Tips for Healthy Winter Skin with K Spa Manager Lyudmyla Nagirnyak

This would make an ideal hen party day out or just as a treat for the stressed out bride leading up to the big day…

As the warm weather draws to a close, so too does our bronzed summer skin. In the midst of the chilly weather and low humidity levels, one area that seems to suffer most is our face. Fortunately K Spa Manager, Lyudmyla Nagirnyak (shortlisted for Hotel Cateys Spa Professional of the Year 2016), has lent her top tips on how to keep our faces looking fresh this winter season.  Below, Lyudmyla advises us on how best to achieve a rosy winter glow.


  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle

A nutritional diet plus regular exercise is the recipe for good skin. If you take one away, the equation is ruined. Doing regular exercise means your blood circulation is boosted and a good diet means your body receives all the essential nutrients you need to keep your skin healthy.

  • Chapped lips

Interestingly, your lips are the first place that dehydration presents itself. Use this as a tell tale sign of when you should be more attentive to your skin!

  • Treat yourself

In order to get rid of those old skin cells once and for all, it’s worth booking in for a facial treatment at the beginning of the season.  It might be expensive, but your face will thank you for it. Pick up an exfoliation glove and make sure you use it regularly.

  • Water, water, water

This is a well recognised trick to achieve great skin. You should drink about 2 litres of water everyday. It gives you a radiant, healthier, younger looking complexion by keeping your skin hydrated from the inside.

  • Pay attention!

It’s important to pay attention to how your skin reacts to the change in climate over the winter season. It may well be that you have to alter your products to suit different seasons, as what works for you in the summer might not work in the winter.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a natural sun protection which can be used in different ways. Either stock up on citrus fruits such as oranges and kiwi, or apply the miracle vitamin directly to your face. This allows for a more concentrated target area thus resulting in a more noticeable change for your problem areas.

SMC - February 2010

SMC - February 2010

Awarded ‘Best Spa in London’ at the Good Spa Guide Awards 2015, K West’s holistic spa offers a range of exclusive treatments.  K Spa introduced the first ‘Snow Paradise’ to London, which mimics the Finnish experience of alternating between freezing and steamy environments.  The spa also features a twinkling hydrotherapy pool, sanarium, sauna, dry flotation tank, aromatic herbal steam room and the fully equipped K Fit gymnasium.

SMC - February 2010

SMC – February 2010

K West Hotel & Spa, Richmond Way, London W14 0AX

For reservations, please call: 020 8008 6600 or visit

Should you buy your wedding dress on the high street?

bridesmaid tying wedding dress up

More and more high street retailers and online stores are dipping their toes in the bridal market, either simply selling stunning dresses perfect for wedding guests and even bridesmaids, or creating actual wedding ranges with gowns for the bride to wear at a fraction of the cost of a bridal shop.2016 is definitely the year for brands expanding their ranges with everyone, from ASOS and Missguided, to Needle and Thread and Ted Baker, putting out ranges for brides to pick and choose from. There has, of course, always been budget high street ranges. BHS and Monsoon are good examples of this, but they weren’t always the on-trend designs brides are looking for.

Should you buy your wedding dress on the high street? Here are some pros and cons to help you decide:

Price – it’s safe to say a dress bought from a high street store is going to be much cheaper than one you’ve selected from the racks in a bridal wear shop. Most are retailing from around the £70-250 mark, which for many brides-to-be means they can spend more on the food or the photographer.

On trend designs – if you want your wedding dress to reflect the latest trends (Bardot dresses are very popular at the moment, for example) then the high street might be the best place to shop. As well as dresses, jumpsuits are also proving popular for brides, who are looking for a more casual look on their big day. Enormous skirts and figure hugging bodices aren’t for everyone!

Ready to wear – dresses from high street retailers are created to fit regular UK sizes. However, it’s a good idea to order a couple of sizes and see what fits best before you commit.

Fit – while we’ve noted these dresses are usually made in UK sizes and are ready to wear, you may need to get them altered to fit perfectly on your big day – for example, the length of the skirt or fit around the chest are common alterations required on dresses. This could cost more than the price of the dress itself!

Watch out for knock offs – if you decide to deviate from the high street and perhaps start browsing the realms of eBay, be careful! There are some companies based abroad that attempt to replicate those stunning designs you see on Pinterest, without much success. Save yourself the heartache – and the cash – and only buy directly from a reputable brand.
When it comes to buying your wedding dress, the high street is definitely a great option if you are trying to create your big day on a smaller budget or really want to wear an on trend style – take a look at what they have to offer before committing to a bridal wear shop.

bride in wedding dress

You might be surprised at what you find!

A Wedding Bouquet as a Lasting Memory

Ivory rose and orange sunflower bridal bouquet

Nothing adds a pop of colour to your wedding day quite like your bouquet. Bridal and bridesmaid bouquets are gorgeous focal pieces that are also a memento of your big day. For most brides, floral wedding bouquets are a must-have but, unfortunately, they don’t last long. You spend all this money on a piece that is so beautiful you wish you could keep it forever, but within a few days or even hours on a very hot day, this work of art has wilted, shriveled up, and turned brown. That beautiful symbol of your wedding day, gone forever.

Brides Cerise Gerbera, Ivory Rose, Veronica & Purple Freesia Wedding Bouquet

Your bridal bouquet should be a keepsake from your wedding the same way your guestbook, jewellery, or other items will remind you of your wedding day for years to come. You can dry or press your wedding flowers to save them, but the only way to guarantee your bouquet looks the same as at your wedding and every anniversary is to opt for silk flowers.

Grooms Green Silk Hydrangea Wedding Buttonhole with wooden Groom Embellishment

Artificial flowers are the best way to keep your bouquet as beautiful and pristine after your wedding as it was the day you got married. The best part is, no one will know they weren’t picked from the ground that morning! Silk flowers are a long-lasting alternative for wedding day décor, and the best part is, they can be incorporated into every floral facet of your wedding—from matching bridesmaids posies, buttonholes, corsages and cake toppers, the possibilities are endless! Any gorgeous arrangement you choose can be passed on to future generations, making it the perfect way to incorporate your parents’ wedding memories into your own without having to wear your mum’s wedding dress.

Purple silk wedding flowers

If you want the money you spend on your bouquet to be a lasting investment and not just rot away and be thrown away shortly after your wedding, you can’t go wrong with a stunning, silk bouquet.

And for that extra little touch, why not add one of our silver year charms to remind you of the special day even more.

2016 silver year charm tag

Guest blog by Emily Rochotte

Looking for the Perfect Engagement Ring?

engagement ring

Here are some things to consider

If you and your partner are ready for the next step in your relationship and you’ve sneakily spoken to your partner’s parents about what you intend to do, it’s time to locate that perfect engagement ring. If you’re not sure where to even start with such a mammoth task, then here are some things to consider:

Remember, they have to wear it forever more

This means avoiding buying a ring that will go out of fashion over time (yellow diamonds won’t be popular forever and don’t go with everything) and choosing something you know they’ll love. Take all your personal preferences out of your decision – it’s not you who will be wearing it!

