When the temperatures drop…Keeping the bride warm

Weddings in Winter can always be a little bit of a minefield. Weather obviously always plays havoc with most plans and there are so many things to bear in mind when planning or deciding on having a wedding in the Winter – not only do all the colour schemes have to change (orange and yellow look a little odd when everything’s so grey around) Photos are harder to take as no-one wants to be clambering around in the mud or the freezing cold let alone posing for them, the reception area has to be picked careful – no outdoor soiree and the wedding favours are more than likely going to be a rug than anything else but the one thing that worries us here at HQ is keeping the bride warm enough!

Sure enough your wedding dress is often the most important thing on a brides mind but as the temperatures drop the dress choices go down – there is no humane way of wearing a completely strapless gown in -1 degree weather that’s for sure! The last thing you need to be worrying about is freezing yourself and lets face it, no photo will look good if you’re pulling a clinched ‘cold’ face, be a savvy bride and have a look at our picks for best Bridal cover-ups and how to team them with our delicious bouquets

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This J by Jasper Conran at Debenhams Jewelled stole has a real antique, vintage feel to it and is super delicate with its fluffy texture and is priced at £48.74  Team this with our stunning ‘Pink and Cream Chloe Roses and Crystal’ bouquet for a stunning, feminine look.
Cream jewelled maribou stole
Pink & Cream Chloe Roses and Crystals in a Brides Bouquet

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This Debut at Debenhams Ivory cape has a higher collar in order to keep out those Wintry gusts, in traditional Ivory, priced at only £31.50. Make for a delicate and earthy feel when teamed with our Purple, Lilac and Ivory flower bouquet. The Lilac and ivory colour scheme is fresh without being summery and with the green fiscus foliage helps keep it natural and earthy.
Ivory faux fur cape
Brides Artificial Bouquet in Purple, Lilac and Ivory Flowers

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We here at HQ, adore this intricate and very Festive looking Lace Cornelli embroidered trim jacket from John Lewis. Priced at £105 it’s a little more expensive but it will keep you warm whilst still looking amazing. Team with our Burgundy, Ivory and Pink bouquet to go all out and festive. All you need now is a light dusting of snow!
Chesca Lace Cornelli Embroidered Trim Jacket, Ivory
Brides Artificial Wedding Bouquet in Burgundy & Ivory

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A scalloped hem cape from Phase Eight is a joy to look at – with beautiful embellishment is littered with beads and sequins. Priced at £99 This is so pretty there is no doubt you would want to wear this again and again! We’ve teamed this with our extra special Beaded bouquet that teams ivory roses with loops of small pearls and beaded butterflies.
Phase Eight Scallop Hem Cape, Cream
Petite Bridal Beaded Bouquet in Ivory Roses and Butterflies

Need a Wedding Bouquet Without Using Flowers…

We had a customer who needed help as she had a dilemma, being pressured into having a bouquet but the bride is not very keen on flowers. She’s not a girly girl even thou she would be wearing a traditional wedding dress, she felt that flowers where not for her. We have a large range of flower bouquets with matching items, but a wedding bouquet without any flowers are more unusual.
Luckily we had just the job , these are the choices we were  able to offer our bride to be…

Option 1 for our bride to be, would be a feather bouquet, a bouquet made in just using coloured feathers.

Sarahs flowers wedding blog
Black & Red Feather & Pearl Wedding Posy

This bouquet is very bright and vibrant and shows the great colours that are available using feathers if this colour scheme is not your taste the feathers can be changed to match your colour choice.
The feathers are available  in white, light blue, light pink, red, black, yellow, lilac, purple, claret, light green, shocking pink, orange, ivory, and turquoise. The bouquet also has drop pearls in it but these can be changed to crystals, loops of pearls, beads or any mix of these. The handle colour can also be changed to match your colour theme, with matching bows or pinned in to place with a diamante.

Deciding which bouquet you would like would help us design a buttonhole and any other matching items you would need giving us ideas of the style and theme you like.

