When Wedding Flowers and Forever Crossed Paths

When you see a certain flower, you immediately wish that it lasts forever. Well, it’s not just a wish anymore. Sarah’s Flowers presents to you some of the most amazing artificial flowers, which, along with lasting for as long as you want them to, come in the most exquisite colours and shapes.

Of course, it remains a fact, that a magic that a real flower weaves cannot be beaten by anything else, but with changing times, it is important that one explores the realm of artificial and silk flowers as well. Where real flowers don’t last, and wilt in a few days, artificial ones are bound to last a very long time. It is commonly agreed that real flowers are the best for any occasions, it’s time to give the artificial ones a chance too. Let’s take a look at some aspects where artificial flowers would definitely be rated above real ones.

The Issue called Time

“Fair pledges of a fruitful tree, Why do ye fall so fast?”

These were the words of Robert Herrick as he described flowers, and their life and death. But, though nobody likes it, he did talk about them dying. With real flowers comes the problem of them wilting after a few days, and it is sometimes difficult to find the same ones again. Also, many flowers bloom only in a certain season, and they may not be available when you need them. There are also the changes in weather that flowers usually succumb to, and wilt. This is especially a problem when it comes to weddings, as everyone would like to see the flower decorations at their best, and to find and keep flowers that may not last long is a problem not so easily solved. This is where artificial and silk flowers come into the picture and make it a beautiful one. These silk beauties don’t depend on weather conditions, and whether it is sunny or rainy outside, there’s only one way these flowers will look – beautiful. At Sarah’s Flowers, we specialize in flowers of all shapes, colours and sizes. The major advantage with our faux flower bridesmaids posies is that, along with the lovely wedding pictures, you will always have a souvenir to remember all the old times. And though the times become old, our flowers will remain as new as ever.

Pollen and the Sneeze Attack

With real flowers comes real pollen, and more than real sneeze attacks. Many people fall ill in the spring due to the high amounts of pollen in the air, and hence, flowers, though beautiful, have caused a major scene. And how do we solve this problem? Well, of course, with artificial flowers! Since these flowers have no pollen at all, you can always enjoy dinner with beautiful flowers on the table and without a single sneeze!

Not So Heavy on the Pocket

Well, you did buy those lovely roses for your table, but you do know that you’ll have to keep replacing them, right? Not if they’re artificial! Not only do faux flowers take away the responsibility of replacement from your already long list, they are also available in a variety of shapes and designs. Along with being able to choose from a huge collection of every kind of flower available, you’ll also find that they are much cheaper than their real counterparts.



Easy Management

Real flowers need a lot of care and concern, and sometimes, it just becomes too difficult to handle the strong smell, which would perhaps be alright for a short while, but it becomes nauseating after a while. Also, when you need a certain kind of flowers for two weeks later, and the flower store nearby has a limited stock that lasts only till the evening, it becomes really difficult to answer the question of how and when you’ll be able to get them again. However, with artificial flowers, this question has been answered. If you need flowers for an occasion and the stocks don’t look like they’ll last long, you can always pre-order them, and keep them till the planned event. And since they aren’t real, the problem of the smell is also solved. Also, if you’re planning to take flowers for somebody who lives a couple of cities, or even countries away, you can always pack them in your bag, and they will stay as good as new.

Ivory Rose & Red Anemone “Forever Flowers” Bridal Wedding Bouquet

Brides Red Anemone, Ivory Rose & Ornamental Cabbage Wedding Bouquet

This extravagant, lush, bridal bouquet is the perfect mixture of elegant ivory foam roses, ornamental cabbage, and silk periodot hydrangeas, all beautifully contrasted against the blazing red vibrancy of exotic Mediterranean anemone blossoms. Unlike natural flowers, the beauty of these silky “forever flowers” will never fade—enduring as a sentimental keepsake and eternal reminder of your wedding vows and lasting love.


• 9” x 10” bouquet with a 5” handle

• Includes a substantial ivory satin bound ribbon handle

• Finished with green fern and eucalyptus foliage

• Elegantly English with a splash of sunny Mediterranean colour

 photo BRI57_with_labels_600_zpsfb300046.jpg

How to look picture perfect on your wedding day…

For some it’s the inevitable question, how do you really smile in your wedding photos? Do you show you teeth? How wide a smile do you do? Must you smile all day? There are huge amounts of pressure to make sure your wedding photos look as good as your day, after all, after your wedding day, your photos are going to be your number one reminder of your big day. Banish those fears with some of Sarah’s Flowers top tips to make sure you don’t look away when looking through your wedding photos:

 photo Picture_Blog_pic1_zps31f8f7d0.jpg

Don’t underestimate an engagement photoshoot. I know it sounds terribly cliché, but having a shoot done prior to your big day will not only get you set and use to being photographed but will also allow your chosen photographer to get a feel for how you both react in front of the camera.

• Don’t force your smile. IF you feel uneasy stepping in front of the camera, remember it is always better to laugh than to force a smile. Tell silly jokes with your husband or remember a funny story so that your smile becomes much more natural. If needs be try smiling into a mirror at home prior to your big day – yes you will feel silly at first but it will help you to feel more confident.

