarah’s Flowers we love the peony; it’s a flower that is both simple but effective and eye-catching. With its soft features, there is something very romantic about the flower – classically simple, all that is needed is the right colour, and the right bouquet – this is where we come in.

Peony, Orchid and Trachelium Bridal Bouquet
Peony, Orchid and Trachelium Bridal Bouquet

This round bouquet is bursting to the seams with cream peonies that are layered and light green peony leaves, to finish the bouquet off with pink orchids and ivory trachelium – a perfect serene looking bouquet. Priced at £56

 Purple Orchids & White Rose Wedding Bouquet in Artificial Flowers
Purple Orchids & White Rose Wedding Bouquet in Artificial Flowers

This is a great example of a coloured peony and not being afraid of packing the flower choices into just one bouquet. Featuring white roses, purple peonies, purple orchids, and purple trachelium and if that wasn’t enough there is pretty green foliage to make this bouquet really pack a punch. Priced at £62.50

 Grooms Artificial Vintage Cream Peony Buttonhole with Pearls
Grooms Artificial Vintage Cream Peony Buttonhole with Pearls

I love this exquisite coloured handmade peony buttonhole. This vintage cream peony is just beautiful and would be perfect for a vintage themed wedding. We like to think the colour makes this particular peony look so delicate. Don’t forget we can create the same peony in a bouquet if you wish, just pop us a custom order requirement form through. Priced at £5.25

 Ivory Peony Bridesmaids Bouquet
Ivory Peony Bridesmaids Bouquet

This Bridesmaids bouquet is all about peony because quite simply, it is only peonies in the bouquet. Delicate ivory in colour with a sheer ivory organza bow and really pretty pearl detail, a total snip priced at only £28.00

It’s about time the peony had its day that’s for sure, and doesn’t it look pretty! Would you choose a peony for your wedding day?

New Year – New weddings…

Happy New Year everyone! We can’t believe that another year has passed us by and here we are, welcoming in 2013, where has the time gone?! We hope you all had a fabulous Festive season and for those of you who had a Wintery wedding, we hope you done so in style!

Now the turkey is all gone, the mince pies all eaten and the Christmas tree is down, it is time for us here at HQ to look forward to all things ‘wedding’ for the new year – Don’t tell anyone, but it’s our favourite time of year!  It’s time for us to get working on some fab new designs and ideas to really make your weddings in 2013 look beautiful whilst still being excellent value for money.

First up is the latest trends – Everything will be going a lot more ‘pretty’ this year. From the dress designs to the colour schemes there is a real air of ‘fairytale’ and prettiness – we’re thinking lots of feminine pinks and lilac’s, some of the roses almost look fragile and here at HQ, we like to think we’ve stepped up to the mark with some of our Bridal and Bridesmaids bouquets:

New Year Wedding Flowers Blog
Brides Mixed Bouquet in a Selection of Artificial Flowers

This bouquet is delicately coloured with pink orchids, ivory open Isabel roses, pink cherry blossom and lilac cottage roses. This bouquet is versatile enough for all kinds of theme weddings and would work perfectly for a more vintage themed wedding. Priced at £57.50 this large, captivating bouquet  is real value for money.

New Year Wedding Flowers Blog
Bridesmaids Wedding Flower Bouquet with Mixed Flowers

This Bridesmaids bouquet has to be one of our favourite new additions: With sumptuous silk peonies and delicate pink orchids, both the colours of these flowers work well with the soft green or the peony leaves. It’s hard to believe that this bouquet is for a Bridesmaid but remember we can match this style and make it into a custom order, just for you.

New Year Wedding Flowers Blog
Bridal bouquet in Ivory and Pink Roses with Loops of Pearls

Classic and sublime, this style of bouquet will never age. We have worked hard to achieve a real softness in colour with these soft pink roses, we think they look slightly like a marshmellow – good enough to eat! As well as the roses looking gorgeous, along the handle of the bouquet you will find small rose leaves and loops of pearls, this particular bouquet is priced at £47.00

New Year Wedding Flowers Blog

Soft Touch Guest Buttonhole with a Pink Rose

Buttonholes for the guests are often overlooked as sometimes they can be pricy to get a flower to match in with the rest of the wedding. Along the same theme, these cute buttonholes not only look soft, but are also from our soft-touch range. True to a real rose, these buttonholes want to be touched, with a delicate openness to the rose, these will really make all your guests feel truly part of the wedding.

