Inspiration For Wedding Themes

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Congratulations – you’re getting married! Planning your wedding will be one of the most memorable, stressful, confusing, nerve-wracking, and enjoyable things that you will ever do. There is so much to think about when planning your special day, where do you begin?

All memorable weddings have a theme, whether it’s full-on or subtle touches; often defined by colour (your favourite), era (do you love the glamour of the 1920s or the madness of the 80s?) or your chosen venue, the theme sets the overall feel of your day. Choosing your theme is a good starting point as flowers, favours, music, and decorations can be chosen to fit in with whatever theme you choose. Websites such as are good for looking for decorations, from vintage, shabby chic, and rustic to disco or even Vegas themes, as well as favours, accessories, and everything in between!

Wedding themes are usually the first thing (dress aside) a bride thinks about. Do you want full-on fairytale-like Prince William and Kate Middleton, vintage like Kate Moss and Jamie Hince or pure indulgence a la David and Victoria Beckham?

Struggling to pin down your theme? Bridal Musings has some tips to help you out, probably the most important being that your theme should be about you as a couple. Don’t get hung up on what’s currently on-trend or considered stylish – does it reflect you? The great thing about wedding themes is that there are no rules, they are personal and unique to the bride and groom, and their lifestyle. Your wedding should have little nods to your personalities throughout – it’s your chance to show the world what you’re about so don’t hold back. Want something a little off-the-wall? Wedding Ideas has some great suggestions for couples wanting something that will set them apart from the crowd – circus theme anyone?

Here are some ideas on what to consider when thinking about your wedding theme:

  • Your interests and hobbies – what do you enjoy doing as a couple? If you both love literature why not incorporate parts of your favourite books?
  • How you met or how you got engaged. If your partner proposed in the woods, how about an enchanting woodland theme?
  • Your style. Are you retro, contemporary, eclectic…
  • Things that are special to you – does a particular animal, flower or song have a special meaning?
  • Your venue – your theme and venue should complement each other. If you’ve chosen a countryside barn wedding, an English tea party-inspired theme would be perfect
  • Your budget – themes can be adapted to suit most budgets, but don’t choose something that’s going to be too hard for you to achieve

The most important thing to remember when choosing your theme and planning your wedding, is to have fun with it. Keep the big picture in mind. It’s your big day, a celebration of your love for each other, a celebration of the rest of your lives together – enjoy!

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Pin and Wrist Silk Wedding Flower Corsages

Cerise Pink Rose and Hydrangea Wedding Wrist Corsage

Weddings are very important days in the lives of the grooms and brides. It is supposed to be fun and memorable not just as a result of the activities set to take place, but also the décor and glam of those in attendance and the wedding venue. Flower girls and bridesmaids can take their looks to the next level by wearing corsages. There are two types of corsages, namely: pin and wrist wedding corsages. Whereas the pin wedding corsages are pinned onto one’s clothing, the wrist corsages are worn on the wrist. Wrist corsages can be tied to the wrist be using either ribbon in a matching colour or ivory pearl band.

wrrist corsage blog picture

Wedding corsages come in all sorts of styles, colour blocks, assortments and even designs. A corsage is chosen to match or contrast the outfit of the flower girls, bridesmaids, or even the wedding venue itself for a glamorous, elegant and authentic look. The pink and ivory foam rose is a wedding corsage that is pinned to clothing. Its chic colours are perfect for brightly coloured outfits for a girly yet cool touch. The Cymbidium orchid pin on wedding corset is available in an apple green hue for a refreshing touch. It goes well with outfits in any other hue of green or block colours for a beautiful contrast.The artificial burgundy orchid and ivory rose crystal wedding corsage is worn on the wrists and can be used to accentuate plain outfits in light colour hues for a touch of class. A good example of the silk wrist corsages includes the dark purple silk Anemone and lilac rose that goes well with any hue of purple for a uniform yet attractive look. Other great wedding corsages for flower girls and bridesmaids to opt for comprise of the artificial cerise Isabel rose wedding flower, artificial cerise and silk orchid wrist corsage, artificial ivory and blue rose designed for guests, artificial pink bud rose wedding buttonhole corsage and pearls as well as the double ivory Diamante buttonhole corsage that is pinned on clothes, among many others.

Pin Corsage Blog Picture

The wedding corsages are made of various materials like silk for durability and uniformity with wedding outfits that are usually made from silk mainly due to this kind of fabric’s glittering qualities. The corsages are handmade to give them their great fine details. Moreover, they can be custom made to suit the needs of a given client and match their chosen wedding theme and colours for an attractive and elegant look. The wide range of pin and wrist wedding corsages will sure meet the needs, style and preferences of all clients planning their weddings.

For more pin and wrist corsage wedding inspiration why not try a site like Pinterest

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Is Lilac A Forgotten Wedding Day Colour?

Lilac Wedding Table Display Blog Picture

Lilac is a cool and warm colour which can be a pale tone of violet or a light shade of purple but whichever shade you go for it always makes a lovely wedding colour, either as the main colour or as a more subtle accent shade.

Lilac & Ivory Artificial Rose Bridesmaids Posy with Eucalyptus & Light Catching Crystals Blog Picture

Lilac a long with its cousin purple have a great deal of symbolism associated with each other. It’s a very feminine colour with a warm maternal feel to it. Like lavender, lilac can add a hint of nostalgia. It goes very well with the colours black and dark green. For a lovely lilac mix combine a few of the different shades of lilac along with some greens, plums, and mauve.

Lilac buttonholes and corsages Blog Picture

Lilac is a gorgeous pastel shade which is sometimes over shadowed by the more powerful purple, and it seems that more and more brides are tending to shy away from light pastel colours for bold bright flamboyant colours.

Sarahs Flowers Lilac Pinterest Board

Here are at Sarah’s Flowers HQ we have a lovely range of artificial wedding flowers available in lilac from silk freesia, foam roses, lavender sprays, lisianthus, alliums stems and veronica to name a few.

Picture of a lilac mood board

If you are using the lilac range of colours to add a more subtle colour tone to your wedding flowers then why not try adding our lilac feathers or small satin roses or lilac pearl strands to your bouquet. Or for just a hint of lilac colour then why not use a lilac ribbon, we stock a few different types to choose from, including luxury satin, sheer organza or grosgrain.