Dressing The Bridesmaids To Please..

For those of you ladies who have ever been asked to be a bridesmaid, you will recognise that eternal fear of possibly being given a dress that most resembles an oversized toilet roll holder, and keeping your fingers crossed that they don’t choose a theme that resembles bo-peep. These days the rules for dressing bridesmaids has changed: No longer are you expected to all wear the same dress, same style or even the same colour. Versatility has become the latest trend in dressing your bridesmaids.

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Bridesmaid dressing these days, is more geared up to each and every bridesmaid’s individual figure shapes, and even takes the time to consider skin tones, ages and personalities. Here at HQ we love the ideal of making your maids completely happy in their outfits – let’s face it their happy, smiley faces will look brilliant in the photos! So what can you do to keep your bridesmaids happy? Here are our top tips!

  • Mixing the fabric shades is a great way to not only create a really pretty line-up, but can match different skin tones and even hair colours. The same goes for picking dresses for flower girls – some girls don’t want to look too grown up or wear as restricting fabric as the older bridesmaids. Pinterest (www.pinterest.com)  is a great way for finding ideas on what shades to pick as your bridesmaids collective.

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  • Not one style will suit every shape of bridesmaid. Neckline can make such a difference to some dresses and look completely different on every girl. A sweetheart neckline is a great neckline for all size busts and can be completely flattering, however for the more endowed try adding straps for more support. The same goes for length. Some girls might not want to show their legs and therefore crave the longer length, but for the more petite girl a short, tea length dress can look great against other longer dresses.
  • More and more modern weddings are taking place early evening, this can open up a completely different look for your bridesmaids – darker more evening type shades of dress are popular, and a more party style of gown can complete the look nicely.
  • Budget friendly bridesmaid dress shopping is key – instead of opting for the more expensive option of having them made or bespoke ordered, try popping along with your maids for a day of girly shopping at your local high street. Debenhams and House of Fraser have great occasion wear sections that can save you some serious money on your tight budget!

How did you dress your bridesmaids?

Our Silk Wedding Flowers…

It’s all very good us sitting here telling how fab our flowers are but in reality when it comes to making the big decision of picking your wedding flowers words are a little meaningless. We take great pride in making sure the type of flowers we pick to go in our bouquets not only look good but have real meaning to them and it takes real work to make sure those flowers give you something a little more, adding a new level to not only your flowers but your wedding as a whole.

So, what flowers are on our books then? Well, the list is endless with us, but some are more popular than others, some have more meaning than others, and some are just show stoppers, but the even better thing with Sarah’s Flowers is that you can get any of our flowers all year round, none of this waiting to pick a flower in season. Our flowers are here for you, all year round.

Here are our favourite flower picks

 photo Ourweddingflowersblogpic1_600_zps90e10ace.jpg

1- £45.95 Bridesmaids Bouquet in White, Ivory and Pink Flowers


2- £50.60 Bridesmaids Bouquet Cream and Cerise Roses and Lavender


3- £104.50 Artificial Shower Bouquet with Mixed Roses & Lilies

The Rose:

Everyone’s classic wedding flower, the rose can do no wrong. It is worldly known that the rose means love and is often given to friends and loved ones as a sign of our feelings. An orange or coral coloured rose represents pure desire and passion, and a yellow rose means true friendship and obviously, a classic red is true, unadulterated love.
The rose is the most versatile flower as all its stages of flowering are equally as pretty, and roses will match well with nearly every other bloom. Most roses can be dyed to any shade and here at HQ we can make sure we create just the right shade of rose to suit your colour scheme or theme.

 photo Ourweddingflowersblogpic2_600_zpsb6ee3f64.jpg

1- 39.75 Pink Hydrangea & Ivory Rose Bridesmaids Wedding Posy Bouquet


2- 3.75 Hydrangea Wedding Buttonhole with Cornflower Bow


3- 69.58 Bridal Bouquet with Vintage Peony’s and Roses

The Hydrangea:

A personal favourite of ours, the Hydrangea is a well-rounded flower – the large flowers have lots of tiny blooms that give it the form of a mop head in appearance.  In real life the flower of a hydrangea can sometimes be determined by the type of soil it’s planted in, however instead of leaving it to luck, when you order from us you can take your pick of colour – we currently have six for you to choose from.
So what does the hydrangea mean? It symbolizes heartfelt emotions so pretty much perfect for your big day.

 photo Ourweddingflowersblogpic3_600_zps87904304.jpg

1- 39.95 Bridesmaids Bouquet in Mixed Silk Anemone with Beads


2-  £84.10 Grouped Flower Bridal Bouquet in Mixed Colours and Foliages


3- £40.70 Bridesmaids Bouquet in Silk Cerise Pink Anemone and Purple Handle

The Anemone:

We love the meaning of the Anemone – ‘unfading love’ how romantic does that sound? The anemone looks so delicate – with its thin, almost see-through light petals that in real-life are quite often too delicate to use as part of your wedding but with ours, they are silk, lasting you as long as you want them too – always looking fresh. The anemone catches people’s eyes and can make a good focal point for all bouquets as well as buttonholes.

 photo Ourweddingflowerspic4_600_zps67fa41be.jpg

1- 81.00 Brides Pink Mixed Bouquet with Cherry Blossom


2- 42.95 Wedding Cake Arrangement in Mixed Flowers


3- £51.15 Burgundy Roses, Pink Weeping Cherry Blossom Posy

The Cherry Blossom:

Part tree, part flower,  the Cherry Blossom is not your usual bouquet or wedding flower but can add a nice finishing touch to the top of, or inter woven through the bouquet. Know to Japan, the cherry blossom has come into its known, and there are well over 150 varieties. Giving a nice oriental feel to a wedding or bouquet, the woody stems with tiny rose coloured blooms that don’t quite look like anything else.

All our flowers are chosen with you in mind, we like to think our flowers will help tell your story.

Wednesday Silk Flower of the Week…

Here at Sarah’s Flowers we continuously update our catalogue of flowers – new types of blooms, colour schemes, different variations and themes, there is always something going on and being added. We are really proud of our progress and with a new weekly feature we are showcasing a ‘Bouquet of the Week’

We are slightly biased however, as well, all our bouquets and flowers are pretty darn beautiful so that’s why we thought we’d show off our favourites – every Wednesday we will show off a new design or one of our classic favourites.

This Wednesday is the time of our Ivory Rose & Red Anemone “Forever Flowers” Bridal Wedding Bouquet.

 photo IvoryRoseampRedAnemoneBridalBouquetJR2_7607_600_zps47a1a0fe.jpg

 photo IvoryRoseampRedAnemoneBridalBouquetJR2_7613_600_zps448be555.jpg

Ivory Rose & Red Anemone “Forever Flowers” Bridal Wedding Bouquet

This bouquet really is something special: extravagant and full to the brim with sumptuous blooms .  With elegant ivory foam roses, ornamental cabbage, and silk periodot hydrangeas, they are all clasped together with the bright, vibrant and romantic red vibrancy of exotic Mediterranean anemone blossoms.

What makes this bouquet so special is unlike natural flower, these silky “forever flowers” will never fade— a bit like the love between the bride and her groom. This bouquet will be a great reminder of your special day.    We can even match the style of this bouquet and make matching bridesmaids bouquets and button holes to suit – all you need to do is contact us and we will do the rest for you!

Priced at only £59.95 this high quality wedding bouquet is great value and really is worthy of our Wednesday ‘Bouquet of the Week’

Renewing Your Wedding Vows

There are all kinds of major events that will occur during your lifetime, but few leave as indelible a mark on the memory as your wedding day. Years can pass, but if you close your eyes and think back, you can see all the colours of the day, hear the joyous laughter of your family and friends, and even catch a faint whiff of the wedding flowers that were a big part of all that color. The average wedding day usually ends with a wish that it will be the beginning of a lifetime spent together. While that wish never fades, it can get a little lost in the busy schedule that life tends to deliver. That is why many couples decide to stop and smell the roses and set about renewing their wedding vows in order to keep that wish fresh.

Wedding renewals tend to be a lot less flashy as the original big day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recapture some of that original magic. One of the nicest ways to do that is by ordering silk wedding flowers for the event. While there are many souvenirs saved from the original wedding day, the flowers are the one thing that tends to not stand up to the test of time. Yes, it’s possible to perhaps save a single flower from the wedding posy and preserve it, but saving them all is often very expensive and not very practical.

What you are able to save, though, are the photographs taken on your wedding day, all of which can be used as a template of sorts for the renewal of your wedding vows. While some couple like to have a whole new ceremony in a different setting from the original, most still like to include something special from the first time around. If you are in that category, then you really need to consider going with a silk wedding bouquet this time around.

The good folks at Sarah’s Flowers can create a beautiful silk bouquet that is made to look exactly like the one you had on your original wedding day. What that means is that you will be left with a permanent souvenir of that day, but also one that will also remind you of your renewal ceremony. It truly is the best of both worlds wrapped up in a neat little bow that is bursting with vibrant color. If you’d sooner have something completely new, though, Sarah’s Flowers can help you out there, too.

Weddings are a special day that is shared with family and friends, even if it is a renewal ceremony. Wouldn’t it be nice for all the guests in attendance to have a special reminder of that day, too? Why not think about using artificial flowers as the centerpiece of your tabletops? You might even consider silk flowers for the other members of the wedding party. The beauty of it all is that Sarah’s Flowers can help you create something beautiful that suits whatever you want for your big day. Sure, you may not be able to smell these flowers, but you will have them to look at for as long as you wish.