This is just a mere snippet of what is new and up and coming in the year 2013 for Sarah’s Flowers, Call it our New Year resolution to you, this year we will continue to work hard to fulfil your expectations, providing you a superb level of service (the type you should expect on your wedding day) and value for money. Over the next couple of weeks we will be looking at the big trends of 2013 for dresses, colour choices and even themes and if that wasn’t enough for you, we are getting to the nitty gritty and giving you some top tips of ways to save for your big day.

Until then, let us hear your New Year Resolutions!

Wonderful Winter Weddings and it’s colours….

Winter itself is a bit of a feast for the senses: whether it’s by sight, smell or touch, everything about Winter is always very sumptuous. Scents of spice, cinnamon and nutmeg linger in the air and colour is used dramatically in Winter. Gone are the safe options of Spring/Summer with pastel tones, Winter is all about grown up colours. The only issue you can have, is picking the perfect tone for a Winter wedding.

I know many people who are not always 100% sure as to what colour to go with when planning your wedding and here at Sarah Flowers HQ have spent many a conversation picking our fave Winter colours and here we show you our top 4 and how to use them

Romantic Red

Obviously red is a very lively symbol of romance and love but at Christmas, red is used a lot! Despite red being so obviously romantic it is a real statement colour and that can most definitely put some people off – well, it’s time for you to not shy away. A simple but effective use of red is dressing up the chair sashes: use a bright red sash with bright white chair covers – like our Red organza Ribbon

Winter weddings blog
40 x Red Organza Ribbon Pew End Sash Bows

How about flashing a glimpse of red with some sexy red-soled Christian Louboutin’s – guaranteed to make your day extra special *insert pic1*
Or go for red in your flower choices – this is something we do especially well! Go all out red orfor subtle hints.

Winter weddings blog

Winter weddings blog
1, Bridesmaids Bouquet in Red and Ivory Flowers with a Hint of Orange
2, Deep Red & Ivory Silk Tulip Brides Wedding Bouquet

Glorious Gold

Gold really makes for a luxurious look at a wedding and looks amazing when the light catches it. It’s glamour all the way when you use gold at a Winter wedding. The only thing people tend to worry about is how much you use gold in your wedding: Too much and it goes a little too ‘Wag’ and too little the scheme could be a little wishy washy.  First and foremost gold looks great when used as table confetti at the reception

Winter weddings blog
1, 10 Bags of Large Gold Wedding Bell Shaped Confetti
2, Gold Just Married Shaped Wedding Confetti

How about choosing gold chiffon dresses for your Bridesmaids, or go for heavy use gold with the jewellery and hair clips.

Winter weddings blog

Go for a metallic effect on the make up to finish the looks off.



Wild Green

Not everyone’s first choice for a colour scheme at the wedding, but there is something really delectable about using a green tone at a Winter wedding. Natural in its tone, using green foliage in your bouquets and flowers helps create depth at your wedding with its varying textures. You want to give the illusion of a forest, teamed with wood/bark colours the varying tones of green can make for some pretty spectacular photos.

Winter weddings blog
1, Apple Green & Ivory Bridesmaids Brooch Bouquet
2, Green Orchid, White Rose & Cream Peony Bridal Bouquet

Try green and natural stationery/namecards etc for a subtle use

Winter weddings blog

Classic Navy and blue

Despite it being a failsafe option, Navy  and blue is classic for a reason – giving off a real air of sublime, using navy doesn’t have to be boring. The beauty with using navy is the fact you get to use it as a basis for a blank canvas – try teaming it with several different colour options: think a chocolate brown.

Blue based cocktails are always a clever way to incorporate a new use for blue – think blueberry martini’s

Winter wedding blog

Or even try blue cupcake cases or blue decoration to your wedding cakes

Winter weddings blog

And despite there not being any natural blue flowers, try our bouquets with accents of blue to really fulfil your colour scheme

Winter weddings blog
Bridesmaids Blue Rose Posy Bouquet with Thistles

Winter weddings blog
1, Ivory Rose, Thistle, Heather & Navy Blue Bow Wedding Posy
2, Thistle, Heather & Ivory Rose Scottish Style Wedding Bouquet

There you have it, our top 4 Winter wedding colours – what are your faves?

