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Just because you’re getting married in the Autumn doesn’t mean you can’t use beautiful flowers in your wedding. If you are planning a Halloween-themed bash, you can still take full advantage of traditional wedding bouquets and buttonholes, or choose artificial arrangements with a little more winter flair. We’ve got some tips to help you get your flowers just right, whether you are going for a creepy or classy Halloween wedding.

  1. You can never go wrong with pumpkin accents. Nothing says Halloween like a pumpkin. With a silk flower arrangement that incorporates pumpkins, your bridesmaids, groom, and groomsmen will all fit perfectly into your Halloween theme. Little pumpkins as accents to the other flowers in your arrangement is the best way to keep the theme going, without going overboard.

Even you are planning a creepy Halloween wedding, you still may want some fresh-looking flowers to breathe a little life into your big day. You can go creepy and scary with other elements, but still symbolize the beginning of your new life with beautiful fake flowers.


Halloween bouquet pumpkin picture

  1. Silk blooms won’t wilt in the cold weather. One of the biggest struggles of planning a fall wedding, and especially a Halloween wedding, is finding the right flowers and especially finding fresh flowers. If you opt for silk flowers, over fresh flowers, you won’t have to worry about the flowers wilting or dying before you walk down the aisle.

Instead, they will stay looking just as fresh as the day you purchased them, even years after the wedding, making a wonderful wedding day keepsake. This is the best way to ensure that you get a pristine looking buttonhole or bouquet, instead of risking getting old, wilting, and drooping real flowers.

  1. Orange, green, white, and tan are perfect fAutumnal colors. Worried that the wedding bouquet won’t match your colours? Our Autumn bouquets and buttonholes are a beautiful mix of natural and neutral colours, so you get the best colors of Autumn, without disrupting your colour story. Even if your Halloween wedding is intended to be creepy, these flowers will look beautiful against your blacks and oranges.

They will also be the perfect accent to a more subtle Halloween-theme, pulling in both the color of nature and the colours of Halloween. They look real, providing you all of the colour you want, without the hassle of real flowers.

Five Amazing Alternative Wedding Venues

alternative wedding venues, ice church

A traditional church ceremony followed by a three-course wedding breakfast and party at your local town hall or stately home is a great way to celebrate your big day, but why not push the boat out and try something a little alternative?

We’re not talking about jumping out of a plane and saying your vows on the way down, or hopping on a plane to somewhere completely exotic, but a different venue can create an incredible atmosphere and a wedding that your guests talk about for years to come.

It’s inspiration time and, like the folks at Bride Online, we have come up with some amazing ideas for your special day, find our top five list of the most amazing alternative wedding venues below…

5. Wolgan Valley resort

Breathtaking scenery in a stunning location set this potential wedding venue apart from all the others. Nestled in a secluded valley, within the Blue Mountains Reserve the Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa is a tranquil and moving location, situated just a three-mile drive from Sydney.

There are 4000 acres of property to take advantage of and you can choose from a variety of romantic locations for your ceremony. Just imagine the stunning wedding photos of you and your new partner with the incredible mountains as the backdrop followed by a beautiful gala dinner under the stars with everyone you know and love.

Hotel room with couple

4. Boomerang Farm

Boomerang Farm is a privately owned wedding venue, set in a beautiful tropical forest location, so you can customise the location and have pretty much any theme you desire throughout your ceremony and reception. Many people choose for their ceremony to take place in the Rainforest Chapel and then hold the reception in the venue’s historic barn, which features spacious ceilings, farmhouse dining tables and a dance floor.

3. Mandurah cruises

Imagine a golden sunset as you and your wedding party coasts across the rippling water of the Mandurah waterway on your very own private cruise. Everything is taken care of, including decoration and food, and you also get your own wedding coordinator and a red carpet gangway. Very posh! The whole wedding day takes place on the boat but you can also arrange a cocktail party the night before the wedding and a breakfast the next morning while you open gifts and say goodbye to your friends.

