Brooch-ing the subject…

It may be the Olympics and you’re all glued to the TV waiting for our very own Team GB to bring the medals home, well here at Sarah’s Flowers we have our very own medals on offer for you and no, we’re not asking you to run a marathon or swim 200metres butterfly!

We’re really proud to announce the launch of our new Limited Edition Brooch bouquet. We spent many months, days and hours dreaming up a collection that matched our inspiration: we really wanted to create a lasting bouquet that would be even longer lasting than our artificial flowers and manage to create a keepsake that you can keep and cherish for years to come. The brooch bouquet was born – It is quite literally your chosen flowers with the addition of exquisite gemmed brooches.

We spent so long hand crafting these bouquets, thinking of different ideas and colour combinations, all with sparkling and enamelled vintage and vintage style brooches each one is individual and shows off some delicate use of jewelled colours: purples, vibrant oranges, clear blues, and playful pinks. Here at HQ we like to look at the longevity of weddings, because let’s face it that’s what’s all about, and we think these unique brooches are something that will grow into a lasting memory of your special day.  

We are pleased to show off the first three additions to this range – all delectably different but classy.

First up is the Multi Coloured Bridal Brooch Rose Bouquet  (MUL3440)

Stunning Multi Coloured Bridal Brooch Rose Bouquet

This zingy addition features our gorgeous cerise open Isabel roses, light blue Chloe roses with some classic cream roses as our floral additions, adding in three stunning vintage brooches with an array of multi coloured gems. This is a nice vibrant and girly bouquet with some sugary sweet tones blasted away with the vibrancy of the gems.

Secondly is the more traditional White Rose Bridal Bouquet with Crystal Diamante Brooches (WHIY440)

White Rose Bridal Bouquet With Crystal Diamante Brooches

Our traditional and classic option, this delectable pure white rose’s bouquet, all hand tied into a round posy bouquet with a vast selection of both clear and coloured gemmed brooches. The key with this brooched bouquet is the way the light catches the gems against the stark bright white roses. Underneath the bouquet are some lovely bright earthy green Musa leaves, the handle is delectably wrapped in white satin ribbon and a white vintage lace bow.

Lastly is my fave, I know I’m not supposed to have any but the Amethyst Brooch Bridal Bouquet in Reds, Pinks and Ivory really is just beautiful (AME2440)

Amethyst Brooch Bridal Bouquet In Reds, Pinks and Ivory

Bright, breezy and happy, this bouquet really speaks volumes about its bride. I can imagine this bouquet teamed with a vintage-themed, traditional wedding, surrounded by a lot of home-made decorations with an earthy, natural feel. The cerise open Isabel roses grab your attention, whilst the dusky lilac gerbera’s add a certain softer feel and adds more depth. Added to the bouquet is a gorgeous amethyst brooch and here is a little treat for you, this bouquet has a special finish for you, the magnificent handle is covered in a handmade loop of ivory pearls and crystals.

All bouquets are special, something different and to be remembered, all of us here are so proud of this collection we reckon it’s worth gold!

Go over to to keep an eye on this range.

Introducing the New Range of Brooch Bouquets from Sarah’s Flowers


The Brooch Bouquet Range


Introducing the new Limited Edition range of bouquets from Sarah’s Flowers.

Taking our inspiration from creating a ‘forever’ bouquet for brides that will last for years and act as a keepsake the Brooch Bouquet range was born.

The Brooch Bouquet is quite literally a floral bouquet with the addition of exquisite gemmed brooches. These hand crafted bouquets are made from sparkling and enamelled vintage and vintage style brooches – each one is individual and teamed together with the addition of our artificial flowers, these bouquets are special and can mean so much to each and every bride. Each bouquet has the delicate use of jewelled colours: purples, bright blues, vibrant oranges and clear silvers, this range of bouquets adds something really unique to any wedding and these bouquets will be lovingly cherished for years to come, proving to be a lasting memento for your special day. With satin ribbons lining the handle making for an elegant and luscious, all tied together and finished with a sparkling brooch on the handle.

White Rose Brooch Bouquet


The range starts from only £245.00

These bouquets are by far the most competitively priced on the market – we believe that having your dream wedding shouldn’t cost the earth.