Its Back, The beautiful but spiky thistle…

We know that the humble thistle isn’t what people would normally consider a ‘typical’ wedding flower but this slighty spiky flower is proving to be a little more popular than you imagine!

Our Sarah’s Flowers thistle has been unfortunately out of stock for the majority of the Summer season but these guys are now back in stock and are ready for you to purchase! We all know that a wedding is full of sensual colours and romantic textures – and they all result in feelings of love, something the thistle is not very well known for. With its sharp prickles that can appear over the stem and flat part of the leaves, a lot of people don’t see past it’s prickly nature, when in fact the thistle have the most beautiful flower head and colour schemes. Now before you all go out and scratching your hands by collecting some thistles for your own bouquet, how about you have a gander at the way we do thistles!

Thistle wedding blog
Ivory Rose, Thistle, Heather & Navy Blue Bow Wedding Posy

This brides bouquet of Ivory roses, heather and thistles is a great introduction to the thistle family. Teaming the soft and delicate foam roses with the harder purple toned thistles, they create a deep looking bouquet that really showcase just what the thistle can do. Teamed with a navy ribbon throughout the bouquet and on the handle, Oh and did I mention that it costs only £42.38

This bouquet would look amazing with matching purple tones thistle buttonholes.

Thistle wedding blog

Purple Thistle & White Heather Crystal Buttonhole

This buttonhole with white heather and delicate crystals – this would also make for great memento for your guests too.

Thistle wedding blog

Thistle, Heather & Ivory Rose Scottish Style Wedding Bouquet

Going for the true Scottish style, this bouquet is just perfect. Along with the white heather and ivory organza, there is the addition of the thistle and mixed foliage of thistle leaves and green rose leaves. This bouquet would look just amazing for the more traditional Scottish wedding, or even for a natural feel wedding.

And don’t forget if you wish to include our soft thistle into any of your bouquet ideas then just get in touch. We offer a fully bespoke bouquet service to give you exactly what you want in your bouquet – no paying extra for flowers in season or for type of flower, we can help you get the bouquet of your dreams – go on we don`t bite, so why not get in contact with us.

Softly, softly… Soft Touch Wedding Flowers

We’ve been working hard over the years to perfect our bouquets and make the artificial flowers look as close to real (of which we think we’ve perfected) at HQ we are like a mad scientist’s lab, always looking for ways to make our artificial flowers better than anyone elses, introducing the Soft Touch range.

Oh yes, our new soft touch range is made specifically to look and feel just like a real fresh rose. Delicate and velvety petals, these new roses are so soft, that in fact we would go as far to say they are ‘rub on the face’ good. Now obviously we don’t ask that you go round rubbing these bouquets on your face all day long, but these new bouquets really do add an extra dimension to your bouquet – there is nothing nicer than gently rubbing your fingers along a real rose, it always feels so soft, delicate, almost velvety, and well, we have managed to perfect this with our artificial roses. The best thing is you get to keep this soft velvety feeling for life!

We have a selection of Bridesmaids bouquets:

Sarah's flowers wedding blog
Blue and White Bridemaids Bouquet in Blue Soft Touch Roses £36.70

Sarah's flowers wedding blog
 Bridesmaids Artificial Posy Bouquet in Pink Soft Touch Roses £35.50

Both of these bouquets are priced no more than £37 so are not only soft on the eye but also on the purse strings.

Or for something a little more glamorous these beaded Bridesmaid’s bouquets are stunning to look at, have you seen the collar of pearls on the handle?

Sarah's flowers wedding blog
Ivory and Pink Bridesmaids Bouquet with Diamantie Stones £46.00

And remember you can get matching items by simply contacting us here at HQ and we can arrange a bespoke order for you to match your requests exactly. Aren’t we good to you.  

We also offer all our soft touch roses for sale as single samples so you can try before yo buy and sample the softness for yourself for just a small sample price.

