Boo!! Getting Married On October 31st

“Love is a flower which turns into fruit at marriage.” -Finnish Proverb

Love is always in the air everywhere and the loving air slowly transcends into a marriage. The wedding bells, the ring ceremony, the decorations, the bouquets, all lead you into a magical world! Every couple wants to have a unique wedding which would be remembered by everyone, near and dear, friends and relatives, alike.

It is a fad now to have themed weddings and enjoy the marriage atmosphere in a fun and frolic way. One such theme would definitely be a Halloween theme wedding, which would be unique and fun too, for the bride and bridegroom as well as the guests.

A lot of superstitious people think that getting married on October 31st is unlucky as it is Halloween day; especially the bride who feels that not wearing a white dress would be inauspicious. And some fear that guests with kids wouldn’t turn up for the wedding giving up trick /treating.

But there are people who are fun loving friends who get excited thinking of a themed wedding and would eagerly await the wedding day. They buy costumes as they would for Halloween if they get to know that it is a costume wedding. They imagine the bride in a red kitty dress and the bridegroom in a black cat tux and look forward to the fun they would have.

The colors for the Halloween theme would obviously be black and orange, with flowers of different shapes and sizes adorning the place. For such themed weddings and the themed flowers, Sarah Flowers is the right place, where custom made decorations and flowers are available at affordable prices and fabulous colors. Now they even have a wedding bouquet with pumpkins in it, to add fun to your October 31st wedding!