Fancy Being On The Telly?

Have you ever fancied being on the telly, well if you are getting married in 2013 and have been dreaming about a big wedding day for years, then here’s your chance to make it all come true.
The hit BBC3 series “Don`t Tell The Bride” is back later this year and is looking for fun and vivacious couples to take part, the only downside girls is you have to let the groom plan the whole day!
If you think this sounds right up your street then you can apply via email to…

or by phone on 020 7449 3295

Do you trust your man enough?

The Peony has its wedding day….

It’s official Brides and Bridegrooms, the humble peony is on fine form this year, oh yes, 2013 is the year of the peony.  I know some of you may be looking at me blankly and wondering what the hell I’m talking about but seriously, the sometimes dismissed peony has been the most requested fresh flower for two years, but the classic peony is only in season for two months out of the year – makes for a problematic choice right? Well, no. Sarah’s Flowers has your solution 365 days a year!

Y’see we have endless selections of peonies, in every colour, every style, and in every combination – we have literally solved every peony-related problem!  At Sarah’s Flowers we love the peony; it’s a flower that is both simple but effective and eye-catching. With its soft features, there is something very romantic about the flower – classically simple, all that is needed is the right colour, and the right bouquet – this is where we come in.

Peony, Orchid and Trachelium Bridal Bouquet
Peony, Orchid and Trachelium Bridal Bouquet

This round bouquet is bursting to the seams with cream peonies that are layered and light green peony leaves, to finish the bouquet off with pink orchids and ivory trachelium – a perfect serene looking bouquet. Priced at £56

 Purple Orchids & White Rose Wedding Bouquet in Artificial Flowers
Purple Orchids & White Rose Wedding Bouquet in Artificial Flowers

This is a great example of a coloured peony and not being afraid of packing the flower choices into just one bouquet. Featuring white roses, purple peonies, purple orchids, and purple trachelium and if that wasn’t enough there is pretty green foliage to make this bouquet really pack a punch. Priced at £62.50

 Grooms Artificial Vintage Cream Peony Buttonhole with Pearls
Grooms Artificial Vintage Cream Peony Buttonhole with Pearls

I love this exquisite coloured handmade peony buttonhole. This vintage cream peony is just beautiful and would be perfect for a vintage themed wedding. We like to think the colour makes this particular peony look so delicate. Don’t forget we can create the same peony in a bouquet if you wish, just pop us a custom order requirement form through. Priced at £5.25

 Ivory Peony Bridesmaids Bouquet
Ivory Peony Bridesmaids Bouquet

This Bridesmaids bouquet is all about peony because quite simply, it is only peonies in the bouquet. Delicate ivory in colour with a sheer ivory organza bow and really pretty pearl detail, a total snip priced at only £28.00

It’s about time the peony had its day that’s for sure, and doesn’t it look pretty! Would you choose a peony for your wedding day?

Ladies and Gentlemen this way please…

As its January and a fresh new year it’s round about now that we start to look at the new trends that are starting to show themselves and one trend that is hot stepping it to the forefront of every bride and bridegrooms wedding planning list is signage.

From affectionate photos to showing off vital instructions, Wedding signage is becoming more and more prevalent and you know what, we love it here at HQ. It is case of taking something so simple and almost generic and completely turning it on its head and turning the humble sign into a pivotal part of your dream wedding. So what do you say with your signage? Well we like to think there are two main categories when it comes to signs at a wedding: there is the more informative sign that is practical, telling your guests where to go and what they should be doing and then there is the more fun sign that really is there to make your day look amazing. So what’s best thing about using signs in your wedding? It is cheap and so easy to do yourself! Still not sure what signs to include at your wedding? Well here is our top guide for saying it all…

Practical signs

1, We all know that you have spent months and months planning every little detail of your dream day but your guests won’t have a clue of those little details. Think of some of the more ‘boring’ but necessary information that your guests might need to know like diretions to the reception, or signposts to where the ceremony is going ahead – sometimes the ushers have a little bit too much to do.

2, Think of some less than necessary signs like perhaps showing where your guests can leave gifts and cards, or where the bar is. Remember the more signs the less time you have to spend showing everyone where everything is!

3, We all know how much the printing of wedding stationery can be and in order to cut costs why not think about using a larger sign for things like the order of service  – situate this sign in the entrance area of the venue so your guests can still get their breakdown of the day.