*For samples, Images and further information please contact Sarah’s Flowers at:

or give them a call on 0121 705 4883*

Life-long cherry blossom…

We all know that the modern bride likes to change her mind, and we all know that in this day and age having your wedding ‘different’ from everyone else’s is a selling point rather than being a negative in the days gone by. Whether it be the bride’s dress, the grooms shoes, the décor at the reception, food choices or even choice of music, and I don’t know about you, but not always do these ‘varied’ choices pay off – think Jordan’s toilet roll holder dress, that wasn’t such a smart idea right!? One area you can choose to push the boundaries is your flowers, the detail in your flowers is always slightly more subtle than say, your dress, meaning going for that added ‘something’ in your flower choices, usually pays off. 

Here at HQ we have been a little bit overly excitable, not just for the sun showing its head, but for the opportunity to show off some new flowers in our ranges and these three bouquets certainly add a certain something ‘different’ to the normal flowers with a little help from cherry blossom. Normally used in an ‘oriental’ theme, Cherry blossoms are beautiful, delicate and somewhat tricky to grow and are used even more rarely in wedding flowers due to the inability to make them last, but here at Sarah’s Flowers we have them here for you, 

First up is the Chloe cream Bridal bouquet with orchid cherry blossom CHL77

Chloe Cream Bridal Bouquet with Orchids Cherry Blossom


This bouquet just screams ‘look at me’ with its delicate cream diamante roses that act as a traditional background to the vibrant deep purple of the orchids, all delicately covered with stunning pink weeping cherry blossom. With the handle carefully covered in luxury organza and fastened with the addition with a sparkling diamante. This bouquet looks delicate, dainty and feminine.


Secondly the cherry blossom, orchid and rose bridesmaid bouquet CHEI11

Cherry Blossom, Orchid and Rose Bridesmaids Bouquet


This bouquet is my personal favourite – it really zings and would really suit a spring time wedding. Light blue and cream roses, matched with a girly pink orchid and the cherry blossom gently working their way round the buds. Underneath the bouquet, features a lush earthy green fiscus and finished with a bow.


Lastly the Pink Cherry blossom roses and trachelium bridesmaid’s bouquet SIL02856

Pink Cherry Blossom Roses and Trachelium Bridesmaids Bouquet

This bouquet is stunning and even though it is for Bridesmaids, would look absolutely stunning matched with a cascading bride bouquet. As well as the traditional cream rose, there is a real punch with the vibrant cerise pink rose. Add in some sumptuous purple lavender and once again, all finished with the cherry blossom. The cerise handle really gives this bouquet some definition.

Aren’t they all gorgeous?! We can’t stop staring at them here in HQ and it has helped cherry blossom play a vital part in forming some special looking bouquets with the added bonus of being able to keep cherry blossom alive far longer than the natural kind.

Do you like cherry blossom?

Having your cake and eating it…

I love cake, I know the whole of Sarah’s flowers HQ love cake, and I bet you love cake – I’m right aren’t I? So on your big day, the cake is a big deal right? Gone are the days when we only had one choice: a traditional fruit cake that had 3 tiers and was all white icing, now in 2012, the years have given us so much more choice, design, styles, flavours and ingredients: the list is endless.
So why is the cake such a big deal you ask? Well, aside from the vows, exchanging of rings and the first dance, the cutting of the cake is one of the main events at a wedding. Surrounded by all your family and friends, every eye will be on you cutting that cake – It’s one of ‘the’ most photographed things in the wedding and as well as being every photographers dream, the cake is going to sit proud at the reception throughout the entire event, with people ooh-ing and aww-ing all over it – oh and did I mention everyone loves a bit of cake!?
Here at HQ we’ve been putting our thinking caps on and researching all the possible cakes on offer, and even now I don’t think we’ve reached the end! Tradition is, the cake represents the colours that are running throughout the wedding theme and some couples like to stick to the traditional tiered cake, but there are some more adventurous among us, and for you here are some more diverse options:

• The cupcake tower –everyone loves having their own individual cake and with a cupcake tower everyone gets their very own. Normally stacked up high, the top cake can be either a plain round/square cake or even a giant cupcake. The beauty of these little lovlies is the decoration can be different on each cake or using alternate colours.

Wedding cake picture

• The fun tier cake – think bold, bright and non matching! Go loud and proud with this cake, featuring heavy decoration with fondant icing and top with some personal feature that represents you as a couple!

