Oh Snow…Troublesome Spring?

Spring is a great time of year – after spending the majority of Winter under wraps and being faced with dark mornings, dreary afternoons and the night’s drawing in, Spring is when the first sight of colour is seen. Along with the freshness and vibrancy, also comes the unpredictable weather but don’t let that stop you from planning a Spring wedding. Here are some top tips:


Unpredictable is Spring’s middle name, you never can tell what the weather is going to decide to do from one day to the next, but it is always best to plans for blustery winds, a few April showers, possibly frosty mornings or even snow!

If the Winter side of Spring is around, think of your guests and their needs – perhaps supplying them with pashminas, gloves and scarfs are novel ways to keep the heat in but also provide great wedding favors too! You can also get some fab heart shaped hand warmers that make for a fun novelty pressie!

Open coal fires at you reception can add real warmth as well as looking picture perfect – just keep younger children at bay!


Come Spring the list is endless for Flower colours but not always getting the more extravagant flowers, that’s why here at Sarah’s Flowers we can provide the type of flower, you want, all year round and even produce them in the Spring colour of your choice.


Muted tones are a must, think coral, mint, taupe, baby blues and lavender.  If you’re looking for something a little vivacious, try adding some lush greens and bright yellows!

 photo Spring_PIC1_zps84e639b7.jpg


Spring time brings all kinds of tasty and homely food! Serve your guests Spring lamb with broad beans and asparagus, and pink champers tend to go down really well.

The luxury with Spring time food is that it is lighter than that of Winters stodgy food and the seasonal produce can be a real money saver.


Cherry blossom trees are well known for being a Spring look. Have guests write their messages on delicately cut card and attached to a blossoming tree with ribbon for a romantic take on the more traditional guestbook.

What are your favourite things about Spring?

Wedding Cake Trends For 2013

We are all about a nice bit of cake here at HQ, and if it’s not a spot of tea and cake come 3pm, we are all about the wedding cakes. Trends do come and go and believe it or not there is such a thing as a cake trend (who knew!) The cutting of the cake is considered to be one of the high points in every wedding reception and therefore a lot of couples chose to have the cake as a main focal point – here are the top trends for the wedding cake world in 2013


Multi-tiered trends

 photo Cake_pic1_zps4c8378dd.jpg


Most couples are going back to the more traditional trend of multi-tiered cakes – with more classic taller tiers instead of the recently popular shorter tiers. Fruit cake is well and truly outdated with couples opting for more vibrant sponge flavours.


Taller cakes are often seen as more extravagant cakes, especially when they are fully displayed on the day – normally these are minimum order 4 tiers, however this number of tiers can work out expensive. To save some extra money, try opting for a dummy top tier to increase the height but save you money.

Vintage looks

 photo Cake_pic2_zpsd88e8b0a.png


Vintage and classic styles are still hot news for 2013 and don’t seem to be giving up. Pastel and ivory shades are the most popular, and with such a neutral shade it makes for the perfect base for floral decorations. Lace details are a massive trend on the vintage theme – it’s soft and feminine. You can even personalise your cake by requesting the lace detailing from your wedding gown to be replicated on the surface.


If you choose to use colour make sure it is soft or even try ivory on ivory. Hand painted flowers are another big vintage trend, along with delicate line work. When it comes to ribbon, stay away from contrasting colours and try to match shades within the wedding.

‘Different’ designs

 photo Cake_pic3_zpsc636e38a.jpg


This one is for the more adventurous couple. Going for more obscure shape on your wedding day will definitely cause your wedding guests to stop and stare! Firstly you need to be sure about what you exactly want and possibly be prepared to pay a considerable amount. With the average wedding cake costing £700 a different shapes cake could cost somewhere along the lines of £1700.


This design of cake means you get to go a little wild with your own colours choices – do what you will with a completely bespoke cake made just for you.


There are so many different styles and flavours for cakes out there, make sure you find something that really does suit you as a couple, your style of wedding and your budget.

What type of cake are you having?

Wedding Blooms for the Flowergirls…

For us girls, do you remember playing dress up for pretend weddings? Using net curtain as a veil, putting your mother’s shoes on and pretending to walk up the aisle that was the space between the two sofas? It is every young girls dream to be part of a wedding – they get to be involved in everything, have their hair done and wear a really pretty dress. Whether you’re asking a daughter, young niece, sister or friends daughter you’re bound to be making their very young dreams come true but the question is, what sort of flowers do you give them?