Opt for something timeless and if you really can’t find anything that ticks all the boxes a jeweller such as 77diamonds offers you the opportunity to create your own ring, choosing everything from the metal used to the shape of the diamond.

Remember the 4 Cs

The four Cs are important to consider when picking out your ring; they stand for cut, colour, clarity and carat in terms of the stone you choose. They are especially important when choosing an engagement ring that has to last. The higher quality stone you choose the longer the ring will stay wearable and look good. Here’s a great guide on what to look out for.

Be prepared to stretch your budget

After snooping in their jewellery collection at what they already like you might discover that the budget you set aside might not stretch to pay for something that matches their tastes. Obviously don’t go overboard but simply expect to always pay a little more than you anticipated – you don’t get coupon deals for this sort of thing!

Think about your partner’s lifestyle

Are they active? Can they wear jewellery at work? This will impact on how they wear their engagement ring and your decision on what to purchase for them. If she works with food, ensure she has a ring that is easy to clean or if she works in a profession where she has to care for people, elevated diamonds and prongs should probably be avoided to remove any chance of injury. Jewelry wise offers some great insight into what to consider when it comes to your partner’s lifestyle.

Find out their ring size

There’s nothing more disappointing than being presented with an engagement ring that doesn’t fit correctly, whether it’s too big or too small (the latter is the most crushing). Sure, it’s relatively easy to have a ring re-sized but that means heading to where you purchased it and then handing it over to be adjusted for a potentially lengthy period of time when you just want to show it off to the world.

Use jewellery they already own to work out what size they require and press their ring into a piece of blu tac to take to the jewellers with you. However, if they don’t take their jewellery off try out these sneaky ways of discovering their ring size:

  • If one of their friends is also recently engaged ask them to share their engagement ring round when the group is together and report back to you if it fit.
  • Tie a knot round her finger with a piece of string, either carefully while she’s asleep or find some way of jokily doing it and use this to workout her ring size.
  • Attend a festival market or craft fair and try rings on together and take note of which ones fit.

Finding the perfect engagement ring needn’t be stressful, keep these things in mind and you should be able to present a beautiful ring they will treasure forever.

The History Of The Engagement / Wedding Ring

Engagment ring styles

Wedding/engagements rings symbolise love and commitment, with many people opting for diamond varieties like the ones available here, but when did the tradition of giving someone a ring begin? Well, it can be traced back centuries to civilisations across the globe, so let’s delve a little further into this fascinating history.

Rings were offered by Ancient Egyptians as a symbol of love

It’s hard to pin-point the exact origin of the ring, but it’s believed the oldest recorded exchange of wedding rings comes from ancient Egypt, some 4,800 years ago. These were made from sedges, rushes and weeds that were carefully twisted and braided together to form beautiful hand decorations and other accessories that were mainly worn by women of the time. Rings were seen as the ultimate symbol of love with the circular shape representing eternity and the hole in the middle being seen as a path to new and exciting things.

Of course, rings made from plant materials didn’t last very long and were soon replaced by rings made from leather, ivory and bone. If the receiver was given a ring made from bone it was thought the giver loved them more than if they had received a reed alternative. What the ring was made out of also reflected the wealth/status of the giver. Rings were also made from copper; we know this because many Ancient Egyptian skeletons were found with rings of this kind on their toes.

Rings later became of symbol not only of love but ownership

Rings later became not only a symbol of love but a symbol of ownership. Roman men would quite literally claim a woman they took fancy to by giving them a band to wear on their finger. These were often made of iron and symbolised strength and permanence.

They would be lavishly engraved and called anulus pronubus, which is Latin for betrothal ring (the equivalent of our modern engagement rings). The ring would be placed on the left hand ‘ring finger’ as there was thought to be a vein in the finger, the Vena Amoris (the Vein of Love) which connected directly to the heart. While this isn’t scientifically true, the romantic theory behind the idea is too sweet to be ignored.

Rings entered Christian marriage ceremonies

Rings were used in Christian marriage ceremonies around 860 and were heavily adorned with all sorts of imagery including doves, linked hands, lyres and such like. The church eventually branded these elaborate designs as heathenish and by the 13th century they were a lot simpler – much like the wedding bands we often seen today.

Early Christians would also wear the ring on the third finger rather than the wedding finger. This is because during the binding part of the ceremony, the Priest would say “in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit” touching the thumb, the index finger and the middle finger in turn. He would then say Amen and place the ring on the third finger.

Diamond rings came into circulation

Even in Ancient Egypt, the material of the ring was of paramount importance symbolising power, love and wealth. Therefore, it’s perhaps no surprise that rings continued to become more and more lavish with the first recorded account of a diamond engagement ring being given in 1477 when King Maximilian I of Germany (1459-1519) proposed to Mary of Burgundy (1457-1482). This started a trend which is still thriving today and is just one of the many interesting facts associated with weddings.

The appearance of rings has changed considerably over the years but they remain a strong symbol of love and commitment today that we continue to exchange and use to represent the strength of a relationship.

Sunny Beach Weddings & Shell Bouquets and Buttonholes

bride holding a silk wedding bouquet on a beach

If you are choosing a beach wedding abroad you will certainly be guaranteed soft white sand between your toes and glorious sunshine. Beautiful! The perfect setting for any bride and groom to get married. However along with the sunshine also comes the strong likelihood that you will have wilting flowers. With this in mind silk wedding flowers are always a good option compared to fresh, especially in very hot countries. It is also important to remember that if you have booked a wedding package abroad everything will be organized for you, leaving you with little control over the finer details. Now you would not to trust someone to choose your wedding dress so why would you trust someone to order your flowers without you having any contact with the florist. Another plus to picking silk flowers for a wedding abroad is that you are able to choose and take the bouquet of your dreams with you and it will still be as perfect for the reception, even if this is back home several weeks after the wedding day as most newly married couple’s will also hold a wedding reception on their return to the UK, for family and friends. And most brides wear their wedding dress to the reception and no wedding dress is complete without the flowers.

Grooms ivory rose wedding buttonhole with shelld

All of our beautiful bridal bouquets and hand tied wedding posies are made to order using only the finest quality silk and artificial flowers. And there is plenty of choice from a range of traditional designs to the more unique bouquets such as one of our newest creations, a beautiful lily and shell design, absolutely perfect for a beach wedding.

Bridesmaids Ivory Soft Touch Calla Lily, Crystal & Beach Shell Wedding Bouquet


However if you do not see what you are looking for on our website just let us know what your heart desires and we will be happy to help. And if you need some more inspiration why not check out our colourful wedding mood boards.