Wedding cake picture

• Having more than just one cake! Oh yes, sometimes one just isn’t enough! Choosing a second tiered cake can help with feeding a large crowd and also draw gasps of awe from your guest – this is more of a centre piece than just a cake!

Wedding cake picture

• Chocolate overload – Not normally a typical cake to have on the outside as well as the filling, but try going for a cake that is layered in chocolate curls, chocolate cigars, or chocolate sticks for a more structural cake – this cake holds its own

Wedding cake picture

• The ‘as many as you like’ cake! Instead of choosing the same type of cake for each tier, how about adding a completely different cake altogether? A different and diverse take on the traditional – this cake does well for the more vintage themed wedding

Wedding cake picture

• A modern take on a classic – by sticking to the traditional white coloured tiered wedding cake there is some nice decorating ways of bringing it right up to speed: with swirly ganache!

Wedding cake picture

• A topsy –turvy cake – this one looks wrong but is oh so right! With it’s slightly off balance look there is something really eyecatching about this cake! Team it with coloured and decorated fondant icing. This is a firm wedding cake fave for us here at HQ.

Wedding cake picture

• The cheese cake – err… yes, no cake whatsoever, well not of the sponge variety but slabs of different cheese, formed to make a cake. I’m not so sure we’re sold on this idea yet.. smelly

Wedding cake picture

Either way, going for a cake that represents you and your partners style is the most important thing and lets face it the cake is a bit of the wedding that everyone gets to enjoy, and well, we all love cake right!?

And don`t forget here at Sarah’s flowers we can make a matching cake decorations to go with your wedding flowers.

What wedding cakes do you like?

Oh and don’t forget, we are offering you the readers off our blog an amazing 15% off all new orders to the end of July 2012 ONLY – simply enter the code: BLOG15 at the checkout and Ta-Da – money off for you! This offer ends on 31/07/2012 so hop to it!

*cakes 1-7 pictures courtesy of cake 8 picture courtesy of *

Saying ‘I Do’ again…

In a world filled with nothing but hearing about the latest celebrity couples to split, or mammoth divorce settlements, most of us will read about divorce in the papers or even hear it from friends and family, and even when the tabloids are talking about weddings you can bet your bottom dollar that they mention divorce in the next breath! Here at HQ we’ve banned the word divorce, and instead coming up with ways to celebrate weddings and well, marriage!

Yeah sure flowers are nice, and I certainly wouldn’t say no to a nice piece of jewellery or holiday away, but let’s face it, a couple staying together through the thick and thin really deserves a little something extra to celebrate, a celebration that even diamonds can’t fill… how about Renewing your wedding vows! We’re not talking Heidi and Seal style and we do not condone the wacky outfits but whether you’re looking to celebrate a specific wedding anniversary, want to have a bigger do surrounded by more of your friends, or just an excuse to get arranging a party – either way we’re sold on this brilliant idea.

One of the greatest things about renewing your vows is the chance to be more relaxed and flexible with your plans: gone are nerves, gone are the ‘everything must be perfect’ thoughts, and instead it is all about just you and your husband/wife. One of the nicest things about renewing your vows is the chance to get creative with your vows – now before you start adding in all those ‘private’ jokes take a look at some of the below points which might help:

• Firstly talk about your current life together now. All those highlights like buying a house or decorating, going on your travels, birth of your children. How did your partner make you feel and how did it make those experiences better for you and what did you learn from your spouse?

• Take a gander at your original vows – have you kept to what you said? Which ones are you still working at? You can go a little funnier on this one!

• Take a look into the crystal ball and think of your amazing future together: hopes, dreams, things that you might change or things you might do.

• Also remember to thank those around you too: the in laws, brothers, sisters, friends, pets, babysitters……

All in all we think that holding a ceremony to celebrate just ‘being together’ brings everyone else together. Let me hear a big ‘Awwww’

Oooh and whilst we’re at it, why not pick one of our corsages to give to your guests as a permanent memento – try the wrist corsages for the ladies and guest buttonholes for the men and remember we can do custom orders to match your themes!

