6 Quirky Ideas To Craft Up Your Wedding Reception

Whether you’re on a budget or simply love arts and crafts, making your own trinkets and decorations for your wedding reception is a great idea and could save you some money as well. There’s a whole wealth of things you can do to brighten up your big day and with sites such as Craft Superstore providing a range of well-priced materials you’ll have everything you need and more to get started.
In need of inspiration? Then check out these six quirky ideas:


  • Make your own table centrepieces

    If you want to impress your guests and make your wedding the most-talked about event of the year, then why not make your own centrepiece? You’ll find plenty of great ideas online, but if you’re looking for something simple yet effective how about wrapping candles in the sheet music of your favourite romantic songs – you could even include your first dance tune? Hold it in place with decorative ribbon, display on a candle stand and you’ll have a simple yet effective design.

  • Create a romantic crescent moon and star photo booth
    Photo booths are popular at big events, but if you don’t want to pay a fortune for a professional service, you could always create your very own star and crescent moon photo backdrop? To do this, simply cut foam board into a large crescent shape, spray it with glue and cover the entire thing with gold/silver glitter. Do the same for around 3-4 stars and leave everything to dry before hanging with fishing wire.


  • Knock up some big day bunting
    Bunting is a great way to brighten up any party, but you can also transform a traditional decoration into something more practical – a vibrant and quirky seating plan. To do this, simply choose paper to match the colour-theme of your wedding and cut it into triangular flaps before securing to a long length on twine – tips on how to get things just right can be found here. Next, write the name of a guest and their table number on each flag (bearing in mind you might need to put several names and numbers on one flag if you’ve a large wedding party) and let your friends and family hunt for where they will be sitting.



  • Create personalised wine labels
    Placing wine on each table is common at most weddings, but you could always do something different by popping a personalised Mr & Mrs label on each of the bottles. There are many online sites that will customise a design for you or you could simply print off your favourite photographs onto sticky-back paper and take your guests for a walk back down memory lane, with a host of fun images. Customise each bottle to include snaps of the guests sat at each table and you’re sure to get a lot of laughs.


  • Pin the tail on the donkey
    Okay, so this might seem a bit off the wall at a wedding, but if you want to bring a bit of fun to your reception, this is a great way to do it. Both kids and adults alike will love this nostalgic party game and it’ll give you the chance to draw or paint a donkey onto cardboard and decorate it in any way you please. The wackier the better, so don’t be afraid to use beads, sequins, brightly coloured paper and anything else that takes your fancy.


  • Make your own guest chalkboard
    Many couples choose to have a guestbook at their big day, but if you’d like guests to record personal messages in a more unique way, think about laying down some adhesive chalkboard roll in a quiet area of your reception venue (i.e. not on the dance floor where people might get trampled) alongside a pot of chalk pens. That way, your nearest and dearest can take time out to write something special and at the end of the night you can roll the chalkboard up, take it home and display it at home.

A wedding with lots of unique features will always be memorable, so it’s well worth giving some of these fun ideas a go.