• Visit your venue. Along with your photographer you need to visit your venue to find out the best locations to have photos taken. If the photographer you book doesn’t offer this as a standard then it might be worth requesting it. By doing a little pre-visit beforehand you minimise the time you spend away from your guest on the day.

 photo Picture_Blog_pic2_zps4fd19c9f.jpg

Keep hold of something. Many brides and grooms often say ‘I don’t know what to do with my hands’ for the brides, always keep hold of your bouquet – and hold it mid-stem. If you hold it too far down, the beautiful bouquet does its best to resemble a baton! You can also lean on each other, wrap your arms round each other: with the bride leaning her arms of grooms chest or just simply holding hands. Just make sure its natural.

Take it steady with the champers! We all know that the bubbles in the champagne can be absorbed and go to your head quite quickly, but let’s face it no wants to have squinty, squiffy eyes in their wedding photos, and you don’t want to be seen stumbling around. Go easy on the booze!

Posture is key! Think ‘long’ when you’re standing, elongate your body, extend your chin and think about pulling your body upwards to make you appear taller and thinner. Be careful about going too far and holding your breath as this will make you stiffen up and make you look a little forced.

• Be yourself! It sounds simple, but remember try to be just you. Act naturally, do whatever you normally would do as a couple. More often than not the more candid shots of you and your new husband together will be the ones you love the most. Remember to just enjoy – it’s your day!

 photo Picture_Blog_pic3_zpsb26c920f.jpg

How did you get over your photo nerves?

Sarah’s Flowers : The Ultimate Bridal Flower Shop

They say marriages are made in heaven, and so it is, when all your floral arrangements look nothing less than heavenly! At Sarah’s Flowers, we put in our best foot, or rather hands, forward to make your wedding day even more special for you, with custom hand-made bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets and posies, corsages, buttonholes and much more. Let’s start with a little introduction to our various sections, which would, no doubt, pique your interest, now that you know that you can actually choose how you want flowers arranged for you on your wedding day.

Centre Stage : The Bride!

Since you did go all out on the dress, the shoes and the jewellery, there is that one last finishing touch that you need to give to the already beautiful bride for the Princess Effect. We have a wide range of artificial and silk flowers and an equally large collection of arrangements that are made keeping in mind the importance the occasion holds for the bride, while she steps into a new and a very beautiful phase called “Married Life”.  Our store includes posies and bouquets right from the bridal shower to the actual wedding, and what’s more? You can choose exactly how you want them! Not only do we have brides bouquets, but we also have alice bands and hair pins of varied shapes and sizes. We ensure maximum satisfaction for our clients by letting them opt for the kind of flowers, ribbons and other accessories, and since the flowers are long lasting, they make for a lovely memory along with the wedding  album.

The Man in Question : The Groom

He may have wooed the lovely  lady, but he still needs to look the perfect gentleman, since it is, after all, his wedding as well. And though, as popular belief states, there aren’t many options for men, we like to believe otherwise. It isn’t just about a simple flower on the pocket, but how to make the day special for the groom as well. And so, we present our wide variety of buttonholes, not just for the groom, but for the guests as well! And again, there is the option of custom made buttonholes to suit the groom and the guests best.

Sisters and Friends and Nieces : The Bridesmaids

Though they’re not the ones at the altar right now, they need to look amazing too. And with their lovely choice of attire, they  get to carry, wear flowers and pretty pins in their hair, which are specially crafted to give them a look that matches that of the bride. We offer a range of products from brooches, corsages, and alice bands to flower and gem studded combs and pearl pins to accessorize their lovely outfits. And guess what? We also have a collection for those who may be too young to even try on heels, starting with round posies, pomanders, and wands, and the best part is, there is always the option of mixing and matching the flowers and jewels available, which are again, plenty in number.

Counting Blessings : The Guests

Along with helping the bride and groom feel special, we also have plenty of accessories for the guests. There is a variety of brooches and corsages that you may like the guests to wear before, during and after the ceremony, as it adds to the closeness shared by all the guests and families present.

The Venue : Dressing it up too!

When it comes to a wedding, it’s not only the people involved who need to be worried about – there’s also the matter of the venue for the great event. It really counts when the location of the wedding is beautified according to one’s tastes, since it’s a once in a lifetime event, and makes for great memories. And since we have been chosen for two years in a row for the Best Wedding Florist Award, we know exactly how to bring about the fairy tale change in an otherwise normal looking place. We use hand-crafted top tables and table pails to adorn the tables along with wedding table party bubbles and table crystals, and a multitude of vase arrangements for the rest of the room, along with flower accessories and ribbons of different colours and sizes to embellish the beauty of the surroundings. The tables are given extra charm with some of our prettiest favour boxes and teddy bears that add to the cuteness factor. And if you find these to be a little too much, there’s always the option of choosing a simpler and more novel approach of using lottery card holders, of which we have a collection as well. If you wish to place placards to reserve places for some special people, we can help you with some of our very elegant looking card holders. The cake is also not left behind, as we offer some very pretty cake sprays, in a number of colours and flower designs. Our clients are at liberty to choose from a vast collection of such arrangements, and we would be more than happy to indulge them.

