360° Rotating Pictures

This is an idea we have had for a while now but the technical problems to get it to work took a while for us to overcome.
Because we are an internet based company and don`t as yet have a shop or showroom to view our wedding flowers, we want to give our customers the best opportunity to view the flowers and accessories that we can, and taking this one step further thought it would be a wonderful idea if people viewing the website could look at an image then using the mouse rotate the picture to look all the way around it.
It takes around 30 minutes to get from taking the first picture to viewing the finished 360° rotation picture on the website and uses a program called Adobe flash to run which most PC’s will have anyway.
As it is a time consuming project and everything is done in house at Sarah’s flowers i will try my best to get as many products done as i can but it will be an ongoing project for us as we now have over 3000 products on the website.
We hope you enjoy the new way to view our wedding flowers here at Sarah’s Flowers
Below are a couple of examples to get you started just click on the link and then select “Watch the 360°” link in the product listing.

Mocha & Ivory Diamante Rose Bouquet

Red & Ivory Crystal Wedding Bouquet

Long Stemmed Rose & Beargrass Bouquet

Kind regards Jason

2 thoughts on “360° Rotating Pictures

  1. Florists in Newbury says:

    This is such a cleaver idea. I always wondered how people could make an informed decision on online flowers, now I know I guess. Big idea but cleaver idea!

  2. Jessica Washington says:

    I love to see the end results on your site. It is a great idea to allow your customers to see the flowers in all angles. Please let me know if you need any tips on how to set everything up at your own location. Good luck!

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