Cruising with Silk Flowers

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Having a destination wedding is beautiful and will create memories that last a lifetime. One up and coming trend is to have your destination wedding on a cruise ship – a wedding weekend and holiday all in one, what could be better?

Planning a wedding far from where you live can be a challenge, especially when it comes to ordering live flowers. If you are planning a cruise ship wedding, the best way to incorporate floral arrangements into your big day is to purchase artificial flowers.

Silk flowers provide the same style and design as fresh-picked flowers, but without the hassle of maintenance.  First and foremost, there is no stress that comes with artificial flowers that there is with taking care of living flowers. Artificial flowers do not need to be watered, and are not as fragile as live flowers. This means there’s no fear of accidently knocking off a few petals or breaking any stems.


The life span of living flowers is short, and if you don’t plan on having your wedding ceremony the first or second day of the cruise, there is no guarantee how those flowers will look the day of your wedding. There are florists on-board cruise ships, however their selection is limited, and the price range can be much much higher than floral arrangements purchased on land. Plus you may not be able to take your living flowers off the ship.

Artificial flowers are easy to pack and ship. That means they will be bundled up and ready for your wedding. There is no risk of petals drying up or falling off or stems breaking in transit. What you see when you order is what you will get – no chance of brown flowers or arrangements that are too unappealing to use.

To save headache and wedding day stress, the best decision for your cruise ship wedding floral arrangement is to go with artificial silk flowers. Guests will marvel at how you were able to get such great arrangements all set up and in one piece for your wedding. They’ll never even know that they’re not real.  The best part is, you can even take them with you after the wedding (still intact and looking as great as they did on your wedding day)!

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Guest blog by Emily Rochotte

A Wedding Bouquet as a Lasting Memory

Ivory rose and orange sunflower bridal bouquet

Nothing adds a pop of colour to your wedding day quite like your bouquet. Bridal and bridesmaid bouquets are gorgeous focal pieces that are also a memento of your big day. For most brides, floral wedding bouquets are a must-have but, unfortunately, they don’t last long. You spend all this money on a piece that is so beautiful you wish you could keep it forever, but within a few days or even hours on a very hot day, this work of art has wilted, shriveled up, and turned brown. That beautiful symbol of your wedding day, gone forever.

Brides Cerise Gerbera, Ivory Rose, Veronica & Purple Freesia Wedding Bouquet

Your bridal bouquet should be a keepsake from your wedding the same way your guestbook, jewellery, or other items will remind you of your wedding day for years to come. You can dry or press your wedding flowers to save them, but the only way to guarantee your bouquet looks the same as at your wedding and every anniversary is to opt for silk flowers.

Grooms Green Silk Hydrangea Wedding Buttonhole with wooden Groom Embellishment

Artificial flowers are the best way to keep your bouquet as beautiful and pristine after your wedding as it was the day you got married. The best part is, no one will know they weren’t picked from the ground that morning! Silk flowers are a long-lasting alternative for wedding day décor, and the best part is, they can be incorporated into every floral facet of your wedding—from matching bridesmaids posies, buttonholes, corsages and cake toppers, the possibilities are endless! Any gorgeous arrangement you choose can be passed on to future generations, making it the perfect way to incorporate your parents’ wedding memories into your own without having to wear your mum’s wedding dress.

Purple silk wedding flowers

If you want the money you spend on your bouquet to be a lasting investment and not just rot away and be thrown away shortly after your wedding, you can’t go wrong with a stunning, silk bouquet.

And for that extra little touch, why not add one of our silver year charms to remind you of the special day even more.

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Guest blog by Emily Rochotte