Saving the date…

There is nothing more incredible than the moment when you first set the date after getting engaged. It’s a mixture of happiness, surprise, anticipation and excitement but along with that comes the mountains of questions that you may not have the answer for, but first things first is letting your friends and family know when your big day is!

Save the Date cards are imperative! Not only do you want to spread the great news that the date has been set, but most importantly you don’t want to miss out on any important friends or family  being able to attend – Save the Date card can sometimes be more important than the actual wedding invites!

There are some fab, fun and personalised ways to let your loved ones know when your special date is, and it doesn’t always have to be expensive! Here are our picks of our favourites:

    Nearly all of the cards on this rather gorgeous website are of the personalised text nature. We love the whimsical nature of these cards: with any type of card from cute animals, to the more light and vintage feel.  With prices ranging from 0.80pence per card going up to £200 for 500 Save the Date Cards, all in all I think there are some amazing choices here! photo pic1_600_zps20388209.jpg
    1- 500x Beer mat Save The Date Cards £200
    2- Vintage Heart Save The Date £0.80 per card
    3- Balloon Save The Date £2.95 per card


    For more simple and direct options for your Save The Date, try this website. Easy to pick and easily affordable. The choice here is endless. You can even go for Save The Date Magnets which I think is a brilliant idea – that way no-one can forget! photo pic2_600_zps8deafa98.jpg

    1- Bunting Save The Date card £12.50 for 10
    2- White calendar and magnet Save the Date card £33.00 for 20
    3- Knot Save the Date card £12.50 for 10.


    Here at Sarah’s Flowers we like supporting the smaller companies, and at Folksy you really are getting more of a handmade card. All made by British crafters, the choice for personalised cards is endless with multiple designs. photo pic3_600_zps11e4f844.jpg

    1- Blimey Save The Date cards £62.50 for 50
    2- Laser cut Save The Date cards £3.00 per card
    3- Modern Save the Date card £1.80 per card.


    This website is a great place to create photo Save The Date cards. With both modern and more traditional styles there is the chance to put your face on the card! Also with this website there are lots of different priced options in terms of card and printing finishes. photo pic4_600_zps22855aa6.jpg

    1- Urban Chic Save The Date card £1.14 each
    2- Modern Lace Save the Date card £1.14 per card
    3- Love block Save the Date card £0.99pence per card.


Have fun choosing your perfect way to save the date!

Love is in the air…

Getting married on 14th February “Valentine’s Day”  then red roses are the first choice for a romantic red themed wedding. With ruby red hearts and splashes of red everywhere.

Here are 10 ideas for your red themed wedding day…

1. Red Wedding Shoes
Absolutely stunning and bold colours are bang on trend for 2013 with brides opting for coloured shoes instead of the white or traditional ivory, you will also be able to wear again and again if desired.

 photo Red_Jimmy_Choo_zps71fe9942.jpg
Jimmy Choo Quiet Peep Tose Pumps

2. Sweet Table and Chocolate Fountain
Red and pink sweets with shoe laces, red hearts, pink marshmallow the selection is endless. Complementing  the sweet table with a dramatic chocolate fountain centre piece with red romantic strawberries now available all year round.

3. Large tall and thin vases with red roses tied with ribbon are a low cost and elegant table decoration, giving the guest tables height and they also make a fantastic present to give to love ones at the end of the day. Added bonus if you have artificial flowers they can last forever and be a constant reminder of your special day.

4. Wedding cake of cupcakes with little red hearts to carry on your romantic theme, a novelty for the children little heart rings used for decorations in the cakes.

5. Wedding favours sweetie themes love heart, printed rock and heart chocolates.
Little red favour bags with sweets, favour boxes tied with heart ribbon and handmade lolly pop sticks.

6.  Finishing touches to you wedding tables , sprinkle red rose petals or red heart confetti or red table crystals. DIY cut out hearts with guests names and romantic themed table names or places.

 photo Red_Mini_gems_zps5364f502.jpg
Red Mini Crystal Diamante Wedding Table Gems

7.Your bouquet red roses foliage with added light catching crystals extra special touches silver heart ribbon buckle, red swarovski  in between the roses adding a vintage style why not add a red brooch.

 photo Red_Bouquet_zpsa03ad1de.jpg
Brides Bouquet of Large Red Roses with Loops and Diamanties

8.  Hair with an up do hair style, accessories with red hair pins perfect for any hair colour and easy to place in the hair.  Or for loose hair a red hair band.

9. Nails extensions or your own if you are lucky, a must have bright red delicious red nails and don’t forget your matching toes as by the end of the day your feet will have had enough and the shoes may need to come off.

10.Traditional garters are blue from something old or borrowed and new, garters are available in red with a sexy devil twist perfect for your valentines day wedding.

Love Sarah x

P.S. A special number 11, don`t forget the Groom.

 photo Red_Buttonhole_zpse0d45384.jpg
Grooms Large Red Rose Buttonhole with Red Bow and Crystals

Spring Bridesmaids Wedding Bolds…

Following our last post and theme of everything bold, now is the time for those Bridesmaids dresses to get in on the action. Now is most definitely not the time to shy away: the colour schemes are bold and vivacious. Bridesmaids aren’t normally the ones that are to be looked at, but with this Spring seasons colour schemes it’s the Bridesmaids that are causing the head turning:


Purples are used a lot in weddings but normally the more fail safe lavender options, or the even dusky almost cream purples. This Spring/Summer the purple tone has to be jewel like. Bright and punchy this purple themed bridesmaids dress doesn’t have to overpower. Keep the floral bouquets plain – think plain creams, finish the look with minimal jewellery or accessories.