Option 2, Another bouquet to look at is again made using feathers but with an added handmade pearl design to give it a real vintage style with ivory beads and pearls.
The feathers give the bouquet a floating and slight movement where the beads draw your eye in to the middle of the bouquet to admire the detail. This bouquet has a very classic and vintage look.

Sarahs flowers wedding blog
Ivory Feather and Pearl Handmade Bridal Bouquet

Option 3, The next bouquet is elegant and absolutely stunning, this bouquet is hand made with stylish beads, pearls and brooches.
 This bouquet has so much detail and different patterns in it, it makes it a real eye pleaser. The  bouquet is a petite posy,  but if you have a detailed dress it’s nice not to hide it behind a large bouquet, this bouquet may not be the largest brides bouquet but has great tones of personality and style.

Sarahs flowers wedding blog
Vintage Inspired Bridal Bouquet with Brooches and Beads

Option 4, The last bouquet choice is a bead, pearl and lace posy with a very vintage feel to it. The bouquet is a mixture of,  ivory lace , ivory organza ribbon, with loops of solid pearls, branches of beads, loops of pearls and 9mm ivory organza bows with some having ivory beads on the end of the trails.

Sarahs flowers wedding blog
Vintage Inspired Ivory Wedding Bridal Bouquet

Also because all our items are handmade we can create brand new items from your ideas, like picture you have seen in magazine or the Internet, we could also mix two or more items together to form a brand new bespoke bouquet just for you.

Sarah x

Softly, softly… Soft Touch Wedding Flowers

We’ve been working hard over the years to perfect our bouquets and make the artificial flowers look as close to real (of which we think we’ve perfected) at HQ we are like a mad scientist’s lab, always looking for ways to make our artificial flowers better than anyone elses, introducing the Soft Touch range.

Oh yes, our new soft touch range is made specifically to look and feel just like a real fresh rose. Delicate and velvety petals, these new roses are so soft, that in fact we would go as far to say they are ‘rub on the face’ good. Now obviously we don’t ask that you go round rubbing these bouquets on your face all day long, but these new bouquets really do add an extra dimension to your bouquet – there is nothing nicer than gently rubbing your fingers along a real rose, it always feels so soft, delicate, almost velvety, and well, we have managed to perfect this with our artificial roses. The best thing is you get to keep this soft velvety feeling for life!

We have a selection of Bridesmaids bouquets:

Sarah's flowers wedding blog
Blue and White Bridemaids Bouquet in Blue Soft Touch Roses £36.70

Sarah's flowers wedding blog
 Bridesmaids Artificial Posy Bouquet in Pink Soft Touch Roses £35.50

Both of these bouquets are priced no more than £37 so are not only soft on the eye but also on the purse strings.

Or for something a little more glamorous these beaded Bridesmaid’s bouquets are stunning to look at, have you seen the collar of pearls on the handle?

Sarah's flowers wedding blog
Ivory and Pink Bridesmaids Bouquet with Diamantie Stones £46.00

And remember you can get matching items by simply contacting us here at HQ and we can arrange a bespoke order for you to match your requests exactly. Aren’t we good to you.  

We also offer all our soft touch roses for sale as single samples so you can try before yo buy and sample the softness for yourself for just a small sample price.

If that wasn’t enough, we have spread the love (or softness) onto our Bridal bouquets and guest button holes – why not contact us to discuss what softness we can bring to your wedding, either via email sales@sarahsflowers.co.uk or via our online contact form seen under the ‘Contact Us’ tab on the site. Go on, we love to hear from you!

Wedding Trends and Going Rustic…

Wedding trends do come and go and here at HQ we try to keep our beady eyes on the more popular ones. Lately there has been a massive influx for a more ‘rustic’ approach to a wedding. Gone are the times where everything had to be just perfect, shiny and brand spanking new, it seems as well as trying to be more frugal with our pennies the Rustic styling of a wedding is easier to achieve.

Before you all start to worry that Rustic means ‘old’ or even err, broken, hold on! Rustic is earthy, everything is more natural, free and more easy going. It’s the more casual wedding. You almost want your guests to feel that not much effort has been put in but still have everything catered for, not to mention this theme keeps the cost DOWN: everything is more handmade, or even second hand, therefore helping you control the purse strings. Plus it makes people to feel just a little more at home. So how do you get a more natural, rustic feel to a wedding? Here we share our top tips:

Create superb centre pieces by using old wine bottles as candle holders. Even pre-light them to have that ‘used’ look with the wax dripped down the side.