Guest wedding buttonhole with ivory foam rose and beach shells

So wave goodbye to wilted flowers, pick instead and be a beautiful beach bride.

Getting married for the 3rd time or more and fancy being on TV?

Open Mike Productions are working on a new primetime series for Channel 4 provisionally entitled

‘Happiness Hunter’, presented by broadcaster and comedian Jon Richardson from Channel 4’s

topical quiz show ‘8 out of 10 Cats’.

The show is looking at what it means to be happy in modern day Britain, and will see Jon travelling

around the country with his best friend Matt, meeting genuine people and learning from their life


One of the three episodes explores how our ideas and perceptions are changing with regards to

long-term relationships and marriage. For this episode we are looking for someone who is getting

married for the third (or more) time, and would be happy to speak to Jon about their faith in

finding ‘the one’ and not giving up on love.

Jon has always been quite cynical about long-term relationships and marriage. However, he is

being forced to review his long-held beliefs and fears as he is now in a serious relationship. In the

programme Jon will be meeting lots of people, and having lots of experiences to help him reassess,

and hopefully, come to the conclusion that long-term relationships and marriage can be

wonderfully positive, and bring much happiness to a couple.

Jon would like to meet a couple where one (or both) of the parties are getting married for the

third or more time, and speak to them about their quest to find their soul mate, and their

resilience and faith in finding ‘the one’. We would like their conversations with Jon to be focused

on the present partners, not previous relationships, and all questions will be agreed in advance of

any filming.

Picture of Jon from 8 out of 10 cats

The filming dates are roughly 7th June – 31st but these dates have some flexibility in them.

It would be great to speak to any brides or grooms interested in sharing their feelings with Jon.

Please feel free to contact me directly and I’ll be happy to give you more information on the show.


Tel:- 0207 434 4004

Our Silk Wedding Flowers…

It’s all very good us sitting here telling how fab our flowers are but in reality when it comes to making the big decision of picking your wedding flowers words are a little meaningless. We take great pride in making sure the type of flowers we pick to go in our bouquets not only look good but have real meaning to them and it takes real work to make sure those flowers give you something a little more, adding a new level to not only your flowers but your wedding as a whole.

So, what flowers are on our books then? Well, the list is endless with us, but some are more popular than others, some have more meaning than others, and some are just show stoppers, but the even better thing with Sarah’s Flowers is that you can get any of our flowers all year round, none of this waiting to pick a flower in season. Our flowers are here for you, all year round.

Here are our favourite flower picks

 photo Ourweddingflowersblogpic1_600_zps90e10ace.jpg

1- £45.95 Bridesmaids Bouquet in White, Ivory and Pink Flowers


2- £50.60 Bridesmaids Bouquet Cream and Cerise Roses and Lavender


3- £104.50 Artificial Shower Bouquet with Mixed Roses & Lilies

The Rose:

Everyone’s classic wedding flower, the rose can do no wrong. It is worldly known that the rose means love and is often given to friends and loved ones as a sign of our feelings. An orange or coral coloured rose represents pure desire and passion, and a yellow rose means true friendship and obviously, a classic red is true, unadulterated love.
The rose is the most versatile flower as all its stages of flowering are equally as pretty, and roses will match well with nearly every other bloom. Most roses can be dyed to any shade and here at HQ we can make sure we create just the right shade of rose to suit your colour scheme or theme.

 photo Ourweddingflowersblogpic2_600_zpsb6ee3f64.jpg

1- 39.75 Pink Hydrangea & Ivory Rose Bridesmaids Wedding Posy Bouquet


2- 3.75 Hydrangea Wedding Buttonhole with Cornflower Bow


3- 69.58 Bridal Bouquet with Vintage Peony’s and Roses

The Hydrangea:

A personal favourite of ours, the Hydrangea is a well-rounded flower – the large flowers have lots of tiny blooms that give it the form of a mop head in appearance.  In real life the flower of a hydrangea can sometimes be determined by the type of soil it’s planted in, however instead of leaving it to luck, when you order from us you can take your pick of colour – we currently have six for you to choose from.
So what does the hydrangea mean? It symbolizes heartfelt emotions so pretty much perfect for your big day.

 photo Ourweddingflowersblogpic3_600_zps87904304.jpg

1- 39.95 Bridesmaids Bouquet in Mixed Silk Anemone with Beads


2-  £84.10 Grouped Flower Bridal Bouquet in Mixed Colours and Foliages


3- £40.70 Bridesmaids Bouquet in Silk Cerise Pink Anemone and Purple Handle

The Anemone:

We love the meaning of the Anemone – ‘unfading love’ how romantic does that sound? The anemone looks so delicate – with its thin, almost see-through light petals that in real-life are quite often too delicate to use as part of your wedding but with ours, they are silk, lasting you as long as you want them too – always looking fresh. The anemone catches people’s eyes and can make a good focal point for all bouquets as well as buttonholes.

 photo Ourweddingflowerspic4_600_zps67fa41be.jpg

1- 81.00 Brides Pink Mixed Bouquet with Cherry Blossom


2- 42.95 Wedding Cake Arrangement in Mixed Flowers


3- £51.15 Burgundy Roses, Pink Weeping Cherry Blossom Posy

The Cherry Blossom:

Part tree, part flower,  the Cherry Blossom is not your usual bouquet or wedding flower but can add a nice finishing touch to the top of, or inter woven through the bouquet. Know to Japan, the cherry blossom has come into its known, and there are well over 150 varieties. Giving a nice oriental feel to a wedding or bouquet, the woody stems with tiny rose coloured blooms that don’t quite look like anything else.

All our flowers are chosen with you in mind, we like to think our flowers will help tell your story.

Wednesday Silk Flower of the Week…

Here at Sarah’s Flowers we continuously update our catalogue of flowers – new types of blooms, colour schemes, different variations and themes, there is always something going on and being added. We are really proud of our progress and with a new weekly feature we are showcasing a ‘Bouquet of the Week’

We are slightly biased however, as well, all our bouquets and flowers are pretty darn beautiful so that’s why we thought we’d show off our favourites – every Wednesday we will show off a new design or one of our classic favourites.

This Wednesday is the time of our Ivory Rose & Red Anemone “Forever Flowers” Bridal Wedding Bouquet.

 photo IvoryRoseampRedAnemoneBridalBouquetJR2_7607_600_zps47a1a0fe.jpg

 photo IvoryRoseampRedAnemoneBridalBouquetJR2_7613_600_zps448be555.jpg

Ivory Rose & Red Anemone “Forever Flowers” Bridal Wedding Bouquet

This bouquet really is something special: extravagant and full to the brim with sumptuous blooms .  With elegant ivory foam roses, ornamental cabbage, and silk periodot hydrangeas, they are all clasped together with the bright, vibrant and romantic red vibrancy of exotic Mediterranean anemone blossoms.

