Sunny Beach Weddings & Shell Bouquets and Buttonholes

bride holding a silk wedding bouquet on a beach

If you are choosing a beach wedding abroad you will certainly be guaranteed soft white sand between your toes and glorious sunshine. Beautiful! The perfect setting for any bride and groom to get married. However along with the sunshine also comes the strong likelihood that you will have wilting flowers. With this in mind silk wedding flowers are always a good option compared to fresh, especially in very hot countries. It is also important to remember that if you have booked a wedding package abroad everything will be organized for you, leaving you with little control over the finer details. Now you would not to trust someone to choose your wedding dress so why would you trust someone to order your flowers without you having any contact with the florist. Another plus to picking silk flowers for a wedding abroad is that you are able to choose and take the bouquet of your dreams with you and it will still be as perfect for the reception, even if this is back home several weeks after the wedding day as most newly married couple’s will also hold a wedding reception on their return to the UK, for family and friends. And most brides wear their wedding dress to the reception and no wedding dress is complete without the flowers.

Grooms ivory rose wedding buttonhole with shelld

All of our beautiful bridal bouquets and hand tied wedding posies are made to order using only the finest quality silk and artificial flowers. And there is plenty of choice from a range of traditional designs to the more unique bouquets such as one of our newest creations, a beautiful lily and shell design, absolutely perfect for a beach wedding.

Bridesmaids Ivory Soft Touch Calla Lily, Crystal & Beach Shell Wedding Bouquet


However if you do not see what you are looking for on our website just let us know what your heart desires and we will be happy to help. And if you need some more inspiration why not check out our colourful wedding mood boards.

Guest wedding buttonhole with ivory foam rose and beach shells

So wave goodbye to wilted flowers, pick instead and be a beautiful beach bride.

Unusual wedding themes to consider this year

Steampunk wedding themes

If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, but are struggling to come up with the best wedding theme ideas, you may begin to get a little panicked. It can be difficult to choose what you want your wedding theme to be for such a momentous occasion, as you’ll undoubtedly plan to only ever have to do it once! Of course you’ll want it to be absolutely perfect, which can make picking your wedding colours and your overall style all the more difficult.

With so many themes to pick from as well, there’s really no end to the number of themes and styles you could look through. It can all be a little bit overwhelming, really, which is why it’s essential that you set out with an idea of what you’d like your wedding to be like. At its heart, would you like your wedding to be fun, classic, romantic, quirky or absolutely insane? Why do you want people to remember your wedding – because it was wholly unique to the two of you, or because it was perfectly pretty and sweet? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer in this situation, as every couple will have a different idea of what they want on their wedding day, but entering into your plans with a thought of what you’d like will help in the long-run.

So, if you have a vague understanding of what you’d like your wedding day to be, but you still haven’t chosen your theme yet, take a look at these options. All are some of the most popular this year, and there’s definitely something to suit everyones’ tastes:

Rustic and country wedding themes

Rustic and country wedding themes

If the idea of getting married on the farm, in the classic rusticness of a barn and with the rolling countryside all around you, this wedding theme would be absolutely ideal for you.

Your wedding dress could even have a rustic vibe, with country-style gowns available. A vintage country manor could also be the ideal location for your wedding reception, and you could choose flowers that are traditionally found in the countryside. You could even go one step further and have all of those involved in your wedding wear cowboy boots – and then have everyone photographed in them!

Nautical wedding themes

Nautical wedding themes

Whether you’re a seafaring couple or you simply love the look of nautical-themed clothing and styles, this theme could be the one for you. Blue is the most traditional colour for this theme (for obvious reasons!), so you could have your bridesmaids and groomsmen dressed in soft shades of blue. Stripes are also a common theme within the nautical style, and this could stretch to everything from the way your wedding cake is designed to the tablecloths and party favours at your wedding reception.

You’ll also be able to find nautical-style wedding invitations, name place settings, and even bouquets.

Victorian vintage wedding themes

Victorian vintage wedding themes

The opulence and elegance of the Victorian era can be used throughout your wedding theme to create a beautifully romantic style. The wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses will be the most obvious way in which this theme will effect your wedding, with beautiful vintage wedding dresses (whether they’re actually modern or genuinely vintage) available. Your wedding cake can also be made to look decidedly vintage, and you can use vintage tableware at your reception to continue the theme.

