8 Ways to Make your Wedding Day Unique…

Any wedding is going to be the best day of your life, but these days there is an urge to make this already ‘big day’ a little bit more bigger and better by making it slightly more unique, and despite what you might think, being unique doesn’t have to cost the earth. These 8 ways to make your day more unique will help you create a wedding that is just ‘so you’

Create your own dress style

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Not every bride has to wear a full-length, full skirted gown. Think out of the box and try to really reflect on you and your own personal style. There are so many options out there: think tea length, dresses with sleeves, slim skirted dresses that expose a kitsch heel or even a coloured wedding dress – the list endless.

Make your blooms different

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White Rose Bridal Bouquet With Crystal Diamante Brooches

Brooch bouquets are a fab way to make your bouquet look just a little more different and stylish. You could even think of including personal trinkets or family heirlooms too. We do some fab brooch bouquets at more than affordable prices .

Unique favours

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Give your favours a personal touch by making them unique to you as a couple. Try creating a personalised cd of your favourite songs as a couple – it’s a great keepsake for guests to remember your day.

Special venue

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When choosing a venue try to think of locations that are special to you both. It could be somewhere your parents got married, or where you were proposed too.

It’s all about the family

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Weddings are a great time to get the family well n truly involved. Whether it’s a formal role like Usher or Bridesmaid, or whether you assign a job for each member to do. People feel happy to help when it comes to weddings are like to feel important.

Stationery love

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Designing your wedding stationery is where you can well n truly customise your wedding to make it more ‘you’ when designing your invites think about including things that you both like to do together – for instance if you like travelling try including a map of all the places you’ve loved going to together.

Props ahoy

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If you both have a shared hobby why not include a prop of it for some fun photos!

Verse is sweet

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Personalise your wedding ceremony with special readings and poems. Bespoke writing can really make the wedding feel more personal and special – it can even be framed after the wedding.
These are all really simple ways to make your wedding so very personal to you both and also create lasting memories for everyone else.

Why not tell us what made your day so unique?

Wedding Days are Coming and Feeling Festive…

It’s getting more harder to ignore the fact that, dare we say it, Christmas is very much around the corner. We’ve finally reached Autumn Equinox 2013 (22nd September) yesterday and the evenings will slowly be getting darker, the leaves will be gently falling off the tress and temperatures dropping, but the change in season doesn’t mean a slow down for us at Sarah Flowers HQ, oh no, in fact, it just means another excuse to get our creative sides on.

More and more people are opting for combining Christmas with their special day and planning more festive weddings – not only is it a great excuse to get all your loved ones together but everything is a little more prettier when sprinkled in the glitter of Christmas. However picking your flowers for the December period is hard, with many of the more favourite flowers classed as out of season, you can sometimes be left disappointed or short of cash when you are charged for the more rarer flowers. Our faux flowers are a great substitute to the more difficult time of year because we do every flower, all year round and don’t charge you any extra!

We have been coming up with some great, more festive floral treats to get you excited for your Winter Weddings;

Ivory Rose Bridesmaid Christmas Wedding Bouquet – £37.50

 photo IvoryRoseBridemaidsBouquetforChristmasTheme_zpsf3fcb32f.jpg

This gorgeous Bridesmaid bouquet is perfect for the more festive period. With the gorgeous festive green spruce foliage, some cherry red berries, snowy ivory roses all finished with gentle loops of pearl branches.

Frosted fruit wedding buttonhole £6.95


 photo ChristmasFrostedFruitButtonholewithaRoseandGinghamBow_zpsa58cfeca.jpg

Let the groom and the male party get in on the festive action with this really cute frosted fruit buttonhole. What makes this buttonhole so different from the more traditional festive florals is the inclusion of the frosted fruits of apple, pear and berries – all looking like Jack Frost has touched them. The gingham ribbon looks nicely festive and wintry to finish it all off.

Christmas wedding shower bridal bouquet with cones – £93.50

 photo ChristmasBouquetwithIvoryRosesRedBudRosesampCones_zps4c6d4477.jpg

This has to be our favourite of the Festive bunch. As well as similar factors of the above flowers, we’ve decided to up the Winter feeling by adding in some pine cones for more effect. This seasonal tear-drop bouquet is made with ivory foam roses, red budded roses, pine cones and lush green ivy and fiscus leaves – it is what Winter is all about, all in one bouquet. We can also specially make your Bridesmaid bouquets and buttonholes to match with our fully custom bespoke system.

These Festive flowers have got us feeling really excited for the Christmas season and we’d love to see what flowers you chose for your Winters big day? Feel free to send us pictures of your Winter bouquets to  contact us and we may well feature yours on our blog.

Boo!! Getting Married On October 31st

“Love is a flower which turns into fruit at marriage.” -Finnish Proverb

Love is always in the air everywhere and the loving air slowly transcends into a marriage. The wedding bells, the ring ceremony, the decorations, the bouquets, all lead you into a magical world! Every couple wants to have a unique wedding which would be remembered by everyone, near and dear, friends and relatives, alike.

It is a fad now to have themed weddings and enjoy the marriage atmosphere in a fun and frolic way. One such theme would definitely be a Halloween theme wedding, which would be unique and fun too, for the bride and bridegroom as well as the guests.

A lot of superstitious people think that getting married on October 31st is unlucky as it is Halloween day; especially the bride who feels that not wearing a white dress would be inauspicious. And some fear that guests with kids wouldn’t turn up for the wedding giving up trick /treating.

But there are people who are fun loving friends who get excited thinking of a themed wedding and would eagerly await the wedding day. They buy costumes as they would for Halloween if they get to know that it is a costume wedding. They imagine the bride in a red kitty dress and the bridegroom in a black cat tux and look forward to the fun they would have.