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Think of hiring an old barn as your reception area. There are countless ways of sprucing the area up. Layer candles in the darkest corners to create the illusion of more room.

Sarahs flowers wedding blog

Fabric can play a massive part is a more rustic wedding: lace trims on table runners, rope used around chairs. Adding flashes of floral fabric on the tables as napkins or even on the Groom’s suit can add a more homely, natural feel.

Paper lanterns or lampshades hung sporadically up around the seating areas can create an interesting view without being too OTT

Sarahs flowers wedding blog

Try to purposely mis-match various items, whether it be the chairs, or the cutlery and plates. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect.

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For the Wedding dress, try using antique lace mixed with more modern fabrics. Add a boot underneath a layered dress to add a little more country. Add denim shawls to keep guests/Bridesmaids warm.

Try using home-made jam in jars labelled with guest names to sit proudly on the tables – “spread the love”

Old, pre worn horse shoes can add a nice subtle rustic bit of bling to your surroundings: try using them either as decoration or attach names to a tag for seating plans.

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Old Antique cake stands smothered in old fashioned sweet treats make for a great addition, especially for the kids. Add brown paper bag and raffia drawstrings for them to place their treats in.

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One of the greatest things about a Rustic themed wedding is the natural feel of the flowers. Lots of natural ivory with green is used heavily. If you want to break the schemes up a little, add a colour lash of burnt orange.
Our Diamantie Rose Wedding Top Table decoration has a gentle us of cherry blossom and green foliage whilst still keeping the essence of the ivory rose – can be used in a multitude of places.

Diamantie Rose Wedding Top Table in Ivory, Green & Pink

For the Brides bouquet, we have a wide selection of great Rustic themed bouquets. Our favourites are the Green,cream and white  wedding day bouquet – simple and cost effective. Perfect for the rustic theme.

Green, Cream and White Wedding Day Bridal Bouquet

We just love this more natural, easy-going feel of this wedding. How would you do your Rustic theme?

*all non flower photo’s courtesy of http://lamarieeencolere.com thank you*

Avoiding the Christmas Rush and Purse Squeeze with Sarah's Flowers…

Am I allowed to mention it’s nearly Christmas? Scary thought but with only 7 weeks until the big day, no we’re not talking about your big day, we mean the day when Santa comes down the chimney and we all know what that means? The somewhat dreaded Christmas shop.

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You know how things can get hectic and stressed around this time of year: remembering who you need to buy for, what on earth you’re going to buy certain loved ones (the males mostly) and most of all trying to stretch the budget, roll all of this into one and you can bet your bottom dollar this makes for a very stressed time! Well here at HQ we don’t do stressing, we like to put the kettle on, relax, chill and take it easy and that is all helped by key planning – that is where Sarah’s Flowers can really help you planning your big day.

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With our artificial wedding flowers there is no need to worry about the timing when ordering, our silk flowers can be stored for when you need them and not when the chosen flower might be in season or when a supplier can fit you in – this can also add certain pressure onto you and your purse strings. When you order from Sarah’s Flowers you can correctly budget yourself and buy your dream flowers for when you really need them. Another bonus by ordering with us? Avoiding the terrible Christmas and ‘Sales’ rush. We know just how hard it is to keep your mind clued into when the last delivery dates are etc and I know for sure that planning your order in enough time to keep your flowers fresh is probably one of the single most hardest things to do, not to mention hiking up the price! Stop now… Grab a chair, get in your pj’s and relax. Browse online and place your order in plenty of time and let us take the strain for you – this is your day, not time to stress.

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And don`t forget you still have time to use our special offer code which will give you a whopping 25% off your wedding flowers.
Just enter the code SF2512 when you go though checkout on any new order placed via the website.
That’s right a quarter off any wedding flower order placed from samples to bridal bouquets to custom orders.