What makes this bouquet so special is unlike natural flower, these silky “forever flowers” will never fade— a bit like the love between the bride and her groom. This bouquet will be a great reminder of your special day.    We can even match the style of this bouquet and make matching bridesmaids bouquets and button holes to suit – all you need to do is contact us and we will do the rest for you!

Priced at only £59.95 this high quality wedding bouquet is great value and really is worthy of our Wednesday ‘Bouquet of the Week’

Wedding Days are Coming and Feeling Festive…

It’s getting more harder to ignore the fact that, dare we say it, Christmas is very much around the corner. We’ve finally reached Autumn Equinox 2013 (22nd September) yesterday and the evenings will slowly be getting darker, the leaves will be gently falling off the tress and temperatures dropping, but the change in season doesn’t mean a slow down for us at Sarah Flowers HQ, oh no, in fact, it just means another excuse to get our creative sides on.

More and more people are opting for combining Christmas with their special day and planning more festive weddings – not only is it a great excuse to get all your loved ones together but everything is a little more prettier when sprinkled in the glitter of Christmas. However picking your flowers for the December period is hard, with many of the more favourite flowers classed as out of season, you can sometimes be left disappointed or short of cash when you are charged for the more rarer flowers. Our faux flowers are a great substitute to the more difficult time of year because we do every flower, all year round and don’t charge you any extra!

We have been coming up with some great, more festive floral treats to get you excited for your Winter Weddings;

Ivory Rose Bridesmaid Christmas Wedding Bouquet – £37.50

 photo IvoryRoseBridemaidsBouquetforChristmasTheme_zpsf3fcb32f.jpg

This gorgeous Bridesmaid bouquet is perfect for the more festive period. With the gorgeous festive green spruce foliage, some cherry red berries, snowy ivory roses all finished with gentle loops of pearl branches.

Frosted fruit wedding buttonhole £6.95


 photo ChristmasFrostedFruitButtonholewithaRoseandGinghamBow_zpsa58cfeca.jpg

Let the groom and the male party get in on the festive action with this really cute frosted fruit buttonhole. What makes this buttonhole so different from the more traditional festive florals is the inclusion of the frosted fruits of apple, pear and berries – all looking like Jack Frost has touched them. The gingham ribbon looks nicely festive and wintry to finish it all off.

Christmas wedding shower bridal bouquet with cones – £93.50

 photo ChristmasBouquetwithIvoryRosesRedBudRosesampCones_zps4c6d4477.jpg

This has to be our favourite of the Festive bunch. As well as similar factors of the above flowers, we’ve decided to up the Winter feeling by adding in some pine cones for more effect. This seasonal tear-drop bouquet is made with ivory foam roses, red budded roses, pine cones and lush green ivy and fiscus leaves – it is what Winter is all about, all in one bouquet. We can also specially make your Bridesmaid bouquets and buttonholes to match with our fully custom bespoke system.

These Festive flowers have got us feeling really excited for the Christmas season and we’d love to see what flowers you chose for your Winters big day? Feel free to send us pictures of your Winter bouquets to  contact us and we may well feature yours on our blog.

Taking Artificial Wedding Flowers Abroad

Flowers are no doubt, the most delicate creation of nature that celebrate beauty, femininity and delicacy. This is why flowers are used for the most important events in one’s life to decorate and embellish the location of the event. Flowers are also used to add to the beauty of brides if added to their hair, their lovely bouquets and wrists even. Hence, flowers cannot possibly be amiss from the most important event in a women’s life, her wedding day.
Still, being so delicate and fragile, real flowers are often hard to keep fresh and perfect especially when delivered miles away from where they are assembled into beautiful flower decorations. This is the reason why, with over 10 years of experience in working with just artificial flowers we are the wedding flower company to provide your special day flowers.

Artificial flowers are 100% more practical, easy to handle and even more importantly they can easily be take abroad. At Sarah’s Flowers we have a passion of delivering the most beautiful flower decorations, wedding bouquets and corsages but we also want to deliver the highest quality to every client. This is why we’ve figured the best option for us is to design and create delicate flower arrangements using artificial wedding flowers made of silk and give thousands of brides memories that last forever.
What are the most important benefits of using artificial wedding flowers for our customers? Well, we figured you’ve asked, so here are the most important reasons:

Artificial wedding flowers are perfect for weddings abroad or overseas because they don’t spoil or wilt in the heat like natural flowers do and the bouquets stay intact for the perfect wedding ceremony and reception.

Seasonal flowers all year around, hence if you love sunflowers but we’re in March then you need not worry because we got your back.

No need to worry about pollen allergies or hayfever; although you may not have any flower allergies, some of your guests might have one and by using artificial flowers you can prevent the sneezing and rashes.

Take the exact flowers you want to your dream wedding destination in your suitcase – with our artificial wedding flowers you can.

A long lasting memory of that once in a lifetime event, because the flowers never fade away, as well as your best kept memories of the wonderful day.

These are only a few of the main reasons why we advise you to consider ordering artificial silk made wedding flowers instead of natural bouquets. From beautiful bouquets to table centers and from corsages to buttonhole flowers we’ve got you covered with anything your heart desires for your wedding day. Even more, we if your wedding ceremony and reception are outside the UK our silk wedding flowers are so robust they can be easily carried in either your suitcase or carry on luggage. Then they will be delivered intact and exactly how you wanted them to look and feel and even more, you won’t have to spend a fortune on them as with real wedding flower decorations. Sarah’s Flowers are a multi-award winning company because we are passionate in delivering the most beautiful artificial wedding flowers for your special day!

When Wedding Flowers and Forever Crossed Paths

When you see a certain flower, you immediately wish that it lasts forever. Well, it’s not just a wish anymore. Sarah’s Flowers presents to you some of the most amazing artificial flowers, which, along with lasting for as long as you want them to, come in the most exquisite colours and shapes.

Of course, it remains a fact, that a magic that a real flower weaves cannot be beaten by anything else, but with changing times, it is important that one explores the realm of artificial and silk flowers as well. Where real flowers don’t last, and wilt in a few days, artificial ones are bound to last a very long time. It is commonly agreed that real flowers are the best for any occasions, it’s time to give the artificial ones a chance too. Let’s take a look at some aspects where artificial flowers would definitely be rated above real ones.

The Issue called Time

“Fair pledges of a fruitful tree, Why do ye fall so fast?”

