Adding A Twist To Your Wedding Envelopes

Wedding stationery has be far, evolved a lot over the years. Back years ago invites were a thing rarely seen with invites being given through word of mouth, or even hand written. Now Wedding stationery is a massive part of the overall look of your type of wedding and can say a lot. We’ve been keeping our beady eyes out for some inventive stationery ideas and have come across these eye-catching ideas for your envelopes.

Let’s face it, the envelope for your wedding invite is literally only there to cover it and send it: it’s practical and that’s about it. Designed by Sara at Nice Packaging Design (link: these make a really nice finishing touch to your wedding invites: cute, kitsch and fun.

 photo Stickers_123_zpsf7a795fc.jpg

Costing no more than a £5 for minimum of 40 stickers, they are hardly breaking the bank too – the smaller details really do make such a difference. Not only does Sara design these gorgeous stickers, she does a multitude of other Thank you cards, tags for your favours and other cute and handmade style stationery.

 photo Stickers_45_zpsbbee9dc7.jpg

We think they finish off your wedding invites off nicely.

What do you think? Would you use these on your wedding stationery?