If that wasn’t enough, we have spread the love (or softness) onto our Bridal bouquets and guest button holes – why not contact us to discuss what softness we can bring to your wedding, either via email sales@sarahsflowers.co.uk or via our online contact form seen under the ‘Contact Us’ tab on the site. Go on, we love to hear from you!

Sparkle, Sparkle and Wedding Flowers…

Along with getting in touch with our more wintry side, the HQ at Sarah’s Flowers have been getting all sparkly!

Maybe we’ve been over-doing it by watching too much Strictly (addictive viewing right?) or maybe it’s because Christmas is getting closer, but all in all, we have been hooked on all things spangly and have beem on the look out for all things sparkly to adorn the female wedding party. Granted there are copious shops along the high street that can help bejewel the wedding congregation but there is nothing nice about being generic on your wedding day. We like to think of each wedding and each bride to be individual and special and therefore deserving of jewellery to match this feeling, and this is exactly the vibe we get from the following site: Rose and Aster  www.roseandaster.com* created and run by the rather fabulous Sarah (great name!) Spence and launched in 2010 Sarah took a dream and made it into reality by setting up her gorgeous jewellery shop online and all run from her log cabin showroom in the Chilterns. Along with jewellery that you’ll want to wear on an everyday basis, Sarah’s range of affordable but luxurious bridal jewellery is second to none.

With everyone’s belts being tightened, we know that people are looking towards more affordable options when planning their wedding, and despite the jewellery looking nice on the day, not everyone has a massive budget. This where Rose and Aster fit into the market! All of us at Sarah’s Flowers have been eyeing up nearly everything on the site and here are our favourites:

Sarahs flowers blog
Art Deco crystal and pearl drop earrings

These two tier earrings look like they have been passed down from generation to generation. With stunning dramatic crystal placed at the top of the earrings all leading down to the very pretty drop of the pearls. These will create a real statement for the bride and would look amazing either with the hair pulled up or left cascading down.

Sarahs flowers blog
http://www.roseandaster.com/blank/crystal-ivy-necklace/ *
Crystal Ivy inspired necklace

We just love the look of this vintage-esque necklace that sits higher up on the neckline. With a classic and timeless feel this necklace will create a striking look when paired with a strapless gown.

Sarahs flowers blog
Crystal and flower pearl bracelet

This bracelet is a brilliant option for Brides and bridesmaids alike. Simple and extremely delicate this one row of ivory glass pearls with flower crystal will not only look stunning on all your bridesmaids but it will also make an affordable gift that will be worn again and again.

Sarahs flowers blog
Vintage style crystal lotus flower hair clip

This is perfect for those ‘up-dos’ instead of favouring hiding the clips this crystal lotus flower clip looks exceptional for your big day. Heavily covered in crystals yet still looking delicate – a hard combination to pull off.

Overall we are big fans of Rose and Aster here at Sarah’s Flowers: affordable luxury for us all.

Go check out the website at: www.roseandaster.com or follow her twitter: @roseandaster

*please note: all photo’s courtesy of Rose and Aster’s website*

Autumn Wedding Bouquets and Celebrations…

Its hard to ignore the gentle pitter patter of rain on the windows of Sarah’s Flowers HQ, and with Autumn right upon us now, changing our wardrobe isn’t the only thing we are looking forward to doing, oh no, we like to properly celebrate the arrival of new seasons and give something to each and every one of you, and this Autumn is no exception, not only do we have a new selection of bouquets but we have another special offer for you, I know, ANOTHER!

First up is our ever expanding range of Handtied Brides Bouquets – we have so much choice it is sometimes a little hard for even us to pick our favourites, but here are some we like to think are the cream of the crop:

Brides Mixed Handtied Wedding Bouquet in Silk Flowers

This bouquet is at the top of the list for all those autumn weddings. Featuring golden yellow sunflowers, light delicate pink gerbera’s, ivory tulips, red roses, and some vibrant orange gerbera’s – all carefully handtied together and finished with some earthy tones of green fiscus leaves with orange and yellow ribbon. This would look fab teamed with off-white gown with golden bridesmaids gowns.
Sarahs flowers wedding blog

Grouped Flower Bridal Bouquet in Mixed Coloursand Foliages

This bouquet is a fresh, modern and different take on the traditional bouquet. A grouped together bouquet by flowers – nice tightly packed pockets of flowers grouped together by colour and group – it’s a real eye catcher and makes choosing corresponding colour themes in your wedding easier to match.
Sarahs flowers wedding blog