These were the words of Robert Herrick as he described flowers, and their life and death. But, though nobody likes it, he did talk about them dying. With real flowers comes the problem of them wilting after a few days, and it is sometimes difficult to find the same ones again. Also, many flowers bloom only in a certain season, and they may not be available when you need them. There are also the changes in weather that flowers usually succumb to, and wilt. This is especially a problem when it comes to weddings, as everyone would like to see the flower decorations at their best, and to find and keep flowers that may not last long is a problem not so easily solved. This is where artificial and silk flowers come into the picture and make it a beautiful one. These silk beauties don’t depend on weather conditions, and whether it is sunny or rainy outside, there’s only one way these flowers will look – beautiful. At Sarah’s Flowers, we specialize in flowers of all shapes, colours and sizes. The major advantage with our faux flower bridesmaids posies is that, along with the lovely wedding pictures, you will always have a souvenir to remember all the old times. And though the times become old, our flowers will remain as new as ever.

Pollen and the Sneeze Attack

With real flowers comes real pollen, and more than real sneeze attacks. Many people fall ill in the spring due to the high amounts of pollen in the air, and hence, flowers, though beautiful, have caused a major scene. And how do we solve this problem? Well, of course, with artificial flowers! Since these flowers have no pollen at all, you can always enjoy dinner with beautiful flowers on the table and without a single sneeze!

Not So Heavy on the Pocket

Well, you did buy those lovely roses for your table, but you do know that you’ll have to keep replacing them, right? Not if they’re artificial! Not only do faux flowers take away the responsibility of replacement from your already long list, they are also available in a variety of shapes and designs. Along with being able to choose from a huge collection of every kind of flower available, you’ll also find that they are much cheaper than their real counterparts.



Easy Management

Real flowers need a lot of care and concern, and sometimes, it just becomes too difficult to handle the strong smell, which would perhaps be alright for a short while, but it becomes nauseating after a while. Also, when you need a certain kind of flowers for two weeks later, and the flower store nearby has a limited stock that lasts only till the evening, it becomes really difficult to answer the question of how and when you’ll be able to get them again. However, with artificial flowers, this question has been answered. If you need flowers for an occasion and the stocks don’t look like they’ll last long, you can always pre-order them, and keep them till the planned event. And since they aren’t real, the problem of the smell is also solved. Also, if you’re planning to take flowers for somebody who lives a couple of cities, or even countries away, you can always pack them in your bag, and they will stay as good as new.

Ivory Rose & Red Anemone “Forever Flowers” Bridal Wedding Bouquet

Brides Red Anemone, Ivory Rose & Ornamental Cabbage Wedding Bouquet

This extravagant, lush, bridal bouquet is the perfect mixture of elegant ivory foam roses, ornamental cabbage, and silk periodot hydrangeas, all beautifully contrasted against the blazing red vibrancy of exotic Mediterranean anemone blossoms. Unlike natural flowers, the beauty of these silky “forever flowers” will never fade—enduring as a sentimental keepsake and eternal reminder of your wedding vows and lasting love.


• 9” x 10” bouquet with a 5” handle

• Includes a substantial ivory satin bound ribbon handle

• Finished with green fern and eucalyptus foliage

• Elegantly English with a splash of sunny Mediterranean colour

 photo BRI57_with_labels_600_zpsfb300046.jpg

Sarah’s Flowers : The Ultimate Bridal Flower Shop

They say marriages are made in heaven, and so it is, when all your floral arrangements look nothing less than heavenly! At Sarah’s Flowers, we put in our best foot, or rather hands, forward to make your wedding day even more special for you, with custom hand-made bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets and posies, corsages, buttonholes and much more. Let’s start with a little introduction to our various sections, which would, no doubt, pique your interest, now that you know that you can actually choose how you want flowers arranged for you on your wedding day.

Centre Stage : The Bride!

Since you did go all out on the dress, the shoes and the jewellery, there is that one last finishing touch that you need to give to the already beautiful bride for the Princess Effect. We have a wide range of artificial and silk flowers and an equally large collection of arrangements that are made keeping in mind the importance the occasion holds for the bride, while she steps into a new and a very beautiful phase called “Married Life”.  Our store includes posies and bouquets right from the bridal shower to the actual wedding, and what’s more? You can choose exactly how you want them! Not only do we have brides bouquets, but we also have alice bands and hair pins of varied shapes and sizes. We ensure maximum satisfaction for our clients by letting them opt for the kind of flowers, ribbons and other accessories, and since the flowers are long lasting, they make for a lovely memory along with the wedding  album.

The Man in Question : The Groom

He may have wooed the lovely  lady, but he still needs to look the perfect gentleman, since it is, after all, his wedding as well. And though, as popular belief states, there aren’t many options for men, we like to believe otherwise. It isn’t just about a simple flower on the pocket, but how to make the day special for the groom as well. And so, we present our wide variety of buttonholes, not just for the groom, but for the guests as well! And again, there is the option of custom made buttonholes to suit the groom and the guests best.

Sisters and Friends and Nieces : The Bridesmaids

Though they’re not the ones at the altar right now, they need to look amazing too. And with their lovely choice of attire, they  get to carry, wear flowers and pretty pins in their hair, which are specially crafted to give them a look that matches that of the bride. We offer a range of products from brooches, corsages, and alice bands to flower and gem studded combs and pearl pins to accessorize their lovely outfits. And guess what? We also have a collection for those who may be too young to even try on heels, starting with round posies, pomanders, and wands, and the best part is, there is always the option of mixing and matching the flowers and jewels available, which are again, plenty in number.

Counting Blessings : The Guests

Along with helping the bride and groom feel special, we also have plenty of accessories for the guests. There is a variety of brooches and corsages that you may like the guests to wear before, during and after the ceremony, as it adds to the closeness shared by all the guests and families present.

The Venue : Dressing it up too!

When it comes to a wedding, it’s not only the people involved who need to be worried about – there’s also the matter of the venue for the great event. It really counts when the location of the wedding is beautified according to one’s tastes, since it’s a once in a lifetime event, and makes for great memories. And since we have been chosen for two years in a row for the Best Wedding Florist Award, we know exactly how to bring about the fairy tale change in an otherwise normal looking place. We use hand-crafted top tables and table pails to adorn the tables along with wedding table party bubbles and table crystals, and a multitude of vase arrangements for the rest of the room, along with flower accessories and ribbons of different colours and sizes to embellish the beauty of the surroundings. The tables are given extra charm with some of our prettiest favour boxes and teddy bears that add to the cuteness factor. And if you find these to be a little too much, there’s always the option of choosing a simpler and more novel approach of using lottery card holders, of which we have a collection as well. If you wish to place placards to reserve places for some special people, we can help you with some of our very elegant looking card holders. The cake is also not left behind, as we offer some very pretty cake sprays, in a number of colours and flower designs. Our clients are at liberty to choose from a vast collection of such arrangements, and we would be more than happy to indulge them.

From Just a Wedding to a Colourful One!

What’s a wedding without a party? With party poppers and cannons, and a colourful assortment of table confetti, we make sure that a wedding is exactly how it is supposed to be – pretty, colourful and fun!