Letting the shoes do the talking…

It used to be the venue, it used to be the dress, but now it seems your feet are doing the talking! The girls here at Sarah’s Flowers HQ are all about the shoes lately! Normally traditionally shoes never really got a look in with the full lengths of wedding dresses, but lately there is a real trend for going it short, getting the legs out and showing off the shoes! Not only are the long line dresses going out, but we seem to be saying a fond farewell to the rather dull plain cream flat shoes often worn by the Bride to be: instead the heels are getting higher, the colours are getting brighter and there is more bling than you can shake a stick at! I don’t know about you but we can’t think of anything more brilliant that choosing to pimp out your shoes: less pressure to fit in your dress, less palaver over choosing the exact right one, instead shoes, (glorious shoes) will always fit and boy oh boy, they will look amazing.

Never one to miss out on a bit of shoe staring, here at HQ we have fallen head over our heels in love with the Wedding Range from Dune Shoes. A firm High Street favourite visited by many, imagine HQ’s surprise when we took a glimpse of their wedding range – whit woo indeed! With every style imaginable, the shoes really are something special. From mid height heels to skyscraper platforms, bejewelled or brightly coloured there is something to suit every single type of bride that you want to be. And if that isn’t enough to make you stop and stare, we were blown away with the prices. Compared to some specialist wedding shops, Dune prices are incredible and with regular sales you might even be able to save some much needed money to put towards that all important honeymoon!

Here are our top picks from the lovely Dune and take a look at how we would team them with our flowers – perfect combo we think!

Dune wedding shoes + Sarah's flowers

Shoe: Dune DORK spot flower shoe £85.00
Flower: Large velvet red rose diamante bouquet £43.50 (LAR07)

Dune wedding shoes + Sarah's flowers

Shoe: Dune Deeva D shoe £44.00
Flower: Diamante Ivory rose and crystal bridal bouquet £51.75 (CRYS669)

Dune wedding shoes + Sarah's flowers

Shoe: Dune Hooch Diamante 2 part heel £110.00
Flower: Ivory Silk Casablanca lily and cream rose bouquet £46.00

What do you all think – are ‘look at me’ shoes the way forward?

*All shoe pictures from Dune*

A Lovely Testimonial and Pictures from Gemma and Jonathan

Me and my Husband Jonathan got married at The Village Hotel, Tingley,
Leeds on 29th June 2012.

Sarah's flowers testimonial

We got all our flowers from yourselves. 
My bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, corsages and button holes.
They were beautiful and I was so pleased with the quality of them.

Sarah's flowers testimonial

The service from your Company was excellent as I received all my items
really quickly and you were so helpful over the phone when placing the

Sarah's flowers testimonial

I would definitely recommend ordering wedding flowers from Sarah’s flowers.

Sarah's flowers testimonial

Kind regards
Gemma Sands

We are very lucky to get sent some lovely testimonials and pictures and it always brings a smile to everyone’s face here at Sarah’s flowers HQ, we love it thank you xx

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Viva Las Vegas… Weddings

If you want your dream wedding to be fantasy, traditional, Elvis or any number of fun filled themes, that seem to be only limited by your imagination than why not head out to viva Las Vegas where the wedding chapels and hotels are a plenty.

There are around 50 main wedding chapels in Las vegas and along with all the major hotels there’s no shortage of choice for your marriage destination such as the tropical gardens of Caesars Palace, the poolside location of Mandalay Bay, the pirate ship at Treasure Island or an Italian theme including gondolier at the Venetian.

A selection of services should be available at your chosen destination such as free digital Wedding Invitations and live Video Web Stream of your wedding to guests who cant be with you which i think is a nice touch when you are so far away from home.
You can also record the video feed as a keepsake for yourselves.
A lot of places also offer wedding couples a free Wedding Website with photos of the day along with the ceremony recording that friends and family at home can log into, of course with today’s social media Twitter, Facebook etc getting married in a far away country is not what it used to be.

A popular reason for getting married in Las Vegas is of course the many varied wedding themes on offer to add a little fantasy to this one in a lifetime occasion, the hugely popular Elvis impersonator which you would be mistaken for thinking was the only option the amount of times in TV and films it is used, but you could also have a pirate, Hawaiian or even a vampire theme, in fact if you can imagine it they can make it happen for you.
How about a spectacular desert sunset wedding ceremony, at the bottom of the Grand Canyon or even high above Las Vegas in a helicopter, now there’s a thought!!