4, If like us, you are thinking of having some of the more quirkier ideas at your reception, using a sign to instruct what your guests  are doing. For instance photobooths are a super fun addition but not everyone is familiar with them so instructions on how to use would be great! Have a sweetie bar? Well  put a sign up inviting your guests to ‘help themselves’ Guests can sometimes feel a little awkward at weddings so remember to try and make them feel at ease, using signs is a really relaxed way of doing this.

 photo Sign_pic_1_zps78dcfc7d.jpg

Decorative signs

1, Decorative signs anywhere and everywhere in mix and match fonts can make for a really cute addition to your big day  – think loud and proud

2, Small hand-held props can make for brilliant photos – His and Her signs are amazing! They can also be added back to the photo booths for the evening.    

3, Choose to display your initials or new surname, wedding date or even the story of how you both met – choose something that is personal to you both, letting your guests in on this ‘secret’ is a real nice intimate way to let them in on your special day.

So, now you know what signs to make, how do you do it?

1, For a more rustic style wedding look for textures like yarn, nails, hessian or wood. You can even make your own sign from reclaimed wood or old fence panels!

2, For a more modern take on a wedding, look for typography that is a little unusual – then get printed on a luxe surface. Metallics work really well for a modern wedding.

3, Remember if your sign is providing just decoration, then just go a little nuts with colours and fonts. But if you’re trying to convey important information and message s then make sure the signage is clear and straightforward.

4, Why not try a blackboard! They are so cost effective and can add something really fun to any signage you might have on your big day, you could even use the same blackboard throughout the day but conveying different messages and even better if you have any last minute changes!

5, Last but not least is thinking about how you’re going to hang your signs – are you going to lean them up against a tree/pillar/door , are you hanging them up? Or possibly help up on an easel!

 photo Sign_pic_2_zps9e624fa1.jpg

We happen to love all kinds of signs to decorate your big day, remember there is no wrong way of doing this! Tell us your fun ways to ‘sign’ your wedding  day up?

When the mood strikes…

Decisions, decisions – when planning a wedding it seems all you’re doing is decision-making and sometimes it can be a little, how do we say, confusing. To organise a wedding it takes the most of organised people to get it just right, and by right we mean to achieve the wedding of your dreams, within budget and not wanting to pull your hair out at the end of it with stress. So how do you organise it all?

Some of you get lost in folders, pads of paper and magazines but sometimes, even after all of this you feel just a little… everywhere. Here at Sarah’s Flowers we have perfected the way to get our ideas and visions out with a mood board. Now some of you may or may not have heard of one of these before, but a moodboard is just simply a way for you to communicate what is going on in your mind – all these ideas that are bubbling away, when you walk past a shop and see a flower you like, or when you flick through a magazine and see the perfect centre piece it is just a place where those ideas can go for save keeping.

Sarah's flowers moodboard wedding blog

So how do you do it? First things first is to find your focal point and for most of us when it comes to a wedding, it has to be the colour scheme, but feel free to choose absolutely anything that you want to base your wedding around: maybe even bunting, or even going along a mis-matched theme.

Now with those starting blocks, treat it like a painting by numbers, build it up with different examples of colour flowers that take your fancy, rip out some designs from a wedding magazine for the elusive dress, and even scribble on some motivating words to get the ideas flowing! Think of your moodboard as your wedding on paper, and feel free to play with all your ideas. Try not to glue or attach your ideas permanently but fix with bluetack instead, this way you can move them around and see what looks good with other ideas – don’t be afraid to change things up, here is your chance to play with different colours and ideas you would never normally pay attention too! Get your partner to join in, get him/her to see what schemes and collections make him/her smile.

Sarah's flowers moodboard wedding blog
Sarah's flowers moodboard wedding blog

By the end of your moodboard, you can get a much clearer idea of what your big day is going to be like, no surprises – it’s almost like seeing your dreams come true. The even better thing with a moodboard is  that it doesn’t  have to cost a single thing –get the camera out, snap away, rip out magazine ideas and grab samples of fabrics, either way just let your creative side come out and enjoy.

Sarah's flowers moodboard wedding blog

A great easy to use website for putting together mood boards is Polyvore, it is an American site but more and more British companies are joining all the time and you can certainly find lots of Sarah’s Flowers wedding flowers on there to add to your board.

Have any of you done a wedding moodboard?

A lasting memento for your special day…

Sometimes when it comes to your wedding you spend so long planning the thing that when it comes to the actual day it can just whiz past leaving you feeling sad that the day you’ve spent so long planning and looking forward too is finally over, but there are plenty of things you can to make your day last longer.