Thou Shalt Get Wedding Insurance…

Don’t get me wrong, buying wedding insurance will not be the most thrilling wedding purchase, but what it lacks in excitement it sure as hell makes up for it, should anything go wrong and we think no couple should be without it.

 photo Insurance_blog_pic1_zps2892e3ef.jpg

Never thought of getting wedding insurance? Well think of it this way, never again will you invests so much time and money, into just one day of your life, so making sure you are covered for any unforeseen circumstances is an absolute must! So what could go wrong?

We all hope our big day will run like clockwork but even the most carefully planned weddings can be disrupted due to the amount of different areas there are to a wedding from the venue to the photographer, the wedding dress to choosing your cake. Having an insurance policy can protect against a supplier going into liquidation, redundancy or cancellation due to illness or bereavement.

Choose the right level of cover based on the total cost of your wedding. It will undoubtedly be the best money you spend – for not only the cover but most of all, for your peace of mind. E&L offer great wedding insurance – for both UK and overseas weddings and with packages starting from as little as £20 and cover you for up to two years prior to the event there really is no excuse! There are many other companies out there who  can also offer insurance but remember to do your research, and be prepared to read the small print, but it really does come in handy!

Welcome to the Wedding Day Calla Lily

Lilies are synonymous with weddings – the way they look almost pure in colour and texture, smooth and silky they are just perfect for weddings. Here at Sarah’s Flowers HQ we’ve been putting our heads together and coming up with some heavenly calla lily themed bouquets.

We work our hardest here at HQ to make sure that we come up with the best colour schemes – with colours that melt into each other, and flowers that look so realistic you would never know they weren’t real.  As well as creating the more traditional cream coloured lilies, our manufacturers have expertly dyed our lilies in more vibrant shades of tangerine, pink and purples. The great thing about our artificial wedding bouquets are the great value prices we offer, meaning you don`t need to pay a premium price to get premium quality wedding flowers  (there really is something for every couple and budget) and longevity (our bouquets will last you for years and years)

Here are some of our favourite Calla Lily combinations:

Tropical Bouquet with Calla, Gerbera and Orchids £47.50

 photo BridesmaidsTropicalBouquetwithCallaGerberaandOrchids_zpsf77da8e6.jpg

This sunny bouquet speaks volumes – with its gentle but vibrant combination of Gerbera’s and orchids the Call Lilies are part of our soft touch range of flowers – these flowers are as about real as well, the real thing! Mixed in with some thick ficsus leaves and ribboned handle this bouquet is a little ray of sunshine.

Rustic bouquet with orchids, roses and calla lilies

 photo RusticBridesBouquetwithOrchidsRosesandCamelia_zps50d0c93b.jpg

This bouquet again has the soft touch lilies but the colour scheme is very different from the above. With a gentle tonal colour scheme, the flowers have a real earthy rustic feel about them – with more classic colours such as ivory.

Purple peony, calla lilies and orchids

 photo BridesPurplePeonyCallaLiliesampOrchidsinaRoundBouquet_zpsa406e6a9.jpg

This bouquet is a sumptuous selection of purples – with a jewelled purple peonies, roses and soft touch purple calla lilies all underlined with small rose leaves, silk orchids with buds gently cascading down the handle.

Bright Yellow Calla Lily Wedding Bridesmaids Posy

 photo BrightYellowCallaLilyWeddingBouquetforaBridesmaid_zps508b5ad9.jpg

Its bold, its bright, its a stand out bouquet hand made from soft touch natural yellow calla lilies and an ideal way to add a sunshire colour into your wedding day and flowers, this posy also makes a wonderful beach wedding bouquet.

Have you thought about having calla lilies at your wedding?

Wedding decisions, decisions…

Making a decision at the best of times can sometimes be all kinds of difficult, but when it comes to choosing the type and colour of flowers for your wedding, decision making can be altogether at a stale-mate.

Don’t get me wrong, choosing everything for your wedding is a hard job – believe it or not there is sometimes too much choice! We have been in the wedding flower business for over 9 years now and with this time brings experience we know how hard those decisions are and want to take away as much stress as possible. That’s why our ‘Sample’ page is just for you.

This page is created especially for those people who haven’t quite made their minds up yet or need a little helping hand. Showcasing some new, up and coming flowers, you can arrange for a sample of any of these flowers to be sent to you to see how well they incorporate into your wedding ideas and themes – making sure you get just the right choice for your wedding.

 photo Decisions_pic1_zps91483c26.jpg

As well as making sure the colour is just perfect for your wedding, our samples make for a great excuse to get creative and create the bouquet of your dreams. Select what flowers you want for your bouquet and we can create your own vision. We don’t like to just see you ‘make do’ that’s why we can use any of the sample flowers and incorporate them into your true dream bouquet or table decorations.


 photo customer_orders_zps548e54ab.jpg

Still don’t see any flowers that take your fancy or have a particular idea about what you want? Well why don’t you contact us with your flower wishes and we will see what we can do!

Congratulations – you’re engaged! Planning List

It is that time of year, weddings ahoy and it is the ideal time to be popping the question! However once you’re engaged it can quite often seem like a complete whirlwind:  so much to plan, so much to arrange, to view, to try on and attempt to organise!  I don’t know about you but here at Sarah’s Flowers HQ, we don’t know how you all do it!  So we have put together a simple quick click guide to help begin your planning:

12 Months to go:

• Set your realistic budget with your fiancé and family
• Fix a date for your wedding – set a time and date to visit your priest if you need!
• Start to visit reception venues – these book out really quickly so being a fast mover helps!

11 Months to go:

• Send out Save the Date cards
• Book a photographer
• Look at caterers (if needed) and bands or discos
• Make appointments to try on the all-important wedding dresses!

10 Months to go:

• Choose your best man, ushers, bridesmaids etc
• Decide on your dress – allow a least 4 months for made to measure!
• Choose and order your bridesmaids outfits
• Start looking at honeymoon brochures – booking early is a good idea if wanting to go in high season

9 Months to go:

• Find a florist and discuss your flower requirements: including bridesmaids bouquets and any arrangements for church and reception.
• Confirm your menu and drink choices if using a outside caterer

8 Months to go:

• If getting married in a church, start to discuss with your minister about readings and music
• Order invitations and envelopes (allow for one invitation per married couple or family) Remember to order place cards, menus and seating plan if needed!