Purple bridesmaids dress colours blog

1- Chiffon sleeveless v-neck dress £129
2- Severene Short Dress £150 Coast
3- Grape Sweetheart Bandeau dress £79


Green is an obvious choice when it comes to fresh new Spring weddings, but instead for opting safe mint tones, try going for metallic greens and grassy, earthy tones.  Greens looks especially good when teamed with other jewel like colours, even purple. Try matching your green to the type of dress – contemporary shapes look better in lighter, fresher greens, whilst classic shapes suit the stronger tones.

Green bridesmaids dress colours blog

1- Goddess Maxi dress £180 Coast
2- Satin sweetheart neckline short dress £89 Magic dress
3- Anna Jade Satin dress £24 BHS


This year, choose a punchy blue. One that is almost regal. The intensity of this blue really will make the bridesmaids sparkle – this is one for the more fearless. Try teaming a contrasting colour on the bouquet for a real eye catching twist with fuscia pink.

Blue bridesmaids dress colours blog

1- Chiffon on shoulder £88 Magic dress
2- Hobbs Invitation Tegan Maxi Dress £179
3- Stefana Tapework dress £160 Phase Eight

We all love these bright and beautiful colours schemes for bridesmaids, what colour will yours be wearing?

All the colours of the rainbow…

Here at HQ, we are constantly following what’s new at trade shows, wedding events and online to see what is hot to trot in the flower world. Themes come and go as quick as you like and we have to be at the forefront of these ideas, to make sure we are making your wedding, ‘the’ wedding of the year in your life, our flowers have to be the best.

2013 is seriously hotting up. Not quite in temperature just yet, but the trends for flowers this 2013 are getting hot hot hot! We have been looking in great detail at one recurring theme seen over the catwalks and at countless wedding shows and that is of pure colour. It doesn’t matter when you’re getting married: forget the month, forget the proposed weather, this year the flowers are literally going to do the talking. It is going to be all about the Rainbow colours: bright, bold and statement, these are the type of flowers that you can’t and don’t want to leave out.

This trend is about being as big as you can get: the arrangements have to be grand, they have to grab the eye and hold the attention – finishing touches are made bigger and more opulent, flowers are stored in contemporary containers to make the guests look twice, and lastly the flowers themselves  have to be big blooms, everything in supersized, these are definitely no wall flowers. Here’s what flowers you should be choosing for your rainbow trend themes:


Multi-layered, they look different at every glance and mostly they make a bouquet look extra large and lush – just what you want in this trend.

Pink Roses and Blue Hydrangeas Bridesmaids Bouquet
Pink Roses and Blue Hydrangeas Bridesmaids Bouquet

The sparkling blue of the hydrangeas never loses its appeal against the more feminine soft pink roses – this bouquet is a statement, but the tones of the hydrangeas change with different lights adding an extra, interesting dimension to this bouquet.

Sunflowers, Roses and Hydrangeas Bridesmaids Bouquet
Sunflowers, Roses and Hydrangeas Bridesmaids Bouquet

This bouquet just reminds me of the sun, I just have to smile when I look at it. This Bridesmaids bouquet is as classic in shape as it is statement in style. Once again the Hydrangeas are loud and proud in the peridot green whilst the rest of the flowers are more tonal and blending. This too can be made into a Bride’s bouquet.


Tulips are simple but stunningly beautiful and when teamed in the right colours and layered right, these beautiful flowers really do standout.

Brides Mixed Handtied Wedding Bouquet in Silk Flowers
Brides Mixed Handtied Wedding Bouquet in Silk Flowers

We like to think this Brides bouquet is everything you could want.  It ticks all the boxes: it’s bright, it’s bold, it’s a statement bouquet and mostly, it features the larger than life tulip.

Bridesmaids Bouquet in White, Ivory and Pink Flowers
Bridesmaids Bouquet in White, Ivory and Pink Flowers Priced at £41.70

This may not seem like your typical bright and bold bouquet to include in this theme, but sometimes a softer colour can still stand out. The key in this bouquet lands with the colour choices and depth that the tulip gives the bouquet. Not too sweet and soft after all.


One of our favourite flower choices, this is a delicate looking bloom yet creates a real stir by the sheer size of it. A must-have in any bouquet.

Vintage Lilac Anemones and White Rose Posy Bouquet
Vintage Lilac Anemones and White Rose Posy Bouquet Priced at £15.40

This smaller sized bouquet doesn’t pack less than a punch than its other rivals, the anemone manages to grab your eye with its wide lilac petals, the flower is opened up so it draws you in.

Sarahs Flowers Silk Cerise Anemone Ladies Wedding Corsage

Sarahs Flowers Silk Cerise Anemone Ladies Wedding Corsage Priced at £7.15

This Wedding corsage shows you how to transport the theme over to the more simple corsages or even buttonholes. Two silk anemones in the brightest cerise hue is dramatic without being too much. The perfect choice to bring together a theme.

And there you have it, how to do the Rainbow Theme at Sarah’s Flowers – what do you think? What bright combinations do you think work?