5 Retro Bridal Shower Party ideas for 2015

If your bride-to-be friend is more rockabilly than 21st Century girl then we’ve got some great ideas for the perfect, retro bridal shower:

1. Bridal bingo

No bridal shower would be the same without some fun party games to get all the guests interacting with one another and enjoying an exciting atmosphere. So why not put on a retro version of a Vernons bingo game, complete with hand turned ball machine, grid cards and dabbers? Replace the numbers with miscellaneous wedding related items such as locations for the honeymoon or cake flavours and call those out for guests to find on their cards. Read the full game rules here.

Another fun game is to play ‘Match the famous celebrity couple’, include partners such as Elvis and Priscilla, Romeo and Juliet and throw in a wild card such as Marilyn Monroe, who can be matched up with Joe DiMaggio, Arthur Miller, John F Kennedy. Cheeky! The person who matches up the most couples the quickest wins, of course.

2. Dish out the goodies

Party favours are something we’ve been handing out to guests since we were six years old and wearing party hats (which you should consider handing out as well) but people will never tire of going home with something.

Pick up some cupcake boxes so guests can stock up on leftover party food before they go home and fill a goodie bag with some fun retro style items such as plastic hair rollers, confetti, small bottles of cloudy lemonade, fun polka dot straws and fun note cards. Guests can write some words of encouragement on for the happy couple to hand out at the wedding.

3. Pyrex galore  

Food is a necessity at a bridal shower (even if the bride herself has gone on a crazy water and cayenne pepper diet) and you can go wild with retro dishes and desserts to treat guests with.
Make sure you dish everything up in vintage bowls and glass Pyrex and whip up some neat triangle sandwiches, cute cupcakes and a bowl of fruit punch (with a little alcohol of course) in a vintage glass bowl. You could go even further and use Spam to fill the sandwiches or create a giant trifle, a staple dessert in any 50s household.

4. Vintage, darling

Think fur stoles draped on the backs of chairs or used as table runners, glass Coke bottles for floral decorations and chequered tablecloths in red and white in a nod towards 1950s diner decor. Play some fun retro music in the background featuring Frankie Vali, The Drifters and some Elvis.
Streamers from the ceiling and foil balloons will also help create that vintage party theme and why not include a fun homemade piñata (in the shape of a wedding bell or an engagement ring) filled with sweets, confetti, tissues for the wedding, champagne bubbles and costume engagement rings – for the single people at the party.

Bridal Shower Pinata 2

5. Dress code

On the invitations encourage guests to turn up in their best retro get up. Send out instructions with the invitations on how to create finger waves and victory rolls for hair, dress styles that they could wear and fun retro gift ideas for the bride. You could also create a competition and have them create the best retro dish, which will save you having to do all the cooking too…
With all these ideas in place, you should have a retro bridal shower the bride-to-be will cherish as much as her vintage Pyrex collection.