2. Red Hill Vineyard

A gorgeous ceremony set in a stunning vineyard location, basking in the rolling hills of the Mornington Peninsula, will create the most sophisticated wedding. With a tailor-made reception, featuring estate-grown wines and a personalised service, this is the wedding venue dreams are made of.

1. Sydney Harbour Wedding Climb

If you and your fiancé are adventurous types then why not take your guests up to the summit of Sydney Harbour Bridge? They’ll have to climb up there of course, using stairs and catwalks never previously opened to the public. There are two packages available, bride and groom plus four guests or bride and groom plus 10 guests.
Once you reach the top you will enjoy absolutely breathtaking views of Sydney that only a very few will ever get the chance to experience and have your ceremony take place on the specially built platform called the Sundeck.
The climb takes four hours and a guide will also give you the history of the bridge as you go. The Wedding Climb includes preparation, a guided experience and finally the ceremony. It is a truly unique experience for everyone. You might not be able to wear a fancy gown for the ceremony, but you can soon change into one and hold a big party later on with the rest of your friends and family.


So whether you’re after a laid-back, tropical affair or an ambitious ceremony involving a certain level of fitness there are plenty of alternative venues out there for you to choose from.

Alternative Wedding Ideas, Tips and Tricks

Halloween Pumpkin picture

Your wedding day is one of the best and most exciting days of your life and it should be as unique as you are. If you’re looking to get away from the traditional white wedding, there are numerous tips and ideas you can follow. Couples looking to make their wedding totally unique may want to consider an autumn wedding.

Halloween is a particularly good day to hold an alternative themed wedding. You’ll get to experiment with all kinds of wacky, alternative ideas. Your guests could even turn up in high tech Morph Costumes.

Staying away from predictable Halloween themes

Mention the word ‘Halloween’ and you might automatically think sweet favours for the guests, a black dress and pumpkin decorations. However, you really don’t need to opt for something predictable. A unique alternative Halloween wedding can be sophisticated if you want it to be.

Pumpkins can still be used, but instead focus on white pumpkins. Pinterest has some excellent inspirational pictures of white pumpkin wedding ideas you might want to check out. They could look particularly beautiful lining the aisle. Or for a really romantic theme, place real lanterns down the aisle. The dim lighting will add a spooky yet romantic theme.

Black veils – providing a vampire bride theme

It is often the little details that will make the biggest difference to your wedding. While traditional veils are white, there are beautiful black veils available that will fit in perfectly with your Halloween theme. Opt for a birdcage black veil complete with Chenille dots. This offers a striking look and really fits in with the spooky theme.

Embrace your darker side

If you really want to stand out on your big day, a dark dress is highly recommended. Black is an obvious choice, but deep reds, purple and brown can also work well. Go for something big and bold. There are plenty of alternative wedding gowns available and the key is to choose a dramatic, ball gown style dress.

Get inspiration online

The internet is packed full of alternative wedding ideas. If you get stuck, looking at Halloween themed wedding photos can give you plenty of inspiration. Huffington Post has a particularly great gallery showing beautiful, elegant Halloween wedding ideas.

Tips for making your wedding unique

Whether you opt for a Halloween theme or not, there are plenty of ways you can make your wedding unique. If you want to switch things up a bit, focus on the time of the ceremony. Hold the ceremony in the evening before you have dinner. This does work particularly well for Halloween weddings as the later you have the ceremony, the spookier the atmosphere will be. It also gives you plenty of chance to mingle with the guests before the ceremony.

If you are opting for a Christmas wedding, an excellent idea is to have every guest bring a bauble or Christmas tree decoration. Then every year after the wedding you will not only have a reminder of the big day, but you’ll have save money on decorations! Overall alternative weddings tend to be the most memorable. The main thing to remember is to make the wedding as personal to you and your partner.