Just think of all the photos that were done professionally and throughout the whole of wedding party – there is something just great and fun about when you sit there with your new husband or wife and look through those photo’s – the ones you were looking forward too and the ones you never knew were taken. Next up, is the Brides wedding dress – any bride will tell you about those days that they open their wardrobe and there it is, their dress, that special magical dress.  A tier of the cake is an old fashioned, classic way of holding onto your day, then there is the wedding favour. Not only for the guest but also for the bride and groom – the wedding favour used to be something quite traditional, but over the years the favour has become a lot more fun and more personal, and lastly the best way to hold onto the spirit of your day is the flowers – that’s why our buttonholes for the Groom’s party and for your guests, are a great way to go.

Our buttonholes are made to last – made to last not only throughout your wedding day but also for years to come so you and your guests can look back and remember the fun. Not as many people choose to go for artificial flowers for buttonholes but we know that through our years of experience that fresh flowers often don’t make it until the end of the day and evening: wilting, drooping and worst of all falling apart. Going for the artificial option lets your mind rest easy by never drooping and always looking fresh. Here are some of our favourite buttonholes

Grooms Ivory Peony with Ivory Lace Detailed Beads and Pearls
Grooms Ivory Peony with Ivory Lace Detailed Beads and Pearls
Priced at £13.80 per buttonhole

Grooms Pink Buttonhole with Gypsophila and Pearls
Grooms Pink Buttonhole with Gypsophila and Pearls
price at £4.95 per buttonhole

Grooms Purple Silk Peony Buttonhole with Purple and Lilac Bow
Grooms Purple Silk Peony Buttonhole with Purple and Lilac Bow
Priced at £4.50 per buttonhole

Guest Buttonhole in a Ivory Soft Touch Rose with a Ivory Bow
Guest Buttonhole in a Ivory Soft Touch Rose with a Ivory Bow
Priced at £4.50 per buttonhole

Small Cala Lily Wedding Buttonhole Ivory Grosgrain Bow
Small Cala Lily Wedding Buttonhole Ivory Grosgrain Bow
Priced at £3.15 per buttonhole

As you can see, our buttonholes are there to make your life a little easier and purse friendly – they really are something to keep hold of and remember your special day with – as well as more than fitting into your budget!

Remember that we can create a custom designed buttonhole to match your wedding theme and colours and at the moment we are offering an amazing 10% off any new order with our January sale all you have to do is enter the code SF1013 at the checkout, we want your wedding to be your dream wedding.

Ways to save without compromising the dream…

The excitement of planning a wedding is second to none, it should be the time of your life – working out how the happiest day of your life is going to look like but sometimes the thought of budgeting or even affording this day can put a dampener on your plans. We hate the thought that anyone would be worrying around this special time, so here we give you some top tips on ways to save for your big day:

• Think about choosing an alternative time of year to get married: Wednesday’s tend to be a lot cheaper than say a Saturday, March tends to be easier on the purse strings than the middle of Summer. I know the weather plays a big aspect in choosing but if you plan for the weather and time of year, it doesn’t have to be an added worry.

• Get serious when it comes to who you add to your guest list. Just one additional guest can make a dramatic difference to the overall costing’s – you can always add those people to the evening reception. That way you still get to share your day with them without having to pay out.

• Shop around! Never go with the first quote and learn how to negotiate! Sometimes if you shop around or even manage to sweet talk some suppliers, especially around their quiet period you could get yourself a really good bargain deal! It may be hard at first but you’ll soon get the hang of it!

• Maybe think of opting for a long engagement – perhaps not something you want to do, but lets face it, more time you have, the more you can save.

• Use an online invitation template to come up with your design and then only really pay for the printing costs. You still get the opportunity to air your creativity but saving a lot of money doing it yourself.

• Ask guest to RSVP to a designated email address instead of paying for peoples return postage.

• Welcome guests with a champagne themed cocktail instead of just champagne – they look more stylish and they stretch the fiz even further!

• Offer an arrival drink and wine on the tables. Your guests won’t be surprised if they have to pay for additional drinks.

• Add artificial tiers to your cake: it looks just as impressive as costly real cakes and no-one has to know any different!

• Use real or faux blooms to decorate your cake instead of really costly sugar flowers and at Sarah’s flowers we can make cake flowers to match your wedding bouquet.

• To avoid expensive shoes, you brides can go for a longer length dress, no-one will see your footwear choice.

• Weave flowers through the hair of the bride and bridesmaids. It’s a lot cheaper than going shopping for a much more expensive head-dress, again single flowers can be purchased to match your chosen wedding flowers.