If you do decide to jet off to Las Vegas or anywhere else in the world for that matter then why not save the hassle of ordering wedding flowers out there by taking your dream wedding flowers with you.
At Sarah’s Flowers Ltd our multi award winning wedding flowers are hand made to order here is the UK and are very robust so travel extremely well, we have had brides take our flowers to almost every corner of the globe now,
we seem to get a good mix of people packing them in their suitcase as well as there hand luggage and giving out the posies and buttonholes for the relevant guests to take which is also popular.

Las Vegas Strip Picture

A few questions you may have answered.

Q, Do i need to be a resident in Las Vegas or stay a certain amount of time before i can get married?

A, You certainly don`t need to be a resident and you can get married as soon as you get off the plane, but you will need to proper paperwork first which you can only get between the hours of 8am-Midnight.

Q, How and where do I get the correct paperwork (marriage licence)?

A, You and your partner will need to turn up in person and in a sober state at the Marriage Bureau of Las Vegas, any taxi driver will be able to take there.
Applicants must be a Male and a Female, at least 18 years of age, and not nearer of kin than second cousins or cousins of half blood, and not having a husband or wife that is still living’.
There is no blood test and no waiting period to get your licence. You will just need your passports as a proof of identity.
If you are divorced, you will need to know the exact date and city of the divorce.

Q, Will my marriage be legal in the UK?

A, Yes it will. There is no need to register your wedding when you get back to the UK – your wedding certificate will be sufficient proof that you are married.

Q, Can I hire a dress and suits out there?

A, You certainly can and it saves luggage space and hassle by not having to take them out with you, there are a lot of specialist hire shops in Las Vegas, and your wedding chapel or hotel will be happy to recommend one they work closely with.

Making the summer arrive…

So come on then, which one of you lot has hidden it? It’s July now and I am pretty sure the sun should be the only thing that is filling our days and nights, instead here at Sarah’s Flowers HQ it has been nothing but wet, wet, wet , no not the band but the rain, and with it showing no signs of stopping, and I don’t know about you lot but we are sick of it! That’s why we have been filling our days with bright, sun-filled flowers!

I’m not just talking flowers as yellow and bright as the sun I’m talking about every colour, every shade of flower known to man all tied together to form some of the most happiest looking flowers ever, and it seems most of you lot agree, judging by the way our bright and beautiful flowers have been shooting of the shelves! There is something rather daring about choosing such a bright hue for your wedding, but opting for vivid tangerines, sunset yellows, hot pinks and clashing reds make your flowers a real focal point at your wedding.

Here at Sarah’s Flowers HQ we love the idea of a bright bouquet: it’s young and fresh and most of all it has that ‘just picked’ feel about it, and it’s great because pretty much ‘anything’ goes. Take our Mixed Colourful Bridal Bouquet of Sunflowers,Anemonies,orchids and roses (MIXF7)  This bouquet is subtly bright – with clashing oranges and reds, but there is still the gradual breakdown of ivory to add a certain classic touch, or if you fancy going more tropical and a little more spicy try our Limited edition tropical Silk brides bouquet (AB2726)  this bouquet will leave you and your guest wanting some of that Summer feel – it’s the type of bouquet that warrants a pina colada or two at the reception!

For the bride and the bridesmaid, how about choosing our Colourful bouquet anemonies, orchids and roses (BRI97)  all in a heavenly and romantic, earthy cerise tone, adding a gentle touch of crystals and gentle cerise silk ribbons on both, these are what we like to think of as our English Summer flowers and we even have the ‘brights’ sorted for the men’s buttonholes, with our Grooms cerise Anemone buttonhole (GRO2116)  which when teamed with a charcoal or grey suit will literally pop.

When going for brights in the flowers, how about trying to go traditional and rustic everywhere else – keeping it simple with some more earthy and natural tones: greens, copper, browns and tans. Try using sheer organza ribbons, using hessian table runners and natural wooden bark tea light holders, all making the bright flowers get the attention they deserve.