The colors for the Halloween theme would obviously be black and orange, with flowers of different shapes and sizes adorning the place. For such themed weddings and the themed flowers, Sarah Flowers is the right place, where custom made decorations and flowers are available at affordable prices and fabulous colors. Now they even have a wedding bouquet with pumpkins in it, to add fun to your October 31st wedding!

Santa’s Best Present – A Wedding!

It’s every child’s dream to get the best present ever for Christmas, and the happiness and satisfaction bound by this is priceless. But why should a present be limited to only children? It must certainly be a wish for the big kid in us all, and what better could they get than a wedding for Christmas? With the gown matching the colour of the snow outside, it must definitely be a surreal moment for those who are lucky to get married in winter. Here are a few amazing ideas on how you can have a wedding to remember if you plan it in winter.

1. Being Blessed by the Snow
Ever had the snow shaker with a couple standing inside? It’s a sure thing that somewhere, in a little corner in your mind, you might have wished that it was you standing there, with the snow sprinkling on you when you were saying, “I do”. It definitely would look like a Cinderella wedding, and we at Sarah’s flowers have the perfect bridal bouquets and maids posies for you to go along with the dress and the surrounding area. We have ivory and pearl bouquets for the bride or white roses and feathers for the bridesmaids, and you may also want to try out our vast collection of winter themed flower and bead decorations for the venue. There is also the option of presenting your guests with brooches and buttonholes to wear for the ceremony, and if this doesn’t convince you, we also have cake sprays that will make a winter wedding look like the best thing to happen to womankind!

2. The Queen Feel
Getting married is obviously one of the best occasions in one’s life, and the first place on the to-do list is usually taken by the great task of the bride looking and feeling special. When it comes to that, wearing a headdress does the job really well, but it’s a tough task in summers because of the heat and the sweat, both of which don’t go well with the “look and feel good” thing that we just talked about. Whereas in winter, it’s perfectly possible to carry the headdress and pull off the queen feel with élan. You can always style your hair in such a way that you can pin up a lot of flowers, and with our range of beads and crystals to go along with the flowers, we can make you look like the best bride ever.

3. Holiday Themed Decorations

Worried about how to decorate the venue without overdoing it, but still making it look different than other weddings? Well, worry not, because if you’re getting married around Christmas, then you can always choose to have holiday themed decor.

4. Table Decorations and Gift Boxes
A major part of the effort during weddings goes into deciding how to decorate the tables where the guests are to be seated. At a winter wedding, one can always go the extra mile and, instead of using simple flower table tops, use accessories like feathers and little birch branches dotted with pearls and crystals. It will not only make the place look like paradise, but will make the guests feel special too.

So, since he’s popped the question, and the happiest moment of your life is here, make it count, and plan your wedding in winter. Not only will you be able to do a lot more than looking pretty and walking down the aisle, but you’ll be able to put together the wedding a lbum of the century by capturing the snowflakes as they fall.

Taking Artificial Wedding Flowers Abroad

Flowers are no doubt, the most delicate creation of nature that celebrate beauty, femininity and delicacy. This is why flowers are used for the most important events in one’s life to decorate and embellish the location of the event. Flowers are also used to add to the beauty of brides if added to their hair, their lovely bouquets and wrists even. Hence, flowers cannot possibly be amiss from the most important event in a women’s life, her wedding day.
Still, being so delicate and fragile, real flowers are often hard to keep fresh and perfect especially when delivered miles away from where they are assembled into beautiful flower decorations. This is the reason why, with over 10 years of experience in working with just artificial flowers we are the wedding flower company to provide your special day flowers.

Artificial flowers are 100% more practical, easy to handle and even more importantly they can easily be take abroad. At Sarah’s Flowers we have a passion of delivering the most beautiful flower decorations, wedding bouquets and corsages but we also want to deliver the highest quality to every client. This is why we’ve figured the best option for us is to design and create delicate flower arrangements using artificial wedding flowers made of silk and give thousands of brides memories that last forever.
What are the most important benefits of using artificial wedding flowers for our customers? Well, we figured you’ve asked, so here are the most important reasons:

Artificial wedding flowers are perfect for weddings abroad or overseas because they don’t spoil or wilt in the heat like natural flowers do and the bouquets stay intact for the perfect wedding ceremony and reception.

Seasonal flowers all year around, hence if you love sunflowers but we’re in March then you need not worry because we got your back.

No need to worry about pollen allergies or hayfever; although you may not have any flower allergies, some of your guests might have one and by using artificial flowers you can prevent the sneezing and rashes.

Take the exact flowers you want to your dream wedding destination in your suitcase – with our artificial wedding flowers you can.

A long lasting memory of that once in a lifetime event, because the flowers never fade away, as well as your best kept memories of the wonderful day.

These are only a few of the main reasons why we advise you to consider ordering artificial silk made wedding flowers instead of natural bouquets. From beautiful bouquets to table centers and from corsages to buttonhole flowers we’ve got you covered with anything your heart desires for your wedding day. Even more, we if your wedding ceremony and reception are outside the UK our silk wedding flowers are so robust they can be easily carried in either your suitcase or carry on luggage. Then they will be delivered intact and exactly how you wanted them to look and feel and even more, you won’t have to spend a fortune on them as with real wedding flower decorations. Sarah’s Flowers are a multi-award winning company because we are passionate in delivering the most beautiful artificial wedding flowers for your special day!

Stunning Artificial and Silk Wedding Flowers

 photo artificial_wedding_flowers_800_zps640435d6.jpg

Sarah’s Flowers – Award winning florist, great prices. Handmade artificial and silk arrangements.  Wedding bouquets, corsages, buttonholes, and custom bespoke work done.