Think all we offer at Sarah’s flowers are the items that appear on the website then think again, because for over 16 years we have been hand making individual bespoke custom wedding flowers to order.

So what makes a bespoke order?

Well, anything you want really, from a simple change like the colour of the ribbon to changing the type of flower or flowers used in the bouquet.

All our fabulous wedding flowers can be mixed and matched to any of the items on the website, so making an unique item for your dream wedding day won`t be a problem for the highly skilled artisan wedding florists here at Sarah’s Flowers.

Once we have a design worked out, which would normally be the bridal bouquet then we can work our magic and create the whole of your wedding flowers from a single guest buttonhole to a top table or a throwing posy to keep your single ladies and tradition happy.

How can we order one?

Drop us a message either via the contact form, or email (
Please include as much information as possible, such as the website product code and the changes or matching items you require.

Can`t see anything on the website that takes your fancy, then pop on the kettle and browse all your favorite bridal magazines to get inspiration and send us a photo so we can create your dream bouquet

Here at Sarah’s flowers we like to make finding that dream wedding bouquet on the website that little bit easier by allowing you to sort by colour, flower and bouquet embellishments

Choose by flower, colour or embellishment
Choose by flower, colour or embellishment


For more ideas why not have a look at our mood boards or bouquet styles article.

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