7 Months to go:

• Book transport to and from the wedding if needed
• Order a wedding cake
• Choose and order wedding favours

6 Months to go:

• Get the groom and ushers outfits sorted and ordered
• Choose presents for the main attendees
• Pick your wedding rings
• Confirm your order of service and have the guest booklets printed

5 Months to go:

• If you’re changing your name, allow for plenty of time to have your passport renewed – you’ll need to ask the officiating ministers or registrar to sign the application form for you.
• Go honeymoon shopping
• Book a hairdresser – have a discussion about you styles
• Book a make-up artist and trial appointments
4months to go:

• Find out if you need visas for your honeymoon
• Discuss hen and stag plans with your friends

3 Months to go:

• Make an appointment with a make-up expert to try out different looks for your big day.
• Book a wedding rehearsal with all those who are involved.
• Attend a reading of your wedding banns

2 Months to go:

• Send out invitations six weeks before the day and keep a list of acceptances and refusals
• Check with your fiancé that he has sorted the outfits, rings etc out
• Try on your whole wedding outfit – least if you forget anything, you have time to buy!
• Book any beauty treatments

1 Month to go:

• Confirm numbers for your caterers and venue and finalise seating plan
• Discuss special requests with your band or DJ
• Order any honeymoon currency
• Have your final cut and colour
• Have your hen and stag do! Time to party!

It may seem a lot to do, but with a year to do it in make sure you give yourself enough time to do it in and remember to take the time to enjoy doing it all!

DIY Wedding Tips to Truly Save Your £££s!

Before you think we’ve gone a little bit flat pack furniture on you, we‘re clearly only talking about DIY at your wedding! If time is on your side, why not get creative and get involved in some homemade ideas for you wedding. There are so many small or larger projects you can undertake at home, which will not only save you money but also be hugely fun! Rope in the Bridesmaids, family, anyone and get together and have a crafting weekend, just keep the wine minimum!
Here are our top tips for some DIY tricks:

• Recycling!

 photo DIY_pic2_zpsb8721a45.jpg

I’m sure more of you do this as we speak, but recycling various household items can create brilliant looks at your wedding. Old jam jars can look great with small bunches of flowers in them, or with lace stuck around and a candle put inside can look really cute on our tables. Old wine bottles can be saved up and used as centre pieces and Old jars can be used to present retro sweets on your sweet table. Get saving!

• Confetti!

 photo DIY_pic3_zpsee47f9c6.jpg

Bored of the old rose petals? Well how about punching out your own confetti from sheet of favourite love songs, books or even newspaper for a vintage theme. You can buy heart shaped hole punches for a cheap price – and overall they give a really nice, natural effect.

• Scrabble!

 photo DIY_Pic1_zps7a9dc79f.jpg

Collecting old scrabble pieces make for a great way to make name places for your tables. Just remember to write a list of exactly what letters you need and use Etsy or Ebay as sourcing for missing or additional letters.

• Felt fun!

 photo DIY_pic4_zpse5e6086d.jpg

Collecting or buying odd mis-matched pieces of felt can be used to make great wedding favours. Simply sew together and fill with lavender to make cute scented favours for your guests. Felt makes for great bunting too!

• Get Baking!

 photo DIY_pic5_zps172c4706.jpg

Getting into the kitchen and baking away is a great way to contribute to your wedding. Biscuits as wedding favours, cupcakes for the guests, or homemade boiled sweets for the sweet table – come with your own flavours especially for the bride and groom to make it really stand out!

There are so many ways to add a certain diy/ homemade touch to your wedding and sometimes the small intricate details can really make a wedding seem more personal.

If you fancy getting involved in some DIY – remember to plan in advance! It can take up to eight months to get everything fully finished when doing it yourself, and remember: practise makes perfect! Especially if baking! Enjoy!

Veil-ing or Not is the Question?

From personal experience, as a bride, working out what you are going to wear on your head for your big day is super difficult. Historically, wearing a wedding veil was the ‘done’ thing, the veil itself had a meaning, and was used to cover the brides face as she walked down the aisle to protect her from evil spirits but in more modern times the need for something like this or with this type of symbolisation is not necessary.

 Veils, even though are still used and popular with many brides, they can often be hugely expensive and when the veil itself loses its meaning, would you really want to spend that much money on a potentially ‘pointless’ piece? Perhaps think of trying a veil but a much shorter one that only comes to your shoulders? Keeping the detailing plain would save you money.

 photo veil_zps47b34fdc.jpg

 Tiaras were often seen as the number one choice for a brides hair accessory but like the veil, the popularity has fallen. Tiaras are often associated with royalty, fancy dress boxes and even beauty pageants – however with some more understated dresses and tiara can add a much needed bit of ‘bling’ or sparkle to the dress. And lets face it, your wedding day is the one day where you can get away with wearing pretty much whatever you want!

 photo tiara_zpsef83345c.jpg

 The birdcage veil is a nice way to still keep with a veil tradition but still be alternative and modern. The birdcage veils aren’t just for a 1920s themed wedding, you can get away with wearing one with any look and they still stay timeless. Because of their versatility these type of headwear is proving a lot more popular to create a romantic look. These look great with a traditional updo or side bun with lots of volume.

 photo birdcage_zps8adc40c2.jpg

 There are so many different variations when it comes to hair accessories and choices, Headbands make for a nice simple choice and can be worn with either the hair up or down – try wrapping your themed ribbon around the band or alternatively try using pearly or crystals.

 photo headband_zpsbc3e3677.jpg

Hair combs vary is shapes and sizes but look best when teamed with an up-do. Hair combs can be used alongside a veil with a simple plain comb as well as a decorative comb.

 photo haircomb_zpsdadcc425.jpg

Hair pins are a lot more understated that anything else and are worn at the back of the head – interspersed into a bun, chignon or plait.

 photo hairpins_zpse11c008e.jpg

 Wedding headwear is so important but remember to try some different styles with your dress, play with styles you wouldn’t normally go for – have some fun with it.

Saving the date…

There is nothing more incredible than the moment when you first set the date after getting engaged. It’s a mixture of happiness, surprise, anticipation and excitement but along with that comes the mountains of questions that you may not have the answer for, but first things first is letting your friends and family know when your big day is!

Save the Date cards are imperative! Not only do you want to spread the great news that the date has been set, but most importantly you don’t want to miss out on any important friends or family  being able to attend – Save the Date card can sometimes be more important than the actual wedding invites!

There are some fab, fun and personalised ways to let your loved ones know when your special date is, and it doesn’t always have to be expensive! Here are our picks of our favourites:

    Nearly all of the cards on this rather gorgeous website are of the personalised text nature. We love the whimsical nature of these cards: with any type of card from cute animals, to the more light and vintage feel.  With prices ranging from 0.80pence per card going up to £200 for 500 Save the Date Cards, all in all I think there are some amazing choices here! photo pic1_600_zps20388209.jpg
    1- 500x Beer mat Save The Date Cards £200
    2- Vintage Heart Save The Date £0.80 per card
    3- Balloon Save The Date £2.95 per card


    For more simple and direct options for your Save The Date, try this website. Easy to pick and easily affordable. The choice here is endless. You can even go for Save The Date Magnets which I think is a brilliant idea – that way no-one can forget! photo pic2_600_zps8deafa98.jpg

    1- Bunting Save The Date card £12.50 for 10
    2- White calendar and magnet Save the Date card £33.00 for 20
    3- Knot Save the Date card £12.50 for 10.