Now if you lot would kindly return the sun, we have some much needed sunbathing to do here at HQ…

It’s a Star Studded Black and Off White Theme…

I know we talked about one theme earlier in the week HERE but without blowing our own trumpet Sarah’s Flowers really know just how important it is to achieve the look and feel you dreamed of, on your one special day, your wedding. The theme of your wedding say’s so much about you and only specialists in this area i.e. US, can begin to know just how important. A theme that is often a taboo subject is that of black and white. Now we all know that well, err, ‘black’ isn’t what you would call your most traditional colour for a wedding and well some might even say it’s slightly morbid – but our team at Sarah’s Flowers love it!

Teaming Black and White gives your wedding a certain ‘catwalk’ feel: it’s alluring, fashionable and decadent, a black and white themed wedding really does give any wedding a certain Hollywood feel about it all and let’s face it, if your wedding day isn’t the time to show off then when is?! For all of you who are still a little unsure, may we continue!
Aside from being very stylish, we like to think there is something deeply romantic about teaming a pure white with a striking black – it really does catch people’s attention. Now before you all get carried away and go black crazy, take a look at our Brides Ivory Classic Diamante Rose and Black Organza Ribbon Bouquet (BRID7) there is a real gentle hint of the black in ribbon bows mixed in the bouquet, we like to make sure the purity of roses stand out but allowing the black ribbon to add a real depth to the bouquet and if that wasn’t enough, the diamante details in the centre of the roses are just stunning, here at HQ we do get excited over a good Diamante! The gentle use of black can be subtly carried through to the bridesmaids with our Ivory Rose and Black ribbon Bridesmaids posy (HANY11) Slightly smaller but still just as elegant, this posy will look amazing when photographed along with the bride – a real paparazzi moment!

If you think that was it, then you have yet to see our vast range of black décor accessories – from balloons to delicate organza ribbon that can hang and wrap around bannisters and doorways. Plates to the all-important table gems that always look amazing when scattered over the tables, go take a look for yourself! There really is nothing we can’t do to make your black and white themed wedding perfect, apart from maybe calling you Mr and Mrs Brad Pitt!

Black table gems

We know we’ve convinced you!

Would you consider using black in a wedding?

Back in time with Sarah’s Flowers…

It’s July and Sarah’s Flowers get really excited around this time of year and not just because it’s Summer and the elusive English sun may peek its head out, it is all about the Wedding season for us! After months and months of planning, many couples out there will be tying the proverbial knot surrounded by all their family and friends, with elegant dresses and sumptuous décor galore! This is where our team at Sarah’s Flowers really excel – giving you and your own theme it’s certain something.

Over the years the trends for various themes of weddings have been diverse – Some people choose a traditional ivory wedding theme, some people go for glitz and glamour with gold and some even choose black and white, and as of late I’m sure you have noticed some go for the ‘bigger the better ‘ Thanks for that ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’, but as of late there has been a theme that many couples are going for, or should I say ‘going back to’ and that is Vintage. 

When I say Vintage I don’t just mean wearing an old family heirloom wedding dress, these people are going all out, from the table decorations, to wedding favours to invites, the list is endless. People are keen to go back to the generation where wedding days were all about the love and not the materialistic things, people wanted memories to hold onto, be surrounded by their family members and share the special moments in a simple, decadent way and most of all they wanted to have a wedding like their great grandmothers and fathers, of days gone by and when life was simpler.

Vintage blog picture 1

The team at Sarah’s Flowers love a good vintage themed wedding and think flowers, really help give this ‘back to the traditional’ type feel: think lashings of lace with our Large Ivory vintage lace roll  used for the reception tables and even as drapes around the church. Strips of lace can be weaved into the hair style of the bridesmaids; you can never have too much! Combining this with Sparkling pearls and choosing ivory instead of white, our Ivory pearl and rose wedding bouquet  is the perfect choice for the blushing bride and teamed with our Bridesmaids Isabel Ivory Flower Wand  simple yet classy – the wands are even super easy for the younger bridesmaids to hold onto. And for the all-important men, our Ivory rose and pearl buttonhole  help make the men into Gentlemen.

Vintage picture 2

Sarah’s Flowers know how to do a vintage themed wedding that’s for sure, and one of the most vintage things about a Sarah’s Flowers wedding is you get to keep every single flower for life, meaning the artificial flowers will stay with you for years to come and possibly carry on the vintage theme by passing them down the generations!

Are you having a theme at your wedding?
What are your thoughts about wedding themes and what are your favourites?