A lot of people that choose to use this wedding theme even go all out and either choose vintage-style wedding cars, or go for chic ideas such as riding a quaint tandem bicycle on the way from the church! Of course, this is usually just for show!

The location in which you get married, and where you have your wedding reception, will also play into this theme, with many gorgeous old fashioned buildings available for rent.

Outdoor and woodland themed weddings

Outdoor and woodland themed weddings

Woodland wedding themes are all about reconnecting with nature, so if the idea of getting married in the ‘wild’ and enjoying nature sounds like something you’d love, you should definitely consider it!

You could make your wedding truly woodland themed by choosing wildflower bouquets, having your reception outside as well, and choosing handmade wedding favours.

The food you serve at your wedding will also say a lot about your theme, and with a woodland wedding you could serve homemade food using local, organic ingredients.

Steampunk wedding themes

Steampunk wedding themes

Steampunk themes for weddings are possibly some of the coolest out there, and could be ideal for couples that are fascinated by this style. Steampunk refers to a particular style that combines the ideas of retro and futuristic fashions, with Victorian and modern fashions colliding.

Your wedding dress could use a corset style, which would make it decidedly steampunk. You could also both wear top hats and have brooches, bracelets or other jewellery made from the typical cogs that are often used to iconise steampunk. Again, a Victorian property would make the ideal setting for your wedding or reception, and there are more than enough of them available to mean finding the ideal one for you shouldn’t be too difficult!

Winter wedding themes

Winter wedding themes

If you’re planning your wedding to take place in the winter months, you may want to style your theme around this season as well. Winter weddings are typically incredibly classic, with white, ivory, cream and pale blue all colours that you’ll typically find in the wedding palette.

The flowers you choose will also be very important, as you’ll want to pick ones that are suitable for wintertime, and your wedding invitations should also convey the season. You can also serve food that’s warming, welcoming and absolutely delicious at your wedding reception.

Choosing your wedding theme is never going to be easy, but with these ideas it should at least be a little simpler to pick the ideal one for you. Can you think of any other themes that could be suitable for a wedding, or did you use a different theme for any of these? Let us know your wedding story now!

This guest article was written by Jennifer Smith on behalf of  Ivy Ellen Wedding Invitations, the best providers of unique wedding invitations.

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Please Allow Plenty Of Time When Placing Your Silk Wedding Flower Order

Wedding season is upon us again already! And we here at Sarah’s Flowers are very busy indeed. are celebrating their ten year anniversary this year and over those 10 years we have provided silk wedding flowers for tens of thousands of brides and grooms. All of our silk flower arrangements are handmade to order, so it’s important that you allow plenty of time. Currently you should allow between 6-8 weeks for your wedding flowers to be made. If however your schedule does allow for this length of time we will always try and usually can accommodate you. We do ask though that if this is the case you contact us by email prior to ordering.


One of the benefits of ordering in advance is not only can we make a unique product just for you, but also marry up the whole wedding around it, incorporating buttonholes, corsages and matching bridesmaids posies or anything your happy heart desires. Ribbons to coordinate or compliment your colour scheme. Diamantes, pearls or crystals to harmonize with the brides wedding dress. And even a wide selection of mini crystal table gems, as well as some beautiful silk cake decoration sprays, perfect to top that wedding cake off.

Brides Ivory Calla Lily, Green Springeri Sprays & Bear Grass Loop Wedding Bouquet

Ordering in plenty of time will not only help spread the cost of your wedding budget but also guarantee you get the flowers you want. It’s important to remember not only are our flowers all carefully hand crafted from the finest artificial wedding flowers we can get, but every bouquet, posy, corsage and buttonhole is made to order by fully qualified artisan florists. And of course one of the main benefits of ordering silk flowers is you can order quite far in advance, hence we get a lot of people ordering a year plus in advance and you are always guaranteed any type of flower you desire whatever the season.

Bridesmaids Wedding Flowers with Large Open Orange Roses and Feathers

Remember this is one of the most important days of your lives and choosing the right flowers for your special day is not something to be rushed or left to the last minute.