• Go for faux blooms for your wedding: bouquets, button holes and table decorations. This way you can re-use them or if you need, you can re-sell! The options are endless.

• Add drama to a small floral centre piece by placing them on a mirrored surface with tealights etc – quick, easy and looks amazing.

• Pick up some second hand vases/jugs/candelabra to use – helps to give off a nice vintage-esque theme, and authentic too!

• Write guest names on the favours – that way you don’t have to buy name cards as well as favours!

• Make your favours! Homemade cookies, sweets or even alcoholic gifts make for fab, memorable and cheap wedding favours for your guest!

• If you’re friends or family have certain talents like cake decoration or hair styling then get busy calling in some favours!

• Listen out for bands at your local college or university if you want live music.

• Alternate live bands and a disco – it might be cheaper to have a live band do a number of live sets and then a disco for later in the evening.

• Rather than flying straight out on honeymoon the day after, how about leaving the week after on a mid-week flight which can sometimes be a lot cheaper.

• Save valuable time by registering on a online wedding gift list – you won’t need to spend hours trawling high street department stores and your list can be created almost instantly.

Phew! As you can see, there are plenty of things that you can do to help keep the costs down!
And we can`t talk about saving money without offering our blog readers a little something as well
so here’s 10% off any new Sarah’s Flowers purchase for the rest of January 2013.

Just enter the code SF1013 when you go though checkout.

What are your money saving tips?

New Year – New weddings…

Happy New Year everyone! We can’t believe that another year has passed us by and here we are, welcoming in 2013, where has the time gone?! We hope you all had a fabulous Festive season and for those of you who had a Wintery wedding, we hope you done so in style!

Now the turkey is all gone, the mince pies all eaten and the Christmas tree is down, it is time for us here at HQ to look forward to all things ‘wedding’ for the new year – Don’t tell anyone, but it’s our favourite time of year!  It’s time for us to get working on some fab new designs and ideas to really make your weddings in 2013 look beautiful whilst still being excellent value for money.

First up is the latest trends – Everything will be going a lot more ‘pretty’ this year. From the dress designs to the colour schemes there is a real air of ‘fairytale’ and prettiness – we’re thinking lots of feminine pinks and lilac’s, some of the roses almost look fragile and here at HQ, we like to think we’ve stepped up to the mark with some of our Bridal and Bridesmaids bouquets:

New Year Wedding Flowers Blog
Brides Mixed Bouquet in a Selection of Artificial Flowers

This bouquet is delicately coloured with pink orchids, ivory open Isabel roses, pink cherry blossom and lilac cottage roses. This bouquet is versatile enough for all kinds of theme weddings and would work perfectly for a more vintage themed wedding. Priced at £57.50 this large, captivating bouquet  is real value for money.

New Year Wedding Flowers Blog
Bridesmaids Wedding Flower Bouquet with Mixed Flowers

This Bridesmaids bouquet has to be one of our favourite new additions: With sumptuous silk peonies and delicate pink orchids, both the colours of these flowers work well with the soft green or the peony leaves. It’s hard to believe that this bouquet is for a Bridesmaid but remember we can match this style and make it into a custom order, just for you.

New Year Wedding Flowers Blog
Bridal bouquet in Ivory and Pink Roses with Loops of Pearls

Classic and sublime, this style of bouquet will never age. We have worked hard to achieve a real softness in colour with these soft pink roses, we think they look slightly like a marshmellow – good enough to eat! As well as the roses looking gorgeous, along the handle of the bouquet you will find small rose leaves and loops of pearls, this particular bouquet is priced at £47.00

New Year Wedding Flowers Blog

Soft Touch Guest Buttonhole with a Pink Rose

Buttonholes for the guests are often overlooked as sometimes they can be pricy to get a flower to match in with the rest of the wedding. Along the same theme, these cute buttonholes not only look soft, but are also from our soft-touch range. True to a real rose, these buttonholes want to be touched, with a delicate openness to the rose, these will really make all your guests feel truly part of the wedding.

This is just a mere snippet of what is new and up and coming in the year 2013 for Sarah’s Flowers, Call it our New Year resolution to you, this year we will continue to work hard to fulfil your expectations, providing you a superb level of service (the type you should expect on your wedding day) and value for money. Over the next couple of weeks we will be looking at the big trends of 2013 for dresses, colour choices and even themes and if that wasn’t enough for you, we are getting to the nitty gritty and giving you some top tips of ways to save for your big day.

Until then, let us hear your New Year Resolutions!