Anniversary present? 6 ways to mark the memorable occasion

Every anniversary is a milestone and a gift to mark the celebration is perhaps one of the hardest to purchase; you want something that is both thoughtful and personal to your relationship while representing how long you have been together. 

Unlike a Christmas or birthday present which reflects the recipient’s interests, an anniversary present will have a more personal touch – a reflection of the special day which is being celebrated. 

Giving an anniversary present is a tradition that can be traced back to Ancient Rome or medieval Germany, so to ensure that you don’t miss the opportunity to give the perfect gift, here’s how you can mark the occasion.

1.   Gifts by year

From one year to 90 years, each anniversary year has a different material and gift associated with it, ranging from paper to stone with precious metals and stones like silver, ruby, leather and diamond in between. 

Anniversaries are one of the special occasions that when it comes down to finding a gift there are rules which can be followed: Sugar for the 6th year, ivory for the 14th, platinum for the 70th and so on. If you are struggling to find the perfect gift, thinking about what represents that particular milestone is the best place to start.

2.   It started with a jewel

One of the most traditional presents to give to someone on an anniversary is a piece of jewellery; after all, it did start with a ring. It’s worth referring back to what is associated to that milestone and match the jewellery to that year in particular. 

The 11th anniversary – which is steel – will give you the opportunity to buy them that luxury watch they have been lusting after or the 60th year will mean adding some diamonds to the collection.

3.   Get personal

If you are looking for something a little more unique over the traditional gifts, personalised tokens are a great option. Whether it’s a celebration of one year or 80 years, a present personalised with the date of the occasion or the recipient’s name will be a perfect way to mark the occasion.

4.   A special experience

There are some incredible experiences available around the world, including hot air balloon rides, wine tasting, theatre shows and concert tickets among many more. While it’s not a traditional present for an anniversary, an experience is a one-off gift which will also create memories they can cherish.

5.   Go on an adventure

Why not mark the special day with a breakaway? It could be a small city break or long-haul adventure. If celebrating a wedding anniversary, another option would be to revisit the honeymoon destination and reminisce about the journey so far.

6.   Capture the moment

Wedding photos are some of the most important pictures a couple will pose for. An anniversary is the perfect opportunity to get out the album and choose the favourites to be made into special gifts. These could include personalised homeware such as cushions and coasters or can simply be presented in a personalised frame. To mix it up, rather than using images from the special day, you could choose to gift a photography session to capture the anniversary.

Consider one of these six ways to mark that special anniversary and cherish the memories you’ve made and are yet to make together.