Flower Pomanders

We love how the flower pomanders look when carried by a young bridesmaid. Unlike Posies, it doesn’t have to be held at any particular height and you don’t have to worry about the angle at which the pomander is held for it to look good. All the lovely little girl has to do is slip the ribbon round her wrist! And remember to get the ribbon to match your colour scheme to really tie in.

 photo Flowergirl_pic1_zpsa627d836.jpg

1 – Powder pink rose Bridesmaid wedding pomander

2- Pink orchid and cream rose wedding pomander

3 – Light orange silk gerberas wedding pomander

Flower Baskets

A sweet and inexpensive idea for the little-uns is to buy a cheap, perhaps old looking small basket with longer handles,that you can fill with either petals or smaller flowers. This looks so cute when it is being carried up the aisle and the handle can be decorated with ribbons in the same colour as the flower girls sashes.
And if the little one tired of carrying the basket, it’ll make a great decorative item in the wedding venue!

Round Posies

A small flower posy is the more traditional bouquet for the flower girl and it looks so cute if it becomes a smaller echo of the Brides bouquet. Variety is key here, you can have pretty much anything you like in this smaller bouquet, but keep the size small so they aren’t too heavy for the smaller girls.

 photo Flowergirl_pic2_zps0e7d07b6.jpg

1 – Ivory roses and burgundy satin small roses posy

2Mixed colour bright posie

3 – Ivory and cerise pink posie


A favourite of Sarah’s Flowers, these Wands are perfect for your little flower girls – easy to carry, are lightweight, cute and really fun for the flowergirls to carry and play with! And if that wasn’t enough these are super cheap!

 photo Flowergirl_pic3_zpsb9f1e51d.jpg

1 – Ivory Silk gerbera Wand

2Rose anemone Wand

3Lily flower girl wand

Flowergirls are a really wonderful addition to your wedding and we think that by choosing any one of the above will make every little girls dreams come true!

Tips on creating your dream wedding abroad….

We all know that the good old UK isn’t well known for its sparkling sunny, warm weather, dare I say it we here at HQ often have trouble believing what the weather people say, that’s why it doesn’t surprise us that more and more people are choosing to get married abroad.

The scene is well n truly set when you are in sunnier climes and with no extra stress and worry about whether the heavens are going to open or not, opting to go abroad for your special day is looking like a no brainer. Here are some of our top tips to creating your special day abroad:

• Weather is everything but bear in mind that even abroad the weather can be as unpredictable as her in the UK. Pick your destination wisely but researching into the average temperatures month by month, look out for average rainfall and hours of sunshine.

• Telling your guests as soon as possible is imperative. Obviously the cost of travelling abroad for your wedding guests is going to increase and by giving them as much notice as possible means you are more likely going to have the full number people you want there. People need time to save and to also plan their holidays. If you are unsure of where exactly, don’t worry. At least have your date and destination fixed and then send those Save The Date cards out asap!
And for those guests who can`t make it abroad for whatever reason why not have a reception party when you get home.

• When planning who you want to come this is where it gets difficult when planning abroad. This is still your day and it’s important to remember you should invite those you want there and not just those you feel you should have. Remember than when asking people to come to your wedding abroad that some people may not simply have enough money to do it, but don’t feel disheartened – you can always opt to throw a mini bash when you are back in the UK. Various travel agents may have special arrangements for getting your guests to your wedding.

• Getting the legalities right is sometimes a minefield. Make sure you do your research properly! Each country has its own laws on wedding ceremonies and getting hitched – some may even involve you being a resident of the country for a particular amount of time before you can even get married there! However sometimes you may be able to have a blessing overseas and make it legal back in the UK.

• Remember to enquire at the destination you pick whether they have an onsite wedding coordinator. They will then help with all the main parts of the planning and you will then have less to worry about and fly over!

• Flowers are a tricky one when marrying abroad. Some people will choose to use local fresh flowers but be extra careful when placing orders and handing over money! Think about choosing our artificial flowers. Buying from us in the UK prior to your wedding abroad gives you a sense of calm – being artificial you can order them way in advance of the wedding and before you fly out to make sure that it is all perfect for you. Our flowers don’t wilt in hot temperatures either, so no worrying about whether your chosen flower will droop in the sun.
Our advice when choosing colours for abroad wedding? Pink and orange always hold their own in the sunlight and yellow can look amazing against a blue sea. Our favourites:

 photo pic1copy_zps8d3c86de.jpg

1- Brides Lily Shower Bouquet In Cerise Stargazer Lilies

2- Golden sunflower hand tied bouquet

3- Bright pink tropical bouquet

Getting married abroad can be an amazing thing and we’d love to think of our bouquets being flown to somewhere exotic, but please remember o research and research! For even more information, this little video from Sandals Resorts might help!
YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MV_Dmwr8koM

Wowing Your Guests, For Less…

We know only too well how much the price of weddings increase year after year and even monthly, it’s even enough to make the most frugal people wince. But whilst the more pricey side of weddings falls to the church costs and wedding venues there is plenty of ways to still make sure your wedding wows your guests without making you putting yourself in debt!

