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2014 it is nearly upon us, Christmas will be here and over, and before you know it the wedding season will be back around (hoorah) and we will all be set with new wedding themes for a new year. Decided what look your wedding  can take is a mightily hard thing to d: there are endless options out there, all with varying subjects and capabilities and cost!  So as one wedding year closes and a new one opens – here’s what’s in store for 2014 for your wedding themes;

Being dramatic and statement

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Swapping pastels for bold is a big step to make – brides and grooms who choose bold colours rather than sugary sweet colours like to do things in style, a dramatic theme is just for you! think unusual venues such as old churches, theatres, disused buildings that can be done up that show you statement features like high ceilings, striking windows, an open fire,  slightly worn look and something in big bold  colours. A gothic themed wedding is proving very popular, along with the more brightly themed, exotic looking weddings – both at opposite ends, but both as statement.

Being symbolic

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Doing something that is symbolic in your wedding can be a great added to touch to make your wedding just a little bit different. Some people light candles or pouring of sand is always an option – both are visually stunning for all the guests also. During a symbolic sand ceremony the bride and groom take it in turns to pour coloured sand into a keepsake glass vase in front of their loved ones to symbolise the joining of two people, two families joining together and the unity of everything coming together. This nice, simple ceremony can take place anywhere as long as you have permission from your venue – this can work great with a beach themed wedding.

Another nice, easy symbolic thing to do at a wedding is to get your guests to write a message of love on a Chinese lantern, then in turn all letting them float off into the night.

Being quirky

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Quirky weddings are big big news even at the latter end of 2013. Whether it be novelty additions, or clever  and stylish – you can add little quirky details or really go wild with a completely unusual theme to reflect your personal style: whether it be vintage, 1920’s or rock n roll. Some people even theme their weddings on books and films, such as Alice in Wonderland.

Choosing a quirky venue is an easy way to make your wedding a little bit different and certainly memorable – think football pitches, a zoo, Hard rock café in London, various farms! Or if a different venue isn’t your thing, how about an open-top bus to transport your guests. Or if something so big isn’t your thing, how about opting for a vibrant, quirky bridal shoe, a different headdress, or personalised signs to direct people around your wedding – there are many different options to make your wedding a little more quirky.

Going green

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And no, we don’t mean the colour! Green weddings are the latest trend, and it doesn’t have to be for ethical or political reasons either. A natural wedding theme, with its warm and friendly rustic country look can be eco-friendly as well uber stylish, whether you get married outdoors in a ose garden or bluebell field, or in a barn for the colder months – the backdrop of this style of wedding can look absolutely beautiful.

Using Organic materials in your wedding is a great way to make your wedding completely organic! Using material for bridal outfits and table linens, and organic, locally sourced food is a really nice addition and normally make for some really tasty food. Finally, cover the ground with delicate rose petals for the ultimate finishing touch to an organic themed wedding.

Getting Wedding Flowers over the Christmas Holidays

Getting Wedding Flowers over the Christmas Holidays

We all love how flowers look. A flower can come in almost any kind of colour or variety but the effect of a flower is still the same. It brings life into whatever the flower is intended to decorate. That is why it is so common to get flowers for a wedding because the flowers will be used to decorate tables, the altar, and they will even be held by the bride. Sometimes people like to get married in the winter because they enjoy a winter theme or it’s an ideal time for them.

The problem is that over the holidays many florist shops are closed, which makes getting flowers for a winter wedding either expensive or impossible. That’s because the flowers are out of season in the winter and will need to be imported. For someone who wants to have summer flowers in the winter, there is another solution beside getting imported flowers. You can always use silk wedding flowers.

Artificial wedding flowers have a number of advantages over the real thing. First of all, they are available year round. That means someone who wants to have a Christmas wedding this year won’t be out of luck just because it’s winter. These flowers look like the real thing and are available any time of the year and not just in the summertime. Finally they are longer lasting. Regular flowers can wilt if they are left outside for too long. Imported flowers will not look fresh either because they had to be brought in from somewhere else in the world. Artificial flowers could care less about how long they have to wait or what the temperature is. They will continue to look their very best for as long as they are needed.

Like natural flowers you can get bridal bouquets and bridesmaids bouquets. Every kind of flower is available which allows wedding planners to have the maximum number of choices for wedding. Because they can be made in a consistent fashion, you will often get more uniformity with artificial flowers. That means no missing pedals or stems that aren’t cut to the same length. This helps with jobs like making table centrepieces and even flowers around the altar too.

There is so much that has to be done in order to prepare for a wedding. The bride has to pick out dresses and bridesmaid dresses. Photographers have to be hired and food has to be ordered. A reception hall usually has to be booked, and invitations have to be sent out. With so much going on already the last thing a wedding planner should have to worry about hearing is that a particular choice of flower is out of season.

By using artificial wedding flowers people can have a Christmas themed wedding that will look absolutely great. These flowers look so much like the real thing that people will have trouble telling that they are made from silk. The only thing that gives it away is the fact that the flowers are out of season.

Keeping Your Wedding Day Guests Warm…


Winter wedding season is well and truly here – waking up this morning to minus degree weather is certainly a wakeup call from the recent milder weather and for those brides and grooms planning their winter wedding one thing is surely going to be on your mind: keeping your guests warm and cosy. Winter weddings aren’t just different in terms of the weather, oh no, we’re talking food and drink choices change, floral decorations change and Colour schemes are different. Here’s how to plan your winter wedding accordingly:

• Time to wrap up! Possibly think about having winter blankets, scarfs and shawls readily available for your guests. Storing them in a cute old wicker basket, delicately rolled up can make them into a nice focal point when dotted around your wedding venue. Add a nice kitsch sign ‘don’t forget to help yourself to an extra layer to keep out the cold’ – if budget is an issue, why not make these our wedding favours!
Alternatively adding onto your invite for people to dress warm is another nice way of keeping your guests well prepared, should the temperatures drop!


• Welcome drinks! We all know the normal welcome drink is for a nice glass of something sparkling, but the last thing your guests will want to do is to stand out in the cold with a glass of something even colder. How about offering a warm glass of mulled wine – with its welcoming, warming nature this is sure fire hit to get people in the mood whilst keeping them warm!
Offering warm apple juice or Ribena is a great non-alcoholic version as well as a great drink idea for children, or opt for some hot chocolate with some added cream on top!


• Warming food! Let’s face it, come the colder period, we are all dreaming of warming comfort food rather than small, fresh salads. Comfort food may sound too substantial, but in fact it can be slightly cheaper and the key is to make sure your guests are full and warm – serving things such as stews, soups and hearty puddings can indeed make everyone feel happy and full. Service breadsticks with soups, fresh warm bread at the tables with different spreads. How about cottage pie for main – with fresh vegetables, and opting for a classic pudding like sticky toffee pudding is always going to be a winner!


• Chill out! Creating a room where your guests can go and chill out and relax is a great idea. Create a cosy environment that is away from the noise so people can regroup and chat. Add in a log fire, candles lit, comfy sofas and some more blankets and you’ve managed to create just the right environment for the older generation who like to have a chat and young mums also.


• Hot chocolate! A great idea instead of a sweetie table is to have a hot chocolate table where guests can make their own drinks – sprinkles, marshmallows, cream, chocolate flakes – the list is endless. Include some flavoured coffee too with different syrups.


All in all, think about how you’d like to be welcomed at a winter wedding, from the moment you arrive until the time you leave – use these thought to make sure your winter wedding is everything you want it to be!