Green Orchid, White Rose & Cream Peony Bridal Bouquet

This bouquet makes all of us want to ride off on a white horse into the sunset! With a real airy feel with the white chloe roses and bright vibrant apple green orchids – whimsical and youthful this bouquet would really suit a vintage and ethereal themed wedding.
Sarahs flowers wedding blog

Purple and Ivory and Pink Silk Gerbera Wedding Bouquet

This bouquet’s main feature is the swirling ivy collared around the base of the bouquet. This bouquet screams perfection – the Ivory roses are a bright contrast against the purple anemone and the handle is laced in pink sheer organza – I envisage this bouquet teamed with a full skirted dress with the gentlemen all wearing ivy buttonholes.
Sarahs flowers wedding blog

Not only do we have all of these but there are plenty more choices on the website with new bouquets added every week, and before you all think that’s it in the way of our autumn celebrations then how about us offering you a bumper 15% off EVERYTHING when you place an order. All you have to do is enter the code OCT812 at the checkout and ta-da! You save yourself some extra money to spend on those heating bills!

Fab Brand New Hair Combs for Both Brides & Bridesmaids

Showcasing 4 of our brand new artificial wedding day hair combs that would be suitable for both brides and bridesmaids.

Hair Comb one

A lovely delicate hair comb, with light ivory pearls, beads and clear seed beads.
The beads form a beautiful bow with trails, the edge of comb is covered in ivory sheer organza.

The stunning hair comb was featured in Wedding ideas Magazine issue 113, on page 231

Measurements of Pearl Bow
Width:-2.5 inches
Length:- 2 inches

Sarah's Flowers Hair Comb Blog

Hair Comb two

Bright and bold is this stunning cerise pink stargazer lily hair comb,
featuring in this wedding hair comb is a stargazer lily in a bright pink and white colour.
With the stem and comb ribbonedin pink sheer organza ribbon.

Measurements just the stargazer
Width:- 8 inches
Length:- 5 inches

Sarah's Flowers Hair Comb Blog

Hair Comb three

A tropical coral orange wedding day hair comb,
featuring in this haircomb is a stunning bright coral orange silk orchid.
The combhas a small coral organza bow and the comb has matching ribbon.

Width:- 3 inches
Length:- 3 inches

This hair comb has also been featured in Wedding Ideas Magazine, Issue 113 on page 283.

Sarah's Flowers Hair Comb Blog

Hair Comb four

A another tropical style hair comb, this time with two silk pink orchids.

Width:- 3 inches
Length:- 4.5 inches

Sarah's Flowers Hair Comb Blog

Welcome to our newbies…

Whilst you lot have been ‘oohing and awwing’ over the Olympics, here at HQ we have been putting our pedal to the metal and putting together some new, and dare I say it, amazing new items for you all to enjoy. 

As well as the amazing brooch bouquets that we featured on the blog we have been coming with many more ingenious ideas to make your wedding bouquets even more special than ever before – armed with copious amounts of tea and a smattering of cake (for sustenance of course) we’ve been brainstorming like never before, in fact we think we should win a gold medal for this alone, and we are now really happy to show you the latest additions to our Sarah’s Flowers family:


The handmade Bead and Pearl bouquets  

Gone are the flowers being the centre of attention, this time we have created a bouquet that is both delicate and show stopping all at the same time. Both of these bouquets are made with ivory pearls, white beading and crystals – I keep finding myself taking a double look everytime I see these bouquets. They are not only really beautiful, they also manage to look innovative but we worked hard to still make them classic looking. We have two in the range at the moment, with the smaller priced at £95 and the larger bouquet priced at £195 these will make a great addition to the more vintage, classical themed wedding and I can ensure you that these will be talking points!




The Exquisite range: the Pearl and Crystal loops


This range is brand spanking new and we can barely contain ourselves! We have taken our normal bouquets and ramped the style up by thousands! A larger domed shaped bouquet is literally filled to the brim with loveliness: Cerise open Isabel roses with a shimmering glass diamante, claret/purple peonies, dusky lilac gerbera’s, velvet deep red roses, peridot green hydrangea and ivory trachelium all finished off with a beautiful ribboned organza handle with matching bow and handmade loops of ivory pearls and crystals. This is the only bouquet you need right now, this is the gold to our collection.