Eating and drinking

Having a spare allotted £200-£500 can really go far after picking your wedding venue and food choices. Just this spare money can make big ‘wow’ effects to your wedding. Serving canapés with your wedding drinks is a fab way of keeping those all-important guests happy before the main meals are served, alternatively save the money for doing your own evening buffet for the other guests – it normally works out cheaper if you cater for your own buffet. Ice-cream stands are also a great, novelty idea and priced at round about £200 – it’s perfectly bargainous!


The choices are endless here, but DIY features heavily. Using old jam jars as vases to hold your flowers and tea lights make for a novel and kitsch table display. Old candelabras from charity shops look great for a vintage theme. Car boot sales can unearth so much – look for old photo frames. These are perfect to add a picture (pref black and white) of the happy couple on each table.
For marquee weddings, try sprinkling some lavender seeds around – not only is it a lovely look but the smell with be amazing.

Make your own bunting! Bunting always looks good

Floral tributes

Try asking your florist to make a bouquet that bride can divide easily into three small pieces to give to the families as a sign of unity.
And of course, silk fake flowers are the way forward – value for money right there! Allowing more time to order, more time to prep and not worrying about what flowers are in season.

 photo Floralpic_zps1f89bad6.jpg

Sweet treat

Having a sweet cart is such a lovely idea but it can be pricey. Why not create your own sweetie table – but some of the more retro sweets from Costco or Makro and empty them into old jars you can collect. Serve with paper bags and ta-da!
Ikea also do a great range of retro style jars that look great filled with sweats.

 photo sweetpic_zps2d4d59bf.jpg

Keeping the kiddies entertained

Keep the little ones entertained during pre-dinner drinks with some traditional fete games! We love a bit of splat the rat, a classic coconut shy and don’t even get me started on a hook the duck competition! This is very easy to make yourself… a paddling pool, a few yellow ducks, canes, bang in some hooks, get a couple of fun prizes and you’re good to go!

These are just some more of the fun ideas on how to impress on a tight budget. What are your fave ways to wow your crowd?

Veil-ing or Not is the Question?

From personal experience, as a bride, working out what you are going to wear on your head for your big day is super difficult. Historically, wearing a wedding veil was the ‘done’ thing, the veil itself had a meaning, and was used to cover the brides face as she walked down the aisle to protect her from evil spirits but in more modern times the need for something like this or with this type of symbolisation is not necessary.

 Veils, even though are still used and popular with many brides, they can often be hugely expensive and when the veil itself loses its meaning, would you really want to spend that much money on a potentially ‘pointless’ piece? Perhaps think of trying a veil but a much shorter one that only comes to your shoulders? Keeping the detailing plain would save you money.

 photo veil_zps47b34fdc.jpg

 Tiaras were often seen as the number one choice for a brides hair accessory but like the veil, the popularity has fallen. Tiaras are often associated with royalty, fancy dress boxes and even beauty pageants – however with some more understated dresses and tiara can add a much needed bit of ‘bling’ or sparkle to the dress. And lets face it, your wedding day is the one day where you can get away with wearing pretty much whatever you want!

 photo tiara_zpsef83345c.jpg

 The birdcage veil is a nice way to still keep with a veil tradition but still be alternative and modern. The birdcage veils aren’t just for a 1920s themed wedding, you can get away with wearing one with any look and they still stay timeless. Because of their versatility these type of headwear is proving a lot more popular to create a romantic look. These look great with a traditional updo or side bun with lots of volume.

 photo birdcage_zps8adc40c2.jpg

 There are so many different variations when it comes to hair accessories and choices, Headbands make for a nice simple choice and can be worn with either the hair up or down – try wrapping your themed ribbon around the band or alternatively try using pearly or crystals.

 photo headband_zpsbc3e3677.jpg

Hair combs vary is shapes and sizes but look best when teamed with an up-do. Hair combs can be used alongside a veil with a simple plain comb as well as a decorative comb.

 photo haircomb_zpsdadcc425.jpg

Hair pins are a lot more understated that anything else and are worn at the back of the head – interspersed into a bun, chignon or plait.

 photo hairpins_zpse11c008e.jpg

 Wedding headwear is so important but remember to try some different styles with your dress, play with styles you wouldn’t normally go for – have some fun with it.