    Here at Sarah’s Flowers we like supporting the smaller companies, and at Folksy you really are getting more of a handmade card. All made by British crafters, the choice for personalised cards is endless with multiple designs. photo pic3_600_zps11e4f844.jpg

    1- Blimey Save The Date cards £62.50 for 50
    2- Laser cut Save The Date cards £3.00 per card
    3- Modern Save the Date card £1.80 per card.


    This website is a great place to create photo Save The Date cards. With both modern and more traditional styles there is the chance to put your face on the card! Also with this website there are lots of different priced options in terms of card and printing finishes. photo pic4_600_zps22855aa6.jpg

    1- Urban Chic Save The Date card £1.14 each
    2- Modern Lace Save the Date card £1.14 per card
    3- Love block Save the Date card £0.99pence per card.


Have fun choosing your perfect way to save the date!

Fancy Being On The Telly?

Have you ever fancied being on the telly, well if you are getting married in 2013 and have been dreaming about a big wedding day for years, then here’s your chance to make it all come true.
The hit BBC3 series “Don`t Tell The Bride” is back later this year and is looking for fun and vivacious couples to take part, the only downside girls is you have to let the groom plan the whole day!
If you think this sounds right up your street then you can apply via email to…

or by phone on 020 7449 3295

Do you trust your man enough?

The Peony has its wedding day….

It’s official Brides and Bridegrooms, the humble peony is on fine form this year, oh yes, 2013 is the year of the peony.  I know some of you may be looking at me blankly and wondering what the hell I’m talking about but seriously, the sometimes dismissed peony has been the most requested fresh flower for two years, but the classic peony is only in season for two months out of the year – makes for a problematic choice right? Well, no. Sarah’s Flowers has your solution 365 days a year!

Y’see we have endless selections of peonies, in every colour, every style, and in every combination – we have literally solved every peony-related problem!  At Sarah’s Flowers we love the peony; it’s a flower that is both simple but effective and eye-catching. With its soft features, there is something very romantic about the flower – classically simple, all that is needed is the right colour, and the right bouquet – this is where we come in.

Peony, Orchid and Trachelium Bridal Bouquet
Peony, Orchid and Trachelium Bridal Bouquet

This round bouquet is bursting to the seams with cream peonies that are layered and light green peony leaves, to finish the bouquet off with pink orchids and ivory trachelium – a perfect serene looking bouquet. Priced at £56

 Purple Orchids & White Rose Wedding Bouquet in Artificial Flowers
Purple Orchids & White Rose Wedding Bouquet in Artificial Flowers

This is a great example of a coloured peony and not being afraid of packing the flower choices into just one bouquet. Featuring white roses, purple peonies, purple orchids, and purple trachelium and if that wasn’t enough there is pretty green foliage to make this bouquet really pack a punch. Priced at £62.50

 Grooms Artificial Vintage Cream Peony Buttonhole with Pearls
Grooms Artificial Vintage Cream Peony Buttonhole with Pearls

I love this exquisite coloured handmade peony buttonhole. This vintage cream peony is just beautiful and would be perfect for a vintage themed wedding. We like to think the colour makes this particular peony look so delicate. Don’t forget we can create the same peony in a bouquet if you wish, just pop us a custom order requirement form through. Priced at £5.25

 Ivory Peony Bridesmaids Bouquet
Ivory Peony Bridesmaids Bouquet

This Bridesmaids bouquet is all about peony because quite simply, it is only peonies in the bouquet. Delicate ivory in colour with a sheer ivory organza bow and really pretty pearl detail, a total snip priced at only £28.00

It’s about time the peony had its day that’s for sure, and doesn’t it look pretty! Would you choose a peony for your wedding day?

New Year – New weddings…

Happy New Year everyone! We can’t believe that another year has passed us by and here we are, welcoming in 2013, where has the time gone?! We hope you all had a fabulous Festive season and for those of you who had a Wintery wedding, we hope you done so in style!

Now the turkey is all gone, the mince pies all eaten and the Christmas tree is down, it is time for us here at HQ to look forward to all things ‘wedding’ for the new year – Don’t tell anyone, but it’s our favourite time of year!  It’s time for us to get working on some fab new designs and ideas to really make your weddings in 2013 look beautiful whilst still being excellent value for money.

First up is the latest trends – Everything will be going a lot more ‘pretty’ this year. From the dress designs to the colour schemes there is a real air of ‘fairytale’ and prettiness – we’re thinking lots of feminine pinks and lilac’s, some of the roses almost look fragile and here at HQ, we like to think we’ve stepped up to the mark with some of our Bridal and Bridesmaids bouquets:

New Year Wedding Flowers Blog
Brides Mixed Bouquet in a Selection of Artificial Flowers

This bouquet is delicately coloured with pink orchids, ivory open Isabel roses, pink cherry blossom and lilac cottage roses. This bouquet is versatile enough for all kinds of theme weddings and would work perfectly for a more vintage themed wedding. Priced at £57.50 this large, captivating bouquet  is real value for money.

New Year Wedding Flowers Blog
Bridesmaids Wedding Flower Bouquet with Mixed Flowers

This Bridesmaids bouquet has to be one of our favourite new additions: With sumptuous silk peonies and delicate pink orchids, both the colours of these flowers work well with the soft green or the peony leaves. It’s hard to believe that this bouquet is for a Bridesmaid but remember we can match this style and make it into a custom order, just for you.

New Year Wedding Flowers Blog
Bridal bouquet in Ivory and Pink Roses with Loops of Pearls

Classic and sublime, this style of bouquet will never age. We have worked hard to achieve a real softness in colour with these soft pink roses, we think they look slightly like a marshmellow – good enough to eat! As well as the roses looking gorgeous, along the handle of the bouquet you will find small rose leaves and loops of pearls, this particular bouquet is priced at £47.00

New Year Wedding Flowers Blog

Soft Touch Guest Buttonhole with a Pink Rose

Buttonholes for the guests are often overlooked as sometimes they can be pricy to get a flower to match in with the rest of the wedding. Along the same theme, these cute buttonholes not only look soft, but are also from our soft-touch range. True to a real rose, these buttonholes want to be touched, with a delicate openness to the rose, these will really make all your guests feel truly part of the wedding.

This is just a mere snippet of what is new and up and coming in the year 2013 for Sarah’s Flowers, Call it our New Year resolution to you, this year we will continue to work hard to fulfil your expectations, providing you a superb level of service (the type you should expect on your wedding day) and value for money. Over the next couple of weeks we will be looking at the big trends of 2013 for dresses, colour choices and even themes and if that wasn’t enough for you, we are getting to the nitty gritty and giving you some top tips of ways to save for your big day.

Until then, let us hear your New Year Resolutions!