The Bridesmaid’s turn


We just had to show you this absolutely beautiful bouquet which is for the Bridesmaid’s this time. Catching your eyes first is the zingy green of this small bouquet, it has a real air of ‘fresh’ ideal for the younger bridesmaids, this is a real modern take on a classic. With ivory classic roses, peridot green hydrangeas and finishing off with the feminine pink silk orchids. The handle is silk wrapped with matching bow and overall this bouquet is a really nice addition to our collection and allows the Bridesmaids to have a little something different on the special day.


We hope you like our new bouquets as much as we do. Here at Sarah’s Flowers we really do relish the opportunity to hear your thoughts or feedback, so how about telling us what you’d like to see more of and why. Armed with more cake I’m sure we can come up with some stunners!

Life-long cherry blossom…

We all know that the modern bride likes to change her mind, and we all know that in this day and age having your wedding ‘different’ from everyone else’s is a selling point rather than being a negative in the days gone by. Whether it be the bride’s dress, the grooms shoes, the décor at the reception, food choices or even choice of music, and I don’t know about you, but not always do these ‘varied’ choices pay off – think Jordan’s toilet roll holder dress, that wasn’t such a smart idea right!? One area you can choose to push the boundaries is your flowers, the detail in your flowers is always slightly more subtle than say, your dress, meaning going for that added ‘something’ in your flower choices, usually pays off. 

Here at HQ we have been a little bit overly excitable, not just for the sun showing its head, but for the opportunity to show off some new flowers in our ranges and these three bouquets certainly add a certain something ‘different’ to the normal flowers with a little help from cherry blossom. Normally used in an ‘oriental’ theme, Cherry blossoms are beautiful, delicate and somewhat tricky to grow and are used even more rarely in wedding flowers due to the inability to make them last, but here at Sarah’s Flowers we have them here for you, 

First up is the Chloe cream Bridal bouquet with orchid cherry blossom CHL77

Chloe Cream Bridal Bouquet with Orchids Cherry Blossom


This bouquet just screams ‘look at me’ with its delicate cream diamante roses that act as a traditional background to the vibrant deep purple of the orchids, all delicately covered with stunning pink weeping cherry blossom. With the handle carefully covered in luxury organza and fastened with the addition with a sparkling diamante. This bouquet looks delicate, dainty and feminine.


Secondly the cherry blossom, orchid and rose bridesmaid bouquet CHEI11

Cherry Blossom, Orchid and Rose Bridesmaids Bouquet


This bouquet is my personal favourite – it really zings and would really suit a spring time wedding. Light blue and cream roses, matched with a girly pink orchid and the cherry blossom gently working their way round the buds. Underneath the bouquet, features a lush earthy green fiscus and finished with a bow.


Lastly the Pink Cherry blossom roses and trachelium bridesmaid’s bouquet SIL02856

Pink Cherry Blossom Roses and Trachelium Bridesmaids Bouquet

This bouquet is stunning and even though it is for Bridesmaids, would look absolutely stunning matched with a cascading bride bouquet. As well as the traditional cream rose, there is a real punch with the vibrant cerise pink rose. Add in some sumptuous purple lavender and once again, all finished with the cherry blossom. The cerise handle really gives this bouquet some definition.

Aren’t they all gorgeous?! We can’t stop staring at them here in HQ and it has helped cherry blossom play a vital part in forming some special looking bouquets with the added bonus of being able to keep cherry blossom alive far longer than the natural kind.

Do you like cherry blossom?

Back in time with Sarah’s Flowers…

It’s July and Sarah’s Flowers get really excited around this time of year and not just because it’s Summer and the elusive English sun may peek its head out, it is all about the Wedding season for us! After months and months of planning, many couples out there will be tying the proverbial knot surrounded by all their family and friends, with elegant dresses and sumptuous décor galore! This is where our team at Sarah’s Flowers really excel – giving you and your own theme it’s certain something.