From Just a Wedding to a Colourful One!

What’s a wedding without a party? With party poppers and cannons, and a colourful assortment of table confetti, we make sure that a wedding is exactly how it is supposed to be – pretty, colourful and fun!

Thou Shalt Get Wedding Insurance…

Don’t get me wrong, buying wedding insurance will not be the most thrilling wedding purchase, but what it lacks in excitement it sure as hell makes up for it, should anything go wrong and we think no couple should be without it.

 photo Insurance_blog_pic1_zps2892e3ef.jpg

Never thought of getting wedding insurance? Well think of it this way, never again will you invests so much time and money, into just one day of your life, so making sure you are covered for any unforeseen circumstances is an absolute must! So what could go wrong?

We all hope our big day will run like clockwork but even the most carefully planned weddings can be disrupted due to the amount of different areas there are to a wedding from the venue to the photographer, the wedding dress to choosing your cake. Having an insurance policy can protect against a supplier going into liquidation, redundancy or cancellation due to illness or bereavement.

Choose the right level of cover based on the total cost of your wedding. It will undoubtedly be the best money you spend – for not only the cover but most of all, for your peace of mind. E&L offer great wedding insurance – for both UK and overseas weddings and with packages starting from as little as £20 and cover you for up to two years prior to the event there really is no excuse! There are many other companies out there who  can also offer insurance but remember to do your research, and be prepared to read the small print, but it really does come in handy!

Wedding Flower Crowns for your bridesmaids

We all know that as a bride you should feel like a complete and utter princess but there is nothing quite like making your bridesmaids feel ultra-special too. Coming in as a close third place as most looked at (the bride first, then the groom) the bridesmaids deserve the right to look absolutely stunning and we think we’ve found the perfect way to make your bridesmaids feel that little bit extra special.

Flower crowns aren’t just for festival season; they are rapidly becoming regular sights at a lot of the summer, rustic themed weddings. We’ve all seen and loved bunting, but the flower crown is a really cute way to make your bridesmaid’s look and feel even more gorgeous.

These gorgeous flower crowns from Etsy shop Vintage Posie are gorgeous – helps that the photography is done by Katherine Hopkins photography. One of the good things by purchasing from Etsy is knowing you are supporting smaller independent brands.

 photo flowercrown11_zpsc96ab20b.jpg

 photo flowercrown22_zps8144c887.jpg

 photo flowercrown33_zpsd8d0a0c6.jpg

 photo flowercrown44_zpse49f6ac3.jpg

One of the great things about adding a flower crown is that your bridesmaids can have this as a keepsake after the wedding to use again.

Would you use flower crowns for your maids or more traditional bridesmaids wedding posies?

Welcome to the Wedding Day Calla Lily

Lilies are synonymous with weddings – the way they look almost pure in colour and texture, smooth and silky they are just perfect for weddings. Here at Sarah’s Flowers HQ we’ve been putting our heads together and coming up with some heavenly calla lily themed bouquets.

We work our hardest here at HQ to make sure that we come up with the best colour schemes – with colours that melt into each other, and flowers that look so realistic you would never know they weren’t real.  As well as creating the more traditional cream coloured lilies, our manufacturers have expertly dyed our lilies in more vibrant shades of tangerine, pink and purples. The great thing about our artificial wedding bouquets are the great value prices we offer, meaning you don`t need to pay a premium price to get premium quality wedding flowers  (there really is something for every couple and budget) and longevity (our bouquets will last you for years and years)

Here are some of our favourite Calla Lily combinations:

Tropical Bouquet with Calla, Gerbera and Orchids £47.50

 photo BridesmaidsTropicalBouquetwithCallaGerberaandOrchids_zpsf77da8e6.jpg

This sunny bouquet speaks volumes – with its gentle but vibrant combination of Gerbera’s and orchids the Call Lilies are part of our soft touch range of flowers – these flowers are as about real as well, the real thing! Mixed in with some thick ficsus leaves and ribboned handle this bouquet is a little ray of sunshine.

Rustic bouquet with orchids, roses and calla lilies

 photo RusticBridesBouquetwithOrchidsRosesandCamelia_zps50d0c93b.jpg

This bouquet again has the soft touch lilies but the colour scheme is very different from the above. With a gentle tonal colour scheme, the flowers have a real earthy rustic feel about them – with more classic colours such as ivory.

Purple peony, calla lilies and orchids

 photo BridesPurplePeonyCallaLiliesampOrchidsinaRoundBouquet_zpsa406e6a9.jpg

This bouquet is a sumptuous selection of purples – with a jewelled purple peonies, roses and soft touch purple calla lilies all underlined with small rose leaves, silk orchids with buds gently cascading down the handle.

Bright Yellow Calla Lily Wedding Bridesmaids Posy

 photo BrightYellowCallaLilyWeddingBouquetforaBridesmaid_zps508b5ad9.jpg

Its bold, its bright, its a stand out bouquet hand made from soft touch natural yellow calla lilies and an ideal way to add a sunshire colour into your wedding day and flowers, this posy also makes a wonderful beach wedding bouquet.

Have you thought about having calla lilies at your wedding?