Over the years the trends for various themes of weddings have been diverse – Some people choose a traditional ivory wedding theme, some people go for glitz and glamour with gold and some even choose black and white, and as of late I’m sure you have noticed some go for the ‘bigger the better ‘ Thanks for that ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’, but as of late there has been a theme that many couples are going for, or should I say ‘going back to’ and that is Vintage. 

When I say Vintage I don’t just mean wearing an old family heirloom wedding dress, these people are going all out, from the table decorations, to wedding favours to invites, the list is endless. People are keen to go back to the generation where wedding days were all about the love and not the materialistic things, people wanted memories to hold onto, be surrounded by their family members and share the special moments in a simple, decadent way and most of all they wanted to have a wedding like their great grandmothers and fathers, of days gone by and when life was simpler.

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The team at Sarah’s Flowers love a good vintage themed wedding and think flowers, really help give this ‘back to the traditional’ type feel: think lashings of lace with our Large Ivory vintage lace roll  used for the reception tables and even as drapes around the church. Strips of lace can be weaved into the hair style of the bridesmaids; you can never have too much! Combining this with Sparkling pearls and choosing ivory instead of white, our Ivory pearl and rose wedding bouquet  is the perfect choice for the blushing bride and teamed with our Bridesmaids Isabel Ivory Flower Wand  simple yet classy – the wands are even super easy for the younger bridesmaids to hold onto. And for the all-important men, our Ivory rose and pearl buttonhole  help make the men into Gentlemen.

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Sarah’s Flowers know how to do a vintage themed wedding that’s for sure, and one of the most vintage things about a Sarah’s Flowers wedding is you get to keep every single flower for life, meaning the artificial flowers will stay with you for years to come and possibly carry on the vintage theme by passing them down the generations!

Are you having a theme at your wedding?
What are your thoughts about wedding themes and what are your favourites?

Too much to choose from and don`t know what to pick, need help with your bridesmaids flowers.

Bridesmaids Handtied Round Posy Bouquet
These bouquets are easy to carry, and because they are artificial they are light in weight, they are a fantastic
present for the bridesmaid to keep as keepsake from your special day, and as shown in the real bride testimonial below can last for years after.

“Hi Sarah,

I got my flowers for my wedding in November 2010 from yourselves and they were amazing. Myself and my bridesmaids still have their flowers, mine are in a vase on my fire place and still look as stunning as the day i got them.

Thanks for everything

The bridesmaids bouquets have a ribbon covered handle which can be in matching or contrasting ribbon with a ribbon bow at the top of the handle.
Bridesmaids bouquets are round with a slight domed shape on top of the bouquet.
Some of our brides do opt to have the maid of honour bouquet a little larger then the other bridesmaids but not as big as the
brides. Depending on the age range of your bridesmaids eg if you have adults and children you might have to choose items that
match but are a little smaller in size. Or you might choose to have adult bridesmaids with bouquets and the younger flower girls with wands.
You do have the options of having a smaller bouquet to match the older bridesmaids.
All though brides sometimes choose to have different coloured bridesmaids dresses you could keep with the same style but change the colour to tie in with the dresses.

Sarah's flowers blog post bridesmaids posies

Wrist Corsages
Bridesmaids look gorgeous with all matching wrist corsages, the wrist corsages are elasticated with an ivory pearl band or tied on with a colour matching ribbon to the wrist.
You can opt to have both a bouquet and a wrist corsage on to save them from carrying there bouquets all day and while they are socialising with everybody at the wedding reception everybody will get a close up of how beautiful your wedding flowers are.

Sarah's flowers blog post wrist corsages

Flowergirl Wands
These are very popular choice with younger bridesmaids because they look like beautiful fairy wands and won`t mind holding them,  they are also very light for them to hold.
If using a wand for an older bridesmaid you may need to have a three headed flower wand as a single flower would look a little
We also make the wands in two lengths, standard total length would be 10 inches but we can also make a shorter 6 inch size for younger children.

Sarah's flowers blog flower girl wands

Pomanders are round like a ball shape and can be referred too as a flower ball, with a loop of ribbon to make them very easy to carry they can either be looped over the wrist or carried with the handle in the hand. Our model shown in the photo is 7 years old, but pomanders are also suitable for both older children and adult bridesmaids but look especially adorable with younger bridesmaids.

